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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Here are some interesting stories on the midterm campaigns that you may have missed on Tuesday, September 30:

• Republican hopes that New Hampshire’s Senate seat could be in play appear to be on life support. According to a new American Research Group poll, Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) leads Republican challenger Scott Brown by 10 percent. Shaheen is now up by 5.8 percent in the Real Clear Politics poll average, and has led in all but one public poll of the race.

• In another state where the GOP hoped to expand the Senate map, their candidate has literally disappeared from public view. Michigan Republican Terri Lynn Land has not made a public appearance since a fundraising event last Tuesday. She currently trails the Democratic nominee, Rep. Gary Peters, by 4.7 percent in the poll average.

• Iowa holds better news for the GOP. A Public Policy Polling poll released Tuesday shows Republican Joni Ernst leading Democratic Rep. Bruce Braley in the Hawkeye State’s Senate race, 45 to 43 percent. Ernst is ahead by 2.2 percent in the poll average. If Ernst can hold on for the win, it could be fatal to Democrats’ hopes of holding the Senate.

• In New York, Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino has released one of the strangest ads of the cycle in his longshot attempt to unseat Democratic incumbent Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo is expected to win re-election in a landslide.

• And apparently it still is possible to go too far in a heated campaign: Yesterday’s attempt to fraudulently portray Senator Mark Udall (D-CO) as a 9/11 truther is backfiring on GOP opposition research PAC America Rising.

Photo: Roger H. Goun via Flickr

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7 responses to “Midterm Roundup: Shaheen Pulls Away”

  1. Independent1 says:

    A number of the Democrats in tight races need to start acting more like true enthusiastic progressive Democrats and stop acting like it says in one article – Republicans Lite. Most of the Dems that are trailing are probably trailing because they’re not giving voters enough of a clear cut alternative to their Republican opponent. They’re not standing up strong enough for today’s workers and the middle class as a whole. In the next month, they’ve got to convince voters that there’s a clear distinction between themselves and their opponent in the way that they’ll fight for what’s best for the majority of the American people and not just the already wealthy.

    • Allan Richardson says:

      Even in red states like Georgia, a majority of the potential voters do not approve of the Tea Party scorched earth policies, but that majority includes groups who tend not to vote, especially without a Presidential race to excite them. We, the volunteers, are doing the best we can to get these voters MOTIVATED and, if not already, REGISTERED, though we are fighting voter SUPPRESSION moves by incumbent Republicans. It’s a matter of GOTV.

  2. Truthblaster says:

    Sorry you liberal democraps don`t have a prayer. America has had enough of you baby killing, tax loving, gun haters who love Muslims that cut Christians heads off. Go back to Kenya with your gay fake president and take his man wife and fake children with you.

    • JPHALL says:

      No truth to your rant so called Truthblaster.

    • BillP says:

      Aren’t you the good Christian, gee calling Democrats democraps shows the depth of your intellectual thinking, pretty low and very infantile. What is impressive is the amount of slurs you have crammed into 2 sentences. Going to church on Sunday?

      • Truthblaster says:

        You are the good Christians killing babys and the rant is all true facts. The truth hurts doesn`t it. Ouch!!

        • BillP says:

          Love your alias, it’s true that opposites attract. Your lies and your alias, what a match! Thanks for the laugh – “the rant is all true facts”. The level of ignorance and hatred on you troll types is amazing. What is sad is that delusional trolls like yourself believe this crap.

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