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Saturday, December 16, 2017

The beast did not create Donald Trump; Donald Trump kept the beast alive. Without billions in free advertising (i.e. news coverage), Trump would have withered and blown away like other classic also-ran candidates: Ross Perot, Herman Cain and Dr. Ben Carson.

Trump drove numbers. He got clicks. He put couch potatoes on their couches and kept them there.

And when it came to thinking about how much Trump coverage to provide, the media bosses didn’t have to think very hard. If you ran a restaurant and people kept asking for apple pie, you wouldn’t offer rhubarb instead.

In 1998, I was hired by the Chicago Tribune to do think pieces (“thumb-suckers,” as they were called in the business) on the American presidency and the American people. I started in the beginning of January.

On a bitterly cold Saturday, Jan. 17, President Bill Clinton made the one-block trip in the presidential limousine from the White House to the 11th-floor offices of his lawyer, Robert S. Bennett.

The White House was visible from the office windows. Under oath, Clinton denied ever having sex with Monica Lewinsky. After six hours, with a 15-minute break for lunch, he left the offices looking confident and unshaken, which was Clinton’s default mode.

Ceaselessly for the rest of the year, the Lewinsky story drove White House coverage. The story involved vivid descriptions of sexual acts, and back in 1998, the media were not prepared for mainstream coverage of such things.

Feeling that we had gone overboard — my stories were on the front page day after day — my editors would call me from Chicago and tell me to hold back, dial it down and look for other White House stories for a while.

I was delighted. Along with many other White House reporters, I was thoroughly sick of the Lewinsky saga.

But then, the calls began. Readers were upset: “Why are you protecting Clinton?” “Why don’t you tell the whole truth about that guy?” “What are you hiding?” They went on and on and on.

And so, we would return to stories about Monica and Monica and Monica.

Did Trump decide this week that invoking Lewinsky’s name would be a good way of changing the press narrative? Of getting the media to swivel its guns from stories about how he was changing his positions, to a story he believed would embarrass Hillary Clinton?

According to CNN, “Donald Trump said Monday he called Hillary Clinton an ‘enabler’ of her husband’s infidelity as ‘retribution’ for her playing the ‘woman’s card’ against him.”

It is probably true. To examine the mind of Donald Trump is to enter a murky and intricate passage.

To many, Lewinsky is barely a story. It is 18 years old, and many have little or no recollection of it. In one respect, it is like O.J. Simpson’s 1994-95 murder trial: a story that went viral before there was viral technology.

You would think Trump would be delighted with all the (free) media coverage he is getting; but he is not. He is a control freak, and he can’t control the story to the degree that he would like.

And others are in charge of his life, which he considers his private property, public figure or no public figure.

“And these eggheads that you watch on television,” Trump sneered at a rally last week. “I’m much smarter than they are, OK…You know they call them the elite. The elite! I have a nicer apartment than they do. I have a nicer plane than they do. They’re elite?”

If the media created Trump, not everybody got the memo. Editorial pages are not just gloomy over the possibility of a Trump presidency — they are downright apocalyptic.

The New York Times May 3 editorial stated, “The Republican Party’s trek into the darkness took a fateful step in Indiana on Tuesday.”

“‘I’m watching a 160-year-old political party commit suicide,’ said Henry Olsen, an elections analyst with the Ethics and Public Policy Center, a conservative think tank. Republicans will all but certainly nominate Mr. Trump, who would be the most volatile and least prepared presidential candidate nominated by a major party in modern times.”

The media helped make Trump, and Trump helped the media pay its bills. But the media also tried to keep Trump in check by correcting the record when he strayed — distressingly often — from the truth.

Trump and the media fed on each other. It was a marriage made in hell.

It was also depressing to see how far a presidential candidate could get by exploiting fear, hatred, racism and bigotry.

We should not be surprised. It had been predicted. All one needs to do is go down to the Jefferson Memorial and see the words carved in the Georgia marble there:

“Indeed, I tremble for my country,” Thomas Jefferson wrote, “when I reflect that God is just…”

Roger Simon is Politico’s chief political columnist. His new e-book, “Reckoning: Campaign 2012 and the Fight for the Soul of America,” can be found on, and iTunes. To find out more about Roger Simon and read features by other Creators writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Web page at


Photo: Supporters hold signs as Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally in Lynden, Washington, U.S., May 7, 2016. REUTERS/Jim Urquhart 

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116 Responses to Lewinsky And Trump: I Tremble For My Country

  1. The fact that the media has contributed to Trump’s rise and popularity is not news. The most disturbing part of his popularity, however, is the support, bordering on cult devotion, that he enjoys from millions of Americans. Is it fear, hatred, prejudice, jingoism, frustration, insecurity, immaturity, a self destruct wish? Does it really matter?
    The fact that Trump has emerged as a serious contender to the presidency is unquestionable. Relying on the same polls that predicted Romney’s landslide victory, and ignoring the huge crowds that attend Trump’s rallies, the number of women that support his candidacy, and the fact that he dominates national attention like no other candidate does, should make us reflect, and get ready for a very serious challenge in 2016.

    • You are right of course about Trump. In many ways the man does reflect them, the cultists searching for a mirror of themselves, their aspirations, and more important it seems, their fears, and finding much of that in Trump. No, I don’t believe Trump will become the next President. I believe we’ll dodge that bullet, this time. But my concern is about the next Trump, and the one after that? How long can we keep spinning this chamber, playing this game of political Russian Roulette?

        • So you say. But, I’ll bet you would have said the same about Obama. I heard Christie say we’ll go off a cliff if Trump is not defeated, and becomes President. Rick Perry called Trump a cancer on conservatism, Rubio called him a fraud, cruz a con.
          And now they’re pulling the gun up to their temples, and saying here goes! So now what?

          • While you’re at it, why don’t you stop being so selective and add all the similar type comments Grandpa Bernie has made about the pants suit queen? You know…..give things a little balance!

          • I think you speak for Trump very well. Readers here follow what Sen. Sanders says about Hillary’s campaign financing, Wall Street ties, past votes in the Senate, or current policies. But he doesn’t disparage, or disrespect her personally. We’re Democrats. We handle our elections differently to say the least.

          • Oh, you mean the part about dividing everyone into segments by color, race, religion, sex and economic standing and then pick the groups you feel will best get you elected and convince them that they are getting scre#wed by the other group. You hurt the country and create divisiveness that lasts well beyond the election, but you don’t care, do you, because your ends always justify your immoral means since it’s only about Democrats and political power. See? I could be a very effective Democrat official since I understand them so well!

          • That’s rich! A 98% White political organization, who counts among it’s supporters organizations like the KKK, and various anti gov. groups like Sovereign Citizens, and White Supremacists, and anti-semites, plus religious zealots, who believe discrimination is their Constitutional Right. That advocates religious tests for entering the country, or serving in public office, and promise if given the chance will round up, and deport millions of people of all ages, and cultural ethnicities, other than White Europeans, for running afoul of an immigration system they’ve refused for years to fix, is now accusing the opposition of being divisive, and hurting the country. Isn’t that sweet? You’re worried about the country? Really?

  2. “I’m much smarter than they are, OK…You know they call them the elite. The elite! I have a nicer apartment than they do. I have a nicer plane than they do. They’re elite?”

    Are you listening Trump supporters? That is the level of respect he has for you too. He has more money than you and that makes him better in every way. Wake up!!!

      • Wow, talk about sheeple. You certainly fit that description based on your posts here. If you have read many of my posts you would know that I have no respect for Clinton. I believe she would be a terrible president and just continue us on down the disastrous road we are now on. that said, Trump is without doubt the worst possible person to be president with the possible exception of theocrat Ted Cruz. There is absolutely nothing in his history to indicate he has the chops for the job and a great deal indicating he is unfit for the job. Every time he opens his mouth he just adds to the huge volume of stupid statements showing his cluelessness. Well not totally clueless, he does know how to attract imbeciles.

        • You aren’t there yet, despite what you profess to feel about Clinton because she occupies the very lowest point of the manure pile and there’s no way Trump could be placed below her. She’s at the absolute bottom….there is no lower point.

          • And that’s the sad state of politics today. We argue about who is the worst instead of who is the best person for the job. IMHO both Trump and Clinton are pretty bad for somewhat different reasons. If Trump would shut his mouth for a while I might feel different but we both know that is impossible so right now it seems obvious to me that as bad as Clinton is she is indeed the lesser of two evils.

            I don’t think Obama has been a very good president but at least I don’t cringe every time he speaks like I did with Bush. Trump is even more of a buffoon than Bush.

          • No one likes Clinton, yet you plan to vote for her……you aren’t the type person I want setting up camp for me in the woods because it would be dark and we’d still have no shelter.

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  3. “But the media also tried to keep Trump in check by correcting the record when he strayed — distressingly often — from the truth.But the media also tried to keep Trump in check by correcting the record when he strayed — distressingly often — from the truth.”

    really? i’ve been paying pretty close attention, but i must have missed a lot of those corrections.

    • It seems to me telling bald faced lies, and making outrageous statements and crackpot claims, has been Trump’s method of controlling the media cycles. And they come out of him like water from a firehose! Ever notice how debunking some tin hat conspiracy theory takes 10x the effort, and 10X the ink, than making the bogus claim did in the first place? And then, when it comes to the Right, it’s doubly hard, because they buy into the trope of a liberal press colluding with an evil malicious Left. Because it’s gospel there, that all the press are lying liberal elites, and were probably in on the plot from the beginning. But, all that aside, when it comes to Trump, it seems the truth, or being proven obviously mistaken, like with his false claim of a Muslim celebration in NJ after the 9/11 attacks. None of that matters. Trump has said, he would like to see more nuclear proliferation in the Mid-East, not less. Likes Vladimir Putin. Would force the Carrier Air Corp. to somehow stay in America. And, of course, Mexico will pay for his wall. Says he will wipeout ISIS out, “very quickly.” But refuses to say how. He also says sending U.S. troops to the area would be a huge mistake. Promises to greatly increase the size of the military, balance the budget, default on the debt, while giving tax breaks to all, then says the rich should pay more. And ask his supporters. They’ll tell you it’s just the Democrat controlled press, and the establishment Republicans trying to crucify the guy that has the courage to tell it like it is!

          • Hey, I’d take any of her cast-off pantsuits. “Sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits.”

          • There is no dry cleaner in existence that would be able to remove the grime and slime from those pant suits worn by the co-CEO of the Clinton Crime Syndicate.

          • Your opinion is mute, especially on the Benghazi Queen. Still trying to suck something out of nothing, isn’t the 3 million spent already enough on a matter that was all about nothing.

          • You’re probably right…….Gowdy will never get to her on the role she played in the Benghazi affair because the scandal line is too long and the FBI criminal investigation into her email breach of national security (along with the Clinton Foundation funding) will cause him to step back and defer to them as they circle and close in on her.

  4. Her marriage has lasted longer than all 3 of Trump’s put together. He has nothing to brag about. He’s a serial adulterer himself, not Hillary.


    • The Clintons are not man and wife the way you and I understand marriage…..they never have been. They have a “political arrangement” with the empty marriage relationship simply used as a marketing package in their lustful quest for power, nothing more.

        • No……political leanings are not necessary when identifying an empty marriage. Do you really believe those two exist as a traditional man/wife instead of the obvious business relationship they have practiced for years that keeps them superficially together ONLY because of their political careers?

          • I think what goes on in a marriage is really only known by the two people involve in it. The rest, no matter what scuttlebutt one might hear, is shear speculation into what is nobody’s business.
            What are we now, the National Enquirer? Teen Magazine?

          • Translation…….you judge a candidate not by the content of his or her character but by their “D” affiliation. If it’s a “D” you have no problem playing “Rationalizing Or Ignoring” with any type behavior that in any other situation would disqualify an average person from even being named night shift manager at a Taco Bell.

          • It’s your translation, and you say what you like. But it is interesting of late, what the Right has chosen to ignore. At least as interesting as what they’ve decide to care about.

          • He has more than Clinton, wouldn’t you agree? He’s not under current investigation by the FBI for national security violations.

          • Maybe he’s not under the investigation of the FBI, but he HAS been indicted for his little “Trump University” BS! And, if he thinks he can use his campaign funds to pay off what he “borrowed” from his Foundation….that could put him in some major problems with the FBI.

  5. And one more thing: Since when did we start blaming, and disparaging the wife for the salacious shortcomings of her not yet ready to grow up spouse? Or, did we start making it our business as to how she might decide to handle this betrayal, not one of her doing. It’s really outrageous, and telling of how Trump has decided to go after Hillary on these grounds, instead of policy. To blame the victim, to blame Hillary Clinton in my mind, is the Western equivalent of an old fashioned fundamentalist Islamic, honor killing. Where it is the victim that must pay the ultimate price for the offending act. Shameful.

    • She was no victim. You must be young…..she was his prime enabler going all the way back to his indiscretions in Arkansas. The only way Bill Clinton was able to live the life he has as a chronic abuser of women is because of Hillary Clinton playing the role of the CEO of the “Bimbo Eruptions War Room”.

      • Yep! Classic right wing defense. Blame the victim…and you don’t have to be young to figure that one out.

        • You’re wrong……I’m not blaming the women Bill abused and Hillary ruthlessly attacked! They are victims in every sense of the word.

          • Hurt? Nah. Looking at Clinton’s record as President, then glancing over at George W’s. makes me wish Georgie had had a couple of girlfriends, and maybe a stiff drink once in a while. too!

          • Republicans are forced to resign when they get caught in ethics violations. Democrats promote theirs to party leadership positions!

          • Denny Hassert. Mark Foley. Robert Packwood. Newt Gingrich. Tom Delay….oooops you lose!

          • You should love Bill, he has some of the same problems with women as Trump but his wife put up with it instead of throwing him out like Trumps first two did. Poor Bill isn’t near as much a womanizer as Trump. Trump has slept with a wide range of women married and single. Trump sexually harassed beauty pageant contestants. He would sleep with his own daughter if he could. He makes poor Bill look like a saint.

          • There was only one victim and it was not either of the two adults that engaged in consentual sex. Unless we include the exploitation of Lewinsku by the right wing for their own political gain.

          • “There was only one victim.”
            No, there were 300+ million victims, the American public, who had to witness the honor associated with the Nations House besmirched and lowered to the level of a greasy fraternity house where a 50+ year old sex predator used his power position on a young, 20 year old star struck and impressionable intern and turned her into his personal pleasure machine for servicing his pocket hose in the Oval Office. If you think this setting and scenario is simply “two consenting adults”, you are truly an amoral fool where there is no right or wrong, just “whatever”. I hope you don’t have children because you missed something along the way and need the guidance of normal adult parents, REAL BAD!

          • It’s not that I lack morality, it’s just that I can’t grasp the concept of situational morality that you purpose. That it is any more or less immoral because of who it was or where it happened. I am also having a little problem with the fact that you seem to be unaware that sexual acts can be mutually pleasureable and that she most likely was enjoying the encounter as well. In short, the 300 plus million victims you count, for the most part regret only that they were victims of the right wing morality police and the right wing slime machine that dragged this into our lives. Yes, I have children and they are doing quite well…probably because I taught them that being a hypocritical, judgemental douche is not what morality us about.

          • I think I understand the type person you are and the moral foundation you are standing on……you have no problems with your 20 year old daughter matching up with a 50+ year old married man who is giving her gynecological exams with expensive cigar probes while she returns the favor by sucking on his pocket hose…..while his wife is upstairs sleeping. God help us with people like you living among us!

          • You are absolutely correct. It is none of my business what consenting adults are doing. I have to admit I have very little interest in anyone else’s sex life. Unlike you I am not going to assign myself as the arbiter of others morality….who was it that said “judge not lest yee be judged?” I think I learned that in Sunday School. You must have been absent that day!

          • Gosh, do we all remember Kennedy? Do we all know that he had women coming in and out of the White House on many occasions? No one seemed to have a problem with that many years ago….not sure why, all of a sudden, we have a problem with Clinton. Besides, that happened 20 years ago….why is it being brought up again….Bill is NOT the candidate!
            And, I don’t agree with you that Bill used his “power position” on Monica…..she was just as much to blame for her part in this situation! She was a big girl….she knew what she was doing was wrong, and she could have stopped at any time!

          • Monica is a victim…..really? As I said before, she was old enough to know better than to throw herself at a married man, and the president at that!!! She’s not a victim….she was just as much an enabler of his bad choices as he was or as Hillary was. It was her PERSONAL decision not to leave Bill, and we have nothing to say about it! It was between her and Bill, and it was NOT because she was an enabler! Many women have made the same decision to stick it out in the marriage and try to work things out….I admire her for that.

          • Got it! Your 20 year old daughter comes home and says she has met a 50+ plus year old married man who is giving her gynecological exams with cigar probes in return for her sucking on his pocket hose and you say…..”I’m so happy for you honey, it sounds wonderful, I can’t wait to meet him!” YOU are a real loser!

      • I’m 61, no genius, and I’ve been able to parse this one out since I was 9. So go figure. I think you need to just admit you have no reason to blame HC, other the pure partisan hackery. Otherwise you just look foolish. No, I take that back. You look foolish either way.

        • Thanks for confessing that you are 61…….it means you have no excuse for practicing situational ethics at such an age. You should have matured intellectually and know right from wrong by now, but it is apparent you don’t.

          • Don’t you think you’re convicting the wrong party? If not, where is the evidence of Bill’s wife Hillary having any complicity in his affairs? If you don’t have any, where’s your case?

          • Did you just wake up from a 30 year nap? It’s not my job to educate you on documented history. But…..just between you and me, we both know you know the sordid history of the Clinton escapades in the area of bimbo eruptions….enabler, and the enabled….what a lovely couple your party is holding up as their flag bearer!

          • As I remember history Bill Clinton’s popularity numbers went up after the Republicans got thru with their Holy War. And they got trounced in the mid terms, while Clinton finished his Presidency with numbers that beat even the Sainted Reagan’s for approval. What history book are you using? The Fascist’s handbook on how it really happened, and how we won?

    • How easily they forget that Trump was screwing around with Marla while he was still married to Ivanka. But, to this day, Ivanka doesn’t have any bad thoughts about what he did. Doesn’t that seem to be the same thing that they accuse Hillary of doing when Bill was fooling around with Monica (who, by the way, was old enough to KNOW that you don’t fool around with a married man and ESPECIALLY one who is the president of the United States?) Seriously, people….why are we putting ALL the blame on Bill. Monica had just as much to do with the situation as he did….maybe more!

      • As far as I’m concerned it’s an obvious deflection on Trump’s part. And pure chauvinistic hackery to assert the idea, Hillary is somehow disqualified to speak out on behalf of women, due to her husband’s lack of fidelity. If anything, Hillary’s past experience actually serves to shine a light on a situation millions of women are forced to deal with everyday. That more often than not results in a divorce or separation, leading to much lower standard of living for her and the children involved, largely due to the very issues of inequality Hillary is speaking to in her campaign. One El Trumpo cavalierly disrespects calling it, “The woman card.” The entire accusation that Hillary is a vindictive enabler to this, or that the wives in these situations are accomplice to them, is absurd, and an insult to every woman in the country!

  6. Lewinski would not even exist as a public figure if Clinton, the predator, pervert president, had not used the Oval Office to give her gynecological exams using cigars as his probing tool. And there are brain dead liberals who want to allow him to again set up his “medical” practice for young female interns at the White House by electing his peculiar wife who has played the role of enabler of his behavior over the last three decades? “I tremble for my country” better describes this scenario than anything the author of the above article is trying to spin.

    • “Gynecological exams with a cigar.” Really? “Set up his medical practice at the WH.” So, nothing overly nutty about those 20 year old commentaries, right? And yet, we brain dead liberal are to suppose Hillary will be back to her old enabling self, buying drinks and cruises for Bill, and his trollops, who she then summarily dispatches by ruining their lives. Look, either we have a cogent conversation about who would be the most qualified President of the Country, or we talk about Bill’s past love life.

      • So, if I understand you and I think I do, you are saying that Bill Clinton’s documented record of perversion and deviant behavior needs to be purged because it happened 20 years ago. Perfect! A demonstration of how a liberal mind works…..”if you can’t deny the facts, give them an expiration date”!
        P.S…….Hillary doesn’t need to “get back to her old enabling self” because she never stopped because Bill hasn’t stopped. Or are we supposed to ignore that too in your myopic world where everything is viewed not by the morality of the action but who did it….a “D” or an “R”!

        • No don’t purge it. Just lay the record as it is, at the right feet. It’s not all that hard to do. Okay, so here’s the record of what happened nearly two decades ago. The Republicans who controlled investigations kept one running the entire length of Bill Clinton’s term in office. At a cost of over 60 million dollars, they finally caught him lying about an affair. An older man acting foolish with a younger woman. If that’s perversion, then lock away about half the male population. It’s not exactly the Lindberg case. But it was found they had the votes and so it was decided they’d impeach him for it anyway. Newt Gingrich as Speaker was openly courting his now wife, while his then wife was bedridden with cancer. So, not the best one to be making charges of impeachment over immorality. So he was out. Then, they elected this other goat, I forget his name as he was only in there long enough for it to come to light he kept a mistress up in a D.C. apartment, and had for years, and so he was out. Then, after some searching around for just the right kind of man, they settled on old dull as dishwater Dennis, As in Hastert. And now we all know Hastert was what represented the highest moral standards of the House of Representatives that once impeached a President for fooling around on his wife, and lying about it.

          • Since when are you Democrats worried about spending money….you just print more! And don’t forget……Billy “The Loose Zipper” WAS impeached for perjury and disgraced.

          • And yet, the first President in over 50 years who presided over a balanced budget, and the creation of more than 24 million jobs. Again, interesting what the Right says they care about, and the hills on which they place their battle flags.

          • Yes…..the Newt Gingrich, Republican balanced budget that he agreed to sign…..he had no choice after getting spanked in the midterm congressional election! You are starting to come around!

    • The smear, if that’s the correct word, was already built in by a society that doesn’t take kindly to women who have affairs with men they know to be married. It’s not completely fair. But the worst is usually reserved for the accomplice female. More proof we are a male dominated society, and always have been.

      • It wasn’t “society” that smeared Lewinsky, it was intentionally done by the Clinton’s and their lackeys in the media. They mistakenly assumed she was telling reporters about her affair with Bill, so they set out to destroy her reputation, and portray her as crazy and liar. Get a clue.

        • There you go, “their lackeys in the media.” Oh, I love how the Clintons have the media working for them. Then explain Trump, and his estimated 2 billion dollars worth of free media. Or, I gotta put this in, Andrea Mitchell on the Liberal MSNBC, just yesterday described Ronald Reagan as a fiscal conservative, and one who was, “strong on a balanced budget.” Yes, she really said that. With a straight face. On MSNBC. And no one at all, on the, “LIBERAL LACKEY- IN THE TANK FOR THE LEFT-MSNBC. challenged her. So you tell me, how did the press smear Lewinsky in ways the other woman isn’t always smeared by society?

          • You were completely wrong, so you want to change the subject to media coverage of Trump.

          • Ah……despite your attempt at hubris, I’d describe you as a barking Chihuahua….nothing more than background noise.

          • Again, you are correct……but you are dealing with a party shill in “charleo”.

          • Trump hasn’t gotten $2 billion of favorable coverage, but he has made the hostile liberal media his bitch.

          • Whatever Otto. Trump is a car wreck, a buffoon at the helm of a major political party, as well as an embarrassment to the country abroad. But they cover him anyway, don’t they?

          • The liberal media may be totally in the tank for Clinton, but they aren’t too smart. That’s why they went into journalism, they weren’t cut out for a real job. Trump toys with them.

        • Agree, but that is the Clinton MOA……they use people until they no longer find them useful. Then they either discard them or, if they feel they are a threat, they destroy them. The REAL unlucky ones that know too much end up dead. There is a headcount of Clinton victims high enough to fill a small cemetery that attests to that.

          • Why don’t you two get married? You seem to well suited. Delusional, bigoted, gullible, and mean. Have I left anything out? A match made in heaven.

          • You will not be on the guest list…..word is out that you don’t give gifts but are addicted to receiving them from the government every month!

          • Word is, you’re a sucker who believes all the crap he hears from right-wing lunatics and voices in his head, then repeats them here and expects intelligent people to believe them.

            Besides, neither the bride nor the groom (whichever role you and Adolf – excuse me, Otto – select for yourselves) is on MY list. But thanks for thinking – assuming we can call what you do by that term – of me.

          • Is it any different then the republicans, in trying to destroy good people, just like all the bull crap out there about President Obama.

        • Or maybe it was Ken Starr’s relentless partisan drive at the behest of the Republican party to destroy a popular and effective president that they couldn’t defeat in an election. When your only goal us to destroy someone you can’t beat at the polls, collateral damage to people like Lewinski is really quite acceptable to a morally bankrupt Republican party.

          • The Clinton’s orchestrated a smear campaign against Lewinsky, not Republicans.

    • Really I would have punched her eyes out. Did Lewinsky not know he was a married man? I think she got away scott free. The story is no different Bill Clinton is an adulterer, just like Trump. In God’s eyes there is no difference.

    • Actually that was more the right wing propaganda machine’s doing. In their view she was just cannon fodder in their attempts to bring down Clinton.

      • Actually no, the Clinton’s team dug into her past and personal life, and they smeared her as a liar and crazy, because they assumed she was the one leaking to the press.

  7. What happen in the past stay in the past period. Bring up old stuff does nothing for what they are suppose to be debating, the economy, ISIS, terrioist, corruption in the polical system, SC Justices nomination, the budget etc etc etc, Going after a candidate past or family is not what the people want to hear. I can see campagin ads about what they voted for or stuff like that, but families should stay out of the election.

    • O.K……let’s get current. Benghazi murders……the email scandal and FBI criminal investigation…….The Clinton Foundation and “pay to play”….Wall Street speaking fees and refusal to show transcripts. The fun thing about Clinton is that you can pick a year, any year over the past 30, and you can easily come up with a potent list of time dated scandals all along the way.

      • And if you ever actually did anything, I might accuse you of all kinds of things. But, that wouldn’t make me right, or you guilty. Just like accusations from a bunch of RW political investigations in search of a scandal, headed by people who go around spouting things like, defaulting on the debt would be good for the economy, are pretty worthless. As is more than 25 years of this crap going nowhere have shown. But I can see you’re still a believer. I got better things with which to occupy my time than watching the same show over, and over.

      • OK…let’s get current
        Bengazzi…After six independent investigation recommended changes and absolved the While House And Clinton of any wrong doing, the Issa witchhunt couldn’t add anything,thus withhunt number 2 which in spite of being totally humiliated in a marathon inquisition, continues on with nothing new…apparently with the sole objective of staying alive until after the election.
        Email “scandal”, her two predecessors, Clinton used a private email account and despite daily revelations from rightwing propaganda sources, investigations have not yet revealed anything illegal
        the Clinton foundation…as if just throwing out a name means anything
        Wall Street speaking fees…Is there a politician that hasn’t gotten Walk Street speaking fees?
        The funny thing is, pick a year, any year and you can find a right wing attack…but oddly, not one of the attacks has been able to uncover any verifiable proof of wrongdoing

        • YEah, let’s remind them of how many of Reagan’s administration have been indicted for various boo-boos, how about Nixon and his cronies? Hey, let’s talk about the Iran-Contra affair with Reagan; how about how GWB lied about Sadaam having weapons of mass destruction….. the list doesn’t end….the Republicans have just as much mud swept under the table as any Democrat!

        • Be sure to re-read your whistling through the cemetery bull cr#p and tortured expose after the pant suit queen is indicted!

          • I certainly hope I’ll be alive to do that, but if the next twenty five years of right wing slobbering is as fruitless as the last twenty five I just don’t see it happening…besides maybe she can pardon herself before she leaves office in 2025.

      • And, let’s also talk about not showing your income tax returns, your probable indictment for your so-called “university;” the many lies Trump’s told and have been caught by fact-checking groups, the fact that he really isn’t self-funding his campaign (he conveniently “borrows” from the Trump Foundation and plans on paying it all back with his campaign contributions….totally illegal), and I could go on and on about the lies that Trump has told….many more than the Democratic nominees!

  8. Nothing like the “conservatives” whining about and trying to disown the embodiment of all they’ve tried to promote for the last 40 years or so.

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