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Friday, October 21, 2016

Here’s some useful advice from an old country saying: Never try to teach table manners to a pig — it doesn’t work, it’ll wear you out, and it just annoys the pig.

The same advice goes for anyone who thinks they can teach even a bit of common sense to the preening political ideologues who’ve taken over the Republican Party and the U.S. House of Representatives. As we’ve seen in their incessant, pigheaded attacks on the health care reform law, their minds are not merely fogged up with extremist anti-government theories, they’re impervious to rational thought.

They failed to defeat Obamacare in 2010, despite trying to scare old people with mindless lies about “death panels.” Now they’re trying to repeal the law by getting people to swallow their hogwash that it contains “a massive tax hike on the middle class.”

Really? No. One, it’s not massive; two, it’s a payment for direct benefit that people will receive, namely decent health care coverage; three, very few people will have to pay the so-called “tax” at all; and four, many people and small business will get tax credits and federal assistance to offset the cost of coverage.

Their greatest failure, however, is that they offer no alternative to Obamacare. During the debate on their latest attempt to repeal the law, a Democratic lawmaker asked for a copy of the GOP’s health care plan so he could read it aloud to other members. Silence in the chamber.

The Republicans’ political slogan has been to “repeal and replace” Obama’s reform, but they’ve dropped the replace part, saying they can’t offer an alternative until they complete the repeal.

No surprise — I doubt this bunch can walk and chew gun at the same time. Though they’re a tenacious bunch! Maybe not tenacious, more like dogmatic, obstinate and obtuse, too. Pigheaded — yeah, that’s it.

  • The Republican leadership finally concluded that there as as many Americans who support and are benefitting from ACA, as there are opponents. Since proposing replacing ACA with Romneycare would have just added fuel to a raging fire, they concluded that the best strategy on an election year is to act like a snake in the grass.

  • YepThatTell

    No more freakin’ votes on a law that has been declared constitutional! At what point – at what vote among the 31 – did these actions become neglect of sworn duty? malfeasance in office? The GOP sure doesn’t care one bit about wasting taxpayers’ money when they’re supposed to be getting work done.

    • The only explanation I can think of is that in addition to hating the idea of making healthcare available to all Americans, our congressmen are seizing every opportunity to work on legislation designed to improve the economy and reduce unemployment. Let’s not forget what Mitch McConnell said: his top priority is to make sure President Obama is a one term President, and if what it takes to achieve that goal is prolonging the penuries of those struggling to make ends meet, so be it.

      • onedonewong

        The democarts have also made free healthcare available to illegals all on the taxpayers dime

        • DurdyDawg

          Fact is, the illegals will be appropriated just like the citizens.. Right now the flux is on ER’s and it will not subside until a little organization prevails.. Illegals will not have carte blanc (as they do now in ER’s) but will have to either prove legality or else file for citizenship. A sick person is a sick person regardless their nationality.. Do you dare play God in choosing who gets care and who doesn’t when they need it or what? This isn’t the compassionate Country I was raised up in, now it’s at the point where everyone is turning against each other.. What a shame since civil wars are created this way.. Look at our history, smell what’s in the air and prepare yourselves to war with your own brother. Assholes who care not for anyone but themselves remain assholes up to their last breath but one thing good always comes from it.. Your heirs will be giddy to know you didn’t use your money to help anyone but them. Good night Irene.

          • onedonewong

            Compassionate country??? That ended when 10’s of millions of illegals came here and took jobs, refuse to pay taxes and live off the taxpayers of this country.
            Since Mexico and their ilk refuse to stop the onslaught of their citizens to this country then they should pony up the $$ for the services that they use here
            Libs who don’t pay taxes are the 1st to demand that the producers of this country pay even more for their causes. Lets remember the 1st civil war was a result of a liberal cause that refused to honor states rights. Lincoln should have been prosecuted for war crimes luckily he passed before he was impeached.
            One thing is for certain my assets are the fruit of my labor not a handout as yours are

          • DurdyDawg

            I’m a compassionate man, I know when the Nation is thriving that people of all walks of life are working and making this Country great then when the shit hits the fan and people have a choice of starving their family or taking welfare from the Country that they in the beginning, when everything was going smooth, helped it grow in strength and finance should now at least offer enough to keep their family alive until the bad gets better.. You on the other hand see them as moochers and sub-human because they can’t feed their family. Not everyone has that ‘perfect’ job.. Not everybody could afford that college degree but when they were working, they helped you continue to enjoy this country, now you disallow them the little hope they have left?Talk about hate.. Talk about self interest.. There seems to be no charity in you except what you can receive as a tax break. And where. pray tell, would you imagine your tax dollars would go if you succeeded in taking the food from children and health care from the sick and elderly? Do you think it will go to make you a better person or would it be earmarked for more military might and corporate welfare that Rumney said he would do if elected. You disgust me because you refuse to look at people compassionately and that prove lies in your very post.

          • onedonewong

            If you paid taxes then your point of view would radically change. Welfare is a way of life to multiple generations. UI that rewards people for sitting at home for 2 years does nothing for this country. They should have been made to do community service from painting to sweeping roads to emptying bedpans in Vet hospitals.
            Even Germany reduced the length ans size of their UI payments and what happened?? Why the unemployment rolls dropped and their economy is booming…simple cause and effect Our constitution outlines the federal role to provide for our nation defense = $$ and promote the general welfare which = cheer leading

          • DurdyDawg

            What the hell do you mean, “IF I paid taxes?” I’ve paid taxes for the last fifty years and I don’t see any change in this ‘tradition’ until I take my last breath (which then someone else will make my final payment for me) and my point of view has (will) not change as I know exactly what the g’ment will do with that extra ‘windfall’ that they would receive from the elimination of social programs designed to help and prevent starvation from those in need and yes, even those who use the system but corporate welfare works the very same way yet I don’t hear any jawing about the oil cartel receiving g’ment handouts every year although their profits run in the billions. And here you are knocking a service that isn’t even close to corporate and military welfare. As I said, I give my tax money to save lives, I do not enjoy donating my taxes to kill and destroy whom the g’ment deems as our enemy (at any given time) and truthfully? You are not the only taxpayer in this universe that thinks your way and that’s really sad as your apathy toward the needy is directed toward all because of a few users..

            That said, I definitely agree with this work mandate and children should not be used as an excuse to escape this obligation as temporary childcare would be included so that each recipient would do their duty. Yes, highway flagmen who get paid a top salary for shaking a flag would be one replacement (putting them on a job that warrants such pay).. Highway maintenance, park and roadside cleaning, even g’ment building janitorial services would be in order. But you can’t blame Obama for this as each president, each congress hasn’t even brought the subject up. Those who sponge would then be discovered easily while the true needy would do their duty else be taken off the roster.

            You make a good argument however, your decisions effect every welfare recipient in your quest to ‘eliminate’ social fraud in order to increase corporate and military welfare.. that, else to give politicians more raises and graft themselves. Look, the g’ment is going to use our taxes for what they deem important to them. not us.. not our country, but to them. that they see social welfare a scourge and it’s citizens view it as unnecessary while corporate/military welfare becomes a top priority does not make it right.

          • onedonewong

            Please your a lib part of the 47% who don’t pay taxes and is Barak’s base. SS was a one time a stable fund but LBJ needed $$$ for his war on poverty and made it part of the unified budget meaning that SS is now funded by borrowing from China to pay current beneficiaries. I never heard of military welfare…its the only govt spending that actually works.
            I’m one of the few taxpayers that understands the constitution and that taxes were supposed to spent on the military not the nonsense that it does today.
            Why shouldn’t obama be held to account for UI benefits?? He and his Dem’s were the ones to extend it to 2 years with 0 work requirements .
            As for Federal bureaucrats they make on avg $125k a year and that in and of its self is a crime

          • DurdyDawg


          • onedonewong

            I could tell that from the slope of forehead you and barak are twins

          • DurdyDawg

            Just as I can tell that two heads like yours would make a perfect ass. This is my last note to you as I’m not willing to waste any more IQ points having anything to do with you. Your sick, and there’s no cure.

            Have an ordinary day…

          • onedonewong

            I totally agree your IQ is only a couple of points you must have went to haravrd with obama, neither of you are educated

          • politicalhack1

            The subject is healthcare, not immigration. And we shouldnt blame the people that came here, how about our government for not enforcing the laws we have and making comprehensive immigration reform into a political football. The ACA does not mandate health care for illegals. They cannot belong to any of the exchanges, since they are not citizens. Also, it is doubtful that they would qualify for general state fund payment for hospitalization. Their ownly welfare is through membership in special clinics, which are based on sliding scale membership…..the income of anyone is considered, regardless of the source or their citizenship status. Children born in the United States are fourteenth ammendment citizens are eligible for medicaid, and should be. However, I have a feeling that you are a bedrock states rightist, and will probably find anything to fight with about the constitution. You probably are one of those “strict constitutionalists” that would go back to 1784, when many of the framers felt that
            black men were roughly equivalent to 3/8s of a human being. And I seriously feel that you probably find nothing wrong with that

          • overpaidCS

            So your saying that if your father robs a bank and buries the money then you should be allowed to spend it because its not your fault????
            Medicaid covers millions illegals all over the US currently and then the billions of charity that hospitals have to donate.
            Would I go back to the 1784 no because there have been amendments to the constitution. Short of the amendments the constitution should be the law of the land. Unfortunately with Barak in office he has turned it into nothing but a dam piece of paper, from rewriting the countries bankruptcy laws, to immigration and his selective enforcement of laws enacted by congress. Not to mention his Hitler style patriot revisions that congress never approved

          • politicalhack1

            Discussing this with you is like discussing it with a closed door.  I dont have two degrees in political science and a second in economics for nothing.  I have gleened a little information over the years.  Medicaid does not, nor has ever, covered illegals over the country.  If that were so, then hospitals would donate nothing.   The two statements are contrary with each other.  The only persons of immigrant blood covered by Medicaid are the 14th ammendment citizens, the sons and daughters of illegal immigrants born in this country.   This is a lie spread by the billionaire media machines of the Koch Brothers and the like.  Much like their story that the ACA reduces Medicare benefits by 10b…….that is totally laughable.
            Obama is a professor of constitutional law, and unlike presidents before him, has kept a pretty tight ship.  For instance, presidents have used the Signing Statement to get around the line item veto made unconstitutional by the law.  These signing statements are like saying “I approve of this law, but this part does not apply to me.”  (I was of the opinion that a nation of laws saw all of its citizens, even its President, as never above the law.) Used primarily in financial matters, GW Bush was the first to use them in a policy venue and at 2/3s of his tenure had used over 600 of them, more than all other presidents before him. (that was especially upsetting because for the first six years of his presidency, Bush had a “rubber-stamp” Congress.  Obama has issued none.   Presidents have issued executive orders in varying quantity.  Obama has only used it once.  He has not changed the constitution.  No president can change the constitution,  it can only be changed, in interpretation by the Supreme Court, and by addition, by the Congress, as ratified by the states.  He does have leeway insofar as placing priorities on the enforcement of mandates…This is unusual, it was only used by Reagan, GHW Busch, Clinton, GWBush, and many other presidents before him. Also, maybe you could enlighten me as to the “hitler-style patriot revisions that congress never approved” Methinks you have watched too much of the FNC.
            Finally, a little information for you, whether you take it or not.  The framers showed their foresight by writing a “Living constitution” …   They realized that things would change.(Jefferson even spoke of changes to the society after about 200 years in his letters to John Adams)  They got us started by writing the first ten ammendments to the constitution,  thus saying the constitution, as ammended, is the law of the land.    Not that constitution, short of the ammendments, is the law of the land.
            Its not that I dont agree with you, in part, about the immigration issue.  However we should not blame the immigrants.  We should blame our government for not enforcing the laws, and both parties share the blame for making immigration reform into a political football, in a game that has gone on for the last thirty years!

          • onedonewong

            2 degrees in poli sci explains your inability to do any research on the topic. Lets just take 1 example Baraks illegal aunties in Boston, not only was she on medicaid but welfare and housing assistance before he intervened and forced INS to grant her a green card.
            I do agree with your point about obamacare reducing Medicare by $10 B it reduces it by $100B.
            W had a rubber stamp congress??? Hmm does poli sci cover politics?? Must not since the during W’s term in office the Senate was controlled by Dem’s for 4 of his 8 years.
            He hasn’t changed the constitution? Then what do you call the auto companies take over? He took existing bankruptcy law and bond holders who are 1st of the list of creditors eliminated them from the equation. That’s a taking and is prevented under the constitution. His bank bail out that required banks to turn over a share of their company whether they wanted to do or not also is against the constitution.
            Barak and holder have redefined the patriot act allowing them to imprisonment American Citizens indefinitely with no charges ala Hitler.
            The framers wrote a living constitution reallly what poli sci book did that come from??

    • onedonewong

      The House has approved 8 approtaions bill for 2013 and the Senate has yet to even vote on 1

    • montanabill

      No more votes huh? Are you afraid that something bi-partisan might actually happen concerning health care?
      Maybe Mitch McConnell said his priority was to make Obama a one term President, but Obama is the one that is actually going to make it happen because he has absolutely no clue how to revive our economy, which would have been on the way to recovery if he had done absolutely nothing! But his ego wouldn’t let him do that, even though he had no experience, no training and no qualified advisors.

  • William Deutschlander

    A well writen, truthfull commnentary.

    The REPUBLICAN CARTEL compares favorably with Mexico’s drug cartels!

    When EVERY REPUBLICAN representative agrees in lockstep, it is a SIGN of MENTAL ILLNESS!

    • montanabill

      Really, then just how did Obamacare get passed in the first place. It was by a bunch in lockstep. Are you saying they have signs of mental illness? Maybe we actually agree.

  • I would have to ask, are they so against it because it changes their coverage? They won’t get the golden ticket they currently have? Just a guess!!!!

    • They are against it because it puts an end to socialist freebies at ERs and the party of personal responsibility may have no choice but to abide by their own rhetoric and pay for what they need or use.

      • agoffe

        If you want to know why they at against it, I’ll show you. My son has a severe form of epilepsy. It has resisted every form of medication currently available in this country. Our doctor suggested Clobizam which was approved and readily available…in Canada but not yet the U.S. he told us to order it online through an east coast pharmacy. It cost us $80 to have it shipped from Canada to California. Last January it was finally approved for sale in the United States. However, the manufacturer changed the name to Onfi and made it a available here…for $870 for the same supply. The name change was so that the laymen could not identify it with the same drug sold in Canada. You see, because of the government run healthcare system in Canada, drug manufacturers cannot gouge the general public with ridiculous prices. The government has to approve the pricing structure. Currently I. The U.S. there is no such governmental power…yet. This is what they are afraid of. The affordable cafe act will put the issue front and center and the next step will be regulating drug prices. It’s the door they would rather not see opened. If their money dries up, the republican’s big money support takes a major hit. Ans so goes the house of cards.

        • Gammaanya

          Yes, I had to get a med for my neighbor through my contact in Europe because her medication there was mere $30.00, here her 1 month supply was 720.00 her SS is 750 a mo, Med Part D paid for some of it, she was starving, because her life saving for spend to keep herself a live. I suggested for her to go to Europe and have it checked out what is wrong with her. Her son paid for her trip and she stayed with my friends free of charge. Her blood test all the work cost her $2200 bucks and she find out that she have celiac and Crohn and anemic.None of the BS she was on for years helped her. Celiac people will be anemic because gluten blocks absorbtions of nutrients.. She is back to be healthy on gluten, lactose free diet, gained some weight and at 68 she square dance now and works p/t.
          Her doctor here didn’t bother much except that he charged Medicare to the max, got kickbacks from the pharmaceutical Co. ACA will stop that, but knowing Republicans, this is going to hit them in the pocket, they will spin it, especially with the fibble minded, scared but still have a right to vote floridians and others to vote against themselves. And they complain it’s Socialism. They don’t know the meaning of the word. Like some guy was ranting about Obama saying that we all doing business together. Without demand for goods we have no business. Small or big Co. they don’t create jobs, SUPPLY and DEMAND does. I run translation business – if everybody speaks all the languages in the world, would I have a business?? NO. If nobody eats meat would cattleman survive on milk alone?? If nobody shops in China (Walmart) would they exist and make the Walton family rich???? NO. Logic and common sense.

  • bcarreiro

    The rich nor the poor want to hear your plans…..look were we the people are at now. ABOLISH CONGRESS”S RIGHT TO THE POWER OF THE VETO< put it were it belongs with WE THE PEOPLE if it werent for us u would have no job. our president should be saluted and we need a leader who can create a unity do the gop's know what that is.

    • agoffe

      As much as I agree with the sentiment, Congress does not have veto power. Only a sitting President does. WhatCongress does have is an unlimited number of terms in office to play obstructionist. If we really wanted to move democracy forward, we should amend the constitution to li it Congress to only two terms and change the Supreme Court to a ten year maximum term. After all, when FDR on over the public support for taking the country out of depression, America voted him in to 4 terms. Fearing that they would never again see the Presidency, the Republican Congress voted to amend the constitution so that no President could serve more than two terms. Funny how they didn’t include themselves in that mandate. Some representatives such as Robert Byrd have been in office consecutively for 56 years. Only the Queen of England has held political office longer. We need to renew Congress every few years to weed out the corrupt ones and force special interest to form new friends instead of rely on old faithfuls.

  • karinursula

    It’s really hard for me to understand why people should be against health care. You only pay if you reject the plan, if you poor you receive help. Unbelievable, these congress yahoos have health care for which we pay. They work just a weeks during the year and they waste time and money to repeal a law which they know they cannot win. I have health care and I tell you it is a lot easier to sleep knowing that if something should happen tomorrow
    that I don’t have to worry about bills.
    Lets vote for President Obama in 2012

  • howa4x

    The entire republican party has put on a show about everything not just the ACA, whether its the debt ceiling debate, or stuffing bills with their right wing agenda. They never even considered the Jobs bill, and finally just passed the transpotation bill that will create jobs and begin work the 6000 bridges that are in need of desperate repair. This passed because they dropped the keystone pipeline from the bill. You know the one going to the gulf not to be refined but to export the oil. They have nothing to replace the ACA with since its a republican plan that relies on personal responsibility. Imagine going against your own plan? Sometimes you just can’t make this stuff up!!

  • jebediah123

    Maybe this isn’t the correct place to say what I want to say. But what concerns me more than the Republican desire to kill the ACA (although that is a great concern) is the incessant, unrelenting, all consuming drive to “get rid of President Obama”.
    It only proves to me the depth of racial hatred in this country. Please, PLEASE!! don’t tell me I am “playing the race card”. For a leading member of congress to state —- “our primary goal is to get rid of Obama”— only a couple of months after Obama took office is proof positive for my beliefs.

    After that, it has been nothing but obstructionist actions from the “party of no” to kill any Obama introduced legislation even if their vote was detrimental to the general public and to the overall economy.

    And this from the great “christian”, God loving patriotic “tea party” that rules the House.

    It makes me want to puke.

    • SaneJane

      You are right. I have never seen anything like it. I live in Alabama so you can imagine what is like here. There is no one here that I can even have a conversation with about President Obama or the healthcare law. My “friends”, all good Christians, forward disgusting emails to me. The Republicans started screaming about President Obama spending “like a drunk sailor” and doubling the national debt when he had only been in office two weeks. It seems they have been driven to madness.

  • grammyjill

    All those damn republicans are working for the big insurance company lobbists. They actually have tricare insurance. That’s government insurance that the military has. But government run insurance is bad according to them. We should be afraid of it. I have a military son. I’d love to have his insurance. Copay for a surgery was $26.00. That was what Obama wanted us to have but couldn’t get past congress. So, he got us something almost as good.
    I think a movement ought to be started to fire all those republicans who are not doing the job they were hired for!

    • DurdyDawg

      … And don’t allow them to retire with benefits as that’s how they treat us.

  • The Affordable Care Act is the best thing that has happened in America in decades. Presidents, all the way back to Teddy Roosevelt have tried and failed to pass such a law. Finally, President Obama got it passed — and it is a great gift to the American people. The Republicans can’t stand the fact that Obama and the Dems got something past the Repubs barage of filibusters and torpedoing everything Obama & the Dems try to do to help Americans. The ACA is virtually identical to Romneycare in Massachusetts — and it is doing very well there. In fact, at one time, Romney said that Romneycare should be used as an example for what should be done for the entire country — of course, he’s singing a very different tune now. At this point I simply do not understand why anyone in America believes a flippin word that comes out of his mouth.

    • Joseph Hemphill

      it should have been single pay, but the greedy old party held it to aca.

  • montanabill

    Certainly a fair minded article. (sarcasm) So the taxes and the penalties (Supreme Court ruled are taxes) are just the cost of decent health care? What do you say to people who already have decent health care who will be forced to change and have additional taxes as well? What is your name for the government bureaucrats that will make the cost/benefit decisions for your medical needs? What do you call treatment delayed that results in needless death? What do you call the under the table agreements that were made (and broken) with the legislators in order to pass the bill? Good legislation is always bipartisan, regardless of which party sponsors it. If Obamacare is repealed, it will be because of bipartisan votes. If a replacement of enacted, it will be with bipartisan votes. You may love Obamacare, but rest assured, there is a sizeable percentage of the population that does not.

    • The ACA does NOT make ANYONE change their current insurance plan. Plus, the ONLY folks that pay the mandate are those who can afford insurance but have choosen not to get any. If Massachusetts is any indication, less than 1% of the population that can afford insurance but chooses not to get it will need to pay the mandate. You need to stop listening to Republican lies about the ACA and read the new law for yourself. I have. It’s on the internet for ANYONE to read.

      • montanabill

        Apparently you haven’t noticed that it is cheaper for employers to pay the penalty (tax) than to continue paying for their employees insurance. There will be a substantial number of them who will take the penalty route, thus their employees will be forced to change insurance plans. Wise up.
        Too bad it wasn’t on the internet for ANYONE to read prior to passage.

        • Employees are having to change insurance plans all the time now. The employer either changes what they want to be covered by the company’s insurance or drops health insurance all together. Then the employees have to find their own health insurance if they can afford it. Your argument doesn’t hold water montanabill because it is a fact of life that employees change insurance plans at least once if not more times when they work for an employer that offers health insurance and they don’t keep the same health insurance the whole time they work at some place.

          • montanabill

            You are right, we do have to make changes to our employees’ plans from time to time to still be able to afford to pay for it for them and their families. One key difference is that there is no money out of pocket for the employee and what we pay is not taxed as income to the employee. If I were to drop the insurance options and pay the penalty, the employees would now be faced with finding the own insurance at whatever level they wanted to pay and the payment with be with after-taxed money. It would be a pretty bit hit for them, kind of a $20,000 to $24,000 per year swing.

          • Dave_dido

            If the Affordable Care Act causes your group health premium to go up, you can do exactly what was done before the AFA, i.e., raise your deductible, raise your copayments, lower your co-insurance from 80% to 70%, in short, do all the things that employers have been doing for the past 30yrs. You don’t have to drop your plan. Did you drop the plan when your health insurer raised your rates 10% last year, or 15% the year before, or 18% the year before that? You Obama haters act as though he’s the villain who will make your rates go up, when ,in fact, the health insurers have raised rates almost every year since I’ve been in the business- 1979. Obama should be your hero because he’s the guy trying to reign in the beast. Healthcare has been out of control for a long time. If you want someone to blame, blame the ceo’s of the various health insurers. Some of them pull in over $20million per year. Blame the Medicare swindlers who rob the system of hundreds of millions. Blame the lawyers who encourage phony class-action suits that only enrich them and do nothing for the victims. But don’t blame President Obama- he and many courageous legislators took an unpopular stand to do the right thing.

  • The Republicans tried to repeal the ACA for the 32nd flippin time on the VERY day that the Democrats wanted to vote on the “Bring Jobs Home Act.” Pres. Obama has long pushed for such an Act & the Democrats came up with one — it cuts taxes for U.S. companies that move jobs & operations to the U.S. from another country. The Act would also end the current tax loopholes that REWARD U.S. companies that move jobs overseas. The Republicans stone walled it — because they wanted to spend their precious time trying to repeal the ACA for the 32nd time! Source: Washington Post. The Republicans obviously do not have the best interests of middle class, blue collar & working poor Americans at heart.

  • this article is a perfect description of the GOP House and their mentality!

  • Joseph Hemphill

    Got to love the greedy old parties “laser like focus on JOBS,JOBS,JOBS….”,

  • After this do nothing congress, they should be paid hourly or get paid by the legislation they pass.

  • Yep! You cant teach table manners to pigs.

  • They have know plan. They have not had a plan for anything to help the country in the past 3 and a half years. There plan is to continue to make the rich rich. Consider the fact that they have not done anything to help the country, only themselves. They have filibuster everything that comes to the Senate. The most in history. God don’t like ugly and November will tell the story. The American People are waking up.

  • Theodora30

    I think you are right about a lot of these guys but there are many – opinion shapers like Karl Rove – who know that they are lying about this stuff. These are the worst offenders, willing to deliberately mislead the public with Frank-Luntz-tested phrases that obscure their outrageous lies. Lee Atwater, who worked for Bush I and trained both Rove and Bush II in his dirty tactics, was a master at this. Funny how the media liked to portray Poppy as a sweet guy when they are fully aware that Poppy knowingly unleashed these vicious tactics on us.

    As for bogus economic policies like magical tax cuts that pay for themselves, this crock was sold by Reagan. He was a magical thinker and truly believed this fairy tale. Bush II’s top econ adviser even admitted it publicly, a fact the media has all but ignored. (For an exception Google “Mr Giuiliani and the Tax Fairy at the Wa Po.) A lot of others knew it was a lie and were more than willing to sell it. As a result many younger Republican Congressmen drank the Kool Aid. Facts are not likely to change their minds but there are a lot of swing voters who would if they ever heard the truth. The question is what is worse, a gullible person or a knowing propagandist.

  • The House needs to be sacked and alternates elected, as they sure as Hell are NOT representing..

  • onedonewong

    Its the largest tax increase in the nations history, and obamacare adds over $1 Trillion a year to the national debt, but does nothing to rein in trial lawyers who bilk $400B from the system every year

  • The Republican Party wants to give free health insurance to everyone. Socialist Republican plot. I can say that because hospitals are required to give care to those without insurance. Hey, how about everyone cancel insurance and then see what happens? Where is the personal responsibility I always hear from the Republican Party? Let them die then if they can’t pay? I think I heard that from a Rep. You are right, impeach everyone who voted again for a repeal. The Democrats are just too nice sometimes. President Bill Clinton was the last Democrat to play tough politics. I hope the President plays tough politics if he wants to keep his job.

  • DurdyDawg

    Well I think everybody on this forum get’s the message.. It doesn’t have anything to do with the Dems or Obama, it has to do with winning the position and whether it had been Clinton or some independent or any other party, the result would be the same. What it really is revolves around NWO.. The toads in charge have put it out that their schedule is being delayed by caring idiots and they must be eliminated so that everyone can live the life that NWO will provide. The boys behind the curtain wants to rule the world and they can only accomplish that with uncaring creatures like the Pubs, so the pubs try everything in the book to accomplish their task and that’s why their tactics seem so insane and unbelievable.. Their time is running out and they have no more rabbits to pull out of their asses.. Once Obama and the Dems win this year, NWO will be delayed even longer, but don’t count the warmongers out.. They’ll keep up the insanity until they finally get their way.. And to hell with that turn coat on the supreme court as his vote shouldn’t have counted. By gawd, in the old days, when you bought off a politician or supreme court justice, the bastards stayed bought!!


  • montanabill

    You are right Dave, my premiums for my employees have been continuously rising, but not at the 18% they did this year. Until this year, I have eaten those premium increases because my business had been able to keep up with them thanks to great employees. Now that the President has absolutely killed the economy and has only one idea, throw money at the government, I will be faced with either making drastic changes to our participation in employee and family insurance, or simply electing to save significant money by telling them they are on their own and paying the penalty.
    I will blame the swindlers and I will blame the trial lawyers. Any plan that didn’t include tort reform is not a plan that will ever reduce costs, and 2500 pages of new agencies, requirements, taxes and regulations isn’t going to do anything but raise the cost of health care.

  • politicalhack1

    Obviously you were not watching the proceedings on Cspan, or havnt a clue as to what was going on. The republicans, upholding their obstructionist pledge, agreed upon on inauguration day. Went through with delay tactics by participating fully in committee, then when the entire bill went to the floor, used the parliamentiary rule of filibuster to try to stop it. This was even more ridiculous since the bill was almost a verbatim copy of the republican alternative that came out of the Heritage society to Clinton’s single payer initiative. This program was then written by the Massachusettes State Legisture and signed by none other than Mitt Romney. The Democrats had to get into a lockstep mode to counter the overt obstructionism of the Republicans