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Thursday, October 27, 2016

About two weeks ago, my son asked me how a team with an imposing lineup like the New York Knicks could possibly have a losing record. “Because they have no point guard,” I said. They played like strangers. Either nobody wanted the ball or everybody did. Long intervals would pass without the Knicks putting up a decent shot—although being NBA players they often made enough bad ones to stay close.

Well, as the world knows, they have a point guard now. The feel-good story of Jeremy Lin, the underdog Chinese-American player from Harvard, has made NBA fans of millions who scarcely know the 24-second clock from a goaltending call. Here’s hoping they stick around, because it’s a heck of a show. Meanwhile, how about if we dialed down the ethnic sensitivity meter until the kid settles in?

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  • ArthurL.Iamele

    I am not an NBA fan anymore. I used to be one growing up in NY in the 50’s and 60’s, as well as my early adult years I’m the 70’s. Now I prefer the college game. It’s more team-oriented.. Also, I now live in Big Ten country, the home of great college basketball. I did take a hiatus from my non-NBA habits to enjoy Magic, Larry Legend and Mike. Now I am tuning back in to watch Jeremy. I am watching the Knicks games. My wife is even into it. David Stern should supplement Lin”s salary for all the ex-fans and casual fans Lin has brought back to the league.