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Monday, October 24, 2016

Larry Wilmore got a major shock on The Nightly Show while reviewing the case of Sandra Bland, the African-American woman who was arrested during a routine traffic stop in Waller County, Texas, and was found dead from an alleged suicide in her jail cell three days later.

Wilmore reviewed the dashcam video, analyzing in detail how the arresting officer escalated the situation against an obviously irritated, but otherwise harmless, Bland.

Then he checked on some major conservative personalities to see what their reactions would be — and he found that not only Fox News, but also Donald Trump, agreed with his various points, namely, the officer’s actions were unnecessarily aggressive, there was no need for arrest and confinement, and there needs to be a major investigation.

The Nightly Show
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“This is how f***ing crazy the situation is,” Larry exclaimed, “when I totally agree with white people who are talking about race on Fox!”

On the other hand, there’s probably a very simple way to get everyone at Fox News, and Trump, etc., back on the opposite side of Larry: President Obama speaking out on the case. That oughta do it.

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  • Kurt CPI

    This cop clearly crossed the line and stayed. No one should have to submit to this kind of abuse over what barely qualifies as a violation. Failure to signal a lane change? Really? What possible excuse could there be for a cop to escalate this situation to the level of arrest, threatening a citizen with a taser? He should be fired and the ensuing circumstances of the woman’s death investigated. This was a miscarriage of justice from the moment the cop turned on his lights.

    • 2ThinkN_Do2

      Miscarriage of Justice from the moment he returned to her vehicle to return her license and became a dictator of what she was allowed to do in public. He claimed she seemed irritated, is it against the law to be irritated . . No. Is it against the law to smoke in your car (not yet). Do you have to put out your cigarette because an LEO asks you to . . . haven’t seen that law. Being pulled over for failure to signal was okay. It seems the officer was the one that was irritated, and one can only guess why that might have been . . . .

      • jmprint

        He definitely added fuel to the fire. They always tend to forget the order in law and order.

        • Allan Richardson

          “Order” means you, the private citizen, “shucking and jiving” (even if you’re white, but especially if you’re not) while they insult and assault you. They are privileged to be disorderly, but you and I are not. They are privileged just as a nobleman in the time of Shakespeare was privileged to stab a peasant with his sword if the peasant was in his way.

  • annienoel

    Roid Rage???

  • etta.bartlett2


  • Dominick Vila

    The fact that Ms. Bland was harassed, threatened, manhandled, and arrested for failing to use a turn signal, and for having the audacity of smoking a cigarette after the police officer stopped her, should be enough to carry out a thorough investigation, not only on the abusive officer, but on the entire police department. Why was Ms. Bland in jail for such a trivial matter, and for smoking, which to the best of my knowledge is not a crime? Was she angry? Can anyone blame her if she was?
    Ethnic and cultural discrimination is getting out of control in the USA. The problem is much worse than many think when we consider that abuse and criminal acts are often being perpetrated by the very people who, in theory, are supposed to protect us against wrongdoing.