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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Larry Wilmore looked at the mother of all walk-backs: Don Rumsfeld saying he always doubted George W. Bush’s vision of democracy in Iraq. To which Larry could only ask: You do realize that all your past comments ridiculing any such doubts are on tape, right?

The Daily Show highlighted that even a manhunt for dangerous, escaped killers in New York state won’t distract from another important activity on CNN: sibling rivalry between host Chris Cuomo and his big brother, Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The Daily Show
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Jimmy Fallon looked at the “Pros and Cons” of the “female Viagra” pill.

And James Corden got prank called — by the legendary Betty White.

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  • Daniel Jones

    Everyone! SEND Don the Advanced Warfare reveal trailer!

  • Dominick Vila

    Of course Donald Rumsfeld, and every other member of the W regime was always doubtful about the goal of establishing freedom and democracy in Iraq. Alas, he was one of the key elements involved in devising the con job used to convince naive American that Saddam Hussein was, somehow, involved in 9/11, and that the laudable goal of the invasion was to restore freedom and democracy in a country where people were being abused by a heinous dictator. Never mind the fact that the alleged monster was the darling of the Reagan administration during the Iran-Iraq war, and the recipient of military aid, including WMDs, and military intelligence that included satellite imagery that suggested collusion between the Kurds and the Iranian…with predictable retaliation. I doubt Rumsfeld expressed concern over the cynicism of using the consequences of our complicity to justify an invasion and regime change.