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Friday, October 21, 2016

Meet The Republicans Who Still Can’t Accept Obama’s Win

Meet The Republicans Who Still Can’t Accept Obama’s Win

Even as professional Republicans hasten to turn Mitt Romney into an unmentionable non-entity like George W. Bush, journalists are fanning out into the hinterlands like anthropologists to study the impact of President Obama’s re-election upon the GOP candidate’s dedicated supporters.

A friend who watched the election results in an Arkansas county courthouse described the reaction: “When “OBAMA AGAIN!!” flashed across my iPad, you should have seen the looks. Utter blank stares. Devastation. They couldn’t process the fact that the president had won. It was like a couple looking over a burned-out house, with nothing left but a chimney and a pile of ashes. It was quite revealing and a bit eerie.”

The Washington Post’s Eli Saslow profiled a Romney campaign worker in Hendersonville, TN struggling to contain her disappointment. It’s a terrific piece of reporting. Having confidently planned a victory dance, Beth Cox had trouble grasping the magnitude of the Republican defeat. It astonished her that even “Southern-values Virginia” had voted for President Obama.

Fox News pundits and right-wing talk radio had her persuaded that even historically Democratic-leaning states like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin would support the GOP. “And Colorado?” she said. “Who the heck is living in Colorado? Do they want drugs, dependency, indulgence? Don’t they remember what this country is about?”

It’s interesting that Cox sees President Obama, personally the straightest-shooter to occupy the White House since Jimmy Carter, in such terms. But then to the married, 44-year-old mother of two teenage daughters, the election was less a political event than an extension of what she calls her “Godly life”—an existence theologically and sociologically limited to persons who look and believe exactly like her.

Everybody outside that circle strikes her as suspect; Democrats as moochers, deadbeats and enemies of God.

It’s a mindset straight out of John Bunyan’s 17th century Puritan allegory The Pilgrim’s Progress, as annotated by the United Daughters of the Confederacy. Some of her friends, she told the Post, have concluded that only God can save America from itself.

“God put us in the desert,” she said. “We are in the desert right now.”

Actually, she’s in a white-flight suburb of Nashville (which voted for Obama, like many Southern cities). Everybody in the South knows somebody like Beth Cox, a perfectly decent, intelligent woman whose spiritual home is the Southern Baptist mega-church of which her husband is pastor—one of those sprawling edge-of-town affairs with 7,000 members, auditorium-seating, volleyball courts, a children’s center and a “techno-lit recreation room for teenagers.”

Essentially theological Walmarts, such churches have grown up across the region to replace the small towns Southern suburbanites grew up in. Alas, most are turning out to be even more class- and ethnically-stratified.

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  • Great article. I’m just not sure the GOP and its supporters will ever “get” it. That’s what happens when you live inside the bubble that is Fox News, Beck and Limbaugh. Adapt or die.

    • You Can’t Wake Up People Who’s Only Pretending To Be Sleep~Navajo Proverb!!!

  • dtgraham

    When it comes to not accepting, it’s the Republican controlled states that won’t set up exchanges, or participate in Medicaid expansion or have anything to do with the ACA that get me. Let me get this straight, these States have as much as 25% of their populace with no health insurance and their attitude is…..hey you people who can’t get health coverage—–well we’re going to turn this down and make sure that you still don’t have health insurance.

    At first it just seems like another news story until you give it some thought, and then it becomes almost mind blowing. Whose side are they on? Silly me, but I kind of thought that they were supposed to be elected representatives in a modern democracy charged with formulating and implementing the kind of public policies that are designed to improve their voter’s lives in various ways.

    For Chrissake they seem more like corrupt nobility in medieval Europe or something. You’d think they walked out of a Victor Hugo novel.

    • Like I ranted just a little bit ago, the GOP has morphed into nothing more than America’s version of the Mafia…except instead of being outside the government, the GOP has turned being crooks into a government function. GOPers aren’t interested in doing what’s best for the people that voted them into office, they have no focus other than voting for whatever legislaltion it is that puts more money into their pockets..either via tax cuts to themselves, or to tax cuts for people who had them money as donors, or to passing legislaltion that undoes any regulations that are keeping companies that sponsor them from overcharging for every service that they offer,e.g., thje insurance industry, the defense industry, the oil industry…you name it.

    • The red states are the poorest States in the Union. Due to the stupidity & racism of their Repubilican leadership, millions will be uninsured until the Federal Gov. go in and set up exchanges. When that happens these same CLOWNS will bitch & moan that the Federal Government is taking over. Soon the Republican Party will become the Confederate Party.

  • nobsartist

    Stupid is as stupid does. I would like to try to understand “what this nation is all about” from people that are not as stupid as those that would vote for the Greedy Old Prick party.

    I find it funny that there are people that are so stupid as to believe what the willard the rat propaganda machine tells them but then you bring up walmart churches and that explains it.

    those “churches” need to be taxed at a 91% rate.

    I will have to go to wyoming soon. I am looking forward to seeing one of those cowboy hats for pin heads so I will be sure to bring my magnifying glass.

    I think the government should go thru the voting records and the welfare rolls and order any republiCON voter that collects welfare to put a “I am a dumbass” bumper sticker on their cars.

    • dtgraham

      Apparently this nation isn’t all about “drugs, dependency, and indulgence”. We got that much out of Beth anyway. Actually, if I ever hear of a nation whose central theme is drugs, dependency, and indulgence, I’m goin’ there. That rocks.

  • I watched some interviews conducted by CNN in King County, Texas, a few days ago. What was evident to me was not only that those interviewed were shelled shocked, after months of prognosticating a resounding Republican victory, but the rationale they offered for their decision to vote for Mitt Romney. One said that President Obama was a foreigner, another explained that she did not vote for Obama because he is a Muslim. How do you argue with people who actually believe the garbage espoused by the likes of Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity and others? For them, qualifications, demonstrable deeds, political platforms and vision are irrelevant, what is important to them are red meat issues such as those cited above, abortion, gay marriage and everything unworthy of a great nation to consider when trying to decide who to vote for. It is evident that while a plurality of Americans can make a decision based on facts and issues relevant to our well being and national security, there are many whose ignorance, ethnic, cultural and religious biases are simply too powerful to ignore.

    • kdisg

      Not only ALL that you said but you MUST remember these are the same people that watch FOX “make it all up news” and believe EVERY WORD THEY SAY! even when it’s proven to be just a made up story. Listen my friend, the republican party has become UN-AMERICAN, shown by the voting NO to jobs, defunding of planned parenthood that do millins of cancer screening every year for woman, the hate list has grown so large that were all on it now. lol Woman, gays, disabled, latinos, african americans, ALL minorities, the poor, homeless, wite men who arent rich and the middle class. Wanting to voucher medicare for already burdened seniors and making it impossible for a woman who works beside me make the same wage is only a few hates they have showed all in the goal of making Obama a one term president as Mitch McConnel said shortly after Obama took office in 2008, Never thinking of what them voting no to everything means for us real hard working, tax paying, family raising americans. I watched him ask ALL of congress to vote no to everything and they did getting our AAA knocked down after voting yes for BUSH for the same exact thing, so hateis what lost this election and may just lose a few more ((I HOPE)) we dont want unamerican folks having ANY power!!!!

      • nobsartist

        The republiCON party is comprised of stupid, anti-American traitors.

        • kdisg

          I agree with the anti-American part but I think besides being stupid enough to believe al the crap the gop throws at themj I think that is really how they believe, sad as it is, when they watch FOX (make it all up as they go along news) they actually trust what those loons report instead of fact checking as I did during the debates and found Romney to bullshitt_ng his was through the entire thing. I found 3 lies in just the first half the first debate so thats when I went to sleep. lmao The next day I read fact checers found a whole lost more. Can any republican tell the truth EVER????

          • GOP/Tea Party The American Taliban Our Very Own Home Grown Terrorists Cells Operating In Plain Sight!! Terroristing People With The Fear Mongering And Hating Is What They Do, Lying, Starting Wars And Keeping This Country Divided Is How They Roll!!! 🙁

          • kdisg

            Fern: you hit it my friend, it’s sad they have become so hateful. gee I wonder what it could be about Obama that makes them hate him so much. lmao

          • Don


          • amarquez647

            This time he ended up on top.

          • lana ward

            He’s murdering America just like he murdered our 4 heros in Benghazi

          • Adlib

            You are pathetic and full of shit. However, even if there was an iota of truth to your nonsense, Obama would need at least another 700 Benghazis to even come close to ONE of BushCo’s disasters where nearly 3,000 Americans actually WERE murdered because of his gross incompetence and refusal to even consider the warnings prior to 9/11.

            And then we have all those American heroes *murdered* in Iraq to add to his tally, along with the murder and displacement of untold thousands of Iraqis.

            Obama didn’t “murder” those 4 heroes any more than you or I did. So get over yourself!

          • lana ward

            Obama murdered 3 gay men at Rev Wrights church–in the Down Low club. All 4 men belonged to that club. They were murdered at the time Obama decided to run for President so they couldn’t expose Obama for being gay

          • Adlib

            You are seriously, dangerously whacked. A real troll of trolls. Happy Trails, lana!

          • lana ward

            The Down Low Club—check it out, coward

          • Joey Tranchina

            Get professional help.

          • kdisg

            gee I fact check almost everything and I didn’t see that. What I saw when I FACT CHECKED was Obama was on phone with our people AFTER the entire incident occured and the reason for that was “HE KNEW NOTHING ABOUT IT, until they called and told the white house. FACT and TRUTH thats what means more than you spoutin what you hear on FOX make it all up news. With internet at the fingertips EVERY WORD reported is pretty easy to find my friend, instead of talking what you think, talk what you know. Thats what my grandma used to tell us kids, in othger words dont make an ass out of yourself, especially when the truth in right there to see. So Obama never murdered anyone and if you want a murderer, lets discuss those made up stories that pushed usa into war that lost over 4000 of our sons and dauhters, or is that not what FOX tells in the made up nonsese they spew

          • lana ward

            Fox reports what the Obama news channels WON’T!! Obama murdered 3 gay men at Rev Wrights’ church. All 4 belonged to the Down Low Club at the church. They were murdered so they wouldn’t expose that Obama is gay. Obama murdered our 4 heroes at Benghazi too!! Go to “TheDown Low Club” and see. Use your fingertips, EVERY WORD Is pretty easy to find!!

          • amazedwithsomepeople

            i remember in 2000 when we were told to “get over it” well now it’s your turn, how does it feel? I know it makes me happy as shit to see you Rethug’s suffer.

          • lana ward

            America lost, that is something none of us will get over. Give that red rag traitor a couple months, you’ll see!! I can’t believe how brainwashed you poor fools are

          • micahm14

            Lana ward, who’s murdering America? are you saying Obama is murdering America? then…I would suggest to you right now, you stop watching Fox news, because it seems to me, you believe anything they say, and take it as gold. If you really, really believe this, you need to do your homework before you submit another reply. let your replies be based on facts, not idiot statements like the one you just made. I’m just saying….They say never think a man is a fool, but once he opens his/her mouth, it just may take away all the doubt. That’s what you did with your statement. You took away all the doubt.

          • lana ward

            Wait and see what America looks like in afew more months brightness. He’s made it worse in 4 years and has 4 more to go. You have been completely brainwashed

          • micahm14

            Kdisg, really? you alredy know the answer to your question here? You know exactly what makes them hate president Obama so much.

          • kdisg

            Mica: reading my words below shows one thing, the gop HATES Obama for no reason that makes sense for our country so what else are us regular hard working, famly raising, tax paying americans getting the shaft by the gop to think because IF you look at the FACTS, you know the TRUTH, it becomes clear whats going on in TRUTH with the gop. UN-AMERICAN policy loons that think woman should walk behind the man and not be allowed to make the same wage for the same job as a man, also Obama giving credit to woman for alot more than baking his bread made many enimies with that thinking and then there was Mitch McConnel telling his audiance shortly aftert Obama became president in 2008 that the goal for them needs to be vote NO to everything making Obama a one term president. My mouth dropped but they clapped. So many wrong headed reasons for them to hate Obama, most of which is nonsense. FACTS show it everytime FOX make it all up news makes up another Obama bullsh_t story and reports it letting us fact checkers find it.

          • micahm14

            Thanks for your response kdisg. you and I know the truth. they have no other reason to hate president Barack Obama, other than the fact he’s a black president. if he were white, they would not have a problem with him. you and I know this to be the TRUTH and the FACTS. it is what it is. He’s the president of the United States, and those tea party idiots need to get over themselves. It was a sin and a shame, for them to come into office, with one thing in mind, and it wasn’t the people of the US. they had plans, like you said, to respond NO to everything, in hopes it would make him a one term president, but they shot themselves in the foot. now look who’s president. now they have egg on their face, and don’t know how to get it off. LOL! they are a bunch of idiots! the whole lot of them. Including Mitt the Nitwit. He was so certain he would win, he was brasin enough to not even have a concession speak prepared. Pfft! only a victory speech. Now when they show him on the news, here in LaJolla, CA pumping his own gas, he looked very defeated, and simply, a beaten man. LOL! that’s what he gets for thinking all the millionaires/billionaires contributions, all that money, and he still didn’t win. hahahaha! on November 6, 2012, We The People, spoke, and we spoke loud and clear. the rest of them, need to get over themselves, and move on. Try to do the right thing next time. But…they blew it, plain and simple. Don’t you agree?

          • kdisg

            Mica I agree with every word you said. Not only that I’m watching them right now adding to thier list of americans they hate. It wasn’t bad enough calling 47% of us moochers looking for a handout, now they want to throw grandma o9ut in the street by cutting medicare and socialo security, hey I worked for a living my entire life and I NOT ONCE ever remember them hesitating to take out taxes for medicare, state fica etc from my paycheck. so why should I be called a moocher because I’m on social security and medicare. Isn’t that what we retire too or an entitlement they feel we WANT. wORKING ALL our lives then having a little bit for retirement was exactly the purpose of nboth of those programs and the FACT is medicare has never been in the red ntil BUSH raised it along with the surplus Clinton left him so social security and medicare as much as they hate it and never voted for it never needed help until the repuboicans raaaided it. thats fact my friend whats also fact is when medicare and social security where sihned into law it passed with ZERO (0) republican votes. oh they take it now but they wont vote for it. it sayd exactly how UN-AMERICAN the republican party has become. Wish I could email you and chat because we think alike. normal that is!!! well kind of normal lol

          • Don


          • All You Named ARE DEAD!!!! I’m Not Looking For Shit It’s What I See Is What I’m Talking About!! TODAY IN THE NOW!!! Today GOP/Tea Party Are No Better Than A Bunch Of Traitors And Terrorists To Their Country And To The American People!!!

          • patuxant

            You tell them, Fern! I think that they belong right over in the Middle East where all the mullahs are. Then let them see how they like that! Bunch of ingrates who want freedom only for themselves. When will these A-holes stop playing God?

          • lana ward

            Dems murder unborn babies–ISN’T THAT PLAYING GOD?????

          • patuxant

            Excuse me? Are you saying no repub women have abortions? Please!!!! And by the way, I don’t believe in abortion so you have no right to make assumptions. Again playing Little Miss Know It All! Have a nice Thanksgiving!

          • lana ward

            The Dems whole platform at the convention was about murdering babies. It’s their form of birth control. So no, you’re not excused. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving too, with red rag in the WH, it may be our last!!

          • patuxant

            Grow up, Lana.

          • patuxant

            Also, don’t need you to pass judgement on or fail to “excuse me”. You are the one that needs a break from festering hatred and fanatical behavior.

          • lana ward

            The way red rag is ruining businesses all over the country, you should hate him too!! He’s a con man who fooled people into voting for him. He is a muslim communist and he is PURPOSELY murdering America. Obama is a fu***** fanatic and he is ONE BIG lie!!

          • patuxant

            So sad…goodnite, Lana.

          • micahm14

            Lana, why don’t you do us all a favor, and leave the United States of America. if this is all you have to contribute, we don’t need you here. you are worthless and don’t need anymore attention than this. Get over yourself, and get over the fact that Obama is president. No matter how you feel, he will still be the president for the next 4 yrs.

          • lana ward

            You get back with me in a few months, we’ll all see how much more that red rag is destroying America. I’m not leaving, I love America. You should leave, you hate America- you voted for the muslim communist red rag who is purposely destroying us!!

          • Michael Kollmorgen

            What’s the matter? Can’t find a more reputable issue to argue with other than Abortion?

            But, this figures. You people love dragging out a “tump” card that usually makes no sense in any major political policy or decision.

            Give this one up! It makes no difference how many fetuses are saved but aborted that you probably wouldn’t want to support it they were born to a poor family, through rape or incest, or at the expense of the mothers health.

            And, are you willing to support a newborn that would have been aborted by the mother, if known to be born with severe birth defects that the state and your tax dollars would have to pay for? I doubt it!

            And, you better watch who is playing god too. Christianity has been doing a good job of that ever since it was founded. Killing millions over 2000 years isn’t a good track record.

            But, if its in the name of your god, it’s perfectly ok!

            Crawl back into your caves. Neanderthals.

          • lana ward

            An unborn baby is more than completely helpless, you fool! Why don’t they have any rights?? Stabbing sissors in the back of it’s neck as it’s being born! Anyone that can do such an evil deed, needs to be put to death. Have someone stick sissors in the back of their neck, see how they like it!!!

          • Michael Kollmorgen

            I hate to break it to ya, but nationally, there are no laws protecting the unborn, therefore, not human.

            I am normally anti-abortion. But, in certain cases such as rape, incest, the mothers health, if the baby is going to be born severely handicapped, its more than appropriate.

            Besides, the wars Christianity and the mass killing that been has perpetrated on civilization probably has killed more kids than all the abortions that have ever been performed.

            Ever think that maybe solving many of our root problems just might prevent abortions in the first place?


          • lana ward

            When the Supreme Court said it is alright to murder unborn babies is when we really started heading towards Gomorrah. not human? Is it going to be a frog if left alone? Most who murder their babies, are doing so as a means of birth control. We will NEVER solve the root problem, people are far gone. They are to immoral to try to change, or want to change. Over 55 million babies have been brutally murdered

          • lana ward

            The terrorist is in the White House, you’ll see, smartness

          • Adlib

            No, the “terrorist in the WH” left there on Jan. 20, 2009 and now hides out in well-deserved infamy in Dallas, TX. He is persona non-grata to any and all true American patriots. He can rot where he sits and then burn in Hell for his crimes against our country and humanity for all any of us who suffered through his 8-year reign of terror care.

          • lana ward

            Obama is a muslim, communist, America hater, murderer, liar, cheat and traitor, what more could we want in YOUR President

          • johninPCFL

            Don’t waste your time. Lana is a troll who has nothing but name calling to offer.


          • lana ward

            Fern Woodfuck–Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!!

          • You Stupid Low Life BITCH!!! I Hope You Choke On A Turkey Bone!!!

          • lana ward

            Read your posts to me and see who is lowlife, lowlife!!


          • What is really surprising is a lot of women voted GOP after the GOP wanted to take away the woman’s ability to think for themselves.

          • kdisg

            John: when I see thet every single republican voted NO to woman earning the same wage as a man for doing the same job, voting NO to equal rights and then voting no to jobs it amazed me to see more than a few votes for Romney when the woman knew exactly what he wants for them. NOTHING!!! lol they seem to hate woman nmow almost as much as they hate minorities, gays, and seniors. But you know it my friend, there UN-AMERICAN NOW and makes my vote easy now because I always voted for who I thought was best for the job now I’ll never vote republican because they have no idea what living as an american struggling is all about.

        • Sadly, I see the GOP as something worse than just unAmerican, I see it as a concerted porgrammed criminal effort to steal as much taxpayer money as possible but just doing some of the things that have been mentioned here. Starting a war isn’t just something these GOP crooks thinks is politically necessary, it’s something that Bush and Chaney started intentionally to rip off the country by their hoodlum buddies in companies related to the defense industry overcharging the government for everything associated with running a war: building airplanes, tanks and other equipment (look at how often we read about how the costs are always big overruns…this isn’t accidental); and surely you’ve read about all the fraud and overcharging that went on with support services, I even read one about Haliburton being caught charging $100/gal for gas. All of this wasn’t by’s being planned.. Which is why Romney was even doing some warmongering talk and insisting on vastly increasing the defense budget. The Republican Party has turned into nothing more than Americas version of the Mafia.

          • patuxant

            You have hit the nail on the head, my friend. My political preferences have been mostly independent. What got me to vote for Obama in 2008 was the fact that he opposed the war when all of the other Democratic candidates supported it. I would have voted for Hilary were it not for the fact she went down the war road, too. I voted for Obama again because he has been doing a yeoman’s job trying to get things done and I admire him for doing all he has done with an obstinate Congress. The USA had never (to my knowledge) taken a preemptive strike against any country. When that happened in 2003, I knew it was for naught and that there were no WMDs. It was a bogus conspiracy to do what you described here. When Bush Sr. oversaw the Gulf War, I believed he should have not stopped when we were winning but should have tagged Sadaam then. I said it would come back to bite us again and it did. These big oil tycoons are a ruthless group aptly portrayed as JR Ewing in the tv series Dallas.

        • I know it is easy to think like that, but let’s not forget that we are not talking about foreigners determined to do us harm, but fellow Americans who for a variety of reasons have embraced ideas so bizarre that they are not even worthy of debate. The only explanation I can come up with is that indoctrination, bordering on brainwashing, finds fertile ground among those who lack the ability to rationalize thought and reach logical conclusions. When we analyze their behavior and try to make sense out of their tendency to follow people like Limbaugh and others, the only logical conclusion is that they have fallen victims of opportunists that exploit ignorance, and our innermost fears and prejudices, to achieve their goals. No wonder so many despots have risen to power with the support of large segments of the population throughout the course of history. Issues like this convince me that one of our highest priorities must be education.

          • patuxant

            You are being charitable in your assessment, Dominick. They may be “fellow Americans” but I find their behavior and beliefs harmful to the rest of us. I would question the level of their intelligence because they are easily excited and agitated by the use of derrogatory language to describe the President such as words used by the famous Limbaugh and others of his ilk. Plus, they can bear arms! So I do think they are a threat, and I don’t think education will change that. Some members of my extended family are educated and still are unreachable intellectually and believe this tripe. Bigotry runs rampant in their midst and that will unfortunately, never change.

          • Cairndance

            Dominick, you always have the rational take on things! Thank you.
            You are right about education being the highest priority.

            I read that Texas has removed “critical thinking” from it’s schools!
            The story about King County, Texas shows it must be working for them!

        • Michael Kollmorgen

          Boy, you got that one right on the mark – Traitors, that is.

          Also, I would love to take most of these Republicans and some of these Corporate CEOs and execute them in any painful way possible.

          They’re the ones that have been shipping our jobs, technology and our county’s wealth to China, a communist country which the United States is supposed to be in a ideology war with. Evidently though, when money comes to play, it don’t matter.

          This should be classified as a Act Against the United States and committing Treason.

          Remember the McCarthy hearings years ago trying to find communist conspirators in our midst? They should have been looking at their own party first.

        • Michael Kollmorgen

          You got that one right on the mark – traitors that is.

          Coming to think of it, Corporate CEOs and politicians (primarily republicans) who support them should be tried for Treason as for shipping our jobs, our technology and our county’s wealth to China.

        • lana ward

          What is so American about putting millions of people out of work? What’s so American about putting regulations on businesses and banks that have made them have to close? This is what the red rag has done. Can you even TRY to imagine what America will look like in 4 years when this America hating muslim traitor does what he wants to us all??

      • Don

        Romney told lies upon lies as well as did Paul Ryan, a Roman catholic, who would normally go to confession and share his lies with the priest. My mother never trusted Catholic men as she worked with them in the mill. They would swear and take God’s name in vain, then go to confession on saturday, and return to work on monday continuing to swear and take the Lord’s name in vain. I don’t like to go tyo mass as the whole mass is all about the bread and the wine and Catholics MUST attend Mass on saturday or Sunday. Long ago I heard that children in the Mormon Church had to go to the elders aND CONFESS THEIR SINS, “did you touch yourself” SO I ASKED MITT, “DID YOU TOUGH YOURSELF,” “ALSO MEANING DID YOU TELL A LIE.”

        • Sand_Cat

          Believe me, Catholics have no monopoly on hypocrisy

      • marciano3rd

        Use the ballot next time to shoot him and the rest of those who do not want to see America succeed.

      • lana ward

        You are calling that which is good, evil–and that which is evil good. You are fulfilling Bible Prophecy

      • You communists sold your country to this devil bambutt. He will take away everything you were told you would get. May you be the first to die.

    • These live in fantasy land

      • Riobound

        Then they should live on Disney property.

    • nobsartist

      Evidently, they vote that way because they are stupid.

    • They Are Just Like The MANY TROLLS That Keep Coming Here On National Memo Needs To Spit Out The Rotten Sour Grapes They Are Chewing On, Which Is Causing All The Gas They Are Passing, Which Is Stinking Up The Internet, Suck It Up And Move On The PEOPLE Have Spoken!!! When You All Get Thru Digging In Your Asses , Whining Ranting , Finger Pointing ,Crying Moaning , Bitching Throwing Tantrums, And Having The Hissy Fits, Barack H. Obama Will Still Be The President Of These United States Cause We The Smart People Made It Happen!! Get Over It And Move On!!!!!!!! Stop Watching Fox Fake News And Listening To Rush Limdick They Both Are Liars And Both Are Full Of Shit!!!

    • BDC_57

      Their like the bully on the school yard
      who doesn’t his get way.

      • patuxant

        Yes, like Scut Farcas, the bully in “A Christmas Story”….

    • BDC_57

      By the way I hope your doing better.

    • Melvin Chatman

      There is a very “SIMPLE” reason for the GOP to have so much confidence before the Election – Our President is a “Black Man”
      Surely the conclusion that a victory was easy to obtain since he is BLACK and even Mitt Domney could beat a “Black Man” – OK?
      “Muslim”, “Socialist”, “Non American” were terms cowards actually think but won’t say when it comes to their reasons for not voting for a “Negro”
      Actually, a Republican with some Brains may have won the Election, but Obama was more effective with less money, besides just being smarter and more qualified for the Office.
      Dignity, Class, Intelligence, Wisdom, are terms that some Americans refuse to acknowledge that a “Black Man” could have as a Character Trait!
      These so called Christians should surely know that GOD has no “Respect of Person” and Blesses whom HE pleases without their input.
      Alas, I Pray that one of these NUTS doesn’t seek to rectify the mistake the Voters made, and do something STUPID towards the President!
      HATE is a HELLAVA DRUG!!

      • patuxant

        So true, Melvin. But, God forbid, you mention the race card and these dimwits go into a spit fit. They are so ignorant they don’t even know they are bigots! We are dealing with a group of dangerous people here.

    • dalnb

      Radical right wing politicians (Mitch McConnell, Karl Rove,+,+) and Right Wing Radical talks show hosts (Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck and Huckabee) adopted the Pre-World War II Germany theory that if you say something enough times people will begin to believe it. The Karl Rove/Mitch McConnell strategy to convince Americans we were heading into disaster because of Obama convinced far-far too many people to vote Republican. I believe a huge number of Romney votes came not from people who voted with any intelligence but just from a brain-washed idea driven by the Radical Right Wing leaders and talk show hosts – the same ones who have prevented a national recovery!

      • FredAppell

        Rove,Beck, Limbaugh, Norquist and Gingrich sound astonishingly like Nazi names don’t they? I have noticed this connection for a long time.

        • Yes And They Are Working On The NEW WORLD ORDER !!! But We Too Smart To Let That Happen!!!

          • FredAppell

            Fern, please, please, please don’t fall for The New World Order conspiracy. The right-wing have been pushing this conspiracy ever since the League of Nations was formed. There is nothing wrong with having a united world but what we must be careful of is the type of government we choose to lead us there and to consequently govern us once we are united.

        • dalnb

          I had not made that observation but it merits some thought. I have a tremendous respect for the people of Geramy and their place in our world. I do not think we should ever accept the polically motivated and manipulated efforts of Pre-WWII Nazi Gernamy as a reflection of the goodness of the German people. They too were brain-washed into accepting war (that or die) just as Rove, McConnell, Hannity and Liimbaugh have tried so hard to do in our own country!

          I do not think it can be stressed any harder that Mitch McConnell and his followers be voted out of office as soon as possiblle. Until then EVERY AMERICAN needs to take whatever steps they can to see the actions and efforts of Mitch McConnell, Karl Rove, Huckabee, Hannity and Liimbaugh do not destroy our nation.

          • FredAppell

            My computer betrayed me because I tried to edit my comment by adding that I really do have a high regard for the German people. As a matter of fact, the only reason why the Nazi’s were able to beguile them was because they were treated so poorly and unfairly after WW1 by the rest of the world. The modern Germany is one of the most stable nations economically, socially and culturally in the world today because of the character of the German people and a true success story. But the men that we both mentioned truly are following the same game plan that put the Nazi’s in power. I appreciate you replying to me and giving me an opportunity to explain myself.

          • iheardu2

            I agree totally.

    • AdamMos

      This nation is arming and full of hate. The civil war is coming. I do not know how we will avoid it. The white supremists will not go down without a fight. This will be lead by the Tea Party and it is really, really scary. The terrorism we fear will not come from Islamic extremists- it will come from within.

      • patuxant

        I believe you have a point here. I am leary about putting an Obama bumpersticker on my car because I am afraid it will get trashed. I go to local restaurants and overhear these types of people ranting on and on about Obama and they sound like they are on the verge of a feeding-frenzy. They are so stupid they talked about moving to Canada if Obama won. HA! And they complain about Obamacare? In Canada health care is “free”. I just saw stats on the cost per person for healthcare around the world and the USA is the highest. This without the benefit of full implementation of the ACA. How interesting isn’t it?

    • zola98

      Dominick, you bring sanity to any and every post, thank you. I’m still puzzled that after eight years of Bush/Cheney and what they did to the country, they would want to vote for someone who campaigned on the same failed policies Bush did. Millions of Americans were negatively affected yet these imbeciles were willing to replace him with someone who is ever worse. Where is the common sense and the concept of learning from ones mistakes, are these people so devoid of thinking skills never mind criticial, just basic everyday skills that they would wish Romney on America? Do they care nothing for the country the profess to love so much?

      • patuxant

        To me there is a simple answer. Anyone who isn’t black is better than Obama to these morons.

  • adler56

    Cox and those like her are what is ruining America. There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

  • Listening to Limbaugh ranting and raving after the election made my day.

    • darkagesbegin

      this year’s Rush rant was mild compared to 4 years ago. Back then, I thought he might bring himself to a stroke, he was so upset. So much so, that he said something like (referring to people who elected Obama the first time, and to democrats in general): “these people should be shot.” He went on to say it didn’t mean that literally, after it had slipped out of his mouth and his foot took its place. No he had to walk back from that. And of course, we did have some violence in the wake of the 2008 election.

      • rippper

        Rush “SLIME BALL” Limbaugh always sticks his foot in his mouth. By the way, anyone know when he’s moving to Costa Rica? I’ll help him pack! Is he taking Hannity, Rove, Beck and O’Reilly with him? Hell, I’ll help them all pack! It would be worth it!

      • old_blu

        It’s too bad he didn’t work himself into a stroke.

    • jarheadgene

      Yeah…he is such bag of hot air…..what a bufoon !

  • SantaClaws8

    Time to congratulate President Obama and move ahead!

  • Let them continue to eat the bread of hatred and drink the wine of bitterness. By now the stages of grieving should be at the acceptance level , too bad if they are still bargaining. Get over it, the bi-racial man is still in the WH. The Romney choice was a stupid one, no intelligent well thinking individual could vote for that meandering stream . The rich and their money parted, it was a poor investment from the so called business people when they thrusted millions $$$$$ into the faker’s campaign.

    • patuxant

      Money can’t buy me love….The Beatles!

  • What part of 11-06-12 did these clowns not get? All the lies,voter suppression tactics,purging of voter lists,long lines for 8 hours+,the name calling of the pres. trying to make him un-American–not one of us,could not rig the election for Romney..Rom found 47 mil people to buy his dog and pony show,but the majority spoke,so get over it….

  • Here’e an “Editor’s Note” now posted at the WORLDNET site prefacing the Judson Phillips column discussed above. Sad trombone for the Teabagger fantasy of averting Obama’s second term via the Electoral College:
    “Nov. 20, 2012: Since this column was posted it has been discovered that the premise presented about the Electoral College and the Constitution is in error. According to the 12th Amendment, a two-thirds quorum is required in the House of Representatives, not the Electoral College.”

  • FredAppell

    Indulgent? Her husband is the pastor of a 7,000 seat mega-church which is really a small arena. I can only imagine the tax free income her husband is raking in. I would also like to leave my small apartment and drive by her house (which I am sure is pretty opulent) in my small $14,000 Hyundai Accent and show her what a hypocrite looks like. It shouldn’t be too difficult because she see’s one everyday she looks in the mirror. People like her are a cancer and they judge us from their ivory towers and somehow they think they are carrying on Christ’s work. There are plenty of poor Christians who would love some help from people like her but she is too jaded to care about them. I wonder how many of her husbands parishioners are being told that God only helps those who help themselves. They are such frauds. This is cultural folks and the fight is just beginning.

    • Don’t worry she & her type will meet GOD.

      • FredAppell

        I know, but it sure would be satisfying to witness their fall in this life.

  • Annemb

    The Republicans / tea partiers are NOT Americans. In my opinion, they are pseudo-representatives and traitors. They need to examine their motives, goals and stop their lies!

  • The day the GOP Americans stop believing “Faux” news and stop believing that 47% of Americans get free gifts and start believing in their own common sense, that is when the GOP will get over losing the campaign. Thank God America did not buy the their hollow offerings, their distorted facts, and their ever changing positions. The hate and disdain they tried so hard to keep concealed, oozed thru the cracked veneer of a party that is melting like the wicked witch of the West. The party that uses our beloved Faith as a justification for hatred, denigration, exclusion and humiliation of their neighbor, is the same party that forgets people of faith have a slogan……
    Love God above all and your Neighbor as yourself.”

  • BDC_57

    Good one Fern.

  • Beth Cox, the face of you average un-Christian American Taliban, and delusional also.

  • rippper

    This Beth Cox talks as if she has been riding on a high horse all her life,thinking that she is better than anyone else. How Christian of her. She is typical of the republican party. When the ball doesn’t bounce her way, she’s in denial. God didn’t make her any better than anyone else. She’s is just another Obama hater , but it’s probably her upbringing that has made her that way. Get off your high horse Beth Cox. Romney lost. Deal with it, shut up and stop your whining.

    • Mrs. Cox dosen’t belive in GOD she belives in CASH & POWER and is willing to use GOD as a front to get to her desired status. Reality is coming soon.

  • Im suprised that some GOP southerners think Democrats are the enemies of God-Its because their pastors and teacher s of the WORD of God are not telling the TRUTH-the WORD of GOD from their PULPITS, GOD did not answer theirs HE did mine-I prayed earnestly that “GOD DONT LET THE RICH TRAMPLE THE POOR IN THIS ELECTION” the truth is that GOD unlike man look on INSIDE OF MAN as man looks on the face(outside)-GOD know exactly what was in Romney heart-what he will do-he care less abt the poor-I like firing people and lake of lies from Mitt-I am bible believing tonges speaking Holy Spirit filled BORN AGAIN ASSEMBLY OF GOD tithe paying beliver and I VOTED for PRESIDENT OBAMA-the southern so called evangelicals who do not believe the power of GOD and deny the power of the WORD were FLIRTING with UNHOLY MORMONISN, AT times I listen to JOHN HAGEE and Pat Robertson and I laugh at them-they have still ingrown of hatred and racism of the BLACK person in the BLOOD-I know they believe but DENY THE POWER THEREOF-I mean the Word.BUSH was or is an acclaimed GOP believer but still send this COUNTRY of OURs to the ditch and he is hailed by Hagee and Robertson-Shame-Lets wait until the RIGHTEOUS JUDGE WHO DOES NOT DO WRONG JUDGE the intents of their HEART-OBAMA WON-DID GOD MAKE a MISTAKE?-ANSWER Mr Hagee and Mr Robertson- answer for yourselves-I am admonishing you according to the WORD-you guys should RATHER PRAY for OBAMA than to Criticize him if you are really believers of GOD-You guys are a good examples of HYPOCRITES-Shame-PLEASE preach the word if this is your calling-because the WORD will heal and restore those you are condeming -PHARASEEs

  • BDC_57

    That was so funny to hear.

  • Ah yes. The Godly people who KNOW God is on their side, as they tell God what to do. Something like the ant informing a human being how to act. I guess they feel the sun rises when they wake up, and sets when they go to sleep.

  • BDC_57

    They can’t get over it there are cry babys.

    • rippper

      According to republicans, democrats are crybabies. Remember the Bush and Gore election? But now the tables have turned and they don’t like being called crybabies. Give those republicans some cheese with that WHINE.

  • “Everybody in the South knows somebody like Beth Cox, a perfectly decent, intelligent woman whose spiritual home is the Southern Baptist mega-church of which her husband is pastor . . .” Perfectly decent? Intelligent?? Let’s not extend these generous descriptions to someone as undeserving as Beth Cocks.

  • RichardKanePA

    You missed the massive change Congressionally only the Ron Paul wing of the tea party had anytime to celebrate, those who oppose the embargo of Cuba and foreign military bases. Meanwhile two Miami Cuban-American hardliners were booted out of office, inconsistency exit polls as to Obama. Perhaps elderly Cubans were afraid the exit polls weren’t private enough for them not offending their pro-embargo (or they thought) pro-embargo relatives.

    A vote to close a US base in Japan and end the embargo during this Lame Duck Congress would win, even if it loses, by changing the agenda of the upcoming Congressional austerity talks.

    It would instantly save revenue of embargo endorsement expense, create jobs and allow retirees to retire where they wont be spending medicare dollars.

    Google, World Peace the Opportune Moment is Now

  • a80a

    when you listen to fox news , you can become intoxicated by their one sided veiws of politics, they are right everyone else is wrong. the republicians lost the election and still think they won. they need to get their heads out of the sand and face realality, THEY LOST if the republicians want to remain in the polilitical main stream they must become a party of change, to remain the same, is to remain the same , losers. they choose ROMNEY as their choice and then feed him enoughof the g o p crap to get him beat and beat badly, then they are now throwing him under the bus just wishing he would go away. actually it is the old line base of the party who needs to just fade away along with their favorite talk show liars.

  • Should we be “Surpised”…?
    If these reppy’s are in the current cabinet, we can count on there Republican ways to be “Non-Progressive” for the Country.
    If Patrick Leahy wants to “Tap” email…. Perhaps he can tap and gain from there “Email” traffic!

  • William Deutschlander

    The Republican Cartel is irrelevant !

  • coliwabl

    These people seem to be suffering from the same phenomenon that the followers of Jim Jones Jones was the founder and leader of the Peoples Temple, best known for the mass suicide in 1978 of 914 of its members in Jonestown, Guyana, and the murder of five individuals at a nearby airstrip. Over 200 children were murdered at Jonestown, almost all of them by cyanide poisoning.

    The sad thing is that they don’t even realize the magnitude of their ignorance. Apparently, there are millions just like Beth Cox. One has to wonder why they shouldn’t be considered as “Enemy’s of the State.” Certainly, Fox News and the radio/tv pundits should be considered as an enemy of the United States. It is no secret that their plan is to divide and destroy.

    • Danceroflife

      According to Jim Lane, Jim Jones Attorney and witness to the massacre. Most of the victims of Jim Jones did not willingly drink the Kool-aid as so many misinformed people believe. All of the children and young adults were forced to drink the poison and a significant number of adults. Those adults who refused to drink the poison were shot. That’s not suicide, that’s called homicide.

      I agree with the remainder of your posted comment.

  • I could not have “processed” Romney winning.
    We are so divided.
    Will we really ever come together again for the good of the country and all the people?
    I’m seriously worried about that.

    • rippper

      I wish that we all can come together, but as long as the rich and powerful look at the average person as tools to make them richer, it will never happen. This is the way it always has been and helping one another is only a faint dream and that’s sad. God gave us everything we needed to make our lives work for the better, but then came along the greedy who wanted more and took from another.

  • There are things happening in the conservative evangelical church that I think will keep them stuck in the rut they are in. First, they have thrown over the Christian principles and instead have donned the cloak of capitalism. With relish. Money’s good. Greed is good. More money and more greed is better. Second, if they supported a man like Romney, a man with a faith so down-right hostile toward Christianity (if truth be told), then their concerns were not with their Christian faith, as they claim. In truth, a Muslim has more to do with Christianity than Mormonism. Nothing that came out of the conservative evangelical churches rang true in this election cycle: leading congregations to pray for the death of the president? They are, in short, using the church and their religion to make excuses for whatever it is that is getting under their skin, racism, perhaps. Most certainly money-ism and greed.

  • Riobound

    It’s still kinda fun to watch and listen to the T-baggers and NeoCons! It’s their “Whine & Sleaze” Party and they are acting like they’re choking on something! I just can’t help but smile.

  • McCain cannot accept he lost the election against Obama and he goes out with talking point trying to stop Obama agenda at all cost. I believe that at least McCain is honest he does not waste time to go out like an Obama hater, and probably it make him feel happy.

    Out there are some that are worse than McCain for example Trump a man asking for a United States Revolution and forming a right win Party in TrumpPlaza Beer Hall! McCain never will be United States President and he has to deal with it. Trump will never be United States President the American voters are very educated and it will be like having a clown in the White House.

    Trump has money and he hates Obama because he thinks he is the one to be our President, he feel envy that a man with a poor or humble back ground is seated in the White House with an African American wife and two beautiful daughters. Those haters spent million and million dollars played the religious and racial card and did not worked they have to live with it because we the people reelected this man a good person a good husband and good father that is what America needs in the White House not a man that said if you want to become rich marry me!

    • McCain need to focus on re-election he has a strong opponent coming. lets retire his crazy azz also.

      • Re-election to what? He can sit on the Indian Affairs Committee, but that’s all that’s left. He’ll never be POTUS. You’re right – he needs to retire.

    • rippper

      Trump? Is he still around? He should go with Limbaugh to Costa Rica too. Any who listens to Trump should have their heads examined. Too late! Republicans DO listen to him.

    • zeldaq

      most of your post is true. i have a problem wuth the part about McCain being honest.
      i believe the reason he is being so hurtful in his comments about MRS. RICE, are racially motivated. he is so pissed off over his loss in 2008, that anything that’s not white is no good, in his eyes. i can clearly see hate and discontent in his facial expressions,as he rants on about our president. he is so feeble minded about the outcome in 2008,that he can’t control himself. he states that the POTUS is either covering up, or is incompetent, about the benghazi incident. it’s amost like he started throwing stones before any of the facts were revealed. anothe reason for his actions is McCain’s job with the GOP is comong to a close. which means, that the only thing available to him is a job in indian affairs. ther is almost no media coverage with that job. and he can’t convey his message of hate for the POTUS.
      i think it’s time for him retire, and crawl back under the rock. we have seen enough of his hate, and racism. there are plenty more idiots like him, that we must listen to.

  • jarheadgene

    “A FOOL and his money shall soon part.” Hahhahahha….all those super rich doofus’s
    thought they could BUY an election………WRONG!

  • Will we look back at the tea party as this generation’s McCarthy-ism. There’s a legitimate concern (spread of communism vs. national debt) and the corrupt extremists take over. Mayhem ensues! The tea party is fronted by billionaire beards working their own agenda and the poor disillusioned people who buy into it think their path is righteous (as did McCarthy). I’m just glad they weren’t powerful enough to initiate some sort of congressional “investigatory” hearings looking for their version of un-american activities.

  • howa4x

    What the republicans don’t realize is that most people want government, they just want it to be more efficient. Could you imagine if the republicans had succeeded and cut out, or defunded FEMA? Imagine that after super storm Sandy”s destruction there was no FEMA? Do they think all the people who had their houses wash away are moochers? Do they want a federal hwy system that is sound, not filled with giant potholes or collasped bridges? Do they think people who drive on those roads are moochers or dead beats, living off govt asistance? How about all the red states that are supported by the blue ones? Are all the republicans that live there moochers? Do they want a military or national guard? All that is government too. How about airports and trains, it’s all government. The people in the red states are dellusional, like some terrorist group put LSD in the water supply there and the people hallucinate, their religion and government. I would love to end this moocherism once and for all and have all red states support themselves.There is a start.

    • zeldaq

      i agree, and would like to add my 2 cents about the postal service. i think this subject qualifies. the postal service has never been a part of the federal government. it was always self supporting. the GOP saw another way to aquire money that they had no right to. the enacted laws that insist on the postal service put 5 billion dollars into a government fund for retirees. we all know what BUSH, and the GOP does with governments funds. they give huge tax breaks to the wealthy for one thing. i believe that the post office can manage their own funds. they DO NOT NEED HELP FROM THE GOP. the main reason the P.O. is in trouble now is because of this act. th P.O. has always managed to survive by raising prices a few pennies for stamps, and charging a little more for other services. the GOP is always yapping about smaller government. why, then do they have their greedy little paws in a private firm? the post office has had problems since E-MAILS replaced a lot of paper mail, but i think if they are left alone to deal with it, they can survive. some lay offs maybe, and creative marketing, will keep them operating. the GOP’s plan will for sure , put the post office out of buisness, and put millions out of work.
      this is just another example of the GOP working for a better america. during the BUSH presidency, the whole world saw how the GOP handles government funds. the post office employs millions of people. and this is not the way of JOB CREATION.

      • howa4x

        true. Privatization hasn’t worked in lowering prison costs since now there is a profit added on, and we created a system that is dependent on more and more people being locked up to maintain that profit. Some goverment services are always run at a loss, and that is why we call them services. Republicans want to defund government so their contributors can get in on the action to provide them. It is just about moving money around not making services more efficient.

    • dtgraham

      I just saw an interesting stat. Spending on infrastructure was traditionally always about 3% of GDP pre Reagan. It’s been about 1% over the last 31 years. It was probably less than that during Reagan-Bush-Bush. Clinton and Obama bumped it up to 1%. They don’t even believe in that.

      BTW, China is at 9%.

      • howa4x

        One issue you didn’t consider. Reagan had a democratic congress that did legeslation for the good of the country and both Clinton and Obama had republican congresses that were there for their destruction, and were more for cutbacks than anything else

        • dtgraham

          That’s true, I didn’t. The stat that I heard was simply pre and post Reagan. It didn’t go into any further analysis than that.

  • Don


  • “Faith is believing what you know ain’t so.”
    — Mark Twain, Following the Equator, ch. 12, “Pudd’nhead Wilson’s New Calendar” (1897)

  • adriancrutch

    Jim Jones is laughing in heaven at the wacki losers who chased him out of the country! Let’s all toast the LOSERS!

    • zeldaq

      IN HEAVEN?????????????????

      • johninPCFL

        Sure. According to Christian doctrine, all he has to do is say “sorry”. That is the definition of God’s Grace.

        • zeldaq

          you are right. i should not judge.
          Subject: [thenationalmemo] Re: Meet The Republicans Who Still Can’ t Accept Obama’ s Win

    • If there’s a hell I sure hope Jim Jones is there burning for eternity!

  • dalnb

    Before President ever took office (2009) Republican Leadership (Mitch McConnell, Karl Rove, Boehner and others declared they would do everything possible to see the president fails.

    Their declared “Mission of Failure” blocked every attempt to get America back on track. America would be well on its way to recovery if the Republican leadership would have worked half as hard at helping fix our problems as they did at ensuring there was no significant success in getting us back on track. Thank god there were some Republicans who put America above McConnell’s and Rove’s obstructionist efforts.

    America should long remember how radical right wing leadership all but destroyed our nations recovery. Mitch McConnell and his followers should be voted out of ALL politics as soon as possible.


    • McConnel is coming up for fe-election and I will be sending a contribution to who ever opposes his RACIST Howde Doody looking AZZ. People unite and retire his stupid azz.

      • dalnb

        I am not from Kentucky but my family has a long and proud family history in Tennessee and South Carolina. We will all be doing everything we can to see that McConnell finds himself a new job soon. It makes little difference whether his replacement is Republican or Democrat as long as the replacement accepts the fact that AMERICA MUST COME BEFOE PARTY!

      • patuxant

        McConnell represents everything wrong with the GOP and the TBers….He is a lying corrupt scumbag who spends most of his time trying to undo Obama instead of working in the best interests of his constituents.

      • Del WS

        I also intend to send a contribution to whomever runs against McConnell and to whomever runs against Bachman when she’s up again. Too bad it’ll be a longer wait to contribute against her.

  • adriancrutch

    And don’t forget to get a jar of Uncle Earl’s SandDirt, cures what ails ya! Not availiable at walmart!

  • I was NEVER more relieved in my life then when it was confirmed that Obama had won re-election….for me, the alternative was terribly frightening and literally kept me awake MANY nights in fear for this country had Romney won….the fact that so many Americans did not see that ticket for the abomination that it so obviously was truly astonishes me. I will NEVER understand how ANYONE could vote for that man, and will remain forever greatful that the majority of my fellow Americans voted for the ONLY man worthy of the Office.

    • zeldaq

      i totally agree. i lost a lot of sleep also; worrying that too many voters would fall for romney, and ryan’s lies. i guess i need to put more faith in my fellow man, and woman.
      one thing still bothers me. what did the people who voted for romney an ryan expect to gain? if the had won, those MIXED UP VOTERS would be served up the same bowl of disappointment as the rest of us.
      i’m just so thankful it turned out the way it did. MR. OBAMA is truely the right man for the job, and i’m proud to say it. i really don’t know how he kept his cool under all they put him through.

      • Obama exudes coolness, class and quiet authority….three traits that Romney and his flunkie Lyin Ryan have never possessed…and never will. Happy Thanksgiving – given the election result, I would say that we have an awful lot to be thankful for….America ~ forward!

        • zeldaq

          ms. gordon, you are so right. MR. OBAMA has forgotten more about class than any of the GOP ever had , combined. i think he is the best president this country has ever had. happy thanksgiving. sincerely karl knight Subject: [thenationalmemo] Re: Meet The Republicans Who Still Can’ t Accept Obama’ s Win

  • 2poor2BaRepublican

    Simply put; Republicans ignored the polls and listened only to Fox News and believed: hook, line and sinker what was being told to them. Its amazing how much power Fox News has that they were able to convince- actually brainwash, intelligent people into believing that ALL the polls were wrong and that Romney was ahead and would probably be the next president.

    • You give Fox News way too much credit. I would say a large portion of the Fox News viewers are bigots to begin with. All Fox News had to do was feed the flames. So if your viewing audience already hates the President because he is black, it was very easy to get them to believe all the lies being told to them. Dedicated Fox News viewers would believe anything told to them about President Obama, even if the facts had been shoved down their throats. Fox syched their most ardent viewers and now they are devastated by the results.

  • adriancrutch

    Who NEEDS A MILITARY when you got crazy people who think Jesus partied with DINOSAURS! The Tea party sounds more like a CIA LSD experiment! Maybe it is?

  • adriancrutch

    When I worked in West Virginia in 1982,at least one person died a week playing with SNAKES!

  • Voter4America

    God put HER in the desert, not US. And in the desert she will stay until she pulls her head out of her ass.

  • ChristoD

    I agree that the Greed Over People party needs to create a new personnae. May I suggest a few ideas. On the social side: give women the EARNED right to control their own bodies, treat ALL people based on their character and learn to live and let live, do NOT drive personal religious beliefs down other peoples throats (in other words LIVE the teachings of Jesus and stop being so hypocritcal), give transient immigrants the benefit of the doubt and make a judgement on whether they deserve to be allowed to stay in this country based on what they have contributed and will contibute to the good of our country, provide help to those in need based on the mantra: when you are able, we EXPECT you to join the work force and finally help put in place whatever controls are necessary to prevent the further erosion of earths atmosphere. On the fiscal side: create a workable plan to eliminate more than 50% of the national debt withing 10 years and 100% of the debt within 20 years based on raised taxes/revenue, as necessary, and spending cuts based on wasteful, fraudulent or unnecessary spendingbut do NOT sacrifice our future based on comlying to ideologicl purity . Create an annual budget based on a balanced budget with controls in place to spend additional funds, as needed, to account for security, weather and social condidions needs, as agreed to. Do NOT agree on a balaned budget based on political ideology.

    Does this look familiar ? It should, it is the Democrats model for America’s future and to say it is radical or that the country is driving down the wrong road is beyond dumb, it is ideological idiocy gone amouk. Welcome to todays Republican party aka ‘alternate reality world’.

  • tampajim

    Once we get past this tea party, god, guns and racist atmosphere we will be on the way to nirvana. Obama’s second term is a good place to begin the cleaning out process.

  • Bill O’Reilly goes on ranting and ranting about the Washington Post’s criticism of his racist remarks. O’reilly misuses the Fox News which is also extreme right wing. Rupert Murdock’s News Corp has been heavily discredited for their extreme and sometimes vile activities. For example Fox News staff were involved phone hacking and even hacking phones of dead people. O’Reilly is a pinhead who has greatly disgraced the Journalism industry. O’Reilly spins lies and keeps repeating the lies that Romney used during his unsuccessful and failed election campaign, talking about 50% of Americans who make less than 30,000dollars per year or less and who are dependent on government handout and justifies that those are the voters who voted for President Obama. O’Reilly is being dismissive of 50% of Americans and being very vile about those who earn less than 30,000 dollars. The President was clear during the campaign, he campaigned on a manifesto to help the middle class to move up the ladder, to help kids from the middle class to get financial help they need to afford college fees, to create jobs for the unemployed, to cut taxes for the middle class but also to ask those who make more money to contribute more to the economy. There was no time the President promised voters free handouts as Bill O’reilly suggests in his vile and vulgar rants against the Washington Post Editorial staff. Indeed Washington Post Editorial staff did well to point out the racist and unjustifiable rants of this vile and despicable Bill O’reilly. Pouring scorn and other vulgarism against the Editorial team of the Washington Post only exposes what a despicable and vile this idiot Bill O’reilly is. O’reilly should be ashamed of himself for bringing journalism into great disrepute through Fox News, an organisation whose sister organisation the News Corp has greatly discredited itself and journalism as a whole world wide. Fox News has established itself as anti-Obama through its extreme views against the President and his administration. That is Rupert Murdock’s way of cohessing targeted leaders to make them bow before him so that he (Murdock) can gain access to the corridors of power to influence government policy on all sorts of things, including press freedom that favours his way of thinking. Murdock used this kind of blackmail in the U.K over the years until he got all the would be future British leaders to bow down before him and worship him to avoid censorship from the Murdock empire. I think Murdock has found it very difficult to penetrate Obama’s administration to influence decision making and he has decided to use renegades and buffoons like O’Reilly to attack anybody and any media house such as the Washington Post that appears to be on the President’s side. Murdock would rather have preferred to be the one enjoying the limelight and when he doesn’t get it then whoever is getting it has to get the flack from the Murdock empire and hence Bill O’Reilly’s rants and scorn on W/P staff

    • FredAppell

      Yes, but O’Reilly and his colleagues are riding the FOX gravy train to fame and fortune. Fox has given them a platform to create a rock-star-like status with a cult-like following that has enabled them to secure book deals while also being paid extremely well and in turn making Fox News one of the most powerful, wealthiest and most watched news networks in America. It is a symbiotic relationship that has created a very dangerous and volatile agenda in this country. Quite frankly, Fox News personalities aren’t going to bite the hand that feeds them anytime soon either regardless of how much damage they do to the country just as long as they are standing at the top of the heap when the country collapses.

  • Bill O’Reilly goes on ranting and ranting about the Washington Post’s criticism of his racist remarks. O’reilly misuses the Fox News which is also extreme right wing. Rupert Murdock’s News Corp has been heavily discredited for their extreme and sometimes vile activities. For example Fox News staff were involved phone hacking and even hacking phones of dead people. O’Reilly is a pinhead who has greatly disgraced the Journalism industry. O’Reilly spins lies and keeps repeating the lies that Romney used during his unsuccessful and failed election campaign, talking about 50% of Americans who make less than 30,000dollars per year or less and who are dependent on government handout and justifies that those are the voters who voted for President Obama. O’Reilly is being dismissive of 50% of Americans and being very vile about those who earn less than 30,000 dollars. The President was clear during the campaign, he campaigned on a manifesto to help the middle class to move up the ladder, to help kids from the middle class to get financial help they need to afford college fees, to create jobs for the unemployed, to cut taxes for the middle class but also to ask those who make more money to contribute more to the economy. There was no time the President promised voters free handouts as Bill O’reilly suggests in his vile and vulgar rants against the Washington Post Editorial staff. Indeed Washington Post Editorial staff did well to point out the racist and unjustifiable rants of this vile and despicable Bill O’reilly. Pouring scorn and other vulgarism against the Editorial team of the Washington Post only exposes what a despicable and vile this idiot Bill O’reilly is. O’reilly should be ashamed of himself for bringing journalism into great disrepute through Fox News, an organisation whose sister organisation the News Corp has greatly discredited itself and journalism as a whole world wide. Fox News has established itself as anti-Obama through its extreme views against the President and his administration. That is Rupert Murdock’s way of cohessing targeted leaders to make them bow before him so that he (Murdock) can gain access to the corridors of power to influence government policy on all sorts of things, including press freedom that favours his way of thinking. Murdock used this kind of blackmail in the U.K over the years until he got all the would be future British leaders to bow down before him and worship him to avoid censorship from the Murdock empire. I think Murdock has found it very difficult to penetrate Obama’s administration to influence decision making and he has decided to use renegades and buffoons like O’Reilly to attack anybody and any media house such as the Washington Post that appears to be on the President’s side. Murdock would rather have preferred to be the one enjoying the limelight and when he doesn’t get it then whoever is getting it has to get the flack from the Murdock empire and hence Bill O’Reilly’s rants and scorn on W/P staff.

  • My my…..all these “stand on your own” rugged indivdiualists can’t grasp that Obama was re-elected, but they can grasp, with both hands, all the Federal monies that come into their home states, as well as Corporate Welfare for large corporations and the 2%. Welfare for the Wealthy they get. January 1st, I say let’s take the barrell ride over the cliff–actually I don’t think it will be much worse for the middles and lower income groups as it will for the 2% who might have to cry “uncle”.

  • Deal with it T baggers . WE felt horrible in 2000 when Bush Jeb & Co stole the election. We had to endure 2 long UN funded wars based on lies, corp cuts, worst crash since 1929
    then Bush Paulson TARP GIFT to Wall St

  • Darwniianlad

    From the position of someone 5,000 miles away, the lady Mrs Cox lives on another planet. She must be a Communist.; she acts as a one man censure on what her children can read. Then she is not a Communist because she believes in witchcraft.. Communists never believe in witchcraft. The Roman Catholic Church did but then they believed the world is flat. Does Mrs Cox believe the world is flat? did your reporter ask her that all important question? I won’t even ask that naughty evolution question.

    I bet her Mom and dad were Republicans and her hubby at the church is one and she is determined to bring their two teenagers up as Republican god fearing flat earthers .. little chance of anything else if they can’t read harry Potter – a book more corrupting of the young and innocent than anything that Jane Austin may have penned.

  • Fox News pundits and right-wing talk radio had her persuaded that even historically Democratic-leaning states like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin would support the GOP. “And Colorado?” she said. “Who the heck is living in Colorado? Do they want drugs, dependency, indulgence? Don’t they remember what this country is about?”//// yes thy know what this country should be about and that,s about 98 % of the ppl., and not just the greedy bastard 2% . time for you to get out of your dirty Bush era . the country has to move forward and out of the dirty Bush era . and back to the Clinton era when in 8 yrs 23 million jobs where made and the country had money in there bank account and wasnt in the red owed no one nothing . heck then even the greedy bastard rich got richer

  • AlfredSonny

    Leaders who are poor losers are setting bad examples to American children!

  • rojroj

    I have no scientific evidence to back it up, but I believe that people listen to Rush, Beck, et al. not to seek information with which to form their own opinions,but only to reinforce opinions they already hold. And since radio, particularly AM radio, is desperate for mere survival, cranks like right-wing talk show hosts aren’t required to educate anyone, just to pull in listeners by whatever means necessary. Call it tabloid radio.

  • adriancrutch


  • adriancrutch

    Ronald Reagan SAID! Entitlement HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE DEFICIT!

  • I cringe everytime these right wing zealots mention their faith! Jesus was the ULTIMATE Socialist, he helped others – whom were needy, he abohrred greed & sickening wealth etc. These “religious” peoples should not be able to collect ANY help nor benefits from the Federal Government! NONE! IF they do – Social Security, Medicare, Welfare, Unemployment, Food Stamps, ANY Governmental help or handout – NOTHING! Just live on what they earn. IF they did that, I would at least not think them as the ultimate hypocrites! Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk people!

  • Dominick Vila, I could not have expressed it better. AMEN!!!!

  • Yeah right…it’s all Gawd-DUHs fault Obama beat Flip Flopney. It had nothing to do with the stupidity that flowed from his big mouth every time he opened it.

    And screw your god & your godly life.

  • A lousy white politician is preferred than an effective non-white in this country untill the last election. Welcome to the ” New Americans ” the ingredients of which are not just white corns
    and white breads. They have tacos, kim-chi’s, dim-sums, adobos, Pho soup and fried chickens all of which are now visibly accepted all over except to some white right wingers whoever they are. We are just as americans as you guys are. Adjust your brains. Not just in immigration reform hoping to appease. Rather, accepting that this land is no longer yours but ours.

  • Mimi2kool

    I think it was P.T Barnum that said “No one ever went broke underestimating the ignorance of the American public.” and “There’s a sucker born every minute.” Clearly, the people who voted Republican were the gullible rubes Barnum was referring to. Unfortunately for them, most of American deals in facts, not faith.

  • It is said that there are five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance… In some cases, “bargaining” isn’t appropriate, so I add “shock” first…right now, practically all of the GOP are stuck in one of three stages: shock, denial and anger…The ones in denial have gone plumb loco, btw…to tell the honest truth, I don’t think many GOPers will reach acceptance…many will be stuck on “depression” until 2016

  • If FOX news is he “High Church” of present-day conservatism, then in order to yank Conservatism’s spiritual course back to REALITY we have to shine an unforgiving light onto that “Church’s” high priest, one Rupert Murdoch whose only guiding light is to……….wherever and however (e.g. in essence buying his US Citizenship!) he can grow his pile of FILTHY LUCRE!

  • Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! What can we say? Four more years of President Obama! OWWW! As for those Republicans who still can’t get over Obama was re elected, I have only one phrase for you; Nanh Nahnny Nanh Nanh! Buy a river, build a bridge, and get over it! Life is still going to continue! HPHLMAO!

  • when the second coming doesn’t happen will they have the same look on their face that the dooms day preacher had? Will she sell off all her goods and prepare for the dooms day that is surely to come from the sinner that occupies the white house now? I’m so so happy that these people have a wake up call and knowing that they could not spend their way to victory is such a revelation. I’d to add a new scripture for them to read that tells them that they all need to walk over to the nearest bridge during low tied and just jump the hell off. No thinking sheep that they are. JUST JUMP OFF HEAD FIRST BECAUSE I WOULDN’T WANT OBAMACARE KEEPING THEIR STUPID ASS ALIVE. GOD WILL SAVE THEIR SOUL ANYWAY

  • oldtack

    King County, Texas has a total population of about 900 people .It has one small town, Guthrie, Texas. The town and the County owe their existence to Ann Merrian, heir to the vast enterprise of the Four Sixes (6666) Ranch and oil and gas interests plus much more. Ann lives in New York City but she keeps close tab on Guthrie and King County as this is where the Headquarters of the 6666 is located. This is cattle, oil and gas country and this entire area of Texas is solid Republican. You can find this same thing in the neighboring Counties of Knox, Foard, and Baylor . Really great people but totally right wing conservative in their politics and Religion, The nearest thing to “one of those weird religions” in King and Foard County is two very small Catholic Churches that are served by a visiting Priest on Sundays. The rest is 100% Protestant.

    George and Laura Bush are frequent visitors to the HQ – usually business since George has much interest in Horses and cattle.

    These folks might well listen to Fox news but down deep they are just very conservative tight- fist closed mouth farmers and ranchers.

  • This article is nice piece of writing from Gene Lyons and spot on. I’ve spoken with some of my GOP neighbors and they are still in denial. They bought into the conservative entertainment selling of the election and were indeed shellshocked at the results. I’ve been trying to tell them for years that Beck and the drugster were not proper sources of valid information, but they are still loyal listeners. Slow learners I guess.

  • well people obama did win he slaughtered ole mittens those who believed in the lying idiot should have realized that a lier person who called most of us moochers deadbeats and a few more choice words he romney is and will always b an idiot and a dimwit he did it to himself he would have destroyed our country in a heartbeat obamas reelection was an answer to a lot of prayers GOD saved our country by getting obama elected and saved our country for ever GOD BLESS AMERICA GOD BLESS BARACK OBAMA

  • pm2kar50

    The GOP is, and has long been, the Party Of Stupid. These idiots always get in their own way, falling over their own feet every single time. It’s no wonder smart people didn’t want them controlling the country AND everyone’s private lives. Let’em keep doing what they do best. Sooner or later, we’ll be well rid of them.

  • ObozoMustGo

    Gene Lyons, useful idiot du jour, once again wastes pixels with a rambling and incoherent attempt to make a point that is nothing but a distortion. Here is a real article from the Canadian press and their views on Obozo’s reelection:
    Howard Galganov speaks….after the election. Excellent column!

    Somehow, I feel as if I should be apologizing for all of my positive editorials pointing to a Romney victory. But, how can I be expected to apologize for half of the American population who celebrated a GREAT victory of the TAKERS over the MAKERS?

    The finger pointing has already begun with pundits analyzing what Romney should have done, and what he shouldn’t have done.

    So let me give it to you straight . . . ROMNEY IS BLAMELESS. He ran a great campaign.

    It is the people who blindly reelected an already FAILED American Idol who bare the blame.

    From everything I’ve read, seen and heard, Mitt Romney is a very decent person who ran on a REAL platform. He spelled out what his plan was for America. And he stood firm on genuine policies that offered the American people a roadmap out of the impending disaster – towards instead . . . to American prosperity.

    On the other hand, Obama promised FREE birth control pills. He promised to punish the MAKERS with higher taxes and more regulations. And he promised to give the Something-For-Nothing Bunch their FREE RIDE.

    Obama won the Black vote because he’s Black. There is no question about it. NONE WHATSOEVER . . . America is a RACIST country where the Blacks vote on the basis of color.

    Obama won the Hispanic vote because he promised the Hispanics the RIGHT to violate American Immigration Laws, and to give them rights and privileges unavailable to other communities.

    And he won the general vote because of the lack of intelligence of the American people, a level of intelligence, which after yesterday’s election results is beyond understanding.

    I’ve been hearing this morning from some Republicans on television, how the Republicans have to change their philosophy and strategy to attract more women, Blacks, and Hispanics. But, none of these people with this stupid idea have said how.


    If the republicans should decide to abandon their principles to BUY Female, Black, Hispanic and WELFARE votes, how would that make them any different from the Democrats?

    HERE IS WHAT BEAT THE REPUBLICANS that would have made Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels proud.


    It would not have made any difference WHATSOEVER who the Republicans would have chosen to be their candidate, since the media would have found or created any way they could to demean him or her, to the point of OUTRIGHT Character Assassination.

    It’s one thing for the media to be in the so-called tank for Obama. It’s not right, but just about everyone has a bias. But . . . having the media doing the work of lying and covering for Obama is another thing entirely.


    The mainstream media withheld vital information from the voters. They highlighted NON-EXISTENT Obama successes, while keeping serious Obama failures from the headlines, such as how the President contributed to the murder of FOUR Americans in Benghazi . . . AND THEN LIED ABOUT IT.

    The media . . . for all intent and purposes NEVER covered how Obama’s Arab Spring has become the World’s NIGHTMARE. And how Europe is already falling over the edge of the financial cliff without so much as a whisper from Obama.

    Or how Iran is laughing at Obama’s America, while they work away at building their BOMB that can “WIPE ISRAEL OFF THE MAP”, while holding the rest of the world HOSTAGE.

    The media NEVER even discussed the abhorrent cost of gasoline at the pumps, the rising cost of food and essentials, laying the blame at the feet of Obama, as they surely would have, had the President been named George W Bush.

    That said . . . While the media LIED outright for Obama, they also participated as willing accomplices in the never-ending series of outright lies and distortions against Romney.


    Like most people, I was expecting those Centrist and Independent minded voters to come in huge numbers to Romney’s side. But that never happened. And it didn’t happen because there really are no Centrist or Independent-minded voters.

    There are people who like to define themselves as Centrist and Independent because it makes them feel special, where in reality, they are on the LEFT pretending to be something they are not.


    Chris Christie HELPED Romney lose this election by telling all of America’s population how proud he was of PRESIDENT Barack Obama, for being such a great President and UNIFIER during the hurricane crisis.

    Just for giving Obama this ENDORSEMENT during such a critical time . . . Christie should never be forgiven.


    The following are KEY issues at the top of Obama’s agenda from the first day he won office in 2008, that he will now push for with every fiber of his being.

    1 – Obamacare will destroy the world’s best healthcare system, while spending Americans into the poorhouse, as he moves to fully eliminate private insurance options.

    2 – There will be CARD-CHECK, giving the Unions unfettered power over the MAKERS.

    3 – The Media Fairness Doctrine will become a part of FCC regulations that will go a long way to muting Conservative voices.

    4 – Fewer manufacturers will set-up shop in America.

    5 – Businesses of all sizes will focus almost entirely on reducing the size of staff to avoid the astronomical costs of providing employment.

    6 – Unemployment will rise significantly.


    THE OBAMA SUPREME COURT . . . Perhaps one of the MOST damaging long-term results of this election victory for the LEFT, will be the NEW Supreme Court that will be appointed by Obama, that will push the Court FURTHER to the LEFT than anyone can imagine.

    In essence . . . what we witnessed last night . . . is nothing short of the irreversible step towards the end of the American DREAM and that Shining City On That Hill.


    As a result of this election – a whole new strategy by Conservatives WORLDWIDE must be developed, where people who believe in INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS opposed to Socialist COLLECTIVIST RIGHTS, must come together to separate ourselves from the masses.


    Like just about EVERY Conservative, I was sickened watching the returns, thinking to myself . . . What the HELL?

    Why should I even bother to write and fight to the point of personal sacrifice, when more than half of the people are so ignorant of consequences in search of COLLECTIVISM and intrusive government, that they WILLINGLY threw their country under Obama’s Bus?

    When that New York SCREWBALL Mayor (Bloomberg) legislated the size of soft drinks FREE PEOPLE could NOT buy, who accepted HIS decision to take away THEIR Freedom, it said all that needed to be said about how unimportant FREEDOM means to most people.

    THIS ISN’T JUST AN AMERICAN PROBLEM . . . this is a GLOBAL disease that must be defeated.

    In my next editorial, I will write about what we can do to win back our FREEDOMS and punish those who are taking our FREEDOMS away.

    Today is indeed a very new day.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of my leftist freak and useful idiot friends, as well as my reasonable and normal friends, at The Memo!

    “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency…Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.” – Czech Republic newspaper Prager Zeitung

    • johninPCFL

      Yes, the red-state takers who get $2 back for every $1 paid in won. I’m sure they don’t view themselves as “takers”, but Wyoming gets the highest payback on its taxes. Is the Big Dick a Taker?

      “Deficits don’t matter” – RWR
      “er…er…I have no recollection of that…” – RWR

    • dtgraham

      To be fair, that’s not the Canadian Press and Galganov is no journalist. He’s a lone nut far right blogger, and one time local radio host, who calls himself an activist and has close to zero credibility with anyone who’s aware of him. He occasionally runs for something as an independent and routinely gets single digit support.

    • ExPAVIC


      All of that effort you put forth in the above statement went for naught. This writer didn’t read a single goddamn word because knowing it came from your demented mind it was worthless crap anyway.

      Keep posting you fool.

  • I keep hearing how the white supremist with the aid of the tea party is going to lead this country into civil war. It won’t be a civil war it would be more like cowardly acts of terrorism if anything at all. After all white supremist have hate and prejudice for all minorities and to stir up that hornets nest would not be very wise, but if and act of terrorism against american citizens were to be initiated it would be quelled by the american people who hold dear what this country stands for.

    • johninPCFL

      More like Columbine and Oklahoma City.


  • bpai99

    To conservatives, nothing is true if you just refuse to accept it. That takes care of evolution, global warming, the age of the Earth, gender and racial equality, Obama winning re-election, etc. It’s not true until they say it is, and they won’t! [insert sound of baby whining in frustration]

    • johninPCFL

      In “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, that pretty well described the ravenous bugblatter beast of traal. The defense against attack? Cover your head with a towel. The beast is so stupid, it believes that if you can’t see it, it can’t see you.

      Objective reality now flumoxes the GOP. Rape a problem? Can’t get pregnant during a “real rape”. Want to issue a $5T tax cut, spend $2T more on the military, but the most you can get if you shut down the entire federal government is $500B? Lie about it.

  • James Nash

    You all should watch the movie Gangs Of New York. Nothing’s changed lol

  • It is very sad the Republicans cannot see further than their little Republican box or bubble. They are all about their Party and their religion. The rest of America does not matter. IF you are WHITE, extremely religious, hateful, bigotted, a racist, a lier, and LOOK DOWN at Latinos, Blacks, Asians, Native Americans, and every other minority, students of every race (including WHITE), elderly on Social Security and Medicare, the handicapped, etc., the Republican Party welcomes you with open arms. Romney the candidtate told us how HE sees 47% of our population as dependent on government for everything (translation: MOOCHERS) and do not take responsibiliity for their lives (translation: STUPID AND LAZY). That is exactly how the entire Republican Party sees it too!! The fact the Republicans do not mention is that Conservatives are the largest sector that is on Welfare, Foodstamps, free meds, etc. Their eduction is lacking due to poor schools, they are basicly uneducated, never go beyond highschool to get degrees. Maybe the Republicans really hate their constituents and are reflecting it on the rest of Americans?? All I can say is: Thank God we reelected President Obama, a man of the people and for the people—ALL people, White, Black, Asians, Brown,American Natives, women’s rights, equal pay, and everything that makes this country great!! Now, if only the Republicans would make a sincere effort to step out of their little Republican boxes and bubbles and begin working for America and her people instead of just their party and their religion, maybe greater things can be done in the next four years!!!

    • hottrika

      Thank God, Romney lost. I shudder to think what’d have happened to America had he won. The first thing he’d do was pick a gun and start shooting all the Blacks, Hispanics, Immigrants, Women, Non-believers, Asians, Brown, American Natives, those asking for “Equal Pay”, “Equal Rights” and everyone else who differed with them. Thank St. Obama, we are all safe and thriving and living. Hail Obama, our new and the latest savior.

      Go, worship him. May Lord Obama bless you.

  • That a woman like Cox could feel and think like she does in this age is unbelievable. Unable to think on her own as to what is right or wrong. What demons inhabit these people? I know that most of these people are supposedly God fearing, but how come they never seem to have charity toward all people? God made us all of the same cloth, and this is what these people need to learn and remember.

  • Many of the Republican’s misguided cohorts threw everything including lies, distortions, misrepresentations, etc at Obama but still lost, thank God. May those traitors who now want to secede from the rest of the country just simply move out of the country to somewhere else where their hate and divisive attitudes may be welcomed. Maybe on some island in the middle of the ocean…

  • What I am hearing from these far right IDIOTS is the same mentality that instituted SLAVERY in this Country, “THE LAND OF THE FREE”, They obviously control the media…and they will risk starting another civil war in order to get what they want.

  • Tom

    My nephew is a Republican, a decent person and farmer. That said. He was happy to get the $50,000 check from the Dept. of Agriculture to give up his tobacco allotment.
    What is a tobacco allotment? The government sets limits on how much land a farmer can use to grow tobacco. Mitch McConnell can tell you all about it. Why. To keep the price of tobacco up. Supply and demand concepts.
    Millions of good hard working farmers in the south and all over get payments from the government to not grow food. This is not a new thing. When I lived on a farm 40 years ago my grandparents who owned the farm got the check not to grow anything. It was called the soil bank. It is called some other name today but a rose by any other name smells the same.
    Milk farmers get subsidies and multimillion dollar corporations get billions from the government they say is too big. Just let us get away with anything we want by not having enough inspectors to keep an eye on us is what they are really saying.
    It’s ok for me to get a government check and for them to build the roads, airports, bridges, dams etc that I benefit from but don’t expect me to pay for it.
    Let those folks working at Walmart and similiar swet shops pay the bill.

    The term you didn’t build it is correct, the government did with the taxes from all the people. Just why not let those who benifit most from the governments efforts pay a little bit more. The top 2%.

    • ExPAVIC


      Somebody please tell me why farmers in the south and midwest continue to vote Republican yet get huge subsidy checks in the mail from the same “big government” they are allegedly sworn to hate?

  • We in Canada have our deluded minority also, but nothing on the scale of the USA. Your delusionals are holding the earth hostage by refusing to act on Global Warming. I despair for you and the world.

    • dtgraham

      I know the federal Conservatives talk a good game when it comes to man made global warming, but I think it’s just talk David. Have you watched question period on CPAC lately? Every time a Conservative MP gets up to talk about anything, they mention a noun, a verb, and the phrase “carbon tax” with almost every sentence. That’s forced on them by Harper and it’s meant as a perjorative against Mulcair. They’ll do cap and trade, if anything, for what that’s worth.

      At any rate, any country that has our little oil sands carbon emission problem probably shouldn’t be coming down too hard on our American friends, or anybody else, on the environment.

      Here’s to getting rid of Harper in 2015. I don’t care whether you’re a Justin convert, or with Thomas, or even Elizabeth May. I’ll take anybody.

  • Add to the mystery of who was shellshocked by the election-public school teachers whom I work with every day! Although we generally avoid talking politics at work, many of my collegues knew that I volunteered for the Obama campaign, and made sure that I heard their angry, teary eyed comments the day after the election. Normally lucid, intelligent people could give me no coherent reason whatsoever as to why Mitt Romney should have been elected, and why they are still so fearful of President Obama’s “agenda”! I truly hope at it’s core, there isn’t a touch of disbelieving racism-from the very people who stand in front of young children each day and are charged with the responsibility of telling them that hard work and desire will give them too, the opportunity to be a leader in their comunity, if not the country!

  • irishtap

    I’ve about had it with these insufferable idiots. Not just the imbeciles whom lack an ounce of critical thinking skills but more important :the lying bastards that put out the hateful fear mongering designed to deliver these lost souls to frantic frenzy. These people (Tea Party, Rove, Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity and the rest of the FOXING idiots) are unpatriotic, anti-representative government to the point of provoking seditious actions. Why? Because a democrat holds the White House, Obama’s ethnicity is a factor for how they attack him but, in the final analysis the republicans have a bullseye on the New Deal, and they’ll hate a white democrat equally if not more so, to get at Medicare/Social Security/Medicaid. We MUST ramp up the pressure on these traitors to make it known to them what they’re up against!
    The GOP is on it’s death bed, it’s time to grind our collective heel into their fractured, tortured, deceitful, heartless, quivering spine.

  • dalnb

    A large number of Republicans voted for Obama due to Mitch McConnell’s and Karl Rove’s “Mission of Failure” waged by Republican leaders against President Obama. That unrelenting mission targeted virtualy everything the Obama Administration attempted that may have helped get our nation back on track. Many Republians saw the damage being done by the Rove/McConnell partnership and the negative impact on our national recovery. The untiring efforts to ensure Obama failed not only damaged the Presidents success but success in getting our economy and jobs back on line.

    The best thing that could happen to America and to the Republican Party would be to see Mitch McConnell thrown out of office.

  • rr3A

    one friend is already leaving the US to live in Singapore….good luck…is a beautiful country to visit..but to reside??…..well this is a free country and you can live where ever you please….good luck….I feel sorry for the citizens of other countries like Singapore, Canada et al that will have to burden the likes of frustrated and pissed Republicans who can bare four more years of President Obama

  • who is saying Obama is a muslim, and favors Israel.
    President Barack Obama praised Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday for agreeing to an Egypt-crafted cease-fire with Palestinian militants in Gaza. Obama, speaking to Netanyahu by telephone, also underlined America’s unwavering support for Israel’s security and said he hoped to “intensify” U.S. assistance.

  • iheardu2

    McConnell and Boehner want to destroy our nation so the haves are completely in control to prevent anyone who may have prospects to create wealth to never reach that goal. Their belief is there is no room for any working class/middle-class. To them it is obsolete. Working poor is the only class recognized by them. So when President Obama says he has a mandate to work hard for the middle-class this is offensive to Republicans.


    The Trend Will Continue

    Since the demographics will continue to favor the poor and middle classes, look for more bitching from the old, old, used up GOP as defeat will follow defeat.

    Will the GOP ever learn that they are going the way of the dinosaurs and even minor superficial changes will not save them from future defeats in 2016 and beyond?

  • Who does Beth Cox thinks she is…God or Jesus Christ loves us all even in our sins…go to Matthew Chapter..24 where God warned the people not to listen to those Pharisees because they tell you how to live..etc..but, they are not doing it themselves..I guess she thinks she is more important..than anyone else..because she is into the organization of a church…and at that a “Southern Baptist” church at that..or since the church is the people…and the building holds the people…Southern Baptist don’t believe in women preachers as I am…but, all those prayers that went up at the church didn’t get answered..and now she is calling our President, an wrong…it says let those who are perfect cast the first stone..I would consider her an hyprocrite to the word which is Jesus Christ…because she must think she is so above other people…and God called those people hyprocrites..she has “spiritual blindness”…I just hate to burst her bubble..but, I can say…that I am the least perfect person there is…I bet she cannot say that..besides..I had a recipe of psalms that I prayed…since I know the meaning of everyone of those psalms and took a few verses from the Bible which is Jesus Chirst word..and made sure he won…even the night of the election my wonderful Doctor from Pakistan called me at 9p.m. and said he was nervous and I told him I would go into meditatation and prayer…and within an hour or so…the election was over…and my prayers were answered…it explains everything in the Gospel according to John…that God does not answer all prayers..there are hindrances to prayers being answered…and I guess with that heart she has..Jesus Chirst, already knew how she was on the inside..didn’t answer her prayers…it is like I have said over and over again..I am not into religions…nor into church organizations…I am only into the Father, the son, which is Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit…a big difference..and in psalm 26 it clearly states that I will not sit with vain person or demsemblers..which are pretenders..and I would never go to that church…first she is a pretender and very vain…so, it is like this…that the ministers and the pastors..and the teachers of the church are subject to the spirit that is within the other ministers, etc…we can tell what kind of spirit they have and be able to comment on it…so, I am very grateful…that all people don’t think as she thinks..and we call that “stinking thinking”…so shocked that her prayers or prayer band didn’t get their prayers answered..oh, well….I am glad he answered my recipe of psalms within a hour or two…that is when you know Jesus Christ…favors you…I don’t go around…thinking myself so above others…all, I know…is that a awesome humanitarian man thinking of the middle class and the poor..and for the next four years I will have his back in all things he wants to achieve for the American, dear Beth Cox…you better read psalm 52 for repentance..look into your blind spots and see why you have such “spiritual blindness…and you can’t accept all of God’s children…so to Galations..chapter 27 and read…evidently…you are not the Chirst-like person…that you pretend to be…

  • lana ward

    Dems made sure rad rag would win. With all the voter fraud that went on, it was to be expected. Like Rahm (dead fish) Emmanual said – It doesn’t matter how you win, the end justifies the means. So now we have 4 more years of decline!!!

    • Paul Kennedy

      Don’t be silly.

  • elindio1

    Like I have said before, the GOP is nothing but blah! blah! blah! all the way! that’s what they earned , when they listen to bozo’s, like Hannity, Limbaugh, morris, beck, and especially MaCain and his Minnie me Graham!!!

  • bellagram08

    I found the assessment of Mrs. Cox’s political views as being based on her Christian religion a bit ironic. Was hoping when Karl Rove said that Obama’s victory could be chalked up to an “act of God” – meaning Hurricane Sandy – that maybe some R’s might have realized that God is not a Republican – not a Dem either, but certainly not rooting for Romney, and maybe we could finally take religion out of politics – guess not.

  • ridemybroom

    they sore because they still racist and think the white man should have won…what a crock these people are and they think when they die they going upstairs….have i got news for them ~!…i still cant help but to wonder if Mitt really thinks his heritiage is American….when the truth is, it’s Mexican and even the Mexicans dont like him…talk about calling the kettle black….and i still cant help but to think when Mitt was running, if the Gop would have still called him stupid and an idiot if he had won the top job…i think they would have….

  • Pops

    OMG, it was totally like Truman vs Dewey! Except everybody with half a brain could see it coming. So it was nothing like Truman vs Dewey.

  • E.W

    Sit down McCain and shut up , you and your counter-parts , loss. Start trying to do what the other losers chose you to do.

  • Gambler2

    Lots of conservatives live in fact-free bubbles. I pity them because they occasionally come face to face with reality, and it’s tough for them to bear.

  • Virginia51

    Having grown up in a hard right GOP family (not today’s wacky right-wing Republican), I can personally tell you the brainwashing starts at birth. As a child, I thought Democrats were from outer space, which was a real shock when I learned my parents had good friends on the opposite ends of the political spectrum. It’s a culture…deeply programmed and it takes a lot to breakout of the “R” pack and make decisions for yourself.

  • PASSION can coexist with EVOLUTIONARY INTELLIGENCE. The art of achieving this state of mind is crucial to the evolution of conscious humanity. The GOP in its present form is a clear demonstration of the failure to generate passion coexistent with intelligence.

  • How any thinking person could live in Texas is beyond me. But, there is hope. Julian Castro was elected and HE’S SMART.

  • When a halfrickan steals the election with help from the socialists every one should be angry. The un-American blind oblackbutt followers sold their country to this spawn of satan. They will suffer just as hard as the rest of us. I hope they all die an extremely agonizing slow death.

  • I still can’t figure out how they thought they were going to win?

  • commserver

    Just goes to show that the GOP is out of touch with reality.

  • I believe people hear what they want to hear, see what they want to see and believe what they want to believe. It’s called denial and it ain’t a river in Egypt. Denial is a wonderful place to be and if you are not an informed voter, then don’t vote. Our country is not headed down a wrong road and I believe with this president, we will come out stronger than ever and I am more proud to be a democrat under Obama and I am better off than I was under idiot W. Right wing and extremist thinking are products of talk radio and I, frankly, hope they continue and maybe the democrats will stay in office longer. The rich have to learn they cannot buy democracy and that tax evasion and/or tax loopholes are not a form of conserving one’s capital but a clear and brazen abandonment of responsibility to our government. Kick out Grover Norquist.

  • Doesn’t matter if they are still confused and puzzled. Obama won and we are moving forward.

  • bpai99

    “I like your Christ. Christians, not so much. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” – Mahatma Gandhi

  • micahm14

    Okay, now it’s really not a doubt in my mind lana ward, that you are a damn fool. honestly, I hope you didn’t vote at all. Who would need a stone idiot to vote? not me. you might want to consider some counseling sessions for yourself. Learn how to spend your time and your thoughts wisely. stop taking away all the doubt, and showing us all that you are a FOOL! and a damn sick one at that! Pfft! you need to go somewhere, sit down, and shut your mouth for the rest of your life, or at least until you can say SOMETHING that is even remotely true. You have missed the mark completely. Pfft!

  • micahm14

    Lana, I can’t believe you’re still talking….shut it down! that would be the best thing you could do for yourself, and the world for that matter. Pfft!

  • micahm14

    I really cannot believe you’re stupid enough to keep running off at your mouth. Spewing out poison. You are a sick puppy if you believe ANYTHING you’ve posted here. Pfft! OMG! you are the biggest idiot I’ve ever read about. Yikes! you need Jesus! and to be honest with you, you need a president like Barack Obama, you just don’t realize it yet.

  • micahm14

    it’s very clear to me, there is no hope for you Lana, so I’m done reading anything you have to say, or responding. I have zero tolerence for fools, and idiots. you don’t sound like someone I’d even want a vote from. I think you should just leave the US since you feel the way you do. It’s very obvious to me now, you’re not worth the time of day to discuss any further. Pfft!

  • micahm14

    Trust and believe me Lana, after this statement, I won’t be getting back with you in a few months, or ever, for that matter! you are not worth the time it takes me to respond to you, but I just wanted you to know, I’m not a hater. that would be you, plain and simple. I’m not going anywhere! I was born and raised in the U.S.A, and have all plans to live the remainder of my life here. It was you, not me, who voted for the WRONG person, and thank God and God alone, that you vote didn’t count in this situation. You need to do your homework, so you can find out that your president, Barack Obama is not a muslim, or a communist. Obviously, you don’t know what either of them mean. so, again….who should be leaving is YOU! and when you do, good riddens to you, and anyone else like you. You don’t deserve to be here, nor do you deserve to have your vote counted. quiet as it’s kept, you probably did vote for Obama, you just don’t want anyone to know. As of this moment, I’m done talking to you. I’ve said all I need or want to say to an idiot like you. I don’t like your kind. Never have and never will. Get the hell out of town. that’s what you need to do. you are not worth the space you’re taking up, or the God given air you’re breathing right now. Pfft! miss me with your BS. Do us all a favor, shut it down Lana. You sound like that idiot, Kathleen Neel, who wanted to move to Australia, because they have a president who cares. News Flash: they don’t have a president, they have a Prime Minister, who happens to be a woman, who lives with a man she’s not married to, and she’s an Atheist too. Perhaps you might like it in Australia.

  • In the election for Presidennt the top ten (10) states with the highest rate of college graduates voted for Barack Obama. The bottom ten (10) states with the lowest rate of college graduates voted for Romney. What does they tell us about the voters and who they vote for to be their President?

  • M_Irwin

    “Everybody outside that circle strikes her as suspect; Democrats as moochers, deadbeats and enemies of God.”

    What kind of evil person puts such a thing in this misguided woman’s head? Politicians running for re-election, that’s who.

    Politicians and their supporters who only care about power, passing legislation that favours them and do not care if you hate your fellow Dem/GOP-voting country-man (woman) with spitting venom based on nothing but hearsay, innuendo and slight of word all spun by wordsmiths who care not about truth but rather what can be passed as truth.

    Modern politics, with its lack of morals and utter contempt of honesty and complete disregard for the average American, will be the death of us as we turn against each other for simply belonging to another political party.

    What a crock of sh1te.

  • All this talk about still not accepting Obama winning has me laughing. We all respect Einstien’s saying that if you keep doing the same thing over & over and it don’t work, then it must not be a real good idea. Well, the attitude toward toward race, especially, but calling people parasites because things don’t work esactly like they used to, say for a couple hundred years ago at least, isn’t going to make things better. Just like the Republicans want to keep all the money 2% of them do anyway, but those days are changing too.If they can’t go back to what they paid during the Clinton years( I didn’t see any of them losing anything), then they will be doing the same old thing that doesn’t work, again. I often wonder if those people that are so rich know how to laugh, maybe they look at their bankbooks at Christmas and jump up and down instead of letting millions of kids, kind of a Scrooge thing. I know they can cry once in a while. Anyway Merry Christmas to everyone.

  • Joey Tranchina

    This may come as a big surprise to many of you but with 47% of American being that stupid, America has a very limited future. All that fascists need do is to wait for a real recession then run the table.

    The country is in deep doo-doo. One election is not going to change that. A good percentage of the folks in these “theological Walmarts” are not just ignorant, they’re nuts.

    We’ll see…jt

  • A Conservative think tank determined that the average IQ of the person who watches Fox News is about 80 which is almost retarded.

  • sunliteco

    Mitt and Ryan trying to split the country again? Hmmmmm.

  • Republicans lost the blacks ages ago, and nowsexuals they have lost white women, latinos, homosexuals and God knows who else. They must rethink their policies if they expect to survive at Presidential level.

  • Great, articulate article. It’s very plausible, but my personal belief is that for many in the GOP (as opposed to believers like the woman described in the article) it’s as simple as they just didn’t believe they were unable to buy/cheat/steal to win the election. They believe any means justify the end and they spent plenty. It is really frightening that they continue to wield so much power after losing so badly.

  • Bo

    Donimick Vila noted “One said that President Obama was a foreigner..”.. I see people of both races calling others crazy when citizens want to see data. There have been more than 13 court cases that the media has never covered. All judges have denied to even look at data from sworn affidavits who indicate incongruent information that there is an issue with the person occupying the presidency of the US.

    One court case is in front of the Supreme Court for Feb 15, 2013 Docket conference Noonan et al v Bowen A12606 brought by Attorney OrlyTaitz which would like the court to bring into evidence:

    1) Mother’s passport information which showed she followed the protocol to cross out his name which listed his last name as Soetoro . By following the protocol she indicated that the child was no longer an American Citizen. This information was released by the FOIA from the US of America.
    2) Sworn affidavit from Chief investigar who declared Selective Service certificate is a forgery. Federal law indicates it is a felony not to be registered and one is not allowed to be eligible for the presidency of the US
    3) SSN was never assigned to him the one he uses on his trax returns
    4) Sworn affidavit from a clerk who worked on obtaining the birthcertificate. He was never able to find it in the records and his superiors indicated none exist.

    For me, I would just like to see the orignial microfiche and call it a day. The other matters are for other things.

    The whitehouse website indicates this is the most transparent and open administration. If that is the case, Obama released a document to say this was his birth certificate and I as an American citizen would like it to be authenticated by seeing the real microfiche.

    Why? I was at the hearing in Sacramento, CA on Jan 3, 2013 as an interested American citizen to see what was going on. Exhibit data which was put up to look at the document he forwarded showed alot of inconsistencies of font issues.

    Issues like different h fonts, spacing issues which should not exist if typed on the same typewriter.
    1) A typed letter can’t be at different locations above or below the margin line of typed print.
    2)And an letter cant change it’s font shape in the same document if typed from the same typewriter.

    When data comes to you and you see that it looks incongruent then most people want it explained why there is a disconnect.

    But unfortunately when I discuss this with friends, I’m just accused that I never liked
    him to begin with. It wasnt that I never liked Obama from the beginning. I wanted to see some logical and thought provoking policies. Unfortunately I just didnt’ like the fact he support partial birth abortions when a child is 8-9months and the procedure is ghastly. The child is almost ready to live.

    When you see a coworker who exhibits signs of a problem and one day you say to yourself this person is going to go crazy and they do. .. These are signs that if you ignore you will be in trouble..

    If anyone can truly respond to the points first by looking at the data for themselves and then really respond without attacking that would be appreciated as a human being to anothe human being…American citizen to another American citizen who just wants the truth.

    If the microfiche is authenticated to be real and matches what was put forth by Obama then I dont’ have nothing to complain about on this issue anymore…

    Hopefully the Supreme Court before inauguration day could resolve this and not on Feb 15, 2013 Docket conference Noonan et al v Bowen A12606.