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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Here are some interesting stories on the midterm campaigns that you may have missed on Wednesday, October 15:

• Having failed to oust Republican governor Scott Walker with an unapologetically progressive challenge in 2012, Wisconsin Democrats are trying a new tactic this year: moderation. There are signs that Democrat Mary Burke’s centrist challenge is gaining steam: She has drawn even with Walker in the latest Marquette University Law School poll, and Walker now leads by less than 1 percent in the Real Clear Politics poll average. But Walker still has one big advantage: His Republican base is a much safer bet to turn out in big numbers than Burke’s coalition.

• Due to the latest case of Ebola in Texas, President Barack Obama canceled his planned campaign rally in Connecticut with Governor Dannel Malloy. The Democratic incumbent could use all the help he can get in his re-election fight; he leads Republican Tom Foley by just 2 percent in the poll average.

• A new CNN/ORC poll of Colorado’s Senate race finds Republican Rep. Cory Gardner leading Democratic incumbent Mark Udall, 50 to 46 percent. The poll is the latest in a series to show Gardner in a good position, and he’s now up 2 percent in the poll average. Democrats maintain that Colorado polls have historically overestimated Republicans’ chances in Colorado, and that Udall’s support may be stronger than it presently appears.

• Two new polls find Republican Joni Ernst leading Democratic Rep. Bruce Braley in Iowa’s Senate race. Quinnipiac has Ernst up 47 to 45 percent, while USA Today/Suffolk University shows her up 47 to 43 percent. The surveys push Ernst’s narrow lead in the poll average up to 1.6 percent.

• And if you’re overwhelmed by all of the predictions from various election forecasters, this handy chart from The Upshot should help you keep them straight.

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  • 1standlastword

    With all that smelly crotch money it might take a howitzer

  • stcroixcarp

    May Scott Walker go down in flames and take his republican state senate and his ASSembly with him. The Kochs and the tea party have destroyed the political careers of every sane republican in the state.

    • Canistercook

      Well the Unions are spending a lot to try and defeat Walker and telling a lot of lies.

      • stcroixcarp

        All the unions in the US do not have the money resources of the Kock (sic) brothers who fund Walker. In addition he gets money from Wisconsin Club For Growth, Americans for Prosperity, NRA, Americans for Prosperity, Gambling magnate and ultra Zionist Adelman, The mining industry spent $7000,000 on Walker’s campaign in exchange for a totally pro-mining bill. Six (6) of Walkers campaign staff were convicted of felony campaign violations (check the public record). One of his appointees embezzled over $40, 000 from disabled veterans, and his same sex lover, also a Walker appointee, was caught using state department of education computers to solicit underage boys into prostitution. The UNIONS did not make this stuff up. It is public record. Walker needs to spend some time with his staff in prison. Stop bashing unions and open your eyes! Walkers contributors are the thugs.

  • FireBaron

    Walker survived a recall because the people in Wisconsin realized it would have been more trouble replacing him than it was worth. Now, his butt has significantly less survival chances.

    Malloy’s best campaign strategy is to let Foley speak in public. Every time he does so, the numbers grow to favor Malloy. He had been two points behind Foley before their first debate! Then they were tied. He pulled two points ahead after their second, and their third is tonight.

    The last time polls in Colorado showed a Republican leading a Democrat was before the Democrats snapped up the Governor’s mansion.

    As for Iowa, well, it’s Iowa. Ernst just hasn’t said enough of the wrong things yet to shoot herself in the foot. But, she does have two weeks left to blow it.

    • highpckts

      I have always doubted the intelligence of the American voting public but if they elect Ernst, then they totally deserve what they get!!

  • Canistercook

    How about telling us how much the Unions have spent and the lies told to defeat him.