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Monday, October 24, 2016

This week we discovered that no one wants to read about Mitt Romney and no one wonders why.  He’s got the charisma of damp white bread and is purposely trading in vagaries. By simply not being Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann or Newt Gingrich, he’s remained somewhat competitive with President Obama. So Mitt’s job until November is to stay boring. Shouldn’t be hard.

But he does have to pick a running mate.

Given that boredom and winning Ohio are key Romney strategies, you’d expect he’d pick Rob Portman. Except Portman served in two administration posts under George W. Bush. Yes, W. Portman once said about the worst president of the last century, “He has a clear sense of what makes this country great.”  Even The National Journal has figured out you aren’t going to beat President Obama by reminding people of George W. Bush.

So that leaves Marco Rubio, who Republicans offer instead of an actual immigration plan. But it turns out Rubio isn’t even being seriously vetted. If past were prologue, this means he’d end up being the nominee. But Romney needs boring. And Rubio’s fictionalized bio and questionable campaign spending and allies are not boring.

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  • We can only hope it is Ryan or Rubio.
    If it is the dull Portman from Ohio, it could be a tougher campaign.
    Ryan, Rubio, (Christi) can appear politically crazy and very rude at times.
    Portman will just sit there and smile and nod his head in a rotating fashion which will confuse the voters a lot more. Portman would be the perfect VP stooge for Romney…and the most difficult combination to conquer by the Obama team.

    • Krispy Kreme Won’t Run Hell He Can Hardly Walk The Man’s One Doughnut Away From A Heart Attack!!

  • William Deutschlander

    OH HELL lets get ALL of the COUNTRY’s TRAITORS lined up for positions in the GOP anarchy AUTOCRACY!

  • twomorrow

    Romney and Mr. Bill would be a better combination than the morons we have now.

    • EdC

      With Rummie and anyone else there will be fewer twomorrows, Since the Republicans have curried their lack of respect for Obama to the actual Office, how do they expect to have respect when the people they elect only represent the monied interest. It goes further, the Republican leaders have no respect for the American people, and haven’t had for a very long time. Because of this the country has been devided, and only becomes united, under certain conditions. One of which is no longer who leads the country. There are enough people in the country that now know this. Obama has tried to be the President for all, and in the most part it has worked, for you socialist accusers how come the the stock market has doubled under his watch, Republicans will never respect liberals because of the conservative Imbread mentality, and they have finally gotten a hold of the reins, to either run the country in to ground or let it burn. They are like the person that wants to drive the firetruck, and if you don’t let them they’ll shoot the tires out.

      • twomorrow

        Republicans have the reins???
        2006 Democrats take over the House and Senate.
        2008 Democrats win the WH, and have a super majority in both Houses.
        2010 Republicans win back one House of Congress.
        Senate has passed a budget in (I don’t know how many) years!
        Obama budgets defeated without a single Democrat vote.
        I was not a Clinton fan but he made it work with both houses controlled by the Republicans. So did Reagan.
        Democrats are just as responsible for the current condition of the country as the Republicans are. Hillary Clinton would have been a far better President.
        The issue is ZERO leadership.

        • DurdyDawg

          Your last statement is absolutely correct but I think your giving all political thugs too much animosity.. It’s actually neither the Dems or the Pubs ruining this Country, it’s the common, ordinary crooks that we voted into office before realizing their ability of shedding their skin. They don’t care whether their Democrat or Republican, they only care about their personal agenda. What their hiding behind is the very thing we’ve accused them of being.

          • twomorrow

            Dawg – you are absolutley right. A majority of good people in either party and we would not have these problems.

    • GATORGIRL1234

      Don’t let everyone know that you’re an idiot…a perfect example of a country divided…keep up with what’s going on plz then you’d know what u just posted is an act of a moron…

      • twomorrow

        The Country is more divided today than ever before. We have a President that pits one group against another – that is his only hope for victory in November. Watch something other than MSNBC for a month and then reply.

  • well that was next anyways romney u belive in more then one wife then its ok i guess that your marryer to pauly then you can take ur romneycare and the ryan care and climb into bed with each other . im sure you,ll be a hapy couple . seeing how you two enjoy screwing the ppl of this country .(WHY NOT SCREW EACH OTHER ) a match made in the anti-christ romney,s mind ryan with ur hair-do you look like you drink blood anywasys. im sure you,ll let mich wear the pants

  • If Romney and Ryan get elected (or any other Republican candidate for VP) the Nazification of the country will be complete.


    WHAT? A RE-RUN of 2008?

    A RoMONEY and Ryan ticket would be a replay of the 2008 dumber and dumber McCain-Palin combination.

    But wait, won’t silly Marko be mad for being left off the ticket? He may re-immigrate to Cuba in disgust.

    There should be an empty banana boat leaving for Fidel’s country early tomorrow. Adios Marko, be careful around the banana trees so you don’t bump your head on a bunch.

  • Mitt, please, please save WI take Paul Ryan off our hands! Paul has had enough time to do enough damage to his district in Wisconsin. It would be a perfect match, after all Mitt loves Ryan’s budget plan. We would have even more reasons to vote for Obama!

  • dsmd

    and when romney and ryan campaign together, romney can put ryan on top of the car and stop every so often to hose him off. lol!

    • all the hosing off in the world will not clean this man up enough to get my vote. he is a sneeky lying little tu—rd so all a hose will do is water him down

      • dsmd

        actually the dog should be driving, with romney and ryan on top! :o)

    • Or slaughter him for food. Oh, that was Obama who did that. My bad!

      • ObozoMustGo

        Robert….. Bwwwaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! ROFLMAO!

        Hey, when Obozo is hungry, he’ll do anything except work for food. That means the dog’s got to go to the plate, brutha!!

        Have a great day!

      • dsmd

        don’t know what you mean by that… but if you don’t like medicare or ss, they you will love the romney/ryan ticket. and if you yourself are set and you don’t care about all the elderly that will be affected, then i hope you get to ride on top of romney’s car with ryan.

  • With the dumbing down of America, we can only hope Romney and whomever he chooses is not elected.

    • curt05

      If u like nanny state,Marxist,anti God Please vote for hussien the muslim

      • Are you really that out of touch with reality? Really?

        • curt05

          If the news media is correct. Then yes I am. Would rather vote for al sharpton or Adolph hitler. They would bring us closer to God than hussien

          • joyscarbo

            You’re barking the Fox News medial outlet…try changing the channel!
            If you knew God or the teachings of Jesus Christ, you’d know that Jesus believed in love for everyone…including your enemies… He also taught that you shouldn’t make the rich richer at the expense of the poor.

          • curt05

            no- im seeing a muslim who does not recognize Jesus as the way the truth and the life and wont even recognize the national anthem or put his hand over his heart–look at what he has done since he has been in office —-nothing–Jesus said the poor will be with us always—this man may very well cause the scriptures to be fulfilled by having Jesus return soon


          • joyscarbo

            Matthew 7:1-5
            “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2 For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

            3 “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? 4 How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? 5 You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

            I think you need to remember this when judging a man who has only claimed christianity as his faith and allegiance to his country. He is a good and honorable husband and father to his daughters. He has comitted NO illegal acts. Suggesting that Barack Obama is the Anti-Christ? I would ask you to be cautious when you’re thinking you know the mind of God. By the scriptures you cannot presume to know what day or hour Jesus Christ will return. You’re tempting the hand of God unwisely.

          • I bet you get your kicks tearing the wings off flies as well, dufas. Go’head and vote A.H. hope your neighbors find out (what’s your address).. Pathetic name dropper.

          • curt05

            I consider the source and realize through your ignorance that u cant be responsible


          • curto5…you are a royal a-hole.

          • curt05

            u r what comes out of it yahoo —–ive already realized you were an idiot–go live live in russia—-or just wait till your muslim gets reelected and stay here -lol


  • This New Bred Of GOP/Tea Party American Taliban Don’t Give A Damn About America Nor It’s People They Only Want The POWER, CONTROL AND THE MONEY If You Not A 1% And Have A 7 Digit Bank Account Believe Me You’re Going To Get SCREWED!!! Just Watch And See!!!

  • When You Line You Staff With The Very People That Destroy This Country In The First Place WTF Romney Hire 17 Of Bush Old Staff And They Are Giving Him The Same Old Broke Down Advice That Got Us Here In The First Place!! Where The Jobs Mr Strip And Ship Shipped Them Overseas Along With A Lot Of The wealthy Business Owners For The Cheap Labor!! I Never Will Vote For A Money Hoarding, Liar That Been Flip Flopping His Way Thru-out Life!! The Man’s Is A SOCIOPATH And He’s Not Out Of Touch He Just Don’t Give A Damn!!!

  • The reality is that Mitt Romney is out for himself and nobody else. He doesn’t care about the working class; all he wants are his own taxes lowered.

    Which is the same thing Paul Ryan wants.

    And since Mitt “The Etch-E-Sketch” Romney has based his entire campaign on the notion that he can win the presidency on nothing but a big stack of lies and B.S., he’s likely not going to choose a V.P. for tactical reasons. He’s going to choose someone that is either a spineless yesman, or someone who is equal to him in every way already.

    Enter Paul Ryan.

  • Sam

    Half the voters in America want to slap that sanctimonious prig Ryan across the face…or worse.

  • ARepublicanNorthlandGrad

    Perfect match and yes I agree, please help Wisconsin by taking Ryan off our hands. But I read the posts here and see enough truth in both sides to wonder what has happened to this country. The democrats have had the control and can not get anything done. Is that Obama’s fault? Well it is his watch. Still I see him blamed for things that just do not match his record. Too much Fox news? For sure, but MSN and even this site not much better. Oh for the days when news media reported and didn’t try to create the news. I most be getting old.

  • buddyamigo

    Let’s let Romney go! It is absolutely cruel and unusual punishment for those of us in the lower 99% to have to contend with these daily threats/promises by Romney and his henchmen to take away everything that has been good and descent for the [working class/life blood] of this great country. The sooner they complete what Bush/Cheney started to destroy America the sooner we can get back to reconstruction and a turn-a-round of the systematic genocide of the American People. Don’t tell a Republican about this however. They are incapable of recognizing anything but the [dollar $$$$$$$$ sign.]

  • howa4x

    Mitt can’t take Ryan since he is trying everything he can to get away from the plan that he was forced to endorse in the primary. Ryan will be a lighning rod for all stakeholder groups affected by his plan, and will energize the democratic base. Mitt needs calm not that. He will pick Portman because he knows more about the federal budget and can help Romney. This Ryan thing is a conservative charade

  • karinursula

    What ever happened to “of the people, by the people and for the people?” On the other hand Ryan might make it easier for the President. Myself I’m going to vote for the President

  • The chances of Mitt selecting Rep. Ryan as his running mate are slim to none. He needs senior citizens to win and selecting a man that proposed dismantling MEDICARE is the last thing Mitt has in mind. Sen Rubio is a more likely choice, but choosing a Hispanic as running mate is a dangerous move for a GOP candidate. Former Gov Jeb Bush is, by far, the most qualified and would energize the GOP base in a way no one else could, but distancing his record for that of his brother may be too much to ask from anyone. Don’t be surprised if he picks a woman as his running mate to neutralize the Dem gender-gap advantage…If that happens, Biden may decide to retire due to family priorities, and Hillary will step in. Come to think of it, that should happen regardless of what Mittens decide to do.

  • may the best man win…….just get this country moving again.for all of us to prosper…………

  • Mitt, Please, please save Wiconsisin, take Paul Ryan off our hands! He has already caused enough damage to his district in WI. Mitt & Paul would be a perfect match since Romney loves the Ryan budget plan that would slash medicare which seniors already donnated to through their pay checks, privatize Social Security, privatize public schools which would be run by greedy corporations which would hurt the children & promote more corporate welfare.

  • joyscarbo

    Whoever Mitt picks will be a clear pander to a segment of the population for votes. He’ll pick a woman….or a some politician from a major swing state, like Florida.

    • ObozoMustGo

      uhhhhh… Joy…. that’s what ALL politicians running for President do. That’s a legitimate campaign strategy for all sides, hun. Be objective at least. I know it’s hard, but try.

      Have a nice evening, my lefty friend. I hope you and Mr. Joy are doing well. 🙂

      • joyscarbo

        There you are, Bozo! I”ve been wondering where the righties are to inflame our base….

        You’re basically correct and it usually works okay but I think McCain picking Palin was a great example that it doesn’t always work. Palin turned out to be a very crappy choice if republicans were trying to pander to the female vote. And exactly who was Obama appeasing by picking Biden?
        BTW…Romney is running one crappy campaign, saying little to nothing, revealing nothing. What is he waiting for? An engraved invitation? Or does he say nothing because he thinks nothing? Your party is starting to get really nervous that Mitt is really about, well, NOTHING. As the song goes….”nothin from nothin leaves nothin. You gotta have somethin..if you wanna be the president…” LOL poke poke… Seriously though- what is the deal?

        And same to you, my friend. I’m looking at getting a full-time, career service position as a pediatric RN in public health. I’ve been working as a temp for my county’s public health clinic and it’s very rewarding work. I feel good helping those who are having major struggles and poverty. And you can’t beat working for my state’s government- great benefits and fair pay.

        • ObozoMustGo

          Hi Joy! I was gone for a long weekend with the family. Hence the silence.

          Why did Obozo pick Biden? For 2 reasons: 1) ANYONE looks smart when posing next to Biden, and 2) Biden was the Northeastern liberal union huckster that riles up the base of useful idiots. That’s why.

          Why did McCain pick Palin? Because she had 90% approval ratings in Alaska at the time and was much more dynamic than he was. Whether you like her politics or not, she certainly was the attraction on any stage that he stood on with her. But she was unprepared for the national spotlight, and that showed.

          And of course a VP picking strategy doesn’t always work. Think about it. There’s only 1 winner and someone must be the loser, right? So the loser’s strategy can be said to NEVER work, can’t it? Logically speaking, that is.

          Have a great day, Joy!

          • joyscarbo

            Sorry, but saying the Palin had a 90% approval rating with the citizens in Alaska isn’t saying much. Lets just say that Alaska isn’t the great “think tank” of America.

            It’ll be interesting to see who the party makes Mitt pick. Lets face it…Mitt isn’t in charge of his own campaign and he isn’t going to be making this pick. Whoever has the biggest donation will get to pick the vice candidate. Good luck with that!

            Have a great week! My family is going out of town for the 4th of July. I’m ready for a break.

        • He Waiting For Words From His Handlers The Koch Brothers And The Rest Of The Leaders Of The American Taliban To Tell Him What To Say!! But It Will Be Nothing But The Same Old Trickle Down Bullshit The Been Rerunning That Only Helps The Wealthy!!!

  • I supose the vetting question started with “knock knock”….

  • It is scary enough to think Romney who is so out of touch would team up with the traitorous Ryan who is hell bent on destroying America as we know it just to apease his own massive ego. Hopefully the republican party will come up with something better than that. They screwed themselves enough with no viable candidate for president and now to put Ryan the traitor into the mix will certainly show the world and the people where the republican mindset is and it isn’t with Americans.

  • No one has mentioned it, but I must. I find it quite interesting in the picture with this article of Romney giving a speech, the man next to him has his hands on his hips and his head cocked to the side looking at Romney as if to say ‘what the hey are you talking about about man, do you have any idea?’ Just my interpretation:)

  • Joseph Diluzio

    I hope he chooses “Ryan …Two guys who have been trying to screw the “Middle Class” for months …what a couple of hated Gophers and Tea baggies …this will top the cake with cherries!!! Romney and Ryan are both puppets…for the Base …This is just what the house needs at this time…after these clowns are elected into office (if they can get there) They will go on their cutting and trimming what little the working Americans have …and that’s when the party will begin, The only infrustructure you will notice is the uprising of new prisons to house what was once the law obideing citizens!! You will notice a rise in criminal activity…Children to be less educated to add to ignorance in the the completive sociality we live in today…immigration and Class Warfare will lead America into civil action, Stripping the rights of Women ,back to 1930 ..Everything will become much worse than ,today when things are just bad …The Dismantling of Medical Care ,Unemployment Benefits’ ,Ripping and clawing of” Social Security” and Medicare for our Nations, ill and Elderly will lead to homelessness and suicide among Americans who have paid the price !!! Working most of their lives …so that…. The Few, The Proud, The Tea baggies may complete the mission leading this America into Caius….WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!! They are laying the GOPER agenda on a Silver Platter!!! Nothing is hidden!!! There is one goal for men like ROMNEY AND RYAN …Make life much better for the Wealthy and create misery for the (once was MIDDLE CLASS ) will soon step down to the lower class!!!

  • It could be worse. He could be considering Joe Biden!

    Oh, that’s right – Obama already grabbed that genius. And look how well that has worked out.

    Maybe Romney could balance the ticket by selecting a Community Organizer. Those folks know their stuff. BTW – be careful and don’t step in the “stuff”.

    • sassysticks

      At least Biden cares about the middle and working classes! Mitt Robme and that evil dude Ryan only care about rich people. I’ll take Biden and Pres. Obama anytime over the Greedy Ole Party!

  • Since he is having so much flipflopping with his veep candidate, why don’t we make Mitt Romney a veep for Mr.Obama instead. That way he can at least compete and oh well…….

  • 1standlastword

    The corrosive effects of the GWB administration on the GOP brand cannot be understated, as the advent of the Tea Party stands as clear evidence that after GW the GOP had to go into damage control to remake itself.

    GW’s marriage to unitary executive theory conjoined with neoconservative new world order politics provoked out of control spending on foreign policy which coupled with classic Republican attitudes against entitlements for the the working class and infavor of entitlements for the rich further sullied the GOP brand.

    When the Republican primaries arrived, the country witnessed a massive credibility crisis playing itself out in the form of the low quality candidates shifting and mixing it up in a comedy of confusion about who the “flavor of the day” would be next week.

    Recall with me that Mitt Romney for the longest was the least desireable to lead the newly branded GOP. But what happened? Well Mitt had the most practice: He was the most presidential with 5 years of campaigning for POTUS under his belt and the most $$$$$$$$$$$. Morever, to his credit, he was the least crazy, the least corrupt, the most moral of the lot. Why not Mitt? Yeah…why not Mitt?

    They settled!

    Now where’s the follow through?

    The job of veep to the “initially least desirable” candidate for POTUS is now predicted to fall to the author of the least desirable fiscal plan for the damage done by (Obama??!…seriously???!!!).

    No, all joking aside. Doesn’t this make perfect sense?

    Paul Ryan is the best possible choice for Mitt.

    Firstly, Ryan is soon to become history as a congressman so he’s available. Second, if Romney wins (ouch!!!) Ryan, the “GOP rising star” can add veep to his resume for his own run for POTUS. Thirdly, a Ryan veep is in keeping with the Tea Party plan to rebrand the GOP after the GW slaughter of the economy–and lastly, Romney and Ryan are loved by the rich.

    So what’s the problem?

  • I’d love to see a Romny/Ryan ticket on the GOP/Bagger side. Nothing will wake up the progressives more than the threat of the “Ryan Plan”, which is exactly what Romney has under his sleeves with or without Ryan as a running mate. Having his face on the ticket will be a constant reminder of what is at stake this November.

  • lonewolfmn

    Mitt does not care about anybody but himself and his big money supporters. If he’s elected the downward spiral this country is in is going to pick up speed until it hits bottom then heaven help us.

  • ObozoMustGo

    The real LOL of the day……. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    [click picture to enlarge]

    Have a nice day!

  • THIS WOULD BE THE BIGGEST DISASTER EVER!!!!!! we would clearly become another 3rd world country run by a DICTATORSHIP !!!! no matter what we are screw$$ as there are no REAL FOR THE PEOPLE CHOICES !!!!

  • I wonder if Daffy Duck is still available?

  • Ryan is a disgusting peice of crap, I wouldnt vote for him for dog catcher if he was my brother. Oh, and that other turd, I wouldnt vote for him either. I think he will start a war that we will never win and will never get out of.

  • I think Condolezza would make a great Vice-President. So she worked for Bush…well at least she learned what not to do.

    Both the left and right extremes of the parties are more interested into beating each other into pulp than to compromise into a solution to solve the problems of our country. I think is time to ignore the radicals and the reactionairy and work a solution that would eventually balance the budget, simplify taxation and get us out of the habit to become the world policeman.
    As a foreign born US Citizen I understand how annoying and arrogant we appear to the rest of the world as we try to shove our values down their throats. Let us just get involved in where we actually have economic/strategic interests, be an example to the rest of the world, but let them find their own path and solutions.

    Healthcare, Medicare and Medicaid are REALLY sick and badly managed programs and we do not get what we pay for. DO NOT THROW any more money at them…that would just make the corruption and mismanagement worst. Fix them first

    Citizen United court decision must be fought again. I would have never believe than 9 supposedly wise judges could arrive at such a lousy decission. Corporations are not people and I as an stockholder do not get consulted which way my money/voice will be spend in a political campaign….that is a violation of my first amendment since I am not able to control which ideas or opinions my money will promote…that is not a right I delegate to the CEO of the corporation

    • rmarqua2921

      I don’t think the decision for Citizen United was 9-o! I think it was more like 5-4. Thank George Bush for finding most of the 5’s! Somehow with all the brilliant judges in the USA he found some of the worst.

  • It really does not matter much who is President. Unless is a leader willing to shoulder the tough decisions no matter what. The reason I will probably vote for Obama is not because I think is better than Romney (he is not), but he now has a chance to kick a.. and do what is right without having to worry about re-election. I hope he gets his domestic pants on (as he did when needed to kill Osama) and work toward infrastructure and new economy investment, clean up education and reduce defense spending (we spend more money killing people than any other expenditure)
    Most Americans get their political point of view from TV , internet or from Radio where they tend to make a quick point while ignoring most of the facts of any situation.
    Americans will continue to send idiots to our lower house and congress will always descent to their lowest denominator.

  • sassysticks

    Lol! Only the rich will prosper! Haven’t you been paying attention or are you gullible enough to believe the GOP cares about working families? Like one poster already stated, WAKE UP!

  • sassysticks

    I’ll be voting for Hussein the Muslim. Bigotry is not going to get Robmey elected.

  • sassysticks

    When you stop watching FAUX News!

  • J. Viray

    He wants to reinforce his strength so he can easily defeat and eliminate the middle class so he is teaming up with ryan.

  • onedonewong

    Ryan is twice as smart as Joe Biteme an Al Gorrdo put together. The only reason why those 2 were selected by Clinton and barak was to make them look smart by comparison

    • ExPAVIC


      My goodness you are like fly poop. When are you going to learn how to read instead of just BS-ing? And watch the Fox Network doesn’t count illiterate one.

      • onedonewong

        Yep the old lock box kid and the guy going to grow crops without soil and water those were 2 of the Dem’s real brain trusts

  • DurdyDawg

    The way this Pub lotto is progressing keeps nudging my ‘lil grey cells, telling me the loser in this election will fall somewhere early in the first round.. Mainly because it’s ‘fixed’ to lose, but why? What does losing benefit the pubs? Why, nothing of course, but with Obama back in and the way certain militants have been salivating, somebody’s gonna get a bullet in the head, opening the door to a nincompoop who will allow the toads to declare martial law, then.. Up with every little bill that’s been passed which subjects the citizens to gestapo tactics.. If this hair ball nominates Ryan then wave bye-bye to a GOB win for possibly several presidential elections.. I can’t swear to it but I’m sniffing a lunatic fringe in the air and it smells like a Mormon..

  • GOP/Tea Party = The American Taliban Our Very Own Home Grown Terrorists Cell Operating In Plain Sight!!! 🙁

  • As fair as i am consern Romney is just a fool! Trying to be something that he is not.No way no howAnd we sure dont need any thing to do with him We will be a hole lot wrose off then we are now if he GETS IN TO OFFICE

  • Actually he’s based his success on the belief that all Obama haters will vote him in.. Not on his merits but on what he’s always considered the citizen voters.. Backwood ignorants that know nothing about the sacrifices the wealthy must endure because of the poor and middle class.. Like he said, “I love to fire”.. Have you heard anywhere that he fired a rich man? His lies are inconsequential, I’m sure he believes nobody’s listening.. His followers won’t even believe what he spews (he’s only doing it to confuse his enemies) and Obama haters will flock to him with deaf ears.. Whatta Mormon, uh.. I mean moron.

  • Hey bigBoz.. Gone for a weekend with the family? I hope your loved ones didn’t get jealous over that ‘lil fling ..(nit,nit..indians). Anyway, glad to see your back (especially after seeing your face)


    A Good Pair

    Paul Ryan is more out of touch than RoMoney, and they both are major league a-holes when it comes to caring for the common people.

    Still waiting for RoMoney to say he won’t be touching Social Security so his rich buddies can have lower taxes.

    Come on Mittens say the magic words, your political future is at stake.

  • 13observer

    President Obama has lost touch with LABOR for sure! After he dumped us in Wisconsin but spoke out for gays and illegals, MANY Union members in right to work states have resigned their Union membership especially after their Internationals endorsed President Obama. The building trades Unions have boycotted the Democratic National Convention. When he promised the Employee Free Choice Act for Unions but instead pushed a health care mandate, Big Labor knew he was not in touch. This sure doesn’t help his chances in November. He already had the gay community but divided his own race on that and the illegals who can’t vote won’t help his cause.