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Sunday, October 23, 2016

@LOLGOP’s Tweets Of The Week: Extreme Bachmann Edition

In a time of tragedy, it’s nice to believe that America can come together and do the right thing. This week that actually happened. Politicians on both sides of the aisle came together to blast the demagoguery of Michele Bachmann and a handful of colleagues who serve in the House of Representatives.

Bachmann and four fellow Republican Reps sent letters to the inspector generals in the State Department, Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Defense, the Department of Justice and the Office of National Intelligence suggesting that the Muslim Brotherhood had infiltrated the federal government. Their evidence? In the case of Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff, the accusation was entirely based on a few of Abedin’s family members who have been associated in the past with the Brotherhood. This formula of guilt by association so reeked of McCarthyism that we even got a rare taste of the “good” John McCain—just hours after he joined a filibuster that will keep millions in political donations anonymous. McCain was eventually joined by other Republicans including Speaker Boehner—all of whom have been largely silent as our Commander-in-Chief is constantly accused of treason by Republican clowns including Donald Trump and Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Okay, we can’t expect too much moral clarity from the right. Still we shouldn’t ignore it when we get it. So Michele Bachmann, these tweets go out to you.

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  • Has Bachmann been tested for drugs or rabies?

    • Have you?

      • Why should GOP Not be tested for rabies. He or she is not making stupid, rabid statements from the Congressional floor. The big problem here is that there are enough people who vote for people like her to inflict her on this country.

  • how much money is bachmann making off the government on all those kids she is watching?

    • Post your links to prove she’s getting funds, and I might have ‘some’ respect for you. Is that ‘silence’ I hear from you?

      • debra, you were told to call the dept of human services in the county in Minnesota where Bachamann lives to find out if she is getting money for any foster children and the amount. There wouldn’t be a link to find this information but you can get it by making a phone call. Dept. of Human Services does not put information on the internet regarding money paid to people that take in foster children.

  • Revcarrie

    The real problem is who elected her? Who is believing her? Do they still believe her? Will she return? Who will return her with her next election? She is the voice of somebody. What planet does that somebody come from? For me, this is the scary part of this picture. How many more people are out there supporting the Michelle Bachman’s of the world? Even her own party in the House rebuked her! Is she listening to ANYONE who is actually from this planet?

    • daffodilly

      Very, very true. Why haven’t we read where a reporter has gone to the home districts of these odd folks to see what’s in the water? The first thing I did when the news came out is check to see if our rep. was listed as one of her intellectual equals. Surprisingly enough, he wasn’t there. For our survival as a society, we truly do need to know where these folks come from and how to protect ourselves against them. This is not funny and is becoming an epidemic of ignorance.

  • Revcarrie

    Anywhere from $350.00 to $500.00 a month from each. This depends on their mental, emotional and physical condition. This is to answer the question about foster care payments and how much money Michelle Bachman is making for each of her foster children.

    • Can you ‘prove’ that she’s being paid for each kid she has? Any links? And you call ‘yourself’ a Rev.

      • Gammaanya

        debra – EVERY state pays for fostering children my neighbor have 2 to a tune of $950.00 each per mo. They are doing a good job and get 1700.00 a mo just for that. You wanted know the truth call Minnesotta Dept. of Family Affairs and ask. Simple and easy, then you will hear from the horse mouth. SHe mad a lilling on these kids. NOw they all grown up but NOT ONR, NOT ONE of her foster children EVER SPOKE of her in her run. Not that I am fond of Idiots. SHe is a loony tune and for the life of me I will never know how she became a Congress woman. Minnesotians must be imbecilie, gullible and plain stupid, and I like the state being there few times. Same goes for Pawlenty. OMG God help us if they stay or Pawlenty is VP- NOT. By the way, don’t take any pills lady, you sound just as Michelle, turn your light bulb on,

        • Revcarrie

          This is why I said “AVERAGE” because it depends on the state and condition of the child. If the child has major physical problems or psychologial problems, there is usually a special and higher rate for them.
          Yes, I thought it sort of funny that none of the foster children(grown) were oon the campaign trail with her. Once they are grown (past 18) they are free to do whatever they want to do as far as their privacy issues go with the counties.

      • Revcarrie

        This is the average round the country for foster care. If you want to know for sure what she is likely getting, call the county she lives in. As far as “proof” goes, I wasn’t talking out of ignorance of the foster care systems, which has nothing to do with the fact that I’m a Rev. My husband and I have four grown adopted children and have had 30 foster children come through our home in another state and were approved for foster care again in our present state. We are still active in the teaching of foster parents even though we are seniors now. I hope this answers any concerns you might have had over my statement.

  • Satan’s whore at it again?

  • emarco22

    Will someone stick a gag in her mouth. Please!!!!

  • howa4x

    Bachmann didn’t get the memo that America is a giant melting pot of many religions and cultures living under one banner of freedom

  • ObozoMustGo

    Bachmann’s letter to the IGs of 5 agencies made valid requests to find out why someone on the known terrorists list was given a VISA into the US and why they have been allowed inside the White House. That is all this letter was about.

    Is it not valid that our elected representatives inquire about why terrorists are allowed inside our government? Of course it’s valid. John McCain is a complete idiot!

    Have a nice day!

    • Michelle Bauchmann throws out accusations against anyone she does not like. She lies. John McCain is a decent human being. You need to stop listening to faux news and listen to nbc or something. Joe McCarthy saw communists coming out of the woodwork. He destroyed lives with his nasty accusations. You need to show me proof that there are terrorists in our government. It does not say in the Ten Commandments , “Thou shalt not lie.” It says, “Thou shalt not bear false witness.”
      Michelle Bauchmann judges people by their ethnic origins and by their religion. If she is an example of Christianity then I want a nicer religion that is not prejudiced against other religions, nationalities, or political parties.

      • ObozoMustGo

        Maggie… instead of showing “righteous indignation” over something you actually know nothing about, I challenge you to read Bachmann’s letter to the IG’s in it’s entirety. It’s only 3 pages. It is perfectly legitimate for a Congressional Rep on the Security Committee to be concerned with… imagine this…. security. You can get the letter here:

        bachmann dot house dot gov/uploadedfiles/ig_letter_dhs dot pdf
        (they dont allow link posting here, so replace the “dot” with periods. Note that there is no www in this address either)

        Further, you can read her 16 page response to Keith Ellis which includes footnotes and references to factual sources of information. This will take you longer, so I dont expect you to read it becuase it has a chance of changing your opinion once you learn the actual facts, not the leftist media biased slant. And leftists don’t like changing their opinions. Here is the link:

        www dot scribd dot com/doc/100244266/Bachmann-Letter-Responding-to-Ellison

        Have a nice day!

        • Is that kinda like our fore father got rid of slavery?

          • ObozoMustGo

            Vern… you shouldn’t post comments until your crack buzz wears off completely!

            Have a nice day!

        • bigspender7

          BOZO – if the Bachmann (and the other 4 House scumbag’s) letter was so innocuous as you say, then please explain why John Boehner, Scott Brown and other repubs found it so offensive. You should go out and find a muslim, any muslim, and profusely apologize for your friends’ zenophobic letter.

          • ObozoMustGo

            Bigblunder… How are you? I hope you are well today. I see you are one of those that has their head burried in the sand about terrorist threats and muzzies.

            Re: Bachmann’s letter… did you read it? Go read it, and her response to Ellis. Instead of criticizing or just listening to the cacophony of no-nothings, go read them. Objectively. You will see what I am saying is correct. It is a legitimate concern to wonder how members of known terrorist groups are being granted access to our highest levels of government. You will see how a guy on the known terrorist list was given a VISA and allowed into the White House to lobby for the release of The Blind Sheik who masterminded the first WTC attacks in 1993. It’s all there footnoted and referenced in Bachmann’s 16 page response to Ellis. All facts, there for you to see.

            As to Boehner, Brown, McCain, Graham, etc…. they are trying to be politically correct. Especially that lump of crap McCain. He’s on his last go-round, and God willing so are the other RINOs. They will be “primaried” out.

            There is nothing to apologize for and of the few Muslims I know, all of them are patriots like Zhudi Jasser. You should see what he has to say about radical Islam.

            Have a nice day!

    • bigspender7

      BOZO- John McCain is one of the very very few republicans who has managed to retain any shred of credibility and respect. For you to call him an idiot just because he states the obvious, i.e. Bachmann is a worthless piece of gutter trash, says more about who you are than anything else.

  • rockcut

    I was so outraged that I phoned all three of Bachmann’s offices and told them how ashamed as an American that Bachmann is in the Congress representing any American.

  • bigspender7

    Isn’t there some way that Michele Bachmann could self-deport?

  • Gammaanya

    Debra Steinman have the same mentality and probably voted for her and will vote for her if she is from Minnesota. They must have very pathetic little life and for excitement they just pick on people who do not think like them, walk, talk and s… like them. They think that their s.. don’t stink and they are better than most – yeah sponging off society – Both are on society welfare???? I know Michelle was and is, assumption to Debra.. Birds of feather fly together. LOL,LOL.

    Howax and Rev – right on – Yes, US is a melting pot and OUR CONSTITUTION (that Rep so much quote but abuse) gives ALL equal right to do what they want as long as they pay taxes and don’t conspire against the country. Mc Veigh was our own, so called true American and the Oklahoma happened everybody blamed the terrorists, unfortunately it’s was our own. There goes the theory
    that anything this massive is always the Muslim, Brotherhood, Russian, English. Communist, Socialist and OBAMA. Given a chance to an open discusion I am sure that NONE of them know the meaning of Socialism, Communism, Marxism, Democracy etc. They have no clue. Hard to see the world with HOOD on your head and slits for your eyes. Vision is limited. Their vision is like the poor Muslim women – burkas. No offense to them on intelligence, smarter than Bachmann 10x over. By the way. SS, Medicare, Public Ed, and now ACA are SOCIALISTICS PROGRAMS.
    Republican’s wanted to get away with Dept. of Ed. because they wanted people like Michelle and her alikes to manipulate and plain stupid.
    Also by the way it’s 150 th Anniversaryt of Morril Act of 1862 signed by President A. Lincoln. I AM 100% SURE THAT NONE IN CONGRESS KNOW WHAT THAT IS OR WHY WAS CREATED. IT’S IN THE US CONSTITUTION. I am sure Michelle doesn’t know, nor Sarah or Deb for that matter and I am sure that most of you don’t.
    Even of the tragic Colorado shooting, comments were that it was some foreign person and unfortunately FACT proved some of them wrong. OUR OWN. They still pick on Obama that he used this tragedy to get more votes with showing compassion. I can guarantee, that Obama have more compassion for everybody Rep, Dem, Communists, Liberals, straight, gay etc than Romney, Michelle, Deb and the entire Republican and some Democrats elites. I never donate to any party, because I feel that money should not influence voting. I vote on issues important to my and my adopted Country ( yes I am legal Immigrant), I vote for compassionate Republicans and Democrats and who ever runs and have the Country and it’s citizen’s well being at heart gets my vote. Opportunist do not apply – my vote is not for sale at any price for any party. I grew up to my age of 22 in communist country, so I know what is what. I lived it. In comparison, I had more freedom there than here now. At least we did not have a voter supression with ridiculous laws, and racism. I travel the world and in my ripe age of 63 nobody in Europe/China/ Japan card me to buy beer or wine. Here I have to show my ID. I guess I Look younger than 18 – ;))

  • The GOP men are dingbats, the woman are just crazy!

  • It looks like the chickens have come home to roost for GOP. This illiterate group of thugs has petrified the GOP into submission during these past 2 years. No wonder preisdent Obama can’t compromise with the GOP. The kids are running the store and the adults are scared stiff of their youngens.