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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

5 responses to “Many Latinos Shun Obamacare For Fear Of Getting Relatives Deported”

  1. FT66 says:

    I was watching a video of Glenn Beck what he went through, boy! I couldn’t hold back my tears, I shedded tears along with him. It was hard to watch. I came to realise that even if one is rich, once the disease decides to strike, it will hit anyhow. Glenn Beck is the rich man, he explained the hospitals he hit to save his life. At last he managed due to his money. Without money, we could be talking a different story about our dear Glenn. Does it mean those who have money have to live and those who have nothing must die?? It is absurd. I have read this article with sadness as well. These two sisters are living in a difficult situation, any human being should be in.

  2. Jed Eckert says:

    Should not the primary architect of Obamacare, Bolshevik ideologue Ezekiel Emanuel, be charged with murder?

  3. Scoop Jaxson says:

    Well if one thing is clear, it’s that the ideology of liberalism is an ideology of nonsense.

  4. Ard Vark says:

    Centralized bureaucrat control of access to medical care isn’t compassionate, it’s evil.

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