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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Limbaugh: ‘If I Had A Daughter, She’d Look Like Ann Romney!’

Right wing shock jock Rush Limbaugh — who was last seen trying to do damage control in the wake of his misogynist rant against Sandra Fluke — is in the news again after equating a political squabble with the death of a 17 year old.

Limbaugh waded into the debate over Ann Romney’s job as a stay-at-home mom by invoking another controversy: the death of Trayvon Martin.

“If I had a daughter, she would look like Ann Romney!” Limbaugh exclaimed before breaking into laughter. His comments were a clear allusion to President Obama, who said in March that “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”

Audio of Limbaugh’s comment is below, courtesy of Mediaite:

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57 responses to “Limbaugh: ‘If I Had A Daughter, She’d Look Like Ann Romney!’”

  1. Lynda says:

    In your dreams Rush. Nice try at generating more fake outrage over a smug comment made by another TV idiot.

  2. blackmagic50 says:

    Why is this man’s ignorance and archaic ideology allowed to be spewed on the air!
    The year is 2012, not 1912!!

    • 1guy2 says:

      That’s a very good question. But nobody ever answers it,though i’m sure there are people that read these posts,that could get the ball rolling to eliminate this bastard,if they had the balls to.

      • Ibsyboy says:

        There are organizations out there who are active in getting Fatty form the airwaves. Go the the Google. They are easy to find and support. They all don’t ask for money, just sign a petition to the station managers and advertisers. The more people who sign these petitions the more affect they have.

    • Gammaanya says:

      In 1912 there was more class and decency than now. This man is just plain crazy. If I were his daughter I would legally deny him as my father or kill myself than be associated with likes of him. NO wonder none of his wifes wanted any kids, they would be ashamed of their father.. Take him for his money.
      As for Ann Romney – Hillary is right, but she should use different words. All mothers work is hard but there is a difference between one with all the money that she don’t have to earn and the one that juggles a job (if she have one) and a family. Ann can live in Switzerland very nicely or in the Cayman Islands. Average American woman or single mother can not afford to set up 100K trust even for 1 child let alone 5. Kudos to Ann for raising 5 boys and I am sure that it was a hard work. But the fact remains, she NEVER held a JOB that pays little money. Based on working mom incomes they sometimes have decide what’s for dinner, hot dogs and beans or hot dogs and macaroni and cheese. Steak?? Pork chops??. Budget will not allow it in most cases. Why do we have children overweight. Why does government allow pink slime to be in children lunch menu. With all the money spend on stupid lies, distortion both parties should donate the money to the states with stipulations how to be spend. Ann- please don’t tell American women that you are like them U R NOT. You have no idea. When you put someone shoes on your feet and walk a mile, let us know how it feels. All the money blown on these campaigns by special parties for exchange for more money in their coffers, they should put it for the Veterans families, for the funds for smart poor children who’s parents try their hardest to provide and educate and prepare them for better future. Granted out here is a lot freeloaders, lazy people who live on hands out and raise another bunch of freeloaders and the system have to reworked. Most Americans are proud of what they have and accomplished. Not everybody can be rich, but how you obtained the riches. On the backs of the so called middle class. Life is what you make of it”. Ben Franklin said.” Life is 10% what you make it and 90% how you take it.”
      I posted earlier a comment. Got a silly response from Judie 2 – Ann did not have chauffeur, maid, only a house cleaner once a week (how does she know?? and I am envious. Envious of what?? Her? NO. She should reread the post.- I have ocean view beach house for sale in Yuma, Arizona – cheap) Another one with moniker With power, criticized that I did not have punctuation or whatever and I am Obama supporter. We are facing bigger issues than spelling or punctuation or sentences. It’s a MINOR issue. Typical of Republicans – focus on In God we Trust assurances 10 x more than economy and well being of country and it’s citizen’s.Top priority – Get Obama out of the office (McConnel + gang of idiots)
      Birth control, and suppression of voter right (some democracy and freedom – LOL) is more important. Minimize the important issues. They have no answers or even ideas except, CUT,CUT anything that help others to get a head a little and keep this country going. World depends on US economy. – I am independent thinker, pretty much well off, I am 63 yrs old, born in communist country, raised and educated there, I have been here 40 yrs and did pretty well for myself under any President. Life is what you make of it. The fact remains – Obama is your President and he is well respected in the world for his stance on peace (got Noble and donated the money) and I respect that fact. War do not decide who wins but decide who is left. I am translator (speak 4 languages fluently and I am Int’ l buyer). I travel the world and I talk and hear what people say. It’s pathetic and sometimes embarrassing when people asking you questions and I don’t have good answers. Mainly – Why do Republicans hate President Obama. Because he is mulatto or consider himself black not white?. Why they are racists?? What did he do to them that they demonize him and half the people believe those lies?. My only answer. IGNORANCE. By the way why do world need good USA economy – because every item bought in the world is in US dollar. If any country decides to abandon trading in US dollar – we are finished. DONE. FINITO. KAPUT.
      “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating, eventually they will come to believe it. ” Goebbels. Germany got Hitler.
      I agree with Republicans on abortion. Life is life no matter what. Don’t punish the innocent baby by horrible death for mother/father sins – in rape punish the rapist not the baby. KUDOS. We abolishing death penalty for most vicious killers but we are killing babies that did not ask to be created in most horrible way. To prevent unwanted pregnancies – OK birth control pills or vasectomy for guys. Simple.
      Your mother let you live.
      For the freeloaders who think that society owes you something and I agree with some Republicans, Liberals,Independent (me)and some Democrats – WE DO NOT.
      Laws need to be changed we have too many people on fake disabilities, collect SS /Medicare that did not contributed a penny to it. Knowledge is power. Think for yourself and do some research. ALL POLITICIANS LIE. GOD HELP AMERICA.

      • Gammaanya, I truly believe the right hates so much Obama because he is half black and half white. I truly believe were he as black as night then they would not hate him as much because they would identify him with being a slave and as such even a runaway slave was not as hated as one who had a white parent. Even though Barack’s parents both had Phd’s and his mother had a hard time when she first divorced raising two children and had to turn to food stamps this brings out exactly what their aversion is to any welfare that helps their former slaves.It is the same mentality uber rich have toward the rest of society. You will see and hear the term uppity being used many times to describe anyone but themselves.

      • Ibsyboy says:

        Capital punishment is not a deterrent, it is retribution. You position on Abortion is well stated. I unfortunately have been struggling with the issue for years and years. I grew up in a Christian home and it does not help. I also am sorry that the issue that was being addressed re: Mrs Romney, was whether she could emphasize with the average working mother. Which I would assume she couldn’t. She quit her career to concentrate on rearing her children which is tough, my mom raised 6 of us essentially by herself and ran a restaurant. But, motherhood is not a Job, it is a responsibility which is mandated by having children in the first place. A job is one in which you perform a task for strangers who give you money for the task doing.

      • joyscarbo says:

        Wow…Gmmaanya…I was with you on some comments about Ann Romney. I’ve posted elsewhere on Hillary Rosen’s comments. Ann Romney may be the mother of 5 sons but I fear her “work” consisted of who to hire for what position in her wealthy household. I seriously doubt she ever had to worry about the bills or how she would send her sons to college. Mrs. Romney does NOT represent the average American mother.

        Then you went sideways…

        I can’t agree with you on abortion. You don’t believe in it thats fine- don’t do it. But don’t tell other people how to live or impose your beliefs on others.
        I don’t pretend to know your age but obviously you don’t know or have forgotten the days Roe vs. Wade, when abortion was illegal. Abortions were still preformed, except they were done in back alley rooms and “clinics” by quack doctors or fake practitioners who used outrageously heinous interventions. Thousands of women were seriously or critically injured, mamed, became infertile or worse, died! The fetuses that you seem to care so much about died as well.
        I understand you may have a belief that is rooted in religion, which is your right. But no other person’s soul or sin belongs to you. No woman- whether she is 12 or 50 years of age- should ever be forced to carry a baby that is the result of incest or rape. To be forced to do so is not something you- or any politicain- should be able to choose or legislate to anyone.
        Children are born every day who were unplanned and/or unwanted. They are at high risk to suffer abuse. They are often times cast into the abyss of a system of foster care and other poorly funded programs that are unable to give a child what he or she needs and deserves. I don’t see any of you “right to lifers” supporting these children. You and your Republican friends are NOT adopting them, you’re NOT taking them in and you’re certainly NOT wanting to help pay for programs that will provide help them.
        If you want to do something to help reduce the need for a woman to choose abortion in the first place, why not put your energies into assuring that women have access to insurance-paid birth control. Or how about making sure that there is adequate funding for poor women to have access to free birth control. Focusing on pregnancy education and prevention will go a long way in reducing the need for opting for abortion.

        The death penalty has not been abolished. There are only 16 states that have no death penalty. Recently, Donald Heller, who wrote California’s dealth penalty law stated that he wished he never had. Why? He recognized that the death penalty does absolutely nothing to deter murderous acts. Those who murder will still murder whether the death penalty is on the table or not.

        In every society on earth, there are poor and disadvantaged people. The greatness of any society is evident in the way it treats the least of their society- it’s poor, disabled and elederly. We are purportedly the most wealthiest nation on planet earth, yet we treat these members of our society with disdain and contempt. Not every person who is poor because of their own doing. The elderly deserve our respect and care. I have a serverely mentally disabled son and I refuse to defend his right to financial assistance.

    • ckibbey80 says:

      It’s called the 1st adm. “…the right to free speech…” which in his case I DON’T agree!

    • heyuoutthere says:

      It’s called money.There’s big bucks in hate, fear and ignorance these days.
      If he had a daughter I think it would look like the Pillsbury dough boy’and probably be just as much of a dough head.

  3. carolknows says:

    if rush limpo had a daughter she’d look like medusa..he is a complete idiot who’s running all the way to the bank because he caters to the skinheads/misogeny babyboys/racists and mental/intellectual misfits/incompetents.

  4. howa4x says:

    The real question is with 4 wives under his belt, why dosen’t he have any children? It seems he is always railing about attacks on the family and values. Maybe he really dosen’t like children. That could be the reason why he always wants to cut programs for them.

  5. Why does anyone even let him on the airwaves to spew his senseless trash talk? This man is just an ignorant narcissistic drug addict!

  6. Rush, Rush, Rush. Relax my racist, fat ass, drug addicted, friend. You have made millions and millions of dollars with your freedom of speech bull shit. But let us be clear, that woman has not worked a day in her life on a job (that she NEEDED to provide a salary, in order to feed her family) and if you had a daughter she would look just like her racist, fat ass, drug addicted daddy. She would be on birth control and fucking her ass. Married at least 3 times while having sex with Tiger Woods, the NBA, and NFL while staring in a reality show on OWN about sex and drug addiction. Now, that’s funny

  7. 1guy2 says:

    She’d probably be 3 ft high,3 ft wide,with training wheels, to keep her balanced,as her daddy,has taught her,how great drugs are….Rush,one fat a$$ slime ball

  8. bigspender7 says:

    Absolutely NO ONE would want to be his daughter. Rush is the epitome of egg-sucking, chicken stealing gutter trash.

  9. chrisnot says:

    Mr. Limbaugh is simply a most unfortunate, unpleasant and unhappy person. (Note I didn’t say man.) He remains in his position because he creates wealth for himself and his sponsors by pandering and rabble rousing.., spreading distrust, disgust and hate. As I have always said, in order to be happy, you hafta vigorously hate something. Me? I hate ticks.

  10. dggrundhoffer says:

    the question is who would in there right mind would allow you to sire a child!!!!! You would have to pay someone to bear your child!!!! Happy hunting!!!!

  11. vaxwiz says:

    Lynda…..I guess it depends on whose ox is being gored!!! Barry Obama says it…OK…..Rush…not so good…Typical left-wing nonsense

    • Lynda says:

      I said nothing about Rush being an ox, however others have completed the process for me. Do you really believe that calling women you don’t know ‘sluts’ and ‘prostitute’ is helpful to the right-wing cause? I pointed out that the women who made the asinine comment about Mrs. Rommey was an idiot, did you miss that? Does this mean my calling her out for attacking Mitt’s wife is typical left-wing nonsense?

  12. Chris says:

    His job is to stoke the nightmare fantasies of bigots everywhere. A Limbaugh comment like this one gets the pot boiling again and all the excitable troglodytes pound each other on the back until they are exhausted. It’s a self consuming ritual that is losing steam. Sorry for all the mixed metaphors.

  13. Nancy says:

    If Rush Limbaugh had a daughter she’d look like Jabba the Hutt!

  14. waynelchristensen says:

    Let me get this straight. The man that some how claims that the world should only be one race, one religion, one social economic group, one party which sounds great deal like communism, or facism is endorsing a woman who married into wealth, raised children with this shield of protection against all that assaults the majority of America as being the voice of the women of America. Come on get real. While I readily admit raising one child is difficult and the more you have the more difficult is can be. Her life does not compare anywhere near the real issues that the majority of American women who raise children have to face. She did not want for money, did not have to worry whether there was going to be enough of it to pay bills, feed the children, worry whether the car would make it without breaking down at any moment. She did not have to worry whether her children would be underfed, underdressed, undereducated. She did not have the same life as the average American and is not the voice of my mother, daughter and millions of other women and their daughters. She does have a voice and she does represent the elite, which does not understand poverty, real suffering, and the real needs of all American citizens—Much like her husband Mitt whose clueless, tactless, artless in his discourse with the American people. He represents only a minority of the American people and could really care less about your needs, as long as it is good for his pocketbook, and others of the same ilk.

  15. Elsa says:

    Oh, please Rush, grow up.

  16. lexi001 says:

    The fact that he has never had any children has enforced my belief in God.

  17. dalnb says:

    This man should really learn to stay of his meds before he sits down in front of the mike. If he had a daughter she would most likely be just like him; overweight, relying on the pharmaceutical world to prop her up, and a severe case of diarrhea of the mouth!

  18. 2lolo says:


    Please Help all of your Family from walking the streets…..

  19. EdC says:

    He wishes, that his daughte would look like Ann Romney, more likely Ann Coulter.

  20. Anne says:

    Please dear did the right thing..if this man ever had a child, she would be doomed from the start….why is this idiot allowed to spew his stupid, disgusting remarks.

  21. JoeWall says:

    Actually, it is quite an innocent comment. Perhaps you are upset by it because it highlights the shallowness of Mr. Obama’s remark regarding Trayvon Martin. Does it really matter what one looks like? Martin Luther King would say “No.” To Mr. Obama, clearly “Yes.”

  22. Why is this sicko, fat pig still on the radio? Because of sicko, fat pig Republicans. He’s the POSTER BOY for the Republican party.

  23. Helen Foley says:

    If Rush Limbaugh had a daughter, she’d be lucky if she looked as good as a clean shaven orangutan. Let’s face it Rush, you’re probably in need of Viagra to do anything, and then if you could, it would take your money to make a real women even think about getting together with you. I find the entire premise of your propagating to be truly frightening.

  24. If Rush had a daughter she would not be his.

  25. Ibsyboy says:

    Well, first of all, Rush has been married four, count them, four times and thanks to those evil contraceptives he has no children. If as he claims he had a daughter she would look like him, OMG, that poor child. Short, fat and bald. She would never get through high school in one piece.

  26. Ed says:

    If any of his wives had had children while married to him he should hire a detective to find the fathert.

  27. if lush rambo had a daughter, she would not admit it.

  28. Ignore the drug addicted limp dicked freak with the pencils for sale on the sidewalk begging…

  29. Deb says:

    I seriously His Lushness is man enough to father Children.

  30. And we wonder why our children act the way they act!!! Look at Rush Limbaugh, he acts like a freakin two year old—ridiculous!!!

  31. He is such a low grass sucking snake!!

  32. jsjca says:

    I used to be shocked and appalled by Rush Limbaugh’s comments. Now I am really beginning to wonder if he has some kind of mental disability. Seriously!

  33. jsjca says:

    I used to be shocked and appalled by Rush Limbaugh’s comments. Now I am really beginning to wonder if he has some kind of mental disability. Seriously!

  34. targbe says:

    There is always a problem with this man who likes to make sarcastic remarks about issues because he continues to show his biases about people he does not like. He is bringing down our party (Republican) and will cost us a lot of votes if we do not tell him top shut his mouth.

  35. If Rush had a daughter, she would be ugly and fat and look like a pig!

  36. Joe says:

    If Rush had a daughter, she’d look like Chaz Bono. So thank goodness he didn’t procreate.

  37. joyscarbo says:

    Sadly, Rush does not have a mental disability. It’s a grave insult to peple that DO have mental disabilities.
    The evidence of the presense of a God is proven by the fact that Rush Limbaugh DOESN’T have a daughter!

  38. You and Ann Romney,she wouldn’t look like much Rush.This mormon is putting his wife out there and think nobody will take shots at her.You better pull her in Mitt,cause theres a lot to attack!

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