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Monday, October 24, 2016

Rudy Giuliani’s accusation that President Obama does not love America was the talk of the late night comedy shows.

Larry Wilmore wondered how Giuliani got the job of deciding who loves America, compared to all of Obama’s many speeches actually declaring his love of country. Larry also asked whether there might be something about Obama that makes him suspicious — and went so far as to bluntly say that Giuliani’s statements were racist.

The Nightly Show
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Jon Stewart rhetorically asked Rudy: “You know you’re not the Mayor of 9/11, right?”

The Daily Show
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Seth Meyers also dug in on Giuliani’s comments, by asking why anyone would want all the endless trouble of being President of the United States if they didn’t love America.

As for the other big news event, David Letterman gave the “Top Ten Things Overheard Backstage at the Academy Awards.”

John Travolta appeared with Jimmy Kimmel, and talked about his infamous mispronunciation of Idina Menzel’s name at the Oscars last year, and his encounter with her again at the Oscars this past Sunday.

And Conan O’Brien demonstrated what his show would be like if the audience was like the one at the Oscars.

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  • ps0rjl

    I have to agree with Larry. Who is Giuliani to say who loves America and who doesn’t? It’s like these people especially from the Tea Party who claim they want to take back their country. I’d first like to ask them who took it from them. Last I heard, we all own this country.

    • dave

      Not only that,where do they want to take it back to ?? 20th century,19th century ??

      • jmprint

        If they could they would take us back to caveman era.

  • dave

    I’m more worried about the direction the far right and the tea party wants to take this country to !! For all their talk about personal freedom and small govt. they seem to think telling women what they can and can’t do is alright !! They seem to think religion should have a say in our govt. when our found-
    ing fathers saw the abuses by ANY direct link between a govt, and ANY church !! They seem to think that a concerted effort to block eligible voters from voting is okay !!They seem to think that treating the president with little or no respect is okay !! I’m more worried about giuliani’s lack of respect for our duly elected president than his apparent self given right to talk about obama that way !! These are the same people who whined and moaned about talk about reagan,bush sr. and bush jr. President obama can do NOTHING right if you listen to these morons long enough !!

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    First of all, you’ll notice that a lot of the Obama haters fall into 2 categories. The dyed-in-the-wool southern and midwestern outright bigots and the Soprano Italians who don’t always play with an honest hand.

    I sometimes think my little Italian immigrant father was the only Italian among his circle of relatives and friends who not only was never racist, but hated anyone who was.

    The problem with the “I Hate Obama” brigade is that they hate his intelligence, his ability to govern and do his job to the best of his ability.

    The GOP hates, labor, hates voting rights, hates women’s rights, hates minorities, immigrants, regulations and education.

    A guy like Guiliani is in his swan song days. He bathed in glory when he was considered a Crime Buster in NY City. Now, those days are gone and he is eating his heart out wanting more of the spotlight Obama is taking from him. Typical Italian male…if they can’t be the be all and end all of life on planet earth, they go sour grapes in a tailspin.

    • Elliot J. Stamler

      There you go again. Last week it was Sheldon Silver was typical of all Jewish politicians. This week it is that Giuliani is typical of all Italian men. Boy do you have a problem with men..and sex.

      • Eleanore Whitaker

        Yes…Here I go again …and again…and again and again…Until the male of the species stop acting like spiteful, entitled little Lord Fauntleroys.

        Sheldon Silver is getting what he asked for. No doubt about that. As for Guiliani, I’ve had enough Italian uncles and an Italian father to know what Italian men are like.

        You men need to get yourselves to a confessional. You lie, cheat, steal, rape and cause mayhem and poverty. You love the profits from endless wars that kill our kids for your selfishness.

        According to all NY papers, Sheldon Silver is getting stabbed in the back by all of his “cohorts” who didn’t mind schmoozing with him for 17 years.

        As for Guiliani, hell hath no fury like an Italian man scorned.

        I have a problem with men who are dishonest, thieving, deceptive leaders who think they can “get away with it.”

        Shocker for weasels of the male species: Women are fed up with the act you guys put on and the duplicity.

        Get this and get it straight: You and no other man will control the population.

        By the way, Netanyahu is on a collision course with his idea of being the newest US state of Israel and trying to push his will on the rest of us. His own country is now turned off to his power freak antics.

        • Elliot J. Stamler

          It is usually the right-wing lunatics who write with this degree of venom and lunacy. But left-wing lunatics especially of the ultra-feminist variety are the same way..and you are a good example. I hope you enjoy reading the works of MacKinnon and Dworkin both of whom are and were respectively cer tifiable. I conclude, Ms. Whitaker, by saying you really should get psychological counseling…you have grave issues. You won’t but you should. I guess your issues stem from terrible personal experiences with men but many people have at least one bad experience with the opposite sex–it doesn’t lead them to advanced neurosis. Most men and women like each other and if one is fortunate each will find someone they LOVE. That you have not may explain but not excuse your venom and vitriol.

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            Try again Stamler. You men always play your games. Men like you have NO BALLS to tell the truth. Because you cowards can’t handle the truth. Most women tolerate you men because they are too financially dependent. It’s why some women ask how much a man earns first. That’s love?

            You hate the truth because it upsets that cushy cushy comfy world women have always provided for you and your cocoon life.

            I have NO issues. As for men like you, I trash them every day. I know trough feeding wasters of my time.

            Your kind of man loves to “talk down to all women” hoping we won’t notice that “charm” and “patronization” is really your own warped masculine attempts to control the entire female population.

            Let me let YOU in on a little secret: No educated, financially independent woman NEEDS YOU. She keeps you around for the amusement.

            As for love, right. Leona Helmsley loved her old man’s money more than she loved him. So did Marla and Ivana Trump. So did half a dozen other golddiggers.

            Your problem is you think you KNOW women better than women know themselves. Grow up and act like a man and stop trying to be the Almighty Stamler who commands the harem.

  • jmprint

    Looks to me like Guiliani doesn’t love America. He is trying as hard as he can to be the leader of the Tea Party, I guess I should warn him, Cruz is not letting go of the helm. I just love the way these idiots show their true colors. God help us all.

  • Frank KIng

    The President demonstrates his concern and dedication to rectify the mess the right wing visited upon America the last time they controlled the government and our lives. He has worked tirelesly to better conditions for the majority of Americans even with the ill will and animosity of his opposition obstructing his plans and in many cases with personal attacks. it is not surprising that an arrogant, egotist like Giulani would be willing to add to the right wing onslaught with his convoluted view of the President and his “love” for America. One just has to do a cursory research of the life of this malcontent, Giuliani, to learn he needs to acquire some humility for his words and actions in the past to gain credibility in what he says and does. Hail to the Chief! Don’t you just “love” him.