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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Ted Nugent responded to those calling for a boycott of his upcoming show in New Haven on the nationally syndicated radio show The Weekend by renewing his attacks on Trayvon Martin.

“I use the terms that came from the forensic evidence: a dope smoking, gangster wannabe,” Nugent said. “I mean, everybody knows it’s true. And ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, you might want to write this down. Trayvon got justice. George Zimmerman got a sliver of justice, even though he was bankrupted. Now he’s been targeted by what appears to be Barack Obama and Eric Holder’s best friends, the Black Panthers. I mean, stop and think for a minute, Joe. I mean, the president of the United States and the top law enforcement official in the United States of America sides with the Black Panthers. Are you kidding me?”

The show’s host, Joe Pagliarulo, said that it “wasn’t the first time” that Holder had sided with the New Black Panthers in deciding that the group didn’t intimidate voters.

This is a well-traveled right-wing lie, as it was when the Bush administration’s Justice Department decided not to prosecute the so-called “intimidation” that became famous when Fox News reported two members of the group shouting near a polling place in Pennsylvania, approximately 95 times.

“The people who hate Ted Nugent hate freedom,” Nugent said, before he explained that his “humor meter” was very sharp after 65 years of being clean and sober.

“For instance, I can close my eyes and see Richard Pryor on fire,” he said, baffling even the show’s host. Nugent went on to reminisce about how the comedian almost died while smoking crack cocaine as a lesson not to use drugs, as an example of sharp humor.

Recently Nugent accused Stevie Wonder of being on drugs because Wonder vowed to boycott Florida until the Stand Your Ground law was repealed.

Hmmm. Trayvon Martin, Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Richard Pryor and Stevie Wonder. What do they all have in common?

I would guess Nugent would say they all used drugs. But there’s probably something else that comes to mind.

This is the point in every Ted Nugent article when I remind you that though Nugent is “sober,” he reportedly soiled himself to avoid the draft, fathered multiple children out of wedlock and received oral sex from Courtney Love when she was only 12 years old, according to Ms. Love.




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50 responses to “LISTEN: Ted Nugent Says Trayvon Martin ‘Got Justice’”

  1. rustacus21 says:

    I will guess that if we all simply ignore this derelict, we’ll suddenly notice some day that he’s not there – the same way he never has been before all this… Besides, his opinion matters towards what?… In the scheme of things, insignificant to nothing…

  2. FredAppell says:

    He’s been clean and sober for 65 years? So then he’s just naturally an a-hole. Being cooped up with him on a tour bus and plane in the 70’s and 80’s must have been a real joy! Who needs artificial stimulants when you have the pure awesomeness of being The Wild Man. Ted, you may be rich but you have become irrelevant. All you were ever good for was putting out third rate music that was listened to by a bunch of testosterone driven young males trying to score with the ladies.

    • Pamela McClair says:

      Sixty five years sober and you’re just sixty four years old. What universe does Ted live in?

      • FredAppell says:

        🙂 Good call, I wished I had thought to use that when I posted. He must be including his time as a fetus.

        • idamag says:

          Maybe he was a fetal alcohol syndrome baby and that explains his craziness.

          • FredAppell says:

            🙂 I was going to go there but I decided against it. Years ago I was watching a VH1 “Behind The Music” story of him. His upbringing explains much of his craziness. He prides himself on being a true conservative but I wonder how many little Ted’s he’s created during his rock star days. He had quite a reputation for sexcapades and he was a notorious chauvinist. I’m sure there are probably a few people out there with his genes coursing through them who never received a dime from him.

          • ralphkr says:

            Fred, I do believe that you just gave an excellent description or today’s conservative.

          • FredAppell says:

            I’d much rather attack an individual’s character than to attack an entire ideology but I can’t disagree with you. Not all of them are as extreme in their views though, like us, they don’t all follow a uniform doctrine. The problem is, it’s always the bad one’s that make the most noise and the decent ones quietly go about their business. I really don’t believe that today’s so-called conservatives are conservative at all, they’re a bunch of malcontents bent on rolling our domestic policies back to the pioneer days.

          • Mark Forsyth says:

            Their thinking would need to advance several hundred years in order to get to the same level as pioneer days

          • FredAppell says:

            I was feeling generous!

          • Joey59 says:

            reactionaries, neoBirchers, revenants.
            not conservatives
            they conserve nothing,

            not even decency.
            it’s the legitimization of
            the Lowest Possible Denominator,

            heightened and manipulated
            for political ends.

          • FredAppell says:

            I’m not quite sure what they really are but they have a tremendous amount of money backing them up. They control much of the air waves too. You’re right about them conserving nothing, they want to consume everything.

  3. Lynda Groom says:

    Every time somebody posts a comment from dear old Ted I immediately recall him taking a dump in his pants to avoid serving his country. There is no need to go further.

  4. Elarenal says:

    Finally someone who is less important than Limbaugh and Trump put together. Please, if we want to read about sewer overflows we can find it elsewhere.

  5. JDavidS says:

    The “Motor City Moron”… This gutless, 3rd rate musician, pedophile asshole would make a pile of maggot shit seem smart. If he were any more stupid we’d have to stand him in a pot and water him once a week.
    To exemplify his talent…or rather the lack there-of… you only need two words…”Wango Tango”…

  6. FT66 says:

    Wasn’t this nut who said he will leave the country or better die if Pres. Obama got re-elected. Why is he still here? Doesn’t he know who is leading the country?

    • tobyspeeks says:

      Yes, and he was mysteriously quiet for about a month after that date arrived. Seems he thinks we’ve now forgotten.

    • JDavidS says:

      Actually he said he’d either be dead or in jail… Frankly I was hoping for the former… It’d be no loss… to the country, to music or to humanity.

    • plc97477 says:

      I wonder how many people voted for Obama just to see that happen.

  7. Robin says:

    A total Racist Jerk. Why does anyone listen to him?

  8. jakenhyde says:

    Nugent is a confessed child molester and draft dodger. He’s about as American and patriotic as Osama bin Laden.

    He has a damn cheek to say anything negative about anyone else on this planet.

  9. Lovefacts says:

    Why is what this clown says of importance? Why when he mouths-off doesn’t the media also include his history of child molestation, drug use, evading the draft, and blatant racism? They should either ignore him or, if they’re going to say anything, include his history to put everything in perspective. Here’s hoping in concert bombs. The man’s a disgrace and moron. I just wish he’d followed through and left the country when Obama was re-elected. Unfortunately if he tired, given his history he probably couldn’t find another country that would allow him entry.

  10. Michael Kollmorgen says:

    Somebody ought to take Ted Nugent’s Nugents and squish em.

  11. SgtCedar says:

    Teddy Boy is going to go too far one of these days and get himself shot.

  12. idamag says:

    I’d have to wonder about the intelligence of anyone who follows that despicable piece of crap.

  13. AlfredSonny says:

    Those who need guns are insecure.

    • CPAinNewYork says:

      That’s right, Alfred, but why are they insecure? Is it because they live in or work in dangerous neighborhoods?
      If that’s the case, then maybe their insecurity is justified.

      • IBMaxine says:

        I would rather have bars on my windows than a gun in my house. No matter where you live, how you live, armed, unarmed, etc…. Shit happens and can happen to you. To many accidents happen with guns in the home. This is one chance I’d rather not take.

        • idamag says:

          There are those, who have been so scared by the NRA’s description of our society, they are working to turn our streets into a war zone. Business people take note: When every nut has a gun looking for trouble on our streets, people will stay off them and hence out of your businesses.

      • metrognome3830 says:

        Yeah, they might live near Ted Nugent.

      • AlfredSonny says:

        Like Castro of Cleveland who said that he needed the gun to feel the power.

  14. Allan Richardson says:

    Hate doesn’t need a reason, but haters can make up plenty of excuses.

    Basically, he is saying that BECAUSE Trayvon smoked dope a few times, he DESERVED to die even when there is NO EVIDENCE that he broke any law, except the “law” against being an “uppity N-” when he was confronted with a man that HE had every reason to believe WAS THE CRIMINAL. This “reasoning” is as warped as the Saudi policy of jailing rape VICTIMS for being “immoral.”

  15. jointerjohn says:

    Old Ted has just one useful application: Push his face down into some dough and make Dumb-ass Cookies.

  16. DurdyDawg says:

    Why are we listening to this muttonhead? He’s a has-been publicity hound and with the media’s need to maintain readership, we fall for the ruse every time.. Indeed, rustacus21 is correct.. Nugie is nothing but an insignificant mouth with delusions of eventual fame if only he can make someone shit his pants over the blatherings. This guy is like the rolling Stones, too damn stupid to realize they’re time has waned yet they just keep on annoying us.

  17. DurdyDawg says:

    Here’s what your listening to and what some dumb asses are applauding..

  18. Mark Forsyth says:

    Ted was a has been a long time ago.If he wasn’t constantly making stupid comments he would not be in the public eye.Like other trolls he is best ignored.

  19. owlstead says:

    Turd Trouser Ted, the pussy boy of rock and roll. Look at him wrong and he will fall into the fetal position and cry like a school girl.

  20. tax payer says:

    Wonder boy can be taken to Florida and he’ll never know he was there.

  21. progressiveandproud says:

    Nonuts just can not keep his mouth closed when a mic’s nearby. That slime ball will do and say anything to get attention. I’d feel sorry for him if he wasn’t a lying, poaching, draft dodging pedophile.

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