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Friday, March 22, 2019

Media Coverage Does Pretty Young White Women No Favors

Let the first word be one of compassion.

For anyone who has a loved one missing, Godspeed the day of that person’s safe return. Or failing that, Godspeed the bitter satisfaction of knowing his or her fate. To have someone you love vanish is, one imagines, a special kind of hell.

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6 responses to “Media Coverage Does Pretty Young White Women No Favors”

  1. mhellet says:

    It has been a while since I contacted you. Ah, changing technology! Thank you for the way you think & write, and for speaking so many of the thoughts and words no one hears me speak.

    Old White Grandma in GA

  2. BrianJ.Gould says:

    Your stats on the missing came as quite a shock to me. I think that in itself is worthy of some significant coverage in the mainstream (read whitewashed) news. I can’t stand to watch the news anymore because it fails in general to provide anything that could be described as news. I am really sad that we as a culture cannot, or refuse to, grasp any issues that exceed the criteria for gossip. Hundreds of thousands of people missing and I had no clue? A further condemnation of our “news”.

  3. silas1898 says:

    Local TV News has missing people stories frequently. They tend to bias toward children of any color, roughly less than a quarter men.

    Better than the Nationals, still not good enough.

  4. dawnowens says:

    Maybe it’s time to stop thinking in terms of artificial map lines, and more in terms of globally.

    How many people ‘disappear’ every year worldwide and where the hell are they going? Your national stats extrapolated for a worldwide population would seem to indicate that literally millions of people ‘disappear’ every year off the face of the planet. Why are the backwoods not littered with bodies, if it’s all the work of psychopathic killers? Or are a large percentage people who are walking away from government tyranny (taxes) and perhaps abusive family situations?

    How many of the missing are children, how many adults?

  5. DarleneC.Matthews says:

    Much of the long term homeless population and those who are even emergency shelterless are adults with physical or MH disability. Funny looking and old wiht a walker and many pain and other med issues and ptsd got me near a decade in the road. im still in not accessible, but nice housing. Some who are able to – learn to make a baby with someone you don’t even like – to get help to get inside. Olmstead priority before there is enough affordable accessible housing is also pushing more to the road, but they also have better photo ops.
    Most shelters are for healthy families or substance abuser recovery that is why many disabled returning vets are joining the other disabled – in the road.

  6. JayMagoo says:

    I was a newspaperman for almost 30 years, from 1968 until 1998, and we might have had a bias over those 30 years toward reporting news about attractive young white women, but I didn’t notice it. And believe me, all of us in the newsroom were the paper’s severest critics about everything, we would have noticed it and discussed it to a fare-thee-well. But since TV news gained prominence, some types of stories never see the light of day, and others are trumpeted all over. Having watched TV news with a critical eye, I can say that you’re right. News used to be what the newspapers said it was, and we tried to be complete and unbiased. But now TV picks only the sexiest, most flashy, most arresting stories, and ignores the rest. Everything else being equal, if a dozen people drop off the face of the earth, if TV has to spotlight one of them, it will be an attractive young white women. Rich helps, too.

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