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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

A 'Lead Cocktail' Or Old Sparky Not A Laughing Matter

Every time Florida starts to fade from the national spotlight, somebody like Brad Drake comes along and gets everybody laughing at us again.

Drake is the state representative who is sponsoring a bill to give death row inmates the choice between the electric chair or a firing squad — “a lead cocktail,” in Drake’s words.

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3 responses to “A 'Lead Cocktail' Or Old Sparky Not A Laughing Matter”

  1. Skrap Man says:

    What I am often amazed by, is that religious people are usually in favor of the death penalty because they say they want the guilty to spend eternity in hell. Yet if you are really a Christian, you believe in God’s forgiveness. The MAJORITY of condemned “find religion” before they are put to death, meaning, by basic Christian beliefs, that your God has forgiven them of their sins. IF THAT WERE TRUE (as an atheist I do not believe any of that) then the condemned, whom you want to kill for their crimes, will be released from their earthly, concrete walled imprisonment and they will be accepted into heaven – THAT IS ACCORDING TO YOUR CHRISTIAN TEACHINGS! I do not know about the specifics of other religions, but I do know most have some form of Godly forgiveness and heavenly reward for the forgiven.

    I don’t understand how, as Christians, if you really believe in God and his forgiveness, how you could want to “send someone to heaven” as a “reward” for killing someone. Seems counter to the belief in “punishment”!

    Personally, I think is would be worse to spend life living in a 4×8 concrete cell, locked away from the warmth of sunshine, the chill of winter winds, the beauty of a sunset, the awesomeness of a thunderstorm, the smell of fresh cut grass….. devoid of direct human contact, locked away from the blessings of being a free person. To me, that would be far worse than a quick, and relatively painless death!

  2. omgamike says:

    The only problem with the above comment is the cost to taxpayers of maintaining a person in prison for the rest of their lives, which could end up being a very long time. There are already tremendous sums of money being expended annually to maintain the millions of people currently in prison. Why add to it?

    As a society, continue to maintain our current system, but shorten the appeals process to execute them quicker. There will still be sufficient time to disprove their guilt, if they are indeed innocent.

  3. Skrap Man says:

    Omgamike is totally incorrect. Personally, I do not care if they execute them or not AS LONG AS THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT ABOUT THEIR GUILT, which is a separate argument. All I was saying is Christians are hypocritical when they talk about executing someone who “has been saved” according to their beliefs.

    As for Omgamike’s comment, it has been shown time and again that it is more expensive for a state to work through all the legal processes and appeals required to get to the point where the murderer can be executed, than it would be leave the killer in their cell for the rest of their life. It cost Florida a minimum of $5-million dollars to execute Ted Bundy (some have estimated more than 7-million). Bundy could have easily been held in his cell for 40-50 years at a cost much less than $5-million. If you are going to argue, at least try to get your facts right!

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