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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The late Gov. Mario Cuomo (D-NY), who passed away on Thursday, will be remembered by progressives for the stirring keynote address he delivered at the 1984 Democratic National Convention, in which he laid out a forceful liberal message against President Ronald Reagan.

“Mr. President you ought to know that this nation is more “A Tale of Two Cities” than it is just “a shining city on a hill.”

“Maybe, maybe, Mr. President, if you visited some more places; maybe if you went to Appalachia where some people still live in sheds; maybe if you went to Lackawanna where thousands of unemployed steel workers wonder why we subsidized foreign steel. Maybe — Maybe, Mr. President, if you stopped in at a shelter in Chicago and spoke to the homeless there; maybe, Mr. President, if you asked a woman who had been denied the help she needed to feed her children because you said you needed the money for a tax break for a millionaire or for a missile we couldn’t afford to use.”

The speech helped make Cuomo a national star for many liberals, who hoped he would run for president in both the 1988 and 1992 campaign cycles, something he ultimately never did.

Watch this highlight video from Cuomo’s most famous speech:

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  • Louis Allen

    Eric Kleefeld, you dumbass, I do remember Cuomo’s “speech” during the DemocRats 1984 convention. Coming out from that kind of speech the Liberals got their WORST beating in many, many years (1984) when Ronald Reagan beat the **it out of them.

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    Louis Allen…you dumbass….liberals are all that you CONs have to support your dumbasses. Ronald Reagan’s Trickle Down policies never trickled down…It’s why men like Cuomo had the fortitude to tell freaks of nature with greedy appetites and beak noses pilfering hard earned incomes had to shove truth in faces of crooks.

    You don’t even have the common decency to respect the dead. Who’d expect you to think outside you you you you?

  • mah101

    I think in some ways that the following is a clear statement of progressive values, regardless of what many conservatives (and trolls on NM) will tell you. To think it has been 30 years…

    “We believe we must be the family of America, recognizing that at the
    heart of the matter we are bound one to another, that the problems of a
    retired school teacher in Duluth are our problems; that the future of
    the child — that the future of the child in Buffalo is our future; that
    the struggle of a disabled man in Boston to survive and live decently
    is our struggle; that the hunger of a woman in Little Rock is our
    hunger; that the failure anywhere to provide what reasonably we might,
    to avoid pain, is our failure.”