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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The state of Indiana got some more national attention that it might not want: A scathing review by Seth Meyers of their new “Religious Freedom” law that opponents say authorizes discrimination against gay people, as well as the recent disastrous TV appearance by Governor Mike Pence (R).

Conan O’Brien also looked at the Indiana law — and some potential complications this could have for the NCAA tournament.

David Letterman pivoted off the new hit documentary Going Clear, about the Church of Scientology, to deliver a list, “Top Ten Signs You’re In A Lame Cult.”

James Corden reminisced about how he really learned about sex education during a family vacation — with his parents there in the audience, as he retold the story.

Jimmy Fallon highlighted the ongoing problem of low math rankings among American schoolchildren — and presented some pop-culture based solutions for teaching these important principles to the kids.

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17 responses to “Late Night Roundup: ‘A Couple Things’ About Indiana”

  1. Dominick Vila says:

    Interesting. Sweden just established a gender-neutral pronoun to its vocabulary to address the issue of equality and freedom for all its citizens, while Indiana passes a “religious law” that protects the right to practice ancient mysticism by some, at the expense of the freedom of others. Will a Holy American Inquisition be next? By the way, what was wrong with the First Amendment?

    • kenndeb says:

      What was wrong with the Constitution, Dom? Why have the communist liberals and democrats been eroding and ignoring American’s rights and freedoms?

      • latebloomingrandma says:

        The only ones i see doing that are Republicans. They only care about white men, business, guns and fetuses.

        • kenndeb says:

          Perhaps you should get those cataracts taken care of. It will really help your sight. Perhaps you will see just how much damage liberals have done.

      • BillP says:

        ken know you have nothing of value to offer on this website, go get you smokes and beer and remember “it’s better to keep quiet and thought rather then open your mouth and remove all doubt”. What rights and freedoms have been eroded or ignored kendoll

        • kenndeb says:

          When are you going to pull your head out of the Emperor’s backside?

          • BillP says:

            Such a witty reply from the smokes and beer guy. Is that really the best you can come up with? It’s a very lame response but then you are a lame troll. Plus you still haven’t stated what rights and freedom have been eroded or ignored kendoll.

          • kenndeb says:

            You can start with the first amendment and work your way up. The patriot act did many rights in. That was a power grab by the Bush regime, and was supposed to be temporary. If fact, the Emperor promised to repeal the patriot act when he was coronated, but, as usual, he lied. Instead, he enhanced it, and further curtailed American’s rights and freedoms. The Emperor is the most lawless of any leader we have had in our history. He breaks laws and lies as easily as most people breath. You who swerve this lawless usurper are as bad as he is.

            Take a look at the first article of the Constitution. ”

            Section 1

            All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.”
            The Emperor is out of control and needs to be put down.

          • BillP says:

            First Einstein the Patriot Act was passed by both houses of Congress and signed by President George W Bush on May 26,2001 so your comment “All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.” is pointless the Patriot Act was passed as the Constitution states. It wasn’t an executive action but an example of the US legislative process. How has this effected your 1st amendment right, you still can write your ignorant rants on the internet and nothing happens to you, does it.

            You keep making claims against President Barack Hussein Obama but never can backup your rants with any provable evidence. As for the president being the most lawless leader in our history, you obviously have no knowledge of President Nixon’s “regime” with member of his administration going to prison and his resigning in utter disgrace. As for your last sentence “The Emperor is out of control and needs to be put down.” This just shows what a low class troll you really are.

          • kenndeb says:

            You seem to constantly show your willingness to be ruled over by an illegal, out of control tyrant. You and all like you should not refer to yourselves as Americans. You don’t deserve to have the freedoms you enjoy while backing America’s destruction by the Emperor and the liberal communists.

          • BillP says:

            Thanks for the laugh, your comments are so funny! I knew no one could be so simple-minded about these issues. Keep up the good work I’m surprised that I didn’t realize that you were just writing these dumb comments to make all of us on this site start the day of with a good laugh. Your sentence “You seem to constantly show your willingness to be ruled over by an illegal, out of control tyrant.” is just a great example of what real ignorant right wing trolls would actually write on this site and would actually believe them. Very funny!

          • kenndeb says:

            I get plenty of laughs from you liberals patting yourselves on the back or repeating the daily regime propaganda. Idiots all.

          • BillP says:

            Thank you ken for finally opening my eyes to all of the propaganda written on this site, I didn’t realize how close I cam to becoming a communist. I now know that I will only look to Fox News for the true word, to show me the light, to no spin zone me, to be fair and balanced and to guide me on my journey back to being a low information, biased, true believer. Hallelujah I have been saved, now where is my smokes and beer?

          • iamproteus says:

            Wow, ken. I had no idea you could come up with such witty, intelligent and well informed thoughts! You have SO much to teach us all……NOT!!! Obviously, that was snark but I thought I should clarify it for you. I’d hate to think you might take it as a compliment.

          • BillP says:

            You do need to clarify things for ken, he doesn’t have to many swimmers in the intelligence pool.

          • kenndeb says:

            Liberal will eventually die off without someone to show them how to live without welfare checks

          • BillP says:

            kendoll do you mean the singular Liberal will have to live without a welfare check or did you mean to write the plural Liberals? Well at least I don’t live in Kansas where I can’t use by welfare benefits to go on a cruise, how reactionary of them. I can still buy my fine wines and caviar with my extravagant welfare checks. I know you won’t find any humor in this because you are a dour, bitter old troll. Have a nice day kendoll

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