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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Larry Wilmore couldn’t help but send up Justice Antonin Scalia’s bitter dissent in Thursday’s major victory for Obamacare, which the senior conservative jurist referred to as “jiggery-pokery.” Larry’s response to that term: “Actually, it sounds like some Victorian-era term for sex in a toolshed, doesn’t it?”

Jon Stewart looked at the reactions to Pope Francis’ encyclical for environmentalism from Republican presidential candidates — that is, from the same people who are always mixing religion and politics in other issue areas: “Well perhaps people would be more for preventing global warming if we referred to it as, ‘taking a stand for preserving traditional sea levels.”

The Daily Show
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Conan O’Brien highlighted how the Six Flags amusement parks actually have a subtle connection to the Confederate flag — but since most people don’t even know this, the company really shouldn’t even try to become “Five Flags” and bring up the subject in the first place.

Seth Meyers featured a “supporter” of Donald Trump, who went out campaigning among the people.

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  • Daniel Jones

    I do have to tell Jon this–Gallileo was put in *protective custody* by the Pope.. who was a personal friend of the astronomer.

    Much like political operations today, His Holiness had to say one thing to get something else accomplished back in the day..

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