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Saturday, October 22, 2016

In 2008, America collectively shuddered at the thought of Sarah Palin being within a few heartbeats of the nuclear button. In 2012, America has a group of possibly even more unstable extremists in the House of Representatives with their fingers on the fate of our economy.

The House Republicans proved on their first day of the session that the 113th Congress could easily go down in history as the most dangerous one in recent history.

Yes, the 113th could be even worse than the absolutely invidious, completely irredeemable, incredibly excruciating 112th Congress, which just ended on January 1st.

The last House of Representatives’ chief accomplishments were lowering our nation’s credit rating to get a debt deal that they refused to stick to and naming post offices. They wasted millions of taxpayer dollars pretending to repeal Obamacare 33 times and couldn’t pass the bipartisan Violence Against Women Act once. The last Congress didn’t pass aid to the victims of Hurricane Sandy but it voted for 55 different ways of undermining women’s health care.

Then after two years of ugly partisan kowtowing to the darkest corners of the right wing, Speaker Boehner revealed on the last day of the session what most observers already knew: The only thing preventing compromise and productivity was his fear of losing his job.

With a vulnerable recovery still trying to take hold and erase the job losses that begin in 2008, Speaker Boehner almost let the Senate’s compromise bill to avert a blow to the economy die because a few dozen of his members didn’t think the bipartisan bill cut enough from poor Americans receiving food stamps, energy assistance and job training.

He eventually let the bill come to the floor, where it passed easily, though a vast majority of Republicans rejected it.

And within days, verily Boehner found out that fears of losing his job were justified.

On January 3, the House convened to elect its Speaker. Boehner needed to win 217 votes out of a Republican majority of 234. Only 17 Republicans needed to vote for someone else to send the vote to a second round, rendering the Speakership so weak that many thought Boehner would then step down – at least that’s what anti-Boehner conservatives who claimed to have 20 votes against him claimed.

The roll call vote came, and Boehner ended up with 220 votes. If just four more Republicans had joined the coup, his brief reign could have been over. Convicted of the crime of compromising — once.

And where did the nearly successful rebellion against Speaker Boehner begin? As a Twitter hashtag: #FireBoehner


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    If it had been Boehner’s goal to make his party look like they are incabable of governance, he couldn’t have done a better job of it.

  • nobsartist

    The clown car is rolling………

  • old_blu

    Sounds like the whole GOP is coming apart at the seams, and trying to throw the speaker under the bus. (probably a good place for him)

    • I think they are self-destructing. 🙂

      • old_blu

        I think you’re right.

        • sigrid28

          As long as the Hastert rule is allowed to hold the House of Representatives hostage, like the filibuster in the Senate, the self-destruction of the Republican party stands the chance of hurting us all. Democrats will be as much to blame as Republicans for letting these abuses in House and Senate rules bring down the house on our economy. These rules are not part of the constitution. If President Obama’s re-election does not get legislation for new jobs and stimulus for the economy out of this straight jacket, invented and tied over and over again by both parties, the world economy could needlessly self-destruct. The consequences of voting–in an election, in the House, and in the Senate–is a life and death matter. There will not be enough boxes of Kleenex for us all.

          • JanNH

            America does not and will not believe that Democrats are as much to blame. Obama won the Presidency a second time and the GOP lost seats. Thus Obama’s announcement that he will not negotiate with them again.

            Get out your popcorn if you’re looking forward to watching Obama mop up the Republican Party again with the Far Right Wing rhetoric of the Tea Party.

            The Tea Party advertised themselves as Libertarians. They reveal themselves in the 2012 election with their far right social agendas. Libertarians are pro-CHOICE.

          • sigrid28

            Harry Reid has to move to allow changes in the Senate to prevent filibustering from ruining legislation in the 113th Congress as it did in the 112th. He was supposed hear proposals for changing Senate rules on January 3rd and postponed it until this week or next, I believe. This is what I mean by impediments being partially the fault of Democrats. If the Senate has to shut down for every piece of legislation proposed by Democrats during this Congress as it did during the last, the administration’s hands are tied. What is the delay in fixing the filibuster?

            It may take the 2014 election to get anything through the House, unless Boehner will allow up-and-down votes in which laws can be passed by a combination of Democratic and Republican votes. The Hastert rule lets him bring up for a vote only laws that a majority of Republicans will vote for. Democrats are left twiddling their thumbs. Remember that Democrats as well as Republicans are responsible for establishing the “rules” that run the House. When will these get fixed so bills can be passed with bipartisan support?

            Then there are the appointments to committees, which can tie up legislation forever “in committee.” For example, Michele Bachman is on the House Intelligence Committee. Republicans like her, chosen because Republicans are still the majority, are capable of further impeding the progress of laws through the House of Representatives by refusing to vote them “out” of committee. None of this stuff is in the constitution.

  • charleo1

    The T-Party more closely resembles the psychotic nut that set his entire neighborhood ablaze.
    Then, took his rifle, and started shooting the firemen as they arrived to put out the fire.
    That, more than the concerned Conservatives they hold themselves out to be. Is it too much
    of a stretch, if they are actually prepared to force the Country into default, the President, on
    the grounds of National Security, or on behalf of the common good, authorize the government
    to pay it’s bills, while the matter was decided in court? Don’t know. Just asking?

  • I keep saying it, they’re House UnRepresentative.

  • The biggest challenge for Speaker Boehner is not going to be dealing with Democrats, but preventing his party from falling apart. The GOP is divided between traditional conservatives and Tea Party zealots more apt to react to empty rhetoric than careful analysis of issues.
    The acid test for Boehner is going to be the need to raise the national debt ceiling a month from now. The TP is not going to miss that opportunity to accuse the Obama administration of reckless spending and will threaten default in what is bound to be an elusive goal to score political points. That tactic did not work in November, and it is not going to work in February. Contrary to popular allegations, mainstream Americans can remember where we were 4 years ago, most of us remember what happened in the Reagan era and, again, when W was in office and trickle down economics, unfunded wars, deceit, and accounting tricks were used to project an illusion of prosperity and restraint when none existed.
    The S&L fiasco in the 80s, and the near collapse of our financial institutions when W was in office, were not an accident. They were the result of GOP policies such as deregulation, irresponsible tax cuts, and pursuing goals without the necessary funding.
    Quite frankly, I don’t envy Boehner. He is going to need several boxes of Kleenex to cope with what is coming down his way.

    • Spot-on as usual Dominick; the Tea Party have become political Pavlov’s Dogs… responding to anything Obama says, as if it were a dog whistle that only they can hear.

  • On another website, I made this comment. The Republicans in the House are almost as disorganized as the Democrats, only they are showing it more.

  • Jim Lou

    Boehner is just tip-toeing. He is going to be very weak Speaker. But he wasn’t really too strong to begin with.

  • idamag

    And those backward areas that put them in will never recognize the harm they have done to this country.

    • lana ward

      What harm have they done? Clinging to God and their Religion?? Do you approve of terrorists working in the WH?

      • Sand_Cat

        If by “terrorists” you mean sane, rational people – which I’m sure terrify you – then yes, I approve of terrorists working at the “WH.”

        • lana ward

          Communist traitor!!

    • lana ward

      I forgot that terrible, evil word GUNS!!!!

      • Sand_Cat

        You’ve forgotten a lot more than that, or you must have slept through history and civics classes and most of the last 20-30 years.

        • lana ward

          How’s your paycheck doing?

  • bchrista

    I said it before and I’ll say it again those Southern Rednecks haven’t all died off yet and until they do they’ll keep believing that the South will rise again they will be able to fly the Rebel flag over the Capital of the United States, at least that’s what they are lead to believe by the die hard Republican and they yearn for Old Dixie, Mint Julips and, Cotton fields with slaves picking it so they could put people like Obama and his ilk doing their slave work and if you don’t believe that you’re fooling yourself, some of them backwards bastards haven’t given up hope and their still is “The South Will Rise Again “and until that type of mentally is gone those people will continue to vote to keep those Radical Teapartiers in Office because they are told that it will come to pass.

    • Diogenes67

      Sentences man, sentences.

    • lana ward

      How is this any worse than what is in the WH right now???

  • strangest1

    All there is to say is that the GOP needs to be voted out of office .Every office they hold.When they start being concerned about this country instead of only helping the rich and only then should we even think about voting for them.This should be our only thought and we should hit the streets and organize.

    • lana ward

      Every republican needs to be voted out of office??? Can you imagine how fast America will bite the dust with ALL communists running everything??

  • Bohner thinks he is the elite group, he has no backbone, gumption, ethics, he is just a big cry baby, no guts.


    Stick a fork in the Tea Party (new name for the extreme right wing religious zealots), They are done. And we never needed them in the first place.

  • lana ward

    How is everyones’ paycheck doing???

  • billbear1961

    Strip these two-faced, traitorous PARASITES of all their federal benefits!

    I’m sick to death of their INSANE hypocrisy!

    NAME THEM and provide us with their PHOTOS—in every paper in the country—if they take this nation into default, and risk CHAOS, by refusing to pay the debts they’ve already willingly incurred.

    Filthy DEADBEATS think they’ll take the country hostage again and again without consequences??

    THINK AGAIN, you sanctimonious FRAUDS.

  • Bush “W” added $6 trillion to the national debt, not $4 trillion.

  • Gambler2

    In a way, it’s sad to see a political party committing suicide. These far right politicians in congress are totally crazy.