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Saturday, May 27, 2017

The sky is falling! The end times are upon us! It’s all over for America! And it’s all because of you execrable voters.

This is the wretched wail of a few corporate chieftains who claim to be somewhere between flummoxed and furious that Barack Obama is back in the White House. With his diabolical Obamacare and tax-the-rich attacks on us wealthy job creators, they moan, this president is out to destroy American business. “There’s a tsunami coming,” cried one, so we must save ourselves.

How do these trembling titans of free enterprise intend to do that? By firing employees, thus sending a message to workers that voting for Democrats is bad for their health.

“Elections have consequences,” exclaimed a Las Vegas boss, after offing 22 workers the day after Obama was re-elected. Echoing this self-serving political ethic, the Georgia owner of an aviation outfit told C-SPAN that his fear of Obamacare made him fire enough workers to exempt his business from providing health care. “I tried to make sure that the people I had to lay off voted for Obama,” he noted, spewing spite.

Then there’s Papa John’s, the billion-dollar-a-year fast-food chain. John Schnatter, the present “papa” of Papa John’s, had warned this summer that he’d jack up the consumer price of the chain’s pizza if Obama won, because he wasn’t going to eat the cost of assuring health coverage for employees.

Post-election, however, Schnatter has decided not to slap his customers, but to slap Papa John’s workers, instead, by cutting their hours to part-time so he doesn’t have to pay for their coverage. “That’s what you do,” Schnatter snapped. “You pass on costs.”

Yeah, and what an exemplary way for the millionaire boss to boost productivity and loyalty (not to mention morale of those who do the actual work that makes customers want to buy Papa John’s pizza — or not).

Despite all of Schnatter’s qualifications to take top prize in the “Political Boss Man of the Year” contest, he really didn’t come close to our winner. Numero Uno for 2012, hands down, is Robert Murray, multimillionaire chief backer of the coal giant Murray Energy.

43 Responses to Lord Help Us — Bosses Gone Berserk

  1. NO one should buy Pizza from Papa John’s. They got LOUSY Pizza anyway.

    This entire affair should show people that corporations have NO concern for their workers. They never did and never will.

    If this same situation would have happened in our grandfathers generation, there would have been riots in the streets.

    Where has America’s Balls gone to?

    • Couldn’t sgree with you more. Thankfully I live in NYC where we can get great pizza from the locally owned pizzerias and not have to settle for the Papa John’s crap. Hopefully a lot of people will boycott these businesses and these self serving hypocrites will wake up.

  2. Incredibly, Bob Murray and such bosses, have it backwards – The top 1-2 % are the “TAKERS” and we the people, the middle class, are the PRODUCERS!!! Laying off workers slows down production! They need to get it straight!
    It reminds that on Secretary’s Day, That while bosses decide, its the SECRETARIES that get the work done !! And who is Obama for? The MIDDLE-CLASS!
    Its WE THE PEOPLE, NOT we the corporations!!! Suggest Bob M. and all contrary bosses tries to do without his medical insurance, to remind himself how important it is to the rest of us.

  3. I’d rather that these brats just stomped their feet, turned blue and croaked…

    There’s an expression that ‘living well is the best revenge’. Let’s get this country on a course for clean, green, renewable energy and the jobs to accompany the manufacturing and retrofitting. Then the extraction industries can watch their employees go to better jobs and financial security while their own wealth shrinks.

  4. Narcissistic much? And he had the stones to pray. Calls himself a Christian no doubt. Still, employers of this sort have been wiggling out of paying livable wages and benefits for years now. All this did was give the issue some much needed press.

    • These same greedy bastards who want to pay as little as possible with no benefits are the SAME ONES THAT AGREED WITH ROBME ABOUT ‘THE ‘47%’. The ‘working poor’ bust their butts to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table, and turn to food stamps when driven to choosing between feeding themselves and their families OR keeping the rent & utilities paid. This is a group who equates ‘patriotism’ with wearing a flag pin.

  5. By cutting your employees to part time, paying them less you eventually end up with a work force that has no committment nor loyalty to the employer. Quality and service suffers and then the greedy owner wonders what happened to his business and will almost always blame it on the employees that he shafted. Give away 2 million free pizzas and use the salaries of your minimum wage employees to make up the difference makes perfect sense to many company execs. I really get tired of hearing “… least you got a job” rationalizing from rich billionaires who feed off the blood and sweat of their employees. The feudal caste system is alive and well in America. Welcome to the Dark Ages …..

    • Loyalty in big business has never been much of a factor in America and it died some years ago in Japan when the economy turned sour. The reason is that the big companies, the “zaibatsu,” fired workers.

      Like America’s Republicans, their concept of loyalty was strictly top down.

  6. It will be a cold day in hell before I ever patronize another papa john’s. As for Murray, perhaps his business plan and his company’s history of safety violations is what he should really be worried about. These ass holes are job creators????

    • Good comment, Bob. The way to get even with scumbags like Murray is to invade him with safety inspectors and fine him to the limit for every infraction.

  7. Papa Johns this guy is giving away 2 million pizzas and loads of money to Payton Manning another millionare for Ads but will make his employees suffer because of his greed hopefully they will get full time work somewhere else and papa johns will go down the tubes .A real dirt bag. I will never buy a papa johns pizza and will let all my friend know what a creep this guy is.Lord help his employees.

  8. Wow I am a Christian and a Democrat and support OBAMA. These “Bosses” think the Lord is going to answer their self-serving prayers are going to find out the same way the Pharisees and Sadducees found out when Jesus proclaimed them hypocrites.

  9. Guess they don’t realize 100% of our net job growth in the last 5 years was from SMALL BUSINESS that was no more than 5 years old? GOP’s “Job creators” created 0 jobs.

  10. All they’re doing is adding to Obama’s messages: The real one, and the one they made up.

    The real Obama message was of personal responsibility. These pricks have none and they’re showing it in spades.

    The fake Obama message was that corporations are evil and need to be taken over by the government. Which these idiots are doing nothing to disprove.

    It also cuts into the G.O.P.’s argument against Obama. They spent four years trying to blame him for high unemployment, but here we see the unemployment figures being deliberately elevated by the G.O.P.’s top supporters.

    So you know what I say? I say “Keep crying babies!” Keep throwing tantrums, and keep taking it out on your employees. Pretty soon your businesses will be in complete disrepair on account of having nobody else to fire except for the untrained inbred tea-bagger whelps you hired at the eleventh hour, then you’ll have no option except to either shut down your business or sell it cheap to a company that actually DOES love America.

    This isn’t the end of the G.O.P.’s bleed-it-dry-and-run economy, but you can see it coming from here for sure.

  11. I think that maybe this man is praying to a god, but not the GOD!!! May his soul find solace and may he ask for just a little drink of water in the heat for all he has done to his workers!!!

  12. These bloodsuckers send their obscene profits offshore while their workers collect food stamps because their paltry salaries are insufficient to live on.
    we must return the power to the people as the founding fathers intended and old Abe so succinctly phrased it, We are meant to be a Government off the people, by the people, for the people.

    End Citizens United, amend the constitution to say Corporations are not people and money is not speech, then institute publicly financed elections. Make the politicians accountable to, We The People.

    Put these bloodsuckers in their place.

  13. Oh Diddums! Poor souls! Why don’t they run home and ask their mommies to tuck them in, wipe their tears (as well as their behinds!), and give them a pacifier to suck on! I almost feel sorry for them, thinking that Mr. Bendyboots RoMoney was the best they could put forward as the next POTUS!

  14. These so-called “job creators” don’t have even the simplest grasp of Economics 101. If you asked them to prepare a flow chart that demonstrated their claims, they would snap back that they don’t need no stinkin’ flow charts because they’re titans of industry and titans of industry have absolutely reliable “instincts”. (Otherwise, how could they have become so rich and powerful? Pay no attention to that inheritance or the money loaned to them at zero interest by an old friend.)

    The stupid bastards all think they’re a frakkin’ character in an Ayn Rand novel. (God, why didn’t that nasty old woman die before she had a chance to spew her poison across the generations?) They have this weird notion that money not only buys position and prestige, it also buys intelligence; street smarts; WISDOM, for God’s sake!

    They are not wise. They are not caring humans. They are not particularly good businessmen. They couldn’t balance a budget if you held a gun to their heads. (Oh my, THERE’S a wonderful little daydream, isn’t it?) But they are most certainly rich bastards that obviously feel that they’re no longer part of the human species, because they’re practicing a particularly evil form of cannibalism.

    One of their many claims (apart from their primary claim that they’re nearly perfect) is that socialism requires money pumped into the system from the outside. Not so, O stupid and wrathful! CAPITALISM is the system that requires outside resources to be pumped in continuously and indefinitely. Capitalism requires constant growth outward, kinda like yeast in a test tube. (Remember that experiment in high school? Obviously, these rich bastards don’t.) The test tube is a closed system. When the food is gone, the yeast dies. The Earth is also a closed system. Limited resources. Limited size. Limited flexibility.

    And the Earth, like the yeast in the test tube, is going to die if the limitless expansion of capitalism isn’t drastically curtailed, otherwise it will eat all our resources at an exponential rate and kill us all. If one studies Malthus, the geneticist who first quantified this effect, the conclusion is inescapable.

    So is our doom if these damned fools who think of themselves as “titans of industry” are not severely controlled and contained. They will burn this planet down to the bedrock to achieve their goals. They must be stopped.

    • Ronald Reagan proved it first in the 1980’s and it has been proven over and over again the rich don’t create jobs, small business owners do. Reward the small business owners for their jobs creation and higher taxes for the rich that don’t create anything.

  15. For those of you who feel these bosses have no idea of fairness, we must pull our business and investment in their corporations. For they will never change their callous view of their workers until they feel the financial pain that behavior brings. For these individual have proven they have no soul.

  16. Why should this come as a surprise??? Anyone with an IQ over 80 knew that Obamacare and reelecting obama would be bad for business and bad for the economy. People were free to exercise their right to vote so they should be no complaints when those who create jobs take the action they need to

    • Yes they do have the right, these owners shouldn’t know who their workers voted for and if all their workers had voted for Romney, he would have still lost. The workers have a Constructional right to vote for whom they to and to not lose their job because of the way they voted or the Country voted. These owners are doing things now days that were done all the time before the unions were created, I am surprised that that haven’t tried to kill the workers that they think voted for Obama like the owners did the ones they thought were union people, the killing included children, men and women. Not only have these owners broke the voter suppression laws but they have violated the civil rights of these laid off workers and should be given big fines and jailed.

      • They have a constitutional right to vote but where in the constitution does it say they have a right to a job??? Sorry the owners only warned them that if barak won that his hatred of the coal industry would mean the loss of their jobs. Apparently the medicine didn’t take and now they are unemployed most likely until a new Republican is elected president.
        You forgot to mention that unions are exempt if their workers murder or maim while business are not.
        Had only “workers” been allowed to vote Romney was a shoe in, he lost to the 47% who don’t pay taxes and are on the dole

        • One done:

          You’ll be credited with doing a great deal to resurrect unionism. Theodore Roosevelt dubbed the captains of American industry “these malefactors of great wealth.”

          This personalityfault must be caused by a gene that jumps into one genome when one becomes rich, because the turn of the century rich bastards are the same miserable breed as the twenty-first century rich bastards.

          • Unfortunately the moochers and the lazy all seem to be the Dem’s base and they are growing that’s a real problem for the survival of this country

          • It certainly is onedonewrong, but it’s not the only problem.

            Another is the ability of the rich to game the system for huge profits. For example, if Mr. Moneybags makes a ton of money in a foreign country and keeps the money offshore, he doesn’t pay any United States tax on it. Once he brings that money into the United States, he must declare it as income on his tax returns and pay income tax on it, which can be as high as thirty-five percent.

            However, in two instances, Congress passed legislation declaring a tax forgiveness that allowed anyone to bring that money back into the United States at five and eight percent. I believe the first such forgiveness taxed such “repatriated” funds at eight percent and the second taxed them at five percent. I’ve rounded the rates down to the nearest whole number for convenience.

            There were conditions: The repatriated funds must not be used to reacquire a corporation’s stock, nor may they be used to pay executive salaries and bonuses.

            Guess what, onedonewrong. The repatriaters did just that. Their defense: They didn’t segregate the repatriated funds, so they cannot tell them from their other funds. Isn’t that pathetic, onedonewrong? It is pathetic, but even more pathetic is the Internal Revenue Service’sacceptance of the excuse. The perpetrators of this crime have never been prosecuted.

            Onedonewrong, the solution to stopping the moochers and the lazy from gaming the system is to insert effective controls and to enforce them, not to abandon the social welfare programs out of hand. The controls in some cases are in place. They’re sometimes called laws, rules and regulations, whatever. The problem is that they’re not being enforced.

            I could go on and on, but I think that you get the point of what I’m saying. The moochers and the lazy are stealing, so they risk getting caught and prosecuted. But the rich buy the legislators that pass the laws allowing the rich to game the system. Because they’re laws, the rich cannot be prosecuted, but they are just as guilty of fraud, stealing, and all the other sleazy things, They just cannot be prosecuted.

            What do you think onedonewrong? Which is the greater danger to our survival?

  17. If it can be proven that any worker was laid off or his hours was cut because he may have or did exercise his Constitution right to vote for who ever he wanted and voted for the President that owner should be charged suppressing the vote and violating the person’s civil rights, fined and jailed. Since one has already said that is the ones he laid off he should be the first tried. Romney should also be charged with the same thing since he encouraged them to use these tactics to get him elected. These rich owners would be right at home living in a country that was a dictatorship because that is what they want to be.

  18. White House. With his diabolical Obamacare and tax-the-rich attacks on us wealthy job creators, they moan, this president is out to destroy American business. “There’s a tsunami coming,” cried one, so we must save ourselves./// these guys are rich but so stupid . if thy did what the B/S thy say thy do and had made all these jobs then thy wouldnt have to have worryed about their taxes being payed their fair share of a % . but them being so stupid and greedy bastards thy are thy are not making the jobs . thy are hideing their money and not makeing jobs. hey brain dead greedy bastards you should of made the jobs you say you do and then no one would be able to say you dont pay enough . it would be over looked by the the thje jobs you say you make . (but dont) how can ppl. have so much money and be so greedy and stupid ?

  19. How do these trembling titans of free enterprise intend to do that? By firing employees, thus sending a message to workers that voting for Democrats is bad for their health.?? or if that happens the workers make it bad for the greedy bastards health . when thy fire them the workers start breaking out their 9mm and showing the greedy bastads that thy dont and wont have to worry about health things who has to worry about their heatth if a 9mm shots in their head and thy are 6 ft. under ?

  20. Elections have consequences,” exclaimed a Las Vegas boss, after offing 22 workers the day after Obama was re-elected. Echoing this self-serving political ethic/// 9mm pop him first

  21. Then there’s Papa John’s, the billion-dollar-a-year fast-food chain. John Schnatter, the present “papa” of Papa John’s, had warned this summer that he’d jack up the consumer price of the chain’s pizza if Obama won, because he wasn’t going to eat the cost of assuring health coverage for employees//// and tell HERES JOHNY your next in like for the 9mm party . there be a point when thy start getting smarter the greedy bastards . then again after the top brASS is taped out then the ppl. can ban together and not buy pizza,s for a month. boycott them and take away the blood thy live on their money take the cash from the brASS,ES

  22. Papa John’s owner wants to stay in business, that is why he did not raise the price of his pizzas. Instead he cut workers hours so he won’t have to provide health care. The workers will let him know what a mistake that is when they sabotage his pizzas. The joke will be on him as the workers rebel thinking their jobs are worthless anyway. Then the Americans that provided the overwhelming win at the election will boycott Papa John’s death discs (pizzas).

    • You don’t think that these part-time, unappreciated employees may spit on the crap pizzas they make? I’ve seen this done with disgruntled employees in the fast food business.

  23. I strongly suspect that much of the cutting of working hours and the firing of many workers (closing down money losing units) have been in the planning for months and that they would have happened whether Obama or Romney won and are now being used for publicity purposes.

    I am hoping some organization shall compile a list of the individuals and their companies that are busy screwing over their workers and blaming it on those of us who were intelligent enough to vote against Romney/Ryan and that organization shall maximize publication of said list so we may all be able to know which businesses we must avoid at all cost and be able to tell all those we come in contact with exactly which places must be avoided and why.

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