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Tuesday, May 22, 2018
Not so long ago, President Obama enjoyed a blossoming relationship with JPMorgan Chase CEO and chairman Jamie Dimon. But now that the bank no longer needs the federal government’s bailout money, Mitt Romney seems to be JPMorgan’s new best friend.
More than three years and $25 billion in bailouts later, Dimon and his colleagues are wooing the GOP candidate with fundraisers and campaign contributions. What is the difference between then and now? In 2008 the bank was lobbying for attention; this year it prefers to be left alone. And despite the bank’s embarrassing loss of $2 billion in a single bad trade, now under investigation by the Justice Department and Congressional leaders, Romney remains supportive of the bank’s deregulatory agenda, promising to repeal the Dodd-Frank reforms.
The banking behemoth’s courtship of Obama seemed to be ending last fall when the bank’s CEO and Romney were spotted in Manhattan having a private, one-on-one discussion before a fundraiser for the GOP candidate hosted by Highbridge Capital, a JPMorgan hedge fund.  

13 Responses to Meet Mitt’s JP Morgan Pals

  1. Once you figure out that the biggest US banks are using politicians like dockside harlots, you see why they can very easily sidle up to a president for a bailout and then kiss up to his opponent come election time.

  2. With these assholes in charge of America’s economy, putting one’s savings into gold and then hiding it seems to be a viable investment strategy.

  3. I wonder why the FBI is investigating Jamie Dimon. Wouldn’t it be great if that smarmy-looking clown was found to have done something egregiously illegal?

    • I would be sure he has but it will be a matter of being able to 1. catch him at it and 2. get anyone in the legal system to care enough to do something about it.

  4. Every day more smarmy tidbits come out about the Mittster that turns my stomach. Like someone just remarked, Manure pile indeed and growing larger by the minute. I hope the American voters “get it” and don’t follow this pied piper’s cockamamie crapola.

  5. If it was not for President Obama bailing out the Banks Chase would be at the bottom of the ocean and to show there loyalty they are now courting Mitt Romney. I hope we do not allow our government to bail them out again. They forgot the hand that feed them. Chase has the highest interest rates on credit cards then most other banks. Chase 29.99% interest they are trying hard to get that 2 billion dollars back and Mitt wants their vote and they are courting him. Talk about the dog that bites the hand that feeds you.

  6. Mitt= a Bush 2 redo. He was the champion of de-regulation and look how the economy responded. Wall st is the epi-center of greed and immorality, so no wonder they support a person who has also made a fortune on Wall st. by greed and immorality. One question that the timid press should ask Mitt: After he deregulates and the banks fail is he going to bail them out or like he lobbied against GM, let them go into bankruptcy, and let the the shareholders/investors go down the drain, even though some of them may be from Bain Capital.

    • It is no secret that companies spend money on both candidates and the most on the one who will give them the biggest breaks if elected. This should be a key signal to always vote for the other candidate or else watch the “legal” highway robbery that is sure to come after the election. We see the same example in the SCOTUS. They vote their masters as seen in the corporate takeover in our political system with Citizens United. How n God’s name can someone ever explain with a straight face how corporations are people too? There is no way one could invent enough new words to make this connection ring true. Every justice voting in the affirmative needs to be impeached.

  7. And exactly why does this surprise anyone?A whore likes anyone with the time and funds to support them.When someone has whored themselves out to every possible faction as Romney has the American voting public should see this as just another trick for mittey.

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