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Friday, October 28, 2016

Here are some interesting stories on the midterm campaigns that you may have missed on Tuesday, September 23:

• Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling has good news for Republicans in two critical Senate races. In Arkansas, Republican congressman Tom Cotton has extended his lead over Democratic incumbent Mark Pryor to 5 percent; Cotton now leads by 3.2 percent in the Real Clear Politics poll average. In Alaska, PPP finds Republican Dan Sullivan leading Democratic incumbent Mark Begich, 43 to 41 percent. That represents a 6-point gain for Sullivan from PPP’s previous poll. Sullivan now leads by 3.2 percent in the poll average.

• It isn’t all good news for Cotton, though. Washington Post fact checker Glenn Kessler took his recent ad on the farm bill to the woodshed, deriding it as “a fantasy version of history” and awarding it Four Pinocchios.

• According to a High Point University poll, Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC) leads Republican challenger Thom Tillis, 42 to 40 percent. Although that result is within the margin of error, it fits into a long string of surveys to show Tillis struggling to clear 40 percent. Hagan leads by 4.5 percent in the poll average.

• Former Florida governor Jeb Bush and former Alaska governor Sarah Palin are both scheduled to join embattled Senator Pat Roberts (R-KS) on the campaign trail in the coming days, as he seeks to hold off a challenge from Independent candidate Greg Orman. Given Roberts’ erratic performance on the campaign trail — on Monday he warned that the United States is “heading for national socialism” — he could use all the help he can get.

• And Princeton Election Consortium founder Sam Wang writes that when you cut through all the noise, control of the Senate will come down to just four states: Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, and Louisiana.

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  • Dominick Vila

    A politician whose future depends on support from Sarah Palin should look for a different profession. In any case, I hope her return is permanent. We need people like her around to establish a contrast between what the GOP has to offer and Democrats such as Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren and others.
    Seriously, if control of the Senate depends on the results in states like Louisiana and Arkansas, we are in big trouble.

    • FT66

      I now believe Sen. Pat Roberts is in a real trouble. You never turn to a loser like Sarah, while you are looking for a win. It is like touching anything knowing the ship is about to capsize.
      I am not there yet that control of senate will come just in 4 states: Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa and Louisiana. Where is the clarification of this Princeton Election Consortium? We still have 2012 memories.

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    The South Shall Rise Again? BS. The Confederate states of America failed once and they always will. Why? Because it simply isn’t possible to live plantation mentality style forever. The reds may buy the Senate, but they can’t walk into a voting booth and make our choices for us. That’s their biggest threat.

    • FireBaron

      Actually, their biggest threat is the decline of White Male voters in traditionally Red States. The Republican party as an organization is actually welcoming to people of different ethnic and racial backgrounds.
      The problem is the more vocal members of that party have made it a point to paint all Blacks with the same brush (Lazy liberals looking for a government handout to support their drug-induced gangsta lifestyles), paint all Hispanics (except for anti-Castro Cubans) with the same brush (Lazy illegal aliens looking for a government handout to support their crime-ridden street-gang lifestyles), paint all Women with the same brush (Now, don’t worry your pretty little head about this, dear. We are better at making your decisions for you than you are.), paint all Gays with the same brush (They are all evil creatures sent by Satan to tempt our children into their lifestyle), paint all Muslims with the same brush (Every one of them is a terrorist waiting to detonate a suicide vest).
      However, as more of these folks become the majorities in those states, and go to the ballot boxes to vote, the power of those same White Males keeps diminishing to the point of inconsequential.

  • aabsalooka

    As a party that has staked its recent identity on vilifying the other side, and whining about their inability thereby to execute their agenda, the republicans should hope they do not capture a majority in the Senate. If they do, there will be no one left to blame, all inaction and obstruction will belong to them, and 2016 will be a disaster for them. They are only good at playing victim, back seat drivers, once they take the wheel they steer straight into the ditch.

    • dpaano

      Yeah, but they’ll do their best to make it the worse 2 years anyone can imagine! It’s scary!

  • Nancy Fitzgerald

    She has her fist up, oh we better listen to her, you might get punched out, she just don’t get, somebody needs to tell her, her time is over, she can go watch Russia from her back yard

  • pmbalele

    Sarah Palin again! I thought she was in prison after she was involved in a family tavern brawl. When did she get out of jail. I am told TPs and Repubs are thinking of bringing her back as GOP VP nominee. I think GOP is dead as TP is.

  • Billie

    Former first lady Barbara Bush once said “I wish Sarah Palin would go back to Alaska and stay there.” Unfortunately it doesn’t shut her mouth up. Someone needs to tape her mouth shut for her. She and her family are nothing more than “white trash.”

  • dpaano

    God, will we EVER get rid of this woman?