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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Massachusetts Republicans Pay The Homeless To Pretend To Support Brown

Massachusetts Republicans Pay The Homeless To Pretend To Support Brown

The Massachusetts Republican Party’s MassVictory program has admitted that it paid the homeless to pose as Scott Brown supporters, as Brown’s hopes to defeat his Democratic opponent Elizabeth Warren appear to be slipping away.

On Tuesday, The Boston Herald reported that the Brown campaign was paying homeless people and others a “modest per diem” to wear “Obama Supporters for Brown” t-shirts in neighborhoods that are expected to support Warren. The move was apparently part of a broader attempt to attract black voters to Brown’s campaign.

“We want to let black people know that they actually have an option,” former city elections commissioner and “Obama Supporters for Brown” organizer Benjamin Thompson told the Herald. He went on to explain that the Warren campaign “put no money in the black community because urban America, the black community is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democratic party. If I had my way, every black person in America would be unenrolled and you’d have to fight for our votes.”

That Brown thinks he can attract black support by merely dressing up the homeless is embarrassing for a campaign that has already had some well-documented problems with race relations. Perhaps more problematic for Brown, however, is the revelation that he apparently cannot find enough Obama supporters to volunteer for his campaign for free. That bodes poorly for his electoral prospects in deep-blue Massachusetts, which Obama is almost certain to win by double digits on election day.

Recent polling of the race seems to confirm this. On Thursday, Public Policy Polling released a new survey showing Warren ahead of Brown by a 53 to 44 percent margin, representing her largest lead of the race—and 81 percent of Democrats now plan to vote for Warren, compared to just 14 percent who support Brown, while Brown’s lead among independent voters is now just 15 points (down from 26 in August.)

So while Brown still has a little more than two weeks to turn things around, it appears that his chances of holding on to his seat — and maybe the Republicans’ chances of winning control of the Senate — are getting slimmer by the day.

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42 Responses to Massachusetts Republicans Pay The Homeless To Pretend To Support Brown

    • You are absolutely correct the republican party should be abolished. It has reached a new low with their hatred, lying, stealing and cheating. I’m 65 years old and I have never seen evil like this, and so open about it. And saddest thing of all, decent people are being blinded by what is going on in front of their faces. If people would only open their eyes they could see that the GOP has no integrity or morals.

      • That’s right —get rid of the hard working Republicans and then you alllllllllll could live under the Government and live with food stamps or better—
        stand in your bread lines while you’re getting bombed allll around you

        • Replying to ALLLLAMERICAN

          No matter how much sleaze is brought out in the light, there will always be the GOP faithful who sling mud at the Democrats.

          I’m still waiting to see how the spin doctors try to make this a problem created by the Democrats.

          And don’t think I am being one sided on this issue. If the Democrats hire a Nathan Sproul clone, I will be one of the first on the bandwagon screaming “FOUL!!!!”


          After his sleazy minions in at least eleven States were caught destroying and altering Democratic registrations, as well as refusing to allow some Democrats to register, theREPUBLICAN “LEADERSHIP” were forced to fire him.

          So, do and say as you will. The days of HONORABLE REPUBLICANS on the National scene are GONE.

          Now, the mantra is WIN AT ANY COST!!!

          Lie, repress voting, limit early voting, hire sleaze bags to do the dirty work, dump ungodly sums of corporate money into the election process, refuse to negotiate about taxes,and do any other cheap tricks that will sway the elections.

          But make sure the kids go to church. After all, we must make sure they grow up to be good Christians.

          • Another Republican caught doing the same thing in Virginia was arrested on Thursday. Republicans, the party that will commit any kind of voter and registration fraud ( Fla 2000 and Ohio 2004) to win and be dammed to Democracy.

        • I suppose in your Faux Noise world, all those Republicans who are in the minority in the Blue States work really hard so their tax dollars can go to support the Red WELFARE States down South that vote Republican? For the record, moron, Welfare and Food Stamps are used by more of your kind ie whites than any other group.

        • So far, republicans never pay me shit. 35% of my income goes to the government and government uses that on war and buying weapons the military never asks for, so these republicans get a share from the sales.

        • I’ve paid for myself all my life and I’ve also paid for the 1%ers. Republicans are the ones who know how to get federal dollars- check out Halliburton, Blackwater Securities, Koch Bros. and their oil subsidies. These are Republicans . I’ve never received a dime from the feds, but I am grateful for the roads, the postal service and all the fine things our country has to offer. I don’t mind if some of my tax dollars go to help people who need welfare, but I sure as hell don’t want my dollars going to the Kochs and their like. You have the wrong idea about Dems. Most of us are very hardworking people.

  1. I should be appalled but this stuff is getting to be the norm. A real two party system was and should be helpful in getting the very best for taking care of the issues that matter, but right wing nuts and Carl Rove and the Koch brothers along with citizens united have all but brought that kind of thinking to an end. Changing demographics and minorities becoming the majority block vote has changed the two party system for good, and the Republicans are running scared. If you can’t honestly appeal for the vote through sound values and interests… “steal it” will never work in the long run…

  2. Why would Republicans pay homeless people to support anyone? The homeless most likelly cannot vote in the election. You can fool people during the campaign with numbers but not in the election.

        • What’s really dumb is someonet incredibly ignorant and malicious enough to call Barack Obama a terrorist (or should I say TERRORIST?), especially someone who likely voted – courtesy of those “libs” who worked to make sure all could vote without “literacy” or “intelligence” tests – for war criminal and torturer George W Bush.
          If such tests had been applied fairly and impartially, they might well have eliminated more Republican voters than Democratic, and they certainly would now!

        • Dude, are you living in the stone age? With all the resources you can get from internet, all you can conclude is a incredibly dumb statement like this. You ARE the problem of this country, voters who have no idea what is going around the world and have zero intelligence to comprehend anything…sigh

    • Some people follow a winner.. How do they recognize a winner? By the following he has behind him.. It doesn’t matter whether their bums or fans but when they lack the number of fans then they make it up by filling in the gaps. No, it’s almost impossible for a homeless person to vote but by using them to gain a few legal voters then it’s that many more they’ve got.

  3. I have serious concerns that the underhanded tactics of the GOP could steal the election. Yesterday I heard Romney talking to business owners and basically telling them to coerce their employees to vote Republican. Imagine how many people this message will reach. No one knows how much effect their voter registration fraud will have. The only way they can win this election is through FRAUD and they are very good at this. Disheartening how many Americans think this is admirable and that it serves their best interests.

    • They learned it from the obama campaign last year!!!!!!!!!!!!

      And allll the absentee ballots they are handing out this year so you
      can vote twice.

      They have several different videos of the scheme.

      • Yeah, where’s your evidence?

        Who cares about your made-up “facts”? Did you come up with them, or are you incapable of even that much intelligence?

  4. Each new day uncovers yet another act of dishonesty and lack of scruples from the Republicans. It must be contagious hereditary and incurable. Once almost human they have become the Repugnant Republicans

  5. republiCONs are truly shameless. They are desperate to regain control because they are going to steal what bush didnt.

    this guy is especially corrupt. 4 years ago, he wore flannel shirts. today he wears expensive suits. who bought the suits and what has he accomplished in the last 4 years?

  6. Scott Brown is despicable, just as his collegue mitt romney !!! I pray that Elizabeth gets the seat that used to belong to TED KENNEDY…It should be a democratgic seat held by someone who will fight for the people

  7. Still there are millions of brainwashed gop sheeple like WOO who will faall in line and vote republican against their own best interest! Woo don’t you mean IDIOTogly!

    • IDIOTogly…good one. I wish the MSM would do more to inform the populace about the R’thuglican tactics but then they are corporate owned. Mitt Romney encouraging business’ to threaten their employees into voting for him is just as low and despicable as one can get, but then it’s Romney, the vacuous, corrupt, excuse of a human so shouldn’t be surprising.

  8. Brown is another Koch boy tool…Walker in Wisconsin is the poster boy of corruption and a Koch tool…Brown is as corrupt as corrupt can get without going to jail…The Kochs and the rest of these people are desperately trying to finish off our democracy this election…Who owns the voting machines? Who corrupted the Supreme Court? The fight is on…Go Liz…

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