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Saturday, December 10, 2016

3 Responses to Marathon

    • Israel is a generic word that covers the entire area. Judea was renamed Palestine, the land of the PHILISTINES, by Rome after quashing the Second Jewish Revolt in the 130’s, and Jerusalem was renamed Aelia Capitolina (restored to Jerusalem because of the connection with JESUS, not the Jews, after Rome established Christianity in the 4th century), and Jews were almost totally expelled.

      While it is most certainly wrong what Israelis are doing to Palestinians, their paranoia results from the way terrorists constantly target them. Both sides need to calm down their extremists and work out a way to share the land. America has similar periods of shame, such as the way we treated Native Americans and non-Anglo-Saxon immigrants (millions of whom were brought here as “freight” originally). But so have the Arab nations, who immediately after the establishment of Israel, began persecuting their native Jewish populations which had lived in peace with the Arabs for a millennium. Interestingly, when Arab nations persecuted Jews, Israel welcomed them as refugees and integrated them into the population. When Palestinian Arabs attacked Israel, or just decided to leave, the Arab nations REFUSED to integrate them into their populations, despite nearly identical cultures, instead keeping them in refugee camps to fuel hatred and desires for revenge. Otherwise they would be prosperous and happy Jordanians or Syrians by now.

      As soon as Mahmoud Abbas and Benjamin Netanyahu listen to the peace activists on both sides, and crack down on their respective extremists (e.g. no more building in disputed territory, and no more “civilian” rocket attacks on Israeli civilians), they can negotiate how to live as brothers, which the Bible and Koran both say they are: children of Abraham.

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