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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Reprinted with permission from AlterNet.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is no stranger to controversial and jaw-dropping moments. But Monday’s White House press briefing may have been her weirdest one yet, as she demanded that, in honor of Thanksgiving, reporters share what made them feel thankful before asking her any questions.

Whether this was intended to be cute or a power play is up for debate.

One journalist didn’t seem too amused at all: CNN contributor and American Urban Radio Networks journalist April Ryan.

“I’m thankful for life. I’m thankful for my children. I’m thankful for 20 years in this job,” she started. Then it got ascerbic.

“I’m thankful to be able to talk to you and question you every single day,” Ryan said to Sanders before adding, “I hope you felt the passion of my thankfulness.”

Another reporter announced his thankfulness for the First Amendment, which elicited an excited response throughout the room. Sanders tried to chime in that she appreciates the First Amendment, too. Ryan wasn’t having it.

“Yeah, but we are part of it,” she yelled out.

Watch journalist and hero April Ryan below at the 1:50 mark.

Chris Sosa is a managing editor at AlterNet. His work also appears in Mic, Salon, Care2, Huffington Post and other publications. Follow him on Twitter @ChrisSosa.

70 Responses to What Makes April Ryan Thankful? Don’t Ask, Sarah

  1. We can truly call ourselves blessed if this is the most egregious action of the Trump Administration of the day. It’s not like Sanders didn’t get the shade when people cited the First Amendment.

    For the clueless of the day award, I nominate those Trump supporters who have been attacking LaVar BURTON, former Star Trek TNG Actor and host of the show Reading Rainbow, for actions taken by LaVar BALL, Father of Basketball Players.

    “Scorecards! Get your scorecards here! Can’t tell the Black Guys apart without a scorecard!”

        • Sorry POORly informed jam, but it’s you and your lefties that are a disgrace. db CLEARLY was referring to the racist comment that all black look alike and thus a scorecard would be required to tell them apart.
          It looks like you lefties just can’t handle the truth – can you!

          • “It looks like you lefties just can’t handle the truth – can you!” Sure we can. The truth is you are a POS. We can handle that.

          • Sorry POORly informed luck but you lefites CAN’T handle the truth. You prove it every day and you continue to follow the FAKE MSM lies and think you are informed!

            Temper – temper. I guess I really got under your skin by showing you up – typical result. Why do you think your accuracy rate is south of 35%! You just can’t handle being shown up each time you post. Well, if you don’t like being made of fool of, then stop posting lies.

          • As I said you’re a POS. You demonstrate that repeatedly and then pat your self on the back. The only thing that “shows up” here is your dishonesty and lack of awareness. But that’s not news. It’s been the case ever since you, the most poorly informed person, here showed up with your ironic nickname. The average 5 year old is better informed than you.

          • Oh POORly informed luck, temper — temper. You know you fit the profile of a crazed killer!
            Since the FAKE MSM polls had HilLIARy winning in a LANDSLIDE and your queen Rachel Madcow belabored the fact that “even if Trump has the BEST day anyone ever had, there is NO WAY he will win”. Thus, for President Trump to turn around at least a “10 point deficit (according to the FAKE MSM poll) and to sweep so many states, it was a MANDATE of enormous proportions. Just look at the red/blue map of the USA and one can EASILY tell that President Trump did indeed receive a MANDATE from the voters. And that’s giving HilLIARy all the millions of illegal votes she received too.

            So now you’ve admitted that you’re not smarter than a 5 year-old. Well that’s a start in the right direction.

          • No illegal votes, what a bore you are. Just repeat the same lie until people get tired of correcting such an obvious fib.

            FYI idiot, a mandate is based on the margin of victory not some pollsters guess before the election.

          • Oh POORly informed luck, in Michigan alone, they have uncovered over 100,000 illegal votes for HilLIARy. obozo himself encouraged non-citizens to go ahead and vote. Millions in California voted. Pence’s investigation has uncovered almost 4 million illegal votes (I didn’t say illegal voters) for HilLIARy.

            Just look at a red/blue map of the USA and you can see the MANDATE! But of course you’d rather believe the FAKE MSM lies. And you wonder why you’re so easy to defeat.

          • Yah, too bad you and Trump are the only ones privy to the evidence. LOL What you see when you look at a red/blue map is the result of Republican gerrymandering. What you see when you look ash margins of victory is one of lowest ever in EC and a 3 million vote loss for Trump in the popular vote.

            I see you’re a fan of Bush Jr as well or at least have adopted his tactic of claiming victory while showing no progress.

          • Oh POORly informed luck, you really can’t help but to display your ignorance can you!
            Gerrymandering DOESN’T affect EC count! What an idiot you are. States move their EC votes based upon who wins the state vote!
            The truth is that the red/blue map shows that President Trump received a MANDATE from the voters. To say otherwise is just plane ignorant. But perhaps that’s why you’re so easy to defeat!

      • As usual you missed the point. It is people like you and many Trump supporters who are the racists. That is why they confused the two Black men despite their differing names and actual looks.

        • Sorry POORly informed JP, but, as usual, you are incorrect! Nope DB clearly was referring to the racist comment that all blacks look alike and you know it! Why am I or no one else surprised that you would try to make it appear otherwise.

          • So it turns out that Burton has been receiving messages intended for the shoplifters dad for MONTHS and Burton referred to the dad and son as a “piece of work”.
            Also, one doesn’t have to be a President Trump supporter to attack the stupid dad. Thus DB showed his true “colors” by making his racist remark. Deep down, he was thinking “all blacks look a like”. You’re just too stubborn to admit it.

            I know you didn’t know that Burton has been receiving tweets for months because of the dad being “a piece of work”. Thus, once more my moniker shows through – I am the informed one and you’re just another POORly informed lefty. Gee, what a surprise.

          • Wow, the first time you’ve made an accurate statement. Lavar Ball is a piece of work, trying to be a celebrity based on his son’s talent. of course that doesn’t change the fact that you and tRump are racists and fools totally lacking in maturity or character.

          • Sorry POORly informed luck, but it’s you lefties who state that ALL blacks looks a like. The fact that you and other low information lefties thought that the Burton mix up was due to GOP folks demonstrates your low information condition and your comments about GOP being dummies clearly shows your racial bias that blacks are inferior. Shame on you!

          • As always irrelevant. DB responded to the stupidity of confusing people woth unusual names when expressing your displeasure. It happens alot to people of color since people like you assume that they must all be the same. You ;now, those people (Blacks, Browns, Dems, libs, Trump haters, etc.)

          • Sorry POORly informed JP, but DB was responding that it was ONLY President Trump followers who were dumb enough to get mixed up. The truth is that long before President Trump weighed in, Burton was receiving tweets about his “son”. For DB to make the assumption that all were President Trump supporters shows how low information you lefties truly are. And the way he phrased it showed that he definitely thinks all blacks look a like. Otherwise, why would he post it. He’s a racist and you trying to defend him shows you must be a racist also.

            And the language you used in your final sentence certainly outs you as a racist.

          • Who said that dim-witted republicans just began tweeting Mr. Burton after Trump’s childish rant? Oh, that was you, a dim-witted republican.

          • Sorry POORly informed luck, but I believe it was one of you low information lefties called sandcat. YUP, he posted that GOP were dummies for mixing the two lavars up, when in fact Burton was getting hit BEFORE President Trump’s tweet.

          • My bad, I should have known you need it all explained for you. It was racists like you and tRump that were tweeting Mr. Burton thinking he was Mr. Ball prior to tRump’s childish rant and the numbers increased with the publicity from the child president who was irked that he didn’t get a parade for doing his job, for a change.

          • Sorry POORly informed luck, but the comments posted claimed it was President Trump supporters who were confused when reality is that it was lefties included, who tweeted Burton thinking he was the dad. For you to post that it was conservatives is without any proof. And you can’t be dumb enough to claim that only conservatives are racist.
            So why isn’t the media all over you progressives since you think being a pedophile is sexual orientation.

          • First you have no evidence that any “lefties” tweeted Mr. Burton by mistake while there is ample proof that many Trumpsters did. Note I said Trump groupies, not conservatives many of which do see the incompetence and dangerousness of the orange haired buffoon. Of course not all conservatives are racist maybe not even most but it’s obvious that trump’s people, at least those that have stayed with him now that he has shown that “drain the swamp” just meant replace them with his own donors and sycophants. That and he has shown his utter incompetence, no major legislation passed.

            You’re no conservative. Your only ideology is Trump worship. Most conservatives at least make sense but your last sentence is another example of your inability to do so. Or were you referring to a known pedophile like Roy Moore or a suspected pedophile like Trump.

          • Sorry POORly informed luck, but your hypocrisy is showing. It’s OK to support a PROVEN pedophile, if they’re a lefty, but it’s not OK to support unsubstantiated claims (that are looking more like lies each day) against a GOP.
            And just because the FAKE MSM FALSELY claims that GOP are racist, doesn’t make the statement true. Lefties are just as likely to be racist, if not more so than others.

            And you continue to display your low information status with your drain the swamp comment. Outing RINOs like Flake are a large part of draining the swamp. Get out the lifetime politicians who’d rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.

            And YES, the left has claimed that pedophilia is nothing more than a form a sexual orientation. How can you support that sick concept! You’re one sick puppy!

          • Who have I supported that is a proven pedophile? Unless you can produce one I’ll just ignore whatever nonsense you post.

            And yes Moore has not been convicted of anything but no the allegations against him have not been discredited no matter how much a lying POS like you tries to say so.

          • Oh POORly informed luck, when facts are presented to PROVE you and your lefty buddies supported Dems who were admitted pedophiles, suddenly you grow religion. Wow!
            I made the claim that you Dems claimed pedophilia was just a sexual orientation. You guys took that position in defending several prominent Dems, mainly donors. Billy boy was a regular guest at the kiddie parties thrown by wealthy Dems who “loved” underage girls. No howl of protest then means YOU supported them! qed!

            Judge Moore’s accusers have been repeatedly asked to produce ANY evidence to support their claims. They have refused. Two of the accusers actually get paid by the DNC for work. The yearbook accuser has had the inscription debunked by handwriting experts as being a FAKE. The writing was by two people and the DA written has been proven to be forged as Judge Moore’s assistant, who regularly signed papers for him, uses their initials (DA) to denote the Judge didn’t actually sign the document. The dumb forger didn’t realize this when they forged that in the yearbook. The comments about Judge Moore being banned from a mall have also been disproved as the mall admits they did not keep such a list 40 years ago!
            Another accuser used Judge Moore to handle her divorce just 15 years ago and had no problem or issue with the Judge.

            When Judge Moore was removed, twice, for “contempt”, obozo’s DOJ went after him with blood in their eyes and the could find NOTHING. It was only when Soros offered large money did the 5 (4 have been discredited already) come forward.

            Judge Moore will get elected and low information sheep like you and Eleanore, JPHALL, ID1, etc are saying the Senate will toss him if he’s elected. WRONG, there is no method to making that happen.

          • Racist? How about Trump’s father being a member of the KKK. You can deny it, as I know you will, but he was arrested at a rally in NYC. That’s the only way we know since KKK cowards cover their faces. I suppose we can’t condemn the son for the sins of the father but you know what they say about the turd not falling far from the butt and Trump’s two imbecile sons certainly fit his image.

          • Golly POORly informed luck, but you are once more WRONG! Even the highly lefty site of SNOPES says that President Trump’s father was NOT a KKK member or was even a supporter. So, YUP, I’ll deny it because it’s just not true! But spouting false statements is nothing new to you.

            I do agree that President Trump followed in his father’s footsteps – became a multi-million dollar person; became highly respected in the business community and the list of PLUSES goes on and on.

            Once more your “facts” are nothing but lies! Gee, what a surprise!

          • No, snopes did not say “Trump’s father was NOT a KKK member”. They said he was arrested at a KKK rally but there is no evidence he was a member.

            From Snopes: WHAT’S TRUE
            “A 1927 New York Times article named Fred Trump among the individuals arrested after a “near-riot” involving the KKK and New York City policemen at a “Memorial parade.”

            If anyone is interested visit Snopes page. it’s worth just to watch how Trump squirms when asked first trying to lie his way out one way and then another. Pretty funny actually but typical Trump. Of course a dimwit like misinformed buys it hook line and sinker. What a tool.


          • Oh, POORly informed luck, you certainly don’t know how read. SNOPES CLEARLY states that there is NO evidence he was anything but an innocent bystander!

            Thus, you, once more have been outed as being the lowest informed of the lefties. And this is from SNOPES – left-biased source, Other sources completely debunk the notion that he was ever aligned with the KKK.

            But don’t let the truth get in your way of making statements.

          • Oh POORly informed luck, what a surprise that you and JP have bonded. Together you probably have an IQ of 100 total. You POORly informed lefties are so easy to destroy. All we have to do is to stick to the facts and you guys are doomed!

          • If we total 100 that would put as about double you and Trump. You mean “alternative facts”, the ones demagogues like Trump use to cover up their misdeeds and incompetence.

          • Sorry POORly informed luck, but it’s low information sheep like you who post lies (like President Trump’s father being a KKK member) that are using alt-facts.
            You believed the FAKE MSM polls and you fell for the lie about President Trump’s father. You and JP prove you’re gullible! YUP, together you have enough IQ to qualify as an idiot.
            I don’t know what President Trump’s IQ is, but I suspect he’s way ahead of you, just based upon his lifetime of successes. Oh, please tell me all the hotels and casinos named after you and JP.

          • How many have gone bankrupt, 4 I believe. It would have been five if KKK daddy Fred hadn’t filed him out on his first failure.

          • Oh POORly informed luck, so he’s worth north of $11 BILLION, and he never, PERSONALLY, went bankrupt – as they were business ventures. And NOPE, his daddy was not a KKK member or supporter. Just keep spouting you lies, it makes your look soooo informed!

          • I’ll just stick with the facts. Fred Drumpf, aka Trump, was arrested at a KKK rally. It is unknown whether he was a member and may have just been a cheerleader. We may know more about tRump’s true net worth after Mueller is done with him. He is rich (money laundering is profitable) but no one outside of tRump himself and toadies like you has him at anywhere above 4 bil and many estimate a few hundred mil as tops.

            It’s typical of tRump to take something he could justifiably boast about, his wealth, and exaggerate it to the point of absurdity. The dupes and dopes, you fit both categories, lap it up.

          • Sorry POORly informed luck, but you continue to be WRONG!
            Yes, he was arrested, but they NEVER said he was a member or supporter. The SNOPES report CLEARLY states he was a bystander by all accounts. No charges were ever considered to be filed and he was released immediately. Thus, for you to even think he was associated with the KKK is FAKE MSM news. Yet, you’re low information and dumb enough to even post it!

            Mueller has, after over a year of investigating, come up with zilch! NOTHING will come of Mueller’s investigation EXCEPT a special probe into HilLLAIRty will be launched.

            So even if President Trump is ONLY worth 4 billion, since you claim you’re a better businessman than him, what is your net worth? ha, ha, $1.36 is probably closer to your net worth.

            So, once more, it’s you have shown to be duped and doped by the FAKE MSM and your own ego.

          • I’m wasting too much time correcting your mistakes and countering your lies so this will be last, at least for now. It’s pointless anyways since you don’t have the intelligence or integrity to accept the truth and everyone who posts here, even the right wingers, knows what a moron you are.

            Your post is a good example of how even when you have a fact on your side (F Trump wasn’t proven to be a member of the KKK) you feel the need to lie, very Trumplike BTW, and say “The SNOPES report CLEARLY states he was a bystander” NO, Snopes does not say that it said it’s not known for sure either way. The circumstantial evidence is against him but not enough to say conclusively he is KKK though the fact that he was a racist is well known.

            Tell you what, when Trump comes clean with his net worth as revealed by tax returns then I’ll tell you mine. Suffice it to say that given what we each started with and received in inheritance I have done far better than he has. And unlike Trump I’ve never bilked a contractor or stiffed a worker.

          • Sorry POORly informed luck, but you are one of those who thinks President Trump starting with billions. He started with only a few million and turned it into billions. I call your claim about doing better than President Trump a typical lefty fact – meaning it’s a lie.

            And NOPE, no agency has said that his father was anything but most likely a bystander. For you to continue with your obvious lies that he wasn’t shows how POORly informed you are.

          • We’ll just have to take mine and Trump’s opinions about our net worth since neither of us has offered any proof. Note that even though it seems Trump is worth far less than he claims I make no claim to have more material wealth than he. (If he had just invested his gifts from dad in a mutual fund he would be worth at least as much as he is today, no talent involved.)

            Last time on this one and then you can repeat your lies about Fred Drumpf. No report by Snopes or anyone else says that he was “most likely a bystander” when he was arrested at a KKK rally. It’s unknown whether he was a participant, a cheerleader or just a gawker.

          • Sorry POORly informed luck, but you continue to post incorrect information. He was “detained:” for refusing to leave the scene. This PROVES he was not a participant! If he had been a participant, he would have been arrested on such a charge and NO news source, ANYWHERE makes that claim. The WP continues to spread this lie and you are POORly informed enough to want to believe it, but in the end, it just demonstrates how low information and gullible you truly are.
            The following link PROVES you’re WRONG – but what a surprise.

          • I’ve let myself get into a posting exchange with him or her too many times but in the future I will observe the advice a friend once gave me for dealing with such an obvious imbecile as misinformed voter. “Don’t argue with a fool. The bystanders will have trouble determining which is the fool.”

        • That’s right POORly informed luck, I’m so stupid that when I posted that the real polls showed that President Trump would receive a MANDATE from the voters, you made the STUPID post that I had the “ability to show greater stupidity with each post”. Sound familiar? So how did your STUPID post to me work out for you?
          I’m having a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving and enjoying my turkey and it looks like you’re stuck with CROW!

          • Misinformed Voter: “I’m so stupid” OK, finally you got something right. And if you did make the statement about tRump getting a mandate then once again you were wrong. if tRump had a mandate then every other president must have had one too. Their victory margins were better than tRump nearly every election and contrary to tRump they all won the popular vote as well so yes, your statement that tRump would or did win a mandate was and is an example of gross stupidity.

          • Sorry POORly informed luck, but you failed to take into account the unbeatable lead that HilLIARy had and could not be beaten. President Trump’s yuge victory will be studied for years. For such a yuge lead to evaporate and for President Trump to win by the margins he did, was certainly a MANDATE of record proportions.
            What is gross stupidity is the way you low information lefties called me stupid when I kept posting that President Trump was ACTUALLY ahead in the polls, but NO, you low information sheep blindly followed the lies of the FAKE MSM. How did that work out for you!

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  2. Like I said in an earlier post, Sara Huckabee Sanders should be thankful to her daddy for getting her a job where skills, knowledge and experience were not a requirement. However, as I said before, if this doesn’t work out for her, Tyson is always looking for her quality of personnel. After all, they go through chicken coop cleaners at a pretty fast rate.

    • Who would notice it? Her angry and condescending frown twists her already ugly face into something so hideous one cannot look away.

      • Sorry Sand, but I’m thankful we don’t have ugly HilLIARy to look at. Talk about making a person gag! And what about poor mooseshell, obozo’s dog!

          • Sorry POORly informed chet, but it’s you lefties, working off the Harvey W model that is based upon good looking people, who have no class! When President Trump received his MANDATE from the voters, you hypocrites focused on President Trump’s 10-year-old son and started to rag on his looks. He’s 10!

            So go ahead and tell me you are turned on by HilLIARy. How sick you must be! And all you terrible lefties, like Eleanore, JPHALL, etc, who place everything on physical looks, who ragged on President Trump’s wife for being a former model, are getting what they deserved.

            If you classless lefties want to dish it out and claim the GOP folks are not attractive, then you must be prepared to have your side attacked for their looks too. The irony is that you lefties ragged on FOX news because all their female reporters were sleeveless and much better looking than the dogs like Rachel Madcow and Whoopi. You accused the GOP views of getting off on the FOX reporters. How sick and CLASSLESS you were then. If you can’t handle the rebuttals, then you shouldn’t start the debate.

            That’s why you and the FAKE MSM are so upset with President Trump. Unlike GW, who just allowed you to rag on him, President Trump is fighting back. And that’s what the voters LOVE about him.

          • So POORly informed Sand, that’s all you low information lefties have. Raping donors who are even uglier than your candidates.

          • Donnie- is that you? Why aren’t you tweeting? I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving, even with all your younger relatives annoying you with their non- fantasy political positions. Just blast Fox newsy stuff at them until they surrender.

          • Gee POORly informed Chet, I just loved your comments about the facts. So it was classy for you low information Dems to go after President Trumps son. I just love you fake folks who place so much value on looks. I repeat I’M THANKFUL WE DON’T HAVE HILLIARY OR MOOSESHELL TO LOOK AT.

          • Gee, the only prominent politician on either side that I’ve seen who repeatedly criticizes others’ look is the repugnant doofus tRump. A man who apparently avoids mirrors.

          • Sorry POORly informed luck, but you continue to post your lies. After President Trump got his MANDATE from the voters, you lefties started in on Baron. You can’t deny that!
            And you lefties are constantly going after Mrs. Trump. Admit it, she’s a lot easier on the eyes that HilLIARy or Moossshell.

        • Hey Obozo,
          Just can’t give it up, can you? Every post with what I suppose you think are clever attempts at insults only confirms what an infantile little troll you are. Sara is the perfect representative for you and your ilk; no doubt your face – like hers – is an expression of your twisted little mind.

          • Sorry POORly informed sand, but it’s obvious that you place all sorts of value on physical appearances. I guess that’s why you so admire Harvey – he’s “so good looking”.

        • Yes but we still the quintessential ugly American in Trump. Ugly in speech, ugly in behavior and ugly in visage. Just plain ugly.

          • Sorry POORly informed luck, but President Trump has elevated our stature in the world. The foreign world has responded that the USA is once more the leader of the free world. This is something obozo surrendered 8 year ago!
            Unlike you, I don’t base success upon physical appearance. We all recognize that Harvey is your poster child of good looks. Him and fat Teddy.

  3. Why would Sarah Huckabee Sanders insist on hearing reporters’ notions of thankfulness?
    She doesn’t care what the White House Press Corps values.
    Might as well ask everyone the name of their first pet. Bizarre.

  4. Maybe she meant to say is what the WH staffers felt, or the administration people felt.
    I would have replied, though it would have been an immediate “Sarah frown”, that hopefully this administration wouldn’t last much longer.

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