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Sunday, October 23, 2016

LOL Of The Week: Mitt Romney Buys The Ryan Cow, Not The Milk

LOL Of The Week: Mitt Romney Buys The Ryan Cow, Not The Milk


How does the the GOP — the party of “Father Knows Best,” the party that loves hierarchy and order — keep nominating vice-presidential candidates who swallow their presidential candidates whole?

After Dick Cheney picked himself to be on George W. Bush’s ticket, he had the decency to wait until the inauguration before he supplanted Bush. Sarah Palin grabbed center stage from John McCain as soon as she was announced. Paul Ryan, however, started his takeover years ago.

Ryan’s GOP coup began began before Iowa could even think about caucusing. His multi-pronged attack on America’s safety net — massive new tax breaks for the richest paid for by slashing all social spending including education and Medicaid, ending tax credits for working families, and turning Medicare into a voucher program — was passed byHouse Republicans by spring of 2011. When Newt Gingrich didn’t endorse it, he was steamrolled by his party. And before the presidential primary could even begin, allegiance to the “Ryan Plan” had become the new loyalty test of the right.

Mitt Romney resisted going full Ryan for a while. But as he struggled to beat an array of GOP backbenchers, Romney eventually endorsed nearly everything that Ryan proposed — including a vague voucher system for Medicare and slightly less massive tax breaks. In March of this year, Romney said that Ryan’s “proposals and the ones I’ve outlined in my campaign are very much on the same page.”

So what does the Romney campaign do as soon as they announce that Paul Ryan is Mitt’s running mate? Mitt starts running from the Ryan Plan.

“Does this mean Mitt Romney is adopting the Paul Ryan plan?” a set of talking points from the campaign asks. And the basic gist of it is “Not when it’s inconvenient.”


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  • while you have fever or high temperature you will need paracetamol but when you want big and bigger you need some one to do it well. this is the way you are . it is mean that training political concept to move forward. what i like to do so to make political promise within onus

    • oldtack

      Hitler – Himmler

      Romney – Ryan

      Nazi Party – lockstep pledges
      Republican Party – lockstep pledges

      My isn’t it strange how History repeats itself?

      • Oldtack, you are intelligent enough to see the danger, here, but please don’t use a tea party tactic and call people nazis, hitler or himmler.

        The only thing that resembles those days is that Germany had one of the most perfect democracies in the world. A mad man used fear to create anger and take their democracy away from them.

      • Another parallel in using fear is telling people that Social Security is broke and needs to be privatized. Then they tell people that are presently on Social Security that it won’t affect them. This way, those seniors will vote for Ryan and find out they were not told the truth when their Social Security check depends on the stock market or their medical voucher program runs out.

  • old_blu

    Well at least Romney picked the right gender to carry their collective nads, although he dosn’t sound much different than Palin, maybe he can take over the whole campaign, as she did.

  • joujou228

    I knew he would!

  • Don’t Believe For A Minute That Romney Not Going To Use Paul Ryan Budget Plan Cause Romney Had No Plan!!

  • I Knew he Would Pick Another Low Life Terrorist To Run With Trying To Turn America In To THE NEW WORLD ORDER!!! Paul Ryan Is The Male Sarah Palin!! Romney Hood And Little Paul , A Mormon And The Moron!!!

  • With Romney Hood And Little Paul All I Can See Is more Lies, More Tax Breaks For The Wealthy, More Trickle Down Polices, More Hungry People In America And More Homelessness!!! Also More WARS And Total Chaos For The Middle Class And Poor Working People!! Mr Strip And Ship And His American Taliban Is Not Out Of Touch They Just Don’t Give A Damn About America Nor It’s Middle Class And Poor Working People !! Control, Power And Money Is Their Only Agenda!!!

  • sigrid28

    Maybe they just mean to lose, so as to support other races so the Obama administration still cannot get anything done. What if it’s just a trick? Why not lose this election? They can always buy another.

  • I think this post gives Romney and his crew too much credit. They are way too caught up in their privileged world to think about anything but the self-belief that they deserve more than others and do not have to play by the same rules. It is beyond their ability to even realize that most people do not own multiple homes, cars or have 77 thousand dollar a year to spend on a hobby or 50 million to build a garage for their cars. They were raised in a world that protected them from their actions, ensured success without the work to make it real and do not associate with anyone not of their income level unless they are a servant. They lack empathy, ethics and really do not give a S?<% about anyone, nor do they really care about the future of this Country. It all comes down to how much more they can put in their own pockets. I hope that most Americans will see that and vote for President Obama again. I know he is not perfect, but let's give him credit for his accomplishments, and remember how much more he could have done without having to deal with a Republican Party bent on making sure he didn't have another term in office rather than the good of the American public.

    • 25% of the US population is sociopathic. Can you spot them?

  • So the flipper flipped again. He was FOR the Ryan plan before he was against it. He now say s it is wonderful BUT he will be following his OWN plan. Lots of luck with that one Mitt you already know what Ryan does with tose who protest against HIS plans. He has them forceably removed from the room. . Better hire good guards for the oval office lol

  • 2hheels2

    Mitt has never given an example of his plan except his tax plan that will raise taxes on the middle class to save the one percent. This will be the ruin of America if theses two are elected. A vote for them is a vote against yourselves unless your the one percent.

    • Don

      Please only discuss this in “a quiet room”

  • Poor Rubio Did All That Butt Kissing For Nothing I Told Him He Was The Wrong Color!!! Mr Strip And Ship And His American Taliban Are Card Carrying Racist!!!

  • The new three “R,s.” Romney, Ryan & Ruin.

  • Fern, even though I lean a little left, you are too nasty and too immature to be a liberal.

  • Paul Ryan will have at least one thing in common with Sarah Palin. Both will have gained invaluable experience on a losing ticket. Its this experience they need to share with other republicans this November.

  • Wow here is one of the most mistake we have in Congressman this poke is good for Bishop Mitt and the LDS and he and Mitt are not on the same page…LMAOF….Thank you GOP…:)

  • “Mitt picked the Ryan Plan because the Ryan Plan is the GOP, and Mitt needed some way to get his own Party on his side. And that’s a big part of the reason Mitt was losing in the first place.”

    You hit the nail on the head. Mitt would be the leader of any Party that would have him. He just wants to wear the crown. He had to pick Ryan because the power of the GOP is the House, and Ryan is their man.

  • Don’t pull any punches

  • Do you think Ryan will exploit his fame after this? A commentator on Fox, or a kick at Dancing with the Stars perhaps?



    One would think after screwing themselves in 2008, the American Taliban Republicans may pick someone more compatible than Ryan “take from the poor and give to the rich.”

    I hope the country’s blue hairs take note that if he has his way, Social Security and Medicare will be history. Their kids will have to pay their medical bills after their Medicare is taken away.

  • nomaster

    It will be quite interesting how much of Ben the Rat Ryan’s actual plans will be palatable to Willard the Rat Man after the dust settles and the various political players respond to the selection. How much Willard the Rat Man wants to become president will depend on how much of Ryan’s plan he accepts. We will see how internally and morally strong Willard the Rat Man is and how much of the austerity plan of Ben the Rat Ryan’s plan he embraces.

  • onedonewong

    Yep Joe biteeme was selected by Obama because he needed someone who was dumber than he was and Clinton did the same thing with old massage al gore

    • And your credentials for judging the intelligence of others are?

      • onedonewong

        160 IQ why??

  • oldtack

    Right on! As for the Hitler/Himmler Romney/Ryan article. But – there is the great danger here.

    Anytime a group “requires” a signed pledge to walk lock-step with a Party there is a clear danger. Just recently a House Member from that Party announced he was not running for another term. His reason was he did not agree with all of the Party agenda and therefore he was frozen out of all committee assignments.

    This is what happened in Germany and it will happen in any Government that requires a pledge.

    Germany did have a good system – until Hitler demanded full allegiance. And we all know what happened to those that dared oppose him.

    I didn’t intend “scare tactics”. This is very serious and very real. Anytime one signs a pledge to walk lock-step with any Party or Organization that person has forfeited the right of freedom of thought and freedom of expression.