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Sunday, February 25, 2018

OK, fine. Let’s talk about “black on black” crime.

That, after all, is where the conversation seems to inevitably turn whenever one seeks to engage a conservative on the American habit of shooting unarmed African-American boys and men. So it was exasperating, but nowhere near surprising, to see former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani go there last week on Meet the Press.

Asked by host Chuck Todd, during a discussion of the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, about the fact that African-American communities like that one are often served by snow-white police departments, he offered some perfunctory words about the effort to produce more representative cop shops. But then Giuliani took a sharp turn off topic and into the brambles. “I find it very disappointing,” he told Todd, “that you’re not discussing the fact that 93 percent of blacks in America are killed by other blacks. … I would like to see the attention paid to that that you are paying to this.”

There followed a sharp exchange with another panelist, author and professor Michael Eric Dyson, which produced this parting shot from the mayor: “The white police officers wouldn’t be there if you weren’t killing each other.”

Somehow, he managed not to call Dyson “you people.” In nearly every other respect, Giuliani’s words reeked of a paternalistic white supremacy unworthy of a former mayor of America’s largest city — or even a sewer worker in its remotest Podunk. But again, this has become the go-to “reasoning” for those on the right — Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, Rush Limbaugh — when asked to give a d–n about the killings of unarmed black boys and men.

That formulation is false for multiple reasons.

In the first place, being concerned over the shooting of unarmed black men hardly precludes being concerned over violence within the African-American community. Giuliani and others suggest a dichotomy where none exists.

In the second place, they ignore the obvious: When black people commit crimes against black people, they face prosecution, but when police officers (or certain neighborhood watchmen) commit crimes against black people, they face getting off with little if any punishment.

In the third place, what exactly is “black on black” crime?

Do black people kill one another? Sure they do. Ninety percent of black murder victims are killed by black assailants.

But guess what? White people kill one another, too. Eighty-three percent of white victims are killed by white assailants. See, the vast majority of violent crime is committed within — not between — racial groups. Crime is a matter of proximity and opportunity. People victimize their own rather than drive across town to victimize somebody else.

So another term for “black on black” crime is “crime.”

But there is crime and there is crime.

Redlining, loan discrimination and predatory mortgages have stripped generations of wealth from the African-American community. What is that if not robbery?

The Republican Party practices policies of voter suppression. That’s the assault and battery of African-American political rights.

Mass incarceration criminalizes the very existence of black men and boys. That’s the rape of equal justice.

Unarmed people are killed by those who are purportedly there to protect and serve them and the “just us” system looks the other way. That’s the murder of basic human rights.

It is touching that Giuliani and others are so concerned about black-on-black crime. But African-Americans have also been long oppressed by what might be called “America on black” crime.

When do you suppose they’ll be ready to talk about that?

Leonard Pitts is a columnist for The Miami Herald, 1 Herald Plaza, and Miami, Fla., 33132. Readers may contact him via email at

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101 Responses to Let’s Talk About ‘Black On Black’ Crime

  1. Black on black, and Latino on Latino, crime is, indeed, a sad reality. The question is what is Rudy Giuliani proposing to solve that problem? With the exception of using as an excuse to minimize the brutality of police actions against minorities nationwide, and trying to deflect attention from the racism that dominates a small, but vociferous and well organized, segment of our society, talking about the violence that prevails in the poorest neighborhoods in America, without offering ways to curb that violence, does not accomplish anything positive.
    The reason for the demonstrations that have taken place nationwide is not because of Black on Black violence, or because looters wanted to steal Air Jordan sneakers and burn buildings. People are protesting what has been a systemic problem in our society: the harassment, abuse, imprisonment…and killing of unarmed minorities at the hands of police officers who are expected to uphold the law, instead of taking advantage of their badges to commit cold blooded crimes…and get away with it.

    • Good post! You hit a double off the center field wall missing a home run by a few feet. Black on black violence must be part of the equation because the black community protects the violent murders who kill 90% of the young black men murdered. Admittedly that does not lessen the pain of losing a son killed by a policeman.

      Whitey cooperates with authorities to solve white on white crime does not stand in the way of the authorities.

      Right or wrong the impression is if you are willing to give a pass to 90% of the perpetrators. Why are you as a community upset about the other 10%?

      Leonard Pitts again let his blackness get in the way of good journalism.

      • Could a history of harassment by the police be a reason that people in black communities are reluctant to assist in police investigations? When people of color are stopped for no apparent reason, when they are questioned about why they are in a certain neighborhood, perhaps even when they live in that neighborhood, when we read of young men and boys who are shot by police because they are holding a toy gun which is not pointed at anyone, I don’t think it is strange that there is distrust of the police in black communities. White children are taught that the police are their friends. I doubt that minority children are taught the same way.

        • Trust is earned! Police harassment happens not only to young black men but to most young men. Police say it is an effort to be aware of what is happening in the neighborhood. Who knows? I do not think so. It happened when I was much younger and to my children as teenagers. Stuff happens you deal with it.

          Just wondering. Why should the establishment, Police, trust a community that continually protects the criminals amongst them. Why should the black community be trusted or believed when they shout “Black life has meaning”, only when only when the 10% of black life is taken by a white policeman. It is a false cry. What your actions state is 90% of the blacks killed by other blacks have no meaning.

          • “Trust is earned” works both ways. If you think that the black community cares only when lives are taken by the police, then you haven’t seen the news stories I have seen about children killed in senseless shootings such as the 2 little girls in my own metro area killed within about a week of each other in 2 separate drive-by incidents. The families were devastated and pleading with anyone who had knowledge of the crimes to speak up. At least in one case, there was information forthcoming. The families and their neighbors did not take to the streets in protest because if the perpetrators were discovered, they would be prosecuted. The police were not protecting the guilty parties. However, when the perpetrator is an official with a badge, there is reason to be concerned that justice will never be served because there is no trust that the authorities will not protect their own. Hence, the feeling that public protests are in order. The grief is the same regardless of who does the killing. The issue is justice.

          • The grief felt by those suffering the loss is enormous. Not the issue.

            You made my point! Your words “… 2 little girls in my own metro area killed within about a week of each
            other in 2 separate drive-by incidents. The families were devastated
            and pleading with anyone who had knowledge of the crimes to speak up.
            At least in one case, there was information forthcoming. The families
            and their neighbors did not take to the streets in protest because if
            the perpetrators were discovered, they would be prosecuted”. I am not sure what you meant by, “if
            the perpetrators were discovered, they would be prosecuted”. Did you mean the families feared that the murders would be prosecuted or that the families would be persecuted?

            Either way the community protected the murders of two innocent little girls preventing these murders from being brought to justice. In essence stating the life of these babies had no meaning. All life has meaning.

            Granted police may protect the killer in the white cop kills black male. In only 10% black violent deaths might the killer be protected by the police.
            In the other 90% of the violent black deaths all killers are protected by the black community.

            Why should the whole Community care about the 10% when the black Community does not care about the 90% they can do something about?

          • Perhaps I did not make the antecedents of my pronouns clear enough. “if the perpetrators were discovered, they (meaning the perpetrators) would be prosecuted.” And no, the community was not protecting the perps because in at least one case, as I said before, information was elicited which could lead to a successful prosecution.

          • Thanks for clearing that up. Now I understand neither the victims nor community had a need to protest. That community is fortunate. Black communities in our metro area have a don’t snitch policy. Nobody knows anything.

            Complement: It is a pleasure reading your thoughtful well written post. Than you hit me with “antecedents of my pronouns”. I smiled. Never would I have been that precise in explaining myself.
            My wife of 47 years, English Major and teacher would as would the three educators we raised.

            Thank you for such a pleasant surprise!

          • Thank you for your kind words. I was a bit embarrassed about my lack of clarity because I have spent almost as many years teaching English as you have been married to your English teacher wife.

            I am sorry that the black community in your area is obstructing efforts to reduce violence and crime. The fact that the police chief and mayor of the largest city in my area are both African Americans may be part of the reason that there seems to be more cooperation here.

            So often these on-line discussions descend into off-topic name-calling so it is extremely pleasant to have a sane and civil discussion. We may not agree on every point, but I enjoy exchanging views with people to get a broader perspective. So thank you again.

          • Like it was just said, there are reasons people do not get involved. Trust in the judicial system often seems misplaced, like in Ferguson, when the prosecutor stated his preference, for no indictment for the case , before the Grand Jury even met.

          • That’s a simple question to answer, but I’m sure it will enrage a bigot like you: Civilians don’t always choose to prosecute or help prosecute other civilians because it’s not their job. This is not the case with police, where it actually IS their job and and is supposed to uphold their sworn oaths. See the difference? Civilians of all skin colors tend to not like getting involved, but this is especially true when they don’t trust that the law enforcement officials will do the right thing. In Ferguson it’s clear that they won’t.

          • Still so much stereotypical BS. Just because you do not know something does not preclude its existence. The families know that the legal system gives the defendants lawyers all info on the crime investigation. People have been hurt. The last time the police polled my neighborhood, they told some of the neighbors what I had said to them. /And I leave in a good neighborhood.

          • So much BS! You depend on stereotypes for your opinion. Many Blacks are involved in the Justice system. That includes the police and judicial systems. Poor people and poor communities do not trust the Police and often for good reasons.

          • Your opinion, sorry you disagree. You, as I, have a right to your opinion.
            Are you an authority on police community relations?

      • That is so much BS and sounds like a tinge of racism. Talk to any urban police officer and they will tell you cooperation with the police is low in most communities including White ones. It often depends on the crime and who the criminals are. In most minority communities you learn quickly to mind you own business since some police release the names and addresses of those who do cooperate.

          • I know! That is why I question your BS statements!

            Subject: Re: New comment posted on Let’ s Talk About ‘ Black On Black’ Crime

          • I do not know where you live, but the police in my metropolitan area complain about don’t snitch policy in black communities. Nobody says anything to police.
            We have different life experiences. We disagree.

          • That is true in all metro areas since people have lost trust in the police. In my area police have been going to prison for years. Some were part of the drug gangs. Others just used the badge for personal gain. And that includes rape, murder and prostitution. Would you trust your life and your family to them? Subject: Re: New comment posted on Let’ s Talk About ‘ Black On Black’ Crime

    • There you go again blithering and blathering about things you read on the internet and know nothing about. You seem to have a lot of wet dream opinions.

        • What do I know? Like you not much. When two men tried to murder me and left me DOA. The Houston police did not care. All they did was take a hospital bedside report and that was it. They told me that they assumed it was drug related and they did not pursue drug related murders.They assumed! It was not, it was armed robbery for collected rent money $ 6000.00. They did not get it. But I got crippled for life.

        • All you know is what you read and most of it, like this blog is misinformation and confirmation bias. If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. How are your heart arteries doing? Are you pre diabetic? Do you have any indication of glaucoma? Research something that will benefit you. Have you told a friend how pleased you are to know them? We both know that statistics are mostly BS and are at the discretion of the researcher. If you want to see how the real world works try Be ready for a trip into the twilight zone. Have a good day and be proud to be an American.

    • Along with white police officers shooting black men, there is the issue of investigating the murders of black people by black people. I don’t have any numbers to back this up, but I suspect that in many cases the murder of a black man by another black man is not seriously investigated by police. Are such murders assumed to be gang-related killings in which the perpetrator(s), if apprehended and charged, would simply be replaced by the next black man in the gang power structure? In which case making an arrest would be of no value since nothing would really change in the community. There are killings of black people by other black people that do get investigated, and these tend to be killings in which innocent bystanders are killed. In Toronto a couple of years ago a young black girl was killed in a gang-related incident at a street party. The police worked diligently to find and capture the shooter. Similarly, a shooting of a black man by a black man in a downtown Toronto shopping mall food court resulted in the arrest and charging of the killer. (This made the news in the U.S., too, and the sub-text was that the shooting was indiscriminate and threatened the lives of innocent shoppers. The shooting was not indiscriminate, but it did threaten the lives of innocent shoppers.) But there are a lot of other killings of black men by black men that seem to never get solved. Killings by white people of white people and killings of white people by black people, though, seem to get a lot of police attention.

    • I guess I can call you Sharpton light.
      Why aren’t the black leaders including Obama being more vociferous about Black on Black crime. We know the blacks won’t listen to whites, so where are the black leadership??
      It is a fact that black on black crime is rampant in the black communities.
      Years 2008-2009, 2012 Children defense fund report.
      3034 boys 15 to 19 victims of Homicide, 1925 were black 60%.
      26,225 children /teens injured in gun assaults, 13,471 black 51%.
      22,468 boys ages 15 to 19 injured in gun assaults, 11,619 black 52%.
      Blacks represent just about 12% of US population.
      The numbers come from 2012 report and I suspect haven’t changed that much.
      Things won’t change until the majority of blacks decide this must stop, start snitching, greater emphasis on family and education, etc.. Until then the Racial Hustlers will continue to reap the benefits.

      Simple solutions, there are none.

      • Snitch to whom — people who they know are racist and won’t do the right thing? I don’t blame them. When bigotry is removed from their local police force things might change, but until then it’s not likely.

        You really should stick to tea-bagging. It’s the only thing you’re good at.

          • What’s a ‘duffus’ Mr. Harlem-Globetrotter-Chin? Start wearing a helmet when your tea-bagging buddies come to visit or soon you won’t remember your own name. Concussions are no laughing matter.

        • You need to watch this moron. We all know that there are wonderful Blacks out there. They have just as many rights as anyone else in this Country. Listen to the video below. Maybe it will open your eyes.

          • I don’t have anything to learn from you. The lesson to be learned in the video flies right over your head. You are a bigot, and bigots are stupid people with character defects. You need to learn to modify YOUR behavior, because the world doesn’t want people like you in it. Bigots are being slowly eradicated — too slowly in my opinion. You are obviously too stupid to understand the point being expressed in the very video that you believe has a lesson for others.

        • The first solution is for the black leader is to tell Sharpton and his ilk to get out and stay out. Sharpton has no creditability with the millions owed in back taxes, the Tawana Brawley debacle.
          Surprise Surprise guess who was at the WH for the big meeting with civil right leaders, the one and only Al Sharpton. Why Obama alines himself with him is a true mystery.

          • You know nothing about Al Sharpton or any other Black man in America. All you know is that they do not speak to or for you. Get over yourself.

          • I have a better view than you and understand the black leaders like Sharpton, Jackson and others are really only race hustlers.

          • No, that is only your bigoted opinion. Read a non minority paper or website and get a real education on American minorities.
            Subject: Re: New comment posted on Let’ s Talk About ‘ Black On Black’ Crime

          • Thanks for the good chuckle. Non minority paper, really???

            I think you need to go back and stick your head where the sun doesn’t shine. Before you, do take the time and get a real education.

            Watch this video, Oh yes it is on fox but it doesn’t change the real facts so articulated by Sheriff David Clarke, a black man.

          • I KNOW NOTHING CAN CHANGE A BIGOT’S MIND BUT A PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. GOOD LUCK WITH YOURS! Subject: Re: New comment posted on Let’ s Talk About ‘ Black On Black’ Crime

          • Obama doesn’t tell any public figures what to do. If he did, then you drooling bigots may have some valid reason to claim he behaves like an emperor. But he doesn’t, and there’s no reason why he should — that’s their business.

            Before you start talking about black leaders perhaps you should examine those with pasty white skin like yourself. Try the pill-popping Rush Limbaugh, Chris ‘bridgegate’ Christie or the ever-popular Texas Governor Rick Perry currently under felony indictment. I could go on, of course, but even somebody as brain damaged as you should be able to get my drift.

      • There’s plenty of community-based programs in black neighborhoods all across the country to help stem black-on-black violence, it just doesn’t get media coverage.

        • Nor is it succeeding, if it was the media would be all over it.
          There is a painful disconnect in the Black community to what is happening and what they must do to change the culture, that is if they want too.

          • The only disconnect is in your head. Stop going by old information. There are various programs successfully tackling this problem. However, there have always been what is called those with the slave mentality. It is always some one else’s fault for their actions. But that mentality is shared by many racial and societal groups not just Blacks.

          • Like everywhere in the US it changes from city to city. Yet is down in most cities in the last few years. Subject: Re: New comment posted on Let’ s Talk About ‘ Black On Black’ Crime

          • FBI: blacks account for:
            52% juvenile violent crime arrests

            58% of homicides
            67% of robberies
            6x more murders, 3x more rapes, 10x more robberies,3x more assaults than whites.
            I know you can give a list of large cities where violent black on black, or even black on white crime is down, Right???

          • Not uncalled-for. I expect better from you than justifying the killing of someone selling untaxed cigarettes by claiming it’s all the black community’s fault, and they have to reform or they’ll continue to be shot down like dogs without consequence to the killers. That’s what I call impunity, whether you think it bill-crap or not. The cops are NOT a community, they’re supposed to be the law. When they have no respect for the law, why should anyone else?
            I didn’t want to get into a nasty confrontation with you, but this is NOT Ferguson. This man never had a chance to resist arrest, and now he’s dead, and the people who did it, who broke the rules they’re supposed to follow and overreacted like a bunch of rank amateurs and thugs, are off scot-free.

      • Blacks are about the only ethnic group that has not dug themselves out of the realm of 2nd class citizens. Immigrants such as the Irish in the 1840’s, and so on, have all learned to be productive citizens. Black families fell apart with the migration to the cities in the early 20th century. The government now hand feeds them destroying what little character is left. Blacks and liberals would rather blame anyone else than themselves for the demise of the black culture . Now we have a segment of our society that wants skin color to be prima facie–facts and law be damned. Blacks aren’t being good citizens choosing to live by an inferior moral and ethical standard from the majority. It only increases racial tension.

        • Look I want them to succeed and be productive, but they are their own worst enemy.
          They let the hate mongers, the racial hustler feed them with crap.
          Unwed mothers, drugs, lack of education are the bane of their existence. Sorry, the Govt. has put trillions in their communities for education but they continue to fall behind. It is never their fault. Welfare does nothing for them other that make them wards of the state with little chance of breaking out.

          • You obviously live in a bubble. The same problems you talk about are happening to American Whites as well. Te problem is widespread. As for drugs, powder cocaine, heroin and meth are drugs rarely abused by Blacks. The other problems you cite are shared problems for all Americans.

          • So why is it that redneck goobers are the hands-down biggest freeloaders of government benefits in the nation? Did you forget that inconvenient fact, liar?

          • There are, of course, no white hate mongers, right? But only the black ones count. And the definition of “hate-monger” tends to be strangely loose and undefined when the right starts talking about “liberals.”

          • Yeah. Only one of them is a liberal, and he’s not a hate monger. He’s standing up for those being killed or abused in cases where white people wouldn’t. If that’s hate-mongering or race-baiting, then I think we can refer to the entire GOP as hate-mongers.

          • Name those on the right that are hate mongers, you made the statement. Answer your own question. What right wing person is saying kill blacks. Demanding the blacks not receive justice,

        • Where do you losers get your information? You insist on talking about a minority of Black Americans. Pull your head out and look around. Schools of every type across the country are full of Black people trying to get ahead. And not just athletes. You right wingers are stuck in stereotypes and refuse to let go.

          This problem of the Black lack of advancement has been talked about since the late 1800’s and early 1900’s by Black Americans. Read some of the writings of Booker T. Washington and WEB Dubose. See: for example. The discussion and attempts at solving the problem still go on.

          • And we both know that is BS. Try improving something without political or financial backing sometime. Even big organizations have faiedl without outside support.
            Subject: Re: New comment posted on Let’ s Talk About ‘ Black On Black’ Crime

          • Really!!! 52% graduation rate is BS. No the only BS is from you.
            Trillions have been thrown into the black communities and we see the results today.
            As I have said before “blacks are their own worst enemy”. Your idea is replace the father with a govt. check. Until the blacks repair the disintegration of the family I see little improvement.
            Blacks today, unlike Rev. King and his generation, no longer make self-development their priority.
            Todays black leaders are saying ” until racism is vanquished in the US, blacks are not responsible for their criminality, for the attitudes towards education, work habits, etc..
            What we have is a civil rights industry keeping a certain narrative so they keep their relevance. To hell with fixing the problem.

          • What trillions? Your right winger fantasy world is a total joke Subject: Re: New comment posted on Let’ s Talk About ‘ Black On Black’ Crime

          • Really!!
            Your ignorance is unbelievable. In the 50 years you don’t believe the Fed. Govt hasn’t spent trillions in the poor communities(consisting of both black and white). 9% of white, 27% of black, 10% of latino. Hell, in 2011 the fed spent 746 billion in 80 different fed. programs. This doesn’t even include Dept. of Education or other fed. departments.
            In your case ignorance is bliss.

          • It’s tough to succeed when you can be killed with impunity by the forces of “law and order.” If you really want them to succeed, you could try facing that – and a lot of other – realities.

          • Somebody’s dead as a result of police misconduct and overzealous enforcement of a minor law; no one has to pay. That’s not bull crap! Think about this: why were five officers sent to arrest one man for a misdemeanor? If I showed up at your house with five armed friends and said I just wanted to talk about our disagreements, I think you’d be pretty inclined to resist, and if you got hurt, you can bet the law would say I came looking for trouble and charge me with something.

          • One he was a very big man. Look at the video and the officer with his back to the camera. He had 31 arrests and even spoke of the previous times he had be confronted by the police for what he was doing.
            If you showed up at my house with armed men and I was hurt you’re damn right you would be charged. Quite frankly my English Mastiffs and German Shepard would have had you before I got hurt. One guy of color tried to burglarize our home one night and he is still in jail, he never got out of the house. He sure picked the wrong house, dogs were on him so fast he never knew what hit him.
            Were the police enforcing a very stupid LAW???

      • And you know all about the efforts Black people and the President have been making on this subject? For your information there have been several efforts made to highlight this very issue. Unfortunately you only hear about it in the minority press. Why is that? It does not sell to idiots like yourself so the mainstream media ignore those efforts.

      • Why do you bring this up when the police have just murdered someone else? Sorry, but that puts you together with all the bigots. The article points out that concern for police murders and other misconduct is not in any way incompatible with concern for crime, and the fact that most criminals – except the police – tend to kill their own, but that’s irrelevant when it comes to justifying yet another failure of the “justice” system. I don’t see you advocatng a code of conduct for white criminals, or non-criminals because that isn’t necessary. The police no doubt exceed their authority and break the law against white people, too, but at least there’s a chance they will be prosecuted for killing innocent whites.
        Since you want to insult Dominick for a perfectly reasonable post, should we call you Ku Klux Klan light?

        • I responded to Dom 2 days ago.
          Where we differ is the use of the word Murder.
          My post was full of facts and are self explanatory.
          I think Dom can handle it, but when he says “systemic” I find it over the top. All emotion!!
          As to Garner, he did NOT deserve to die. It is troubling! We do not know what was presented to the grand jury so I will no comment at his time.
          What I do know is that if he had not resisted arrest he would be alive today. When he was told he was “under arrest” and started to resisting and flailing his arms the officers were in their rights. Go read the police guidelines
          As to KKK remark, untrue, as to Dom’s remarks, all shrill and emotion(cold blooded crimes) just like the race hustlers.

          • What you apparently DON’T know, is that he didn’t “resist arrest.” After four cops got him in a chokehold and dragged him to the ground, he may have appeared to resist at that point: people being prevented from breathing do tend to resist, whether they intend to or not. It’s biological. It is troubling that you would make such a statement. I saw the video. There was NO arm-flailing or anything else until after the officers attacked him. The KKK remark is a result of my anger, but it fits as well as calling Dom names, not to mention that Sharpton has matured with age, and if you actually listened to him, you might find a lot of what he says makes sense.
            If you’re troubled by the guy’s death, why rationalize it? The cops overreacted and killed someone by applying a hold forbidden them. Whether they intended it or not, that’s manslaughter, or at least criminally negligent homicide.

          • He did “resist arrest” that is in the video. They had confrontations before with police which he talks about in the video.
            Plus you seem to ignore the Black female sgt. in the video overseeing this tragic event.
            He refused to let the officer put cuffs on him and pulled his arms away. He was using his arms to resist the officer.
            Sharpton has not matured or changed his rhetoric, you seem to forget he owes the IRS millions in back taxes, and you call him mature.
            All one has to ask, if he had not resisted arrest would he be alive today???
            As you did with Ferguson, you jumped to conclusions without even knowing what was put before grand jury and you were wrong on that one. Although this one is much easier to understand.
            HE DID NOT DESERVE TO DIE!!!

          • I should like to continue a respectful dialogue with you on left-right issues, and was a little surprised at your casual dismissal of my concerns about Ferguson ,which I went to some trouble to explain to you in a respectful manner.
            I found particularly disturbing what I would call your probably sincere and well-meant “Guide to Black People who Don’t want to be killed by police” in an earlier post, an excellent manifestation of the pervasive, sometimes unconscious, and always vehemently denied racism in our society. Presumably those many black people killed or injured by the police who did none of the things you say black people should give up – plus unknown numbers of others humiliated, harassed, and brutalized who didn’t feel reporting it would do any good – will just have to suffer until the police manage to kill off or incarcerate all blacks not suitably subservient.
            People like you will quite sincerely bemoan the loss of life – as you did in the Garner case – support and justify the actions of the police, and do nothing to stop the carnage beyond condescending, fatuous and insulting blame-the-victim advice about how blacks have to change their behavior if they expect to avoid being murdered or abused by the forces of law and justice. Perhaps you should consider that those behaviors you deplore may be the results of past abuse experienced or witnessed by the people in question. What’s the difference between the ignorant bigot who rejoices at each unnecessary African American death, supports the actions of – or rather, as reported by – the
            police, and votes for politicians promising more of the same type of “policing” (don’t try to tell me there aren’t plenty of both) and an honest, sincere, and thoughtful conservative who mourns the death, supports the police actions, and votes faithfully for politicians who promise more of the same?

          • I sure haven’t been disrespectful to you in any such way.

            As to Ferguson, you were quite emotional and judgmental that Wilson had murdered Brown without provocation. You didn’t know the facts nor did I and I reserved by thoughts to what the autopsy would arrived at.

            But when we find he was shot in the hand inside the police car, then the event changed dramatically. Brown is not as innocence as the crowd made him out to be. We also read that black witnesses under oath said he turned and charged back, with Wilson repeatedly shouting stop, and more importantly with his gun holstered.

            Are you aware that Johnson’s(friend with Brown) testimony is not included in the grand jury testimony?? Holder asked that his testimony by the joint FBI/local police questioning be withheld because of the ongoing Fed. investigation. But why?? Everyone else had their testimony included. Could it be under oath that he recanted his statement “hands up”. Did this testimony not match with the autopsy? There were a number of other so called witnesses who changed their testimony once put under oath. Could it show that all the riots were caused by a lie, “hands up”? Time will tell and I will wait until then.

            I would say to you, if a cop is going to arrest someone, keep their cool, not resist and later take the appropriate action if warranted.

            I gave you the numbers/statistics of police shooting and blacks killed by police. Sadly, a person has been killed but to make these deaths as a massive assualt/attack on blacks is pure hog wash. The number of blacks killed by police is minuscule to the total black population, but what I hear from you it is prevalent, large, and a war on blacks by police.

            And if you are putting me in the “bigots column” then you are very, very wrong and this conversation is over.

            Listen below:

  2. These people: Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, Rush Limbaugh, Rudi Giuliani, I have to add another name: John Gibbson with their daily talking about black-on-black is quite an excuse to avoid talking about the reality.
    I have never seen or heard any white person going on streets protesting on blacks killing each other. NONE, ZERO in counting.
    I come to remember, about 2 months ago a killer thugh (who happened not to be black), killed one policeman in Philladephia and disappeared completely. He was at large for number of weeks and those concerned were hunting him like hell. In the end they got him. I was expecting once they get him, he will receive more than 200 bullets on his body because he was a BIG threat to all cops at the same time he claimed the life of their own. Instead he was apprehended in a normal manner and be taken to face justice. I ask myself why wasn’t be done to Mike Brown? Was it fair for him to lose his life why he didn’t kill anyone? If his death is not about going after black people, I do not know what it was. What have black people done wrong in this world that their lives are taken so simply as it was done to Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin? Where is the fairness? Where is it?

  3. Pitts is the pits when it comes to journalistic integrity. Let him find one of his White Progressive cronies, and have him walk down the middle of the street in any American town, and when the cop shows up and tells him to get out of the street, have him tell that cop to “Fuk Off!”, and when the cop tries to get out of his cruiser, push the door shut and try to grab his firearm. Smack him upside the head, and when the firearm discharges, head on down the middle of the street.

    Let me know how that works out for you. Morons like Pitts should read the Grand Jury report before he runs his mouth off. But to Progressives, their motto is “Don’t confuse me with facts – I have my own agenda that I am promoting here”.

    • And you still claim there is FREEDOM? What kind of freedom whe People are not allowed to walk freely without any fear, in a country you are trying to convince us it is a FREE COUNTRY!!!

    • I have a suggestion for you, you bigoted moron. Dress up as a black man, then walk down the street in any American town. If you make it back without bullet holes or a cracked skull then we’ll listen to you. But you wouldn’t, because a mouthy bigot like you would never survive a single day if you were also black.

      • Why don’t you listen to a black man with some sense for a change. Get your head out of Sharpton’s behind. Why don’t you as a White guy walk down the streets of Watts, Harlem or Compton alone and see what happens. There is far more Black on Black crime and it is never even mentioned in the news. Sad truly sad.

        • As usual, you are lying. The truth is that you have absolutely no idea how much crime is committed by white people, black people, brown people, or anyone else. Because you are a bigot you simply WANT there to be more crime committed by black people.

          I’m neither white nor black, so I can walk down ANY street and see how the locals treat people who don’t have their skin tone, and I can tell you that there is no real difference between walking in a black neighborhood or a white one. The wealthier the neighborhood (of any ethnicity), the more likely locals are to call the police simply because you don’t look like them. In poorer neighborhoods the locals are more likely to confront you directly if they think you are suspicious. On the other hand, most of the time I can immediately see the difference in the way the police behave toward the locals. Some places are worse that others.

          Because you make asinine statements like ‘black people commit more crime’, I can see that you are the problem. You are bigoted, you are clueless, and you are exactly what needs to be stamped out in this world. And trust me, the world is busy stamping you out. People like you who don’t learn to modify their racial character defects are going to find it harder and harder to live — and that’s a good thing.

  4. When do we stop hearing from this serial adulterer whose chief of police is in prison? This man has no integrity and Bob Williams you are a jerk.

    • At what? Why didn’t you write another book justifying the indefensible like your bigoted friends? I gather you forgot the link, which spares us from reading more BS.

  5. Boy whenever I want to discuss black on black crime Rudy is where I go for up to date factual information. Yeah right…LMFAO!

  6. Media descriptions these days “about 6″ tall wearing a blue baseball cap” or “Caucasian brown hair brown eyes, wearing white shirt and jeans about 5’10″”!

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