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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

by Joaquin Sapien, ProPublica

Following the mass shooting in Connecticut, the Obama administration and lawmakers around the country have promised to re-examine gun control in America.

ProPublica decided to take a look at what’s happened legislatively in states where some of the worst shootings in recent U.S. history have occurred to see what effect, if any, those events had on gun laws.

We found that while legislators in Virginia, Alabama, Arizona, New York, Texas and Colorado sometimes contemplated tightening rules after rampage shootings, few measures gained passage. In fact, several states have made it easier to buy more guns and take them to more places.

Here’s a rundown of what’s happened in each of those states:

Virginia: After 23-year-old Virginia Tech student Seung Hui Cho killed 32 students and faculty members at the university in April 2007, then-governor Tim Kaine assigned a blue-ribbon task force to examine gun policies in the state. The task force made dozens of recommendations that, among other things, suggested that the state intensify background checks for gun purchasers, and ban firearm possession on college campuses. None of the recommendations became law.

The most significant change in Virginia came two weeks after the shooting, when Kaine signed an executive order requiring the names of all people involuntarily committed to mental health facilities to be provided to a federal database called the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS. Licensed gun dealers are supposed to check the database before they sell anyone a gun.

President George W. Bush subsequently signed federal legislation requiring all states to submit their mental health records to NICS, but to gain the support of the NRA, Congress agreed to two concessions. It made changes to the way the government defined who was “mentally defective,” excluding people, for example, who had been “fully released or discharged” from mandatory treatment. The law also gave mentally ill people an avenue for restoring their gun rights if they could prove to a court that they had been rehabilitated. After the law passed, the NRA pushed state lawmakers to limit roadblocks for people applying to regain their rights.

Virginia is particularly open to restoring people’s gun rights. A 2011 New York Times investigation found that the restoration process in the state allowed some people to regain access to guns simply by writing a letter to the state. Others were permitted to carry guns just weeks or months after being hospitalized for psychiatric treatment.

This past year the Virginia state legislature repealed a law that had barred people from buying more than one handgun per month — a law put in place because so many guns purchased in Virginia were later used in crimes committed in states with more restrictions.

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43 responses to “Mass Shootings Do Little to Change State Gun Laws”

  1. Fifty states…fifty sets of gun laws…none of them work.

    It’s time to remove gun licensing authority from the states & give it to the Feds.

    One set of Laws please.

    • Sand_Cat says:


      But then, the Feds aren’t really doing anything, either.

      • 13observer says:

        No one is doing anything because we all like guns and there are simply not enough of you gun-haters to get anything changed!!!! Are ya stupid??? You really don’t get it do you? None of you anti-gun people know a fucking thing about this subject…admit it! Do you know what is going on right now? Hoards of people are buying guns, ammunition, accessories like extended magazines and stockpiling it. They are getting concealed carry permits by the thousands per day! The NRA is signing up new members at a record pace! The NRA/ILA or political arm is getting flooded with contributions from gun owners, sportsmen, manufactures….it is fucking pathetic to think you gun-haters have half a fucking chance at getting any gun legislation passed. The administration is all tied up with the fiscal cliff shit and won’t have time to fuck with your gun ban bullshit. They have tried for scores of years to trick Americans into giving up their guns….nothing doing!!!! Hey, I loved having you on today’s show and to show you I’m a good sport, I’ll let you choose between a years subcription to the “American Hunter” or a membership in the NRA so you can be part of a winning team rather than the same old get your ass kicked loser team you are used to!

    • latebloomingrandma says:

      I agree. since the Second Amendment is part of the US Constitutiion, laws conceerning guns should be the same for all states.

  2. What I learned from the Sandy Hook massacre, and all the others before it, is that while we are good at expressing remorse and sharing the pain, we are unable to overcome our paranoia and reach logical conclusions conducive to minimizing the probability of similar slaughters happening again.

    • old_blu says:

      Agreed Dominick, also our politicians are afraid to take on the NRA, it dosn’t look like anything is going to be done, it’s too bad all Americans have as short of a memory as we do.

  3. Here is where the problem lies. For every nut on one side of the conversation of gun control there is a matching nut on the other side. Neither side can relate to the other side because of these nuts. When the NRA stated that the answer to school shootings is to arm the teachers they jump onto the nutty side. What they should have said is that the problem is gun free zones. IF and only IF a teacher or school employee who was trained and licensed to carry wanted to carry at work it should not be prohibited. Crime has gone down in states that allow concealed carry. This should have been explained during their press conference. I can see why the Teachers Association came out against arming teachers because the way it was worded it made it sound mandatory. The NRA should push for a ban on gun free zones. A start would be to require any establishment that prevented it’s occupants from defending themselves to have armed guards present. They have hard facts to show that gun free zones are the favorite target of mass murderers. Ask yourself this question. How is it different when gun right activists on the nutty side spew hatred for all “liberals” yet become angered because the liberals on the nutty side lump all gun owners whether criminals or law abiding citizens together. There is no black and white or right and wrong on either side. The sad truth is that something needs to be done. My feeling is that the right to carry and elimination of unguarded gun free zones will go a long way towards lessening this problem. The nuts on both sides do nothing to help solve this problem.

    • sigrid28 says:

      Thank goodness there are only 4 million NRA members and 315 million Americans. Even among NRA members, a majority favors limitations on firearms and ammunition designed exclusively for military purposes and other legislation that would protect school children and innocent bystanders. A minority of Americans would like to see a George Zimmerman, dominated by paranoia and hero fantasies, wielding a gun at every American school. The gun manufacturers and the NRA leadership, with their lobbyists, are out of touch and growing more so every day. The good will and common sense of the majority of Americans will not tolerate their foolishness much longer.

  4. 13observer says:

    The NRA RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just sent them a bunch more money after California democrat Senator Diane Fienstien tip her hand and stated clearly to ALL gun owners that in her so-called “assault weapons ban” her intent was to confiscate “ALL” guns just as everyone thought the sleezy democrat way is to try and “TRICK” our citizens into some bullshit legislation as they have done all along for years!!!!! THAT IS WHY YOU CAN’T GET ANYTHING DONE ON THIS!!It’s just like they say about illegal aliens; they are here and we just have to live with it!!!!! It’s kind of funny how the same people advocate for giving rights to law breakers (illegal aliens) while denying rights already secured for legal gun owners under our Bill of Rights. We really need to take on this ABORTION ISSUE that allows the “casual killing” of the unborn! You all thought the school children were so defenseless at Sandy Hook……what about those killed by their own mothers and sanctioned by our federal government? That is truely a crying shame!!!!! Ban abortion not Guns!

    • Sand_Cat says:

      I’m really touched by your compassion.

      You must be a “compassionate conservative,” i.e., one who believes life begins at conception, but ends at birth, at least for the poor.

      • 13observer says:

        No I am worried about eroding our American culture and replacing it with other cultures from around the world and forcing by taxation the facilitation of people coming here illegally and breeding like flies and having the financial gains of American citizens being used to fund it!!! While Stealing our Bill of Rights away by the confiscation of guns!! We disarmed the Indians here and look what happend to them!!!!! Hitler disarmed the public before he killed 6 million Jews also!!! Sorry he missed that piece of shit Bloomberg!!!

        • awakenaustin says:

          Apparentlly you have added being unable to read to your other talents. The whole business about Hitler and the Holocaust and guns is idiocy. Even five minutes of actual historical research would show anyone with a learning curve which isn’t completely flat, that gun possession by Jews in Germany would have made no difference whatsoever and had no influence at all over what occurred.
          Side bet: somewhere in your home you have a Confederate or Nazi flag displayed and not as a historic or war relic. Yeah, I am stereotyping and I bet it is justified.

          • 13observer says:

            Sorry, no flags, just a strong patriotic desire to keep America solvent and our cultural history intact. We are becoming far too sensitive about the cultures of non-Americans residing here or “new” holidays created by the democrats in an attempt to win over minorities. The usual sleezy tricks they pull to win over people who don’t know better! You communists all HATE America always sorry, making excuses, kissing ass, sucking up, so fucking ashamed of who you are or apoligizing for those who are successful (rich) because they worked hard for their wealth. The question was asked about the NRA’s suggestion to put armed guards in the schools………….who will pay for this??????? Well the answer is SIMPLE; as of recent, the government has not worried about how they were going to pay for anything else………………… so……………..I’ll go with that!!!!!!!! Let the taxpayers pay for it….or the Chinese who now own us!!!!! If you have to ask how much will it cost, you really aren’t worried so much about the children……….. more like the politics instead!!!!! The government pays for illegal aliens welfare, education, healthcare etc. and you are worried about who will pay to protect our children??????? REALLY NOW!!!!!!

          • neeceoooo says:

            You are really living under a rock, we can’t even afford books and paper for the classroom and now you want to add guns and guards holding those guns to the budget. What about the back door that just happens to have no one stationed there? What about the 6 year old that gets his hands on the gun and shoots his classmate? You are one hateful SOB and I am ashamed that you are part of this country.

          • 13observer says:

            Sorry that you only know what MSNBC tells you but you are part of the fucking idiots that want to tax and spend….so just have the government cover the cost…like everything else you commy liberal fucks do!!! Maybe just tax the rich some more! The government hasn’t worried about who is going to pay for all the illegal alien welfare….so why do they care about this cost??? Funny thing is the rich will pay to have their kids protected because they care more about them than you!!! You just care about where the “politics” of this might end up because you are a fucking liberal communist!!!

          • awakenaustin says:

            Yeah all you guys are patriots. Yet you spend half your time talking treason and suggesting the need for firearms in your upcoming armed struggle against your government.
            Whose cultural history are you protecting? The English American, the Dutch American, the French American, the Irish American, the Italian American, the Czech American, the German American, the Swedish American, the Norwegian American , the Polish American, the Russian American, the Chinese American, the Japanese American, the Vietnamese American, the Hawaiian American, the native Alaskan American, the Puerto Rican American, the Scotch-Irish American, the Indian American, the Pakistani American, the Arabic American, the native American, the African American, the Mexican American (although they are not an ethnicity) the culture associated with Jewish Americans? (My apologies to anyone I left out.) Which of these cultures is the real American culture?
            Let us face it Mr. Patriot, you are white and you are scared. Instead of opening your mind and your heart and making peace with the world and the inevitable changes coming despite your reactionary efforts, you are locked in a battle, doomed to failure, to try to preserve a mythical past and fantasized culture which never existed. This nation was created by foreigners, it was grown by, fed by and developed by foreigners. Every single person in our nation (with the possible exception of native Americans) is the descendant of a foreigner and an interloper. We stole this country from its native inhabitants. We decimated the native populations. We have personally enslaved and permitted the enslavement and long term degradation of a major portion of our population (a part of the population who incidentally didn’t choose to come here as conquerors and immigrants but were brought here in chains without choice.) There is no question that the general arc of the American Experiment has been in a positive direction and that we as a nation and people have made many important and worthwhile contributions to the world. We, by no stretch of the imagination are perfect. We have made our share of mistakes and we are sometimes wrong and we not infrequently make stupid mistakes and decisions. Maybe when viewing our cultural history you should take off your rose colored glasses and put down your conspiracy theories and glimpse a little of the reality around you.
            You have no idea what a communist is. It is just an insult you throw at anyone who disagrees with you or who says things you don’t like. You know less about the history of this nation than most of the people who took the examination to become citizens last year. No matter what anyone says to you in rebuttal of your position you twist it around to make it fit your preconceived notions of what they must be or mean. You argue in response to things others didn’t even say. You are arrogantly ignorant and not ever likely to change. Except for the pleasure I derive from pointing out your ignorance, a discussion with you serves no purpose whatsoever. I take some grim satisfaction in knowing that someday old age will claim you and I continue to have some hope your poison will not spread to your children.

          • 13observer says:

            You sure wasted alot of time depicting the heritage of all that came here “LEGALLY” professor! But……………………………. you failed to point out the “ILLEGAL” immigration dumb ass! You people that HATE America because you haven’t made it financially and look to communism to fulfil your dreams. But that black santa in the whitehouse can’t deliver on his promises!!!!!I may be white …. you racist,…. but I sure the fuck ain’t “scared” of you or anyone else…at least not for myself!!! All this Alah and the Muslim hatred for non-Muslims is why the generations to come will retain their Second Amendment “RIGHTS” to protect themselves against a government that would take from the successful and give to the lazy or unsuccessful. Sorry, no looting around here! I just loved having you on today’s show! We are amused at how retarded you sound spewing your bullshit to the idiots that would believe it. Keep taking your meds and try to be a little more “CONSERVATIVE” this year!!!!!! We can’t afford the spending going on now!

          • latebloomingrandma says:

            That was an amazing response to that piece of work who is NO patriot.

        • latebloomingrandma says:

          I guess you mean”white culture” and everyone else who may be citizens are just visitors?

          • 13observer says:

            No, wrong PROFESSOR!! but you are used to that!!! Americans are “LEGAL CITIZENS” of this country. We don’t give a fuck about what they did in mexico cuz it didn’t work apparently, or what the fuck they did in africa cuz we ain’t in africa bro! So, I think you’re an interesting guest and we just loved having you on today’s show because you make us all laugh with your stupidity! We have a wonderful parting gift for you; a one year subscription the “American Hunter” published by the NRA and a lifetime membership in your to some dilusional mental case looking to buy an AK-47 for some fun!!!! Until next time, don’t stop taking your meds, and keep smiling cuz that black santa we call obama promised he would take care of EVERYONE!!!!

          • latebloomingrandma says:

            I fear, observer, you are becoming unhinged . What the HELL are you even talking about? I am a white mother of 2, grandmother of 2, 2nd generation Italian-Slovak-American, retired RN. What the hell are you??? I know one thing—you are one of the mentally ill who should not own a gun. If any of us sane people on this forum met up with you in a bar, I’m sure we would have been shot by now. You are not making your case for the 2nd amendment by your systematic unraveling on a national forum..

          • 13observer says:

            Unhinged? I think not! I am just not like the idiots you convince that gun control is good for everyone. Also, you are not worth shooting. I am an American…… leaving all ties to my ancestory in Germany because I am a legal American citizen! I do make a strong case for the Second Amendment but not to lefty liberals like you, but who cares, the NRA takes care of our business with you goofy fuckers and many of us support the NRA. Sorry, you loose on this issue and have for decades!

          • Susan says:

            Everything that you write makes your deranged mental state clear. Pleasse, please get help before you become yet another mass murderer.

          • 13observer says:

            Come on, you gotta step up your game babe. You amuse me with your predictable liberal diatribe. I am too smart to be a looser like those mass murderers as most of you liberal loosers think about true patriots that happen to get their kicks shooting guns. It is like calling blacks niggers, gays fags, or illegal aliens wetbacks. Are you discriminating against law abidding gun owners exercising their right protected by our Constitution. Sorry, you and your communist friends will NEVER trump the NRA!

          • Susan says:

            It would be nice if you were smart enough to spell correctly and didn’t have to make your points with obscenities, capitals, and multiple exclamation points. Smart? I don’t think so.

          • 13observer says:

            This isn’t about how smart I am, but about how the NRA fucks up your SLEEZY attempts at disarming law abidding citizens exorcising their rights under our Constitution! Your SCUMMY friends will NEVER overcome the power of the NRA, just look at gun sales recently!!! Are you fucking kidding me? You must be fucking retarded!

          • Susan says:

            “Exorcising their rights” is exactly what we need to do.

          • 13observer says:

            Sorry, and good luck with that fucking “pipe dream” BABE! You mean you need to be “EXORCISED” don’t you??????? The lefty democrat gun grabbers will be busy dealing with the “HOUSE” trying to get a deal so the dems don’t look like they FAILED because ultimately it comes down to the deficit and why we have one! We all know it is because of “SPENDING” or should I say whatever votes “cost” to get elected these days!!!! Obama will find out that you can’t tax the “rich” enough to pay for his out of control spending!!!! The poor are just going to have to do without “earned income tax credits” are you fucking kidding me? Talk about a free lunch!!!! THEY DON’T PAY A FUCKING DIMES WORTH OF TAXES AND WANT A “CHECK” FOR DOING NOTHING! I am a middle class guy and people I talk to say they are tired of paying for the poor!!!! What will Obama tell everyone when it comes down to CUT, CUT , CUT those fucking “entitlements”? Welfare reform baby!!!!! When is Obama going to get off the campaign trail and start “LEADING”? Sure anyone can get elected on promises you can’t keep. When taxpayers realize the debt their children and grandchildren will be strpped with, they will end the spending addiction that the democrats and their fearless leader Obama has used to “buy” votes!!!! The 2014 elections will prove to be like the 2010 elections did, a mandate on balancing the checkbook by cutting the “WELFARE”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • jointerjohn says:

          You say “No I’m worried about eroding our American culture and replacing it with other cultures from around the world…..”.

          Now that is EXACTLY the thinking upon which the German Third Reich was born! I am American Indian sir, and you did not conquer us by gun confiscation, you did through starvation and wholesale genocide. Which brings me right back to that “losing our culture and replacing it with other cultures from around the world” thing. It’s OK when you do it, huh?

          • 13observer says:

            We got it from you because you “sold out” for booze and beads….don’t you remember? Then we took your guns, kicked your asses all over the place, and locked you on reservations! Now, do you think for a minute that we want that to happen to us? Fuck NO is the answer. Hey, we learned from what happened to you! We are not that stupid! The Indians never had any claim to this land but it was up for who ever could “TAKE” it, and we did. Now we don’t want to give it up and we are willing to fight like “dog soldiers” to keep it!

          • jointerjohn says:

            Thank you sir, you took the bait, swallowed the hook and revealed of yourself to be exactly what I suspected. Gosh that was easy!

          • 13observer says:

            Wow, your a fucking genius! You tricked me, of course that is what lefty liberals are best at. But if you knew me you would know I don’t give a fuck idiot. Just for playing our chalenge round today, you have won a lifetime membership to the NRA. Please stay on your meds and stop listening to MSNBC and Rachel Maddow and your headaches will subside and you may still become successful some day.

  5. ObozoMustGo says:

    You leftist freaks just don’t get it, do you? How stupid can you be to think that, for example in Virginia, that making campuses gun free zones will actually accomplish anything? How many of you morons are aware of the fact that VA Tech was already a gun free zone by their own policies in 2007? How many of you morons think that the criminals are going to obey your foolish laws that “prevent” (in your pea brains only) citizens from having guns in gun free zones? As if the nutjob that wants to kill a bunch of students will suddenly say “oh crap, I’m not allowed to have guns there.” You have to be a totally ignorant fool to believe that. Newtown, CT was a “gun free zone” and look what that did…. left 28 people defenseless against a murderous animal who gleefully executed 6 year old children. The answer to these problems is armed administrators or teachers or guards. Why do you leftist freaks want to leave our children defenseless? I know why. Because not a single one of you dopes gives 2 craps about murdered children. You only care about your political agenda. That’s clear to anyone that is objective.

    Here’s an example of leftist freak hypocrisy. [click image to enlarge]

    Have a nice day!

    “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Ben Franklin

    • awakenaustin says:

      What about the gun mass murders which occurred before “gun free zones”? I guess leftists, deomcrats, liberals and rational people who own guns don’t care about children because they don’t have any.
      What you seek is a society where people must carry firearms to retain any feeling of security. Your nirvana is a place where everyone has guns and where you, the by definition good guys, can carry out and fulfill your fantasies about your manhood and your self-worth. What you really want out of life is the “zombie” apocalypse to be real. That is your idea of a great world to live in. You are actually thrilled by mass shootings like Newton. It allows you a forum to repeat your insane formulas and visions of how a society should be organized.

    • ….HEADS UP “Moron” – to use a term you seem so thrilled to throw around….”Obozo” didn’t go…..surprised you haven’t heard (it’s been in all the papers)…and, when, exactly were you fully released or discharged….perhaps you should return to the hospital and get straight and while you’re at it perhaps you might learn a few manners….

    • Bill says:

      Bozo I love when you call people who might differ with you morons, considering the fact that you are one of the most misinformed people that write on this site. You make statements that you offer no actual proof for ” Why do you leftist freaks want to leave our children defenseless? I know why. Because not a single one of you dopes gives 2 craps about murdered children. You only care about your political agenda. That’s clear to anyone that is objective. ” This statement of yours is one of the most idiotic and baseless statements I have ever read. You must be a biiter and simple little man who needs to own a gun to prove what a big man he is. Does your mommy approve of her little boy having a gun with live ammunition to play with. As for you name calling you say you don’t suffer fools easily, I guess you don’t like yourself or your moron children.

      Have a nice 4 MORE YEARS you litlle, little man.

  6. karinursula says:

    What gives me warm and fuzzy feeling that people can take guns into a Bar. Nothing like being drunk getting pissed off and start shooting. Yes America we came a long way.

  7. alumahead says:

    I’ve learned that activist judges on the SCOTUS have misinterpreted the meaning of the 2nd Amendment, thus giving more power to the NRA. I also learned that the 2nd also trumps any right to walk down the street or go to a movie without worry of getting shot. Plus, I learned that Wayne LaPierre is far crazier than I ever thought he was and he casts a dark shadow on all responsible gun owners.

  8. Recoloniser says:

    Nothing will happen until there is a nationwide gun-control lobby strong enough to off-set the NRA. Don’t expect anything from legislators. They’ll just listen to the strongest and most vociferous lobby.

  9. RobertCHastings says:

    Adam Lanza is a perfect example of why we should never get lax with the laws denying gun ownership to the mentally ill. Adam had autism (albeit the higher-functioning form, called Asperger’s Syndrome), a condition that can never be cured because it is genetic. Several other mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia, have at least some genetic component, and, as with schizophrenia, can be controlled with CONTINUED medication. The problem with medication is that one skipped dose can be disastrous, causing a complete break with reality and total loss of moral understanding. Efforts to assure that the mentally ill can never OWN a gun or by any means come into POSSESSION of a gun, however, is not the entire solution. Many mentally ill individuals have been the worst serial killers, and committed their deeds without a gun, men like John Wayne Gacey and Jeffrey Dahmer. Nut case killers do not necessarily need a gun, especially if their MO includes stalking and getting close enough to their victim to render a gun needless.
    However, the accessibility of guns to people like Adam Lanza make it too easy for fragile mentalities to seek and find a gruesome way out of their agony. Adam could not have, legally, obtained a firearm. And yet he used legally obtained weapons to do what he did. There is a serious disconnect there.

  10. bchrista says:

    To start with never had decent gns they were sold peices of shit that fired one shot at a time if they fired at, then they were outmanned by superior forces and weapons, the cannons used against them were very real and to start with they were lied to, each time the white man made them promises and signed treaties with them that were never kept, because as the white need more lands he broke the treaty by accusing the Indians of raiding white mans farms thereby bringing in the army to run the Indian, A famous quote from Chief White Cloud when he dared for anyone to show him whose lands he stole, what treaty did he break and their answer was to send his tribe to the bad lands where there was little or no water and the land was uncultavatable, any body, who calls himself a good American and is proud of what we did to the Indian should hang his head in shame. they accepted the Pilgrims in good faith and then the ancestors of the Pilgrims stabbed them in the back as the population grew and they expanded West Slaughtering the buffalo for their skins and leaving the carcaus to rot and any other game they came across and for fun they scalped a few Indians along the way.

  11. bchrista says:

    In reply to 130bserver, you keep bringing up the fact about imigrants hey asshole where did your ancestors come from we already know that you are not American Indian, I doubt they wouuld claim you after the way you put them down. Every person that lives in the United States is here because their ancestors migrated from some foriegn country. You’re like those stinking assholes that defend the one and two persenters by stating about how hard they worked to earn their millions that Obama is trying to take from them lets see some got their money from gangster grand parents or great grand parents who were involved in some kind of smuggling or some other unlawful enterprise, Joe Kennedy wasn’t no angel, alot were related to mafia lords and some made it off the backs of the real workers like the Kock Brothers, the Walmart family the employees did all the work and as far as the Chinese let me see the name Mitt Romney comes to my mind as one of the sell out of the American system and he’s not alone he’s got plenty of company there are several others and the majority are you guessed it Republicans how in the hell do you people in spite of over whelming evidence still defend the Republicans and the one and ywo persented, these people have one plan on their mind and that is to dest roy or way of life. I suggest that not only do they bank their money overseas to avoid paying taxes on it, but they have a master plan to completely weaken this country to the point that the Chinese could take over since they would possibly own us by then we got all these good americans that keep constantly selling us out keep on knocking the poor and the middle class we ain’t selling our country out we’re just trying to live in it the people causing the most harm are those sons-o-bitches, ass-kissing, bastards that defend the fuckers that are selling our country to the Chinese and other countries. I can’t remember who said it but that the only fear we should have is the people who will destroy our country from within.

  12. bchrista says:

    130bserver I am poor and old I worked for over 60 years paid all my taxes and live on a Social Security Check I would love to live long enough to be around and see what kind if check you will get when your friends on the Right get through with Social Security if they get their way and start reducing because no matter how much you defend them to them you aint shit, you’re just trash that they spit on they only remember you when it is time for voting otherwise you’re nothing . I’m a Democrat and you mean as much to them as I do, you’re not. in their class You claim to be such a superior intellegent person I wonder I was always told that a person that constantly uses profanity every other word is merely showing just how devoid they are of the English language personally I am rather enjoying reading all the lies and misinformed bull shit you are spewing I got nothing better to do at the time being and it’s always a lot of fun watching someone making an asshole of himself and disrespecting women we he responds to their posts that puts you in a category lower than a snake you must have been the son-o-bitch who coaxed Eve to take a bite of the apple I guess no insult is too great to bother you because you had no one to teach you manners at home you sound like the kind if yur mother tried to teach you some manners you would disrespect her maybe even beat her up a little bit to show her your superiorityand your intelligence that she didn’t know nothing you knew it all.

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