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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Jon Stewart highlighted the celebrations in Washington, after the two political parties came together to pass the Medicare “Doc Fix” — and it only took 18 years since they had created the original problem itself.

Larry Wilmore highlighted the latest big leak from the Sony email hacks: Ben Affleck’s request to PBS’ genealogy show that they not reveal he had slave-owning ancestors. But as the The Nightly Show concluded — with the help of the ghostly ancestor himself — Ben has done actual movies he should be more personally ashamed about.

The Nightly Show
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Seth Meyers, himself a New Hampshire native, highlighted all the presidential candidates traveling to his old home state with a new feature, “Live Free or Die Tryin’.”

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  • noboundryman

    Ooooooow John Bohener, “turtle head” Mconnell, and the degenerates on Capitol Hill actually voted on something that should have been done years ago. How about that, and it’s not another tax cut for billionaires ? Hmmmmmm? Hold on there ? Somethings definitely wrong. Better put your chastity belts on kids. I feel something awful is about to come around, and stick it to us from the back side. These filthy lying pigs have something ugly, and rotten up their sleeves that’s for sure. I’ve known them to long to expect anything else. I think I smell the big sell out on the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership). It appears to most of us, as the newest, biggest give away to the multinational corporations ever, selling our sovereignty, to a corporate board of lawyers, and rotating door lobbyists, for the oligarchs, screwing and selling the American workers down the “Yellow river”. “Should have known.” If TPP passes, as of course we congressional rape victims know it will, we can kiss this country goodbye. Pucker up people. Welcome to the next stage in the Orwellian nightmare. One hand giveth, and the other taketh away? “Why you twicky wabbits”!