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Sunday, April 22, 2018

9 Responses to Lara Trump Taking On White House Duties: Report

  1. Regrettably this story is news only in relationship to the name. The Trump children are up to their ears in pushing their own interests. Why not the In-Laws? At least “PAWS” is relatively innocuous.

    Trump, where uncommon corruption is a common occurrence.

    • Donald is on a first name basis with virtually every mob boss at least this side of the Mississippi. He’s been working with mobs more than 50 years so it’s second nature to him. He fancies himself as mob boss of America.

  2. The cup of nepotism in the Oval Office runneth over with crooks and their crooked relatives. Don Corleone would have admired this touching family in-gathering of suspects.

    Lara quite possibly has already amassed a load of skeletons for her collection in her personal closets. Birds of a feather flock together, good or bad.

  3. “Whether it is a person who has been incredibly loyal to the campaign or just a different individual, Donald Trump just wants what works for him—for this country,” the president’s daughter-in-law said in a July interview with Fox News.
    Daughter-in-law confirms Trump’s lust for personal profit and aggrandizement above all else.

    “My father-in-law is a very loyal individual and he is very loyal to people who are loyal to him. When he feels like somebody isn’t doing a good job, or is not being loyal, he’s going to correct that and I think that’s what we’ve seen in the White House so far.”
    Among Trumpers, “loyalty” is measured in increments of fear, humiliation, and degradation — until the wheels of the bus snuff another loyalist who failed to grovel.

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