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Saturday, April 21, 2018

44 Responses to Mike Pence’s Private Email Account Will Remain Secret

  1. The use of private, personal, e-mail accounts and servers for government use; as well as terrorist attacks against our diplomatic missions, only become an issue when the elected official or politician is a Democrat. In all fairness, I blame the Democratic party for its inability to fight back, a lot more than the partisan conservatives that attack us so effectively at will. Take Benghazi, for example. Eleven diplomatic missions were attacked during W’s tenure. We were lucky to find something about that in the back pages of our newspapers. Those attacks did not stop the GOP from claiming that Benghazi was something evil and unprecedented. Why? Because we let them get away with murder. Because we don’t know how to fight back. Because of our political naivete. Hillary’s e-mail “scandal” was a witch hunt, but it worked. Hillary’s e-mail and Benghazi “scandals”, Comey’s revelations, Bill meeting the AG at an airport tarmac in Arizona, Bernie’s popularity, and Trump’s ability to connect with a large segment of our population, handed the White House to the most narcissistic, arrogant, ignorant, vindictive, and depraved President in U.S. history.

    • Unfortunately, Dom, the Democratic Party spent so many years on top of the heap that after the Gingrich Revolution, they didn’t realize they had to learn how to play the Underdog. Many more Democrats forgot that lesson and lost to Draft-Dodging Republicans who ran under the guise of being more patriotic than their often combat-veteran Democratic opponents. Of course, that was when Rumsfeld had Dubya convinced we could win two wars without needing ground troops to hold what we won.
      Now we finally have some Democrats who have learned from Lee Atwater’s playbook and are starting to use GOP’s own tactics against them.

      • It’s about time the Democrats stop playing patsies and fight back. It’s critical that not only both trump and pence get booted but make sure when indictments come down from Mueller that Steve Bannon is one of them. This guy is the greatest danger to American democracy and while today he’s targeting sitting GOP incumbents except for Lyin Ted Cruz tomorrow he’ll be going after Democrats. If we don’t fight back and hard we’ll be stuck with a bunch of fascist lawmakers in the mold of Roy Moore who’s poised to be the next Senator from Alabama

        • This is all coming to a head sooner than later for Trump. According to White House leakers, Trump is as close to a break down as it gets.

          Look for Kelly to be next to leave if the rest of Trump’s cabinet refuse to enforce the 25th Amendment and put Trump to rest once and for all.

          • My brother sent me an article detailing Trumps mental decline. It mentions that he pretty much hates everyone in the WhiteHouse and no one outside his family wants to be left alone in the same room with him. Even Bannon only gives DT a 30 percent chance of completing his first term. Small comfort since we presumably then get president pence who will be more effective in pushing thru the republicans dacronian agenda. My wish would be for Mueller to find Election fraud and recommend a new election with new candidates. It’d be a first but ever since trump all the old rules are out the window

          • Fortunately for all of us, lunacy IS in the eye of the beholder. Remember what happened with Enron? They got away with massive fraud for a period of about a decade. Until one woman, a whistleblower realized her own retirement savings were also at stake.

            I believe Mueller already has found election fraud. The only way Pence cannot be connected to it is if he plays “ignorant.” If he lies and says he “didn’t know” or “was kept out of the election fraud loop” and his emails are subpoenaed and prove otherwise, not only doesn’t he replace Trump but he goes down for lying to a Special Investigation.

            The thing about the game the Repoublicans are playing to cover up what the House Republicans knew was election rigging is that these things never stay locked in a vault. Always the one member of their little scam soon realizes (or is helped to by the FBI, CIA or Mueller) that he is a scape goat, that’s when the entire dirty mess comes out in the wash.

            Mueller already has plans to subpoenae Pence. He has no choice. Pence was Trump’s campaign manager.

            As it stands right now, the Republican cover up is beginning to crack. That crack began yesterday when Ryan chose not to support Corker and instead alluded to “both men (Trump and Corker) need to talk to each other.”

            That isn’t going to happen and Ryan and McConnell know it. No one “talks” to Trump. He doesn’t listen. Right now, as you posted he hates everyone in the White House because like a petulant little boy, Kelly and Mattis have a leash around his neck and the poor little boy hates the lack of freedom to do just as he pleases. Sorry. Not on our tax dollars and NOT in the White House.

          • I thought Paul Manafort was trumps campaign manager. Before that it was Corey Lewandowki who later got a gig at CNN before getting fired. I am certain though Pence knows a lot more than he’s letting on which takes the shine off his halo proclaiming that he’s a Christian first. Um no your not Mr. Pence, you are like Judas who betrayed Jesus. Unfortunately quite a few so called Evangelicals have sold their souls to the devil and there will be hell to pay in the end. With Bannon ready to replace almost every republican up for re-election next year except Ted Cruz we have a real crisis in this country and we need Mueller to begin indictments before it’s too late

          • That’s why Manafort may end up in jail. He previously worked for the Russian government. That part has already been proven by the Senate investigation committee. According to Trump’s “friend” Tom Barrack, Manafort requested a meeting with Trump in 2016 as soon as Trump became the GOP front runner.

            So now, Mueller may indict Manafort who served as Trump’s campaign manager for a very brief time before Flynn and Lewandowski.

            It’s now believed that Manafort was Putin’s emissary to Trump in that brief period of Manafort being Trump’s campaign manager.

            Trump is quite well known for hiring on short termers only to “set up deals.” Trump now likes to say he didn’t know Manafort was a Russian government agent. Not true.

            Manafort knew the very same Russians Trump met with this year in the White House, Lavrov and Kislyak. Manafort was well acquainted with them as a result of working for the Russian government.

            It comes down to one thing with Trump as Senator McCain so valiantly points out: Trump has not said one word against the Russians for hacking into the election. Neither has Ryan or McConnell. Talk about the Axis of Evil?

          • An intriguing scenario you’ve presented. I’m sure the vast majority of Americans would like to see this Grand Farce come down to all these chumps being indicted and/or severely compromised in their careers going forward. Some jail time is warranted as well.

      • Actually, there is a Democrat who is just as disgusting as a republican. That is Thune, SD, who told people to make themselves smaller in event of a mass shooting. That sounded like something trump might say.

      • We can thank Gingrich for dividing the parties in Congress….he was the one that told the GOP Senators that they would be censured if they socialized with the Democratic senators! This was the beginning of what we’re now seeing in our government!

        • I would call Gingrich’s weak-mindedness and his divisive attempts as the most recent iteration of a widening gap in American governance, going back to the 30 Years War during the 17th Century. This event caused divisions to occur in the political realms as well as the religious sphere, which then made its way eventually to these shores in the guise of Whigs and Tories, etc.

          Gingrich and company just made the gap an order of magnitude wider than what we saw happening in the 60’s.

    • Is there a legal mechanism by which people, such as John Kerry and Hilliary Clinton could fight back? Or, are they fair game for the liars and fear mongers?

      • Actually, yes. The Constitution allows all of us to express our opinions and defend ourselves. The problem is that we are reluctant to engage in the kind of character assassinations and lies that characterize Republican campaigning. Quite often, we simply don’t know how to fight back, and have a tendency to go on the defensive.

        • I agree….the “go high when they go low” was NOT the correct way to deal with the Republicans in the campaign. Of course, the media wasn’t paying much attention whenever Hillary tried to fight back by denying much of what was being said by her.

          • I agree with your assessment, the media should take at least 75% of the credit for the walking outhouse that we have in Washington.

  2. Blaming Democrats for what Republicans do is like blaming a victim for being raped. Watch the House and Senate Congressional Sessions on CSpan. You’ll see just how these Republicans have literally, forcefully and without malice of intent use majority rule as the ONLY Rule of the Land.

    The Speaker or Senate Leader brings only issues to the floor to be discussed that have already been approved by the GOP and know they will be passed by the majority.

    But for the sake of optics, the GOP has to “allow” Dems to speak on the issue. So, first they call on a GOP Senator or House Rep, then another and then a Dem with their grand finale being a Republican who drives home the issue. When the vote is taken, you get the feeling, you just watched a hostage taking of all Americans by the GOP.

    Mike Pence can try to cover his ass all he likes. But, if the trail of election rigging links in any way to Pence as Trump’s campaign organizer and those campaign emails are subpoenaed, Pence goes down with a thud.

    Unfortunately for the GOP, in these cases there is always the Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, sworn in by President Obama in 2012 who has nearly 400 agents, “auditors, inspectors, attorneys, and support staff whose mission is to detect and deter waste, fraud, abuse, and misconduct in DOJ programs and personnel, and to promote economy and efficiency in Department operations.” Ref:

    The Inspector General’s job is not political. As an appointee duly sworn to his duty, not even Trump can remove him.

    • Those tremors are not earthquakes. They are John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington turning over in their graves. They tried to warn us.

    • What is most galling, is that the minority Democrats in the Senate were voted into their seats by more than 20 million more votes than the supposedly majority Republicans. And despite their extensive gerrymandering, voter suppression and election fraud tactics, Republicans only got 3 million more votes in winning about 30 more House seats (someone explain to me how 3 million votes translates into about 30 more House seats without cheating being somewhere in the mix there.)

    • I find it easy to dismiss Pence. Without Trump, he’s powerless. He is like GrassyAss and Cornballs. Without Trump doing their work for them, they have little or no power.

      If Tillerson, Mattis and Kelly leave before Trump goes down, the government then collapses into a tyrannical mess ruled by a megalomaniac.

      There are so many positions that have yet to be filled. Trump blames Dems and Republicans for his own lack of fulfilling his oath of office. How is threatening North Korea remotely going to fulfill that oath?

      • Aaron, talking about religion, I thought if anyone here on the NM, you’d certainly appreciate this piece written by Doyle Copeland that was forwarded to me recently; if you haven’t already seen it.

        Bible Writers – Doyle Copeland –2012

        About 40 men wrote the Bible,producing the 66 books of the Bible. They belonged to different generations, centuries,and ages in uman history. They lived in different lands, their writings stretched over nearly 2000 years,collusion and conspiracy were altogether impossible. Many of them never saw or communicated withany of
        the other writers. They were reared in different environments,molded
        by different national experiences, spoke different languages. One was the founder of the world’s first republic, another an exile in Babylon,
        another a herdsman in Tekoa, another a cup bearer at the Persian
        court, another a shepherd lad who later became king. Some were rich,
        others poor, some were educated, some unschooled. Yet these 2 score writers writing on such varied themes in widely separated countries, and in different languages did not conflict. In all they wrote is amazing harmony. They produced a Book. Such a thing is absolutely unparalleled in literature and in itself is conclusive proof of
        the superhuman and supernatural origin of the Bible.

        This book contains the mind of God, the state of man, the Way of salvation, the doom of sinners, the happiness of believers. Its doctrine is holy, its precepts are binding, its histories are true, its
        decisions are immutable. Read it to be wise, believe it to be safe, practice it to be holy. It contains light to direct us, food to support us,
        comfort to cheer us. It is a map to guide us, the pilgrim’s staff, the pilot’s compass, the soldier’s sword, and the Christian’s charter. Here
        paradise is restored, Heaven is opened. And the gates of Hell disclosed. Christ is its grand subject, our good its design, and the glory of God its end. It should fill the memory, rule the heart, and guide the feet. Read it slowly, frequently, and prayerfully. It is given to
        us in life, it will be opened in the Judgment, and remembered forever.
        It involves the highest responsibility, will reward the greatest labor,
        and will condemn all who trifle with its sacred contents.

        The Bible is a Jewish book, that is, God used Jewish instruments to
        write it. The prophets were Jews; Mary was a Jewish maiden, a virgin of whom Jesus was born. The first apostles were Jewish. Calvary is on
        Jewish soil. The Gospel was sent to the Jews first. The Apostles were
        first sent to preach to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. The first Churches were Jewish. Jesus said Salvation is of the Jews. This is not
        a doctrine from the world, not a fashion out of Hollywood, but a life
        out of Israel that of the Babe of Bethlehem, that man of Galilee. The door of His mercy is open, and they also (the Jews) if they abide not still in unbelief, shall be grafted in. It’s up to them. It’s their move. It is
        God’s goodness that, through their fall (the Jew’s) salvation is come to us the gentiles.

        • Excellent explanation of the various authors of the Bible. Undoubtedly the Bible is littered with errors and which many Bible scholars admit a lack of certainty as to its authenticity.
          However, during my long association with the Baha’i Faith and gaining familiarity with many of its Central tenets and themes, I’ve learned from Baha’u’llah, and expatiated on by Abdu’l Baha, the successor of Baha’u’llah for the sake of keeping the Baha’i Community unified, that both of them assert the vibrancy and essential truths contained in the Bible, despite questions re: authenticity.
          This is reassuring for someone like myself and other Baha’is who view all the Religions as coming from the same Source—God(Allah in Arabic), or “Yahweh” in Hebrew, etc. The essence of the Religions is what we’re challenged to unearth as we read and meditate on the contents and context of the Writings in the Bible, the Qur’an, the Baha’i Writings, as well as fragmentary Texts which are decipherable to some extent from the other Religions/Traditions. If there is conflict in what is translated, that is something we have to accept as par for the course when tens of thousands of years have elapsed in the interim since the Dawn of Humanity.

          The Biblical scholars acknowledge the authenticity of the Qur’an—as do the Central Figures of the Baha’i Faith in each of their separate Writings and according to their individual stations and responsibilities. But we note that even authenticity doesn’t guarantee that a vast number Muslims know how to properly understand what they read and recite on a daily basis, just as Jews, Buddhists, Christians, and others, lack a substantial grounding regarding the “Inner Meanings” of their respective Books. The role of Abdu’l Baha, as designated by Baha’u’llah in writing, is to provide the definitive word on who within the Baha’i Community has the authority to render an interpretation of what remains obscure, or uncertain, regarding how such obscure texts within the Baha’i Writings apply to real-life situations, as well as unearth for us Baha’is the hidden “jewels” of inner meanings that lie beneath the “surface” of the words written on the surface on the paper of the dozens of Texts revealed by the Pen of Baha’u’llah. The Bible contains “jewels of hidden meanings” as well, some of which Abdu’l Baha brings to the surface in his various Texts which form part of the entirety of the scope and pantheon of what are called “The Baha’i Writings”.

          Shoghi Effendi, the other Central Figure of The Baha’i Faith, was also referred to, indirectly by Baha’u’llah, as having the same authority to interpret what is obscure or cause questions in the minds of the Baha’is. This is a “written” feature which is clear to all the Baha’is the world over—and for some unknown and inscrutable reasons wasn’t allowed to take shape with clarity and certainty in the previous Religions. But that still doesn’t detract from the essential Truths enshrined in all the Religions, regardless of whether we can discern such or not.

          Just my 2 cents worth.

    • He may be Republican, but he is NOT a Christian by any sense of the word! He’s a misguided “evangelical” Christian, which is not a real Christian!

      • You notice I put quotation marks around “christian” and did not capitalize it denoting my skepticism at so-called Christians. Any time anyone claims to be a Christian and says they voted for trump, even though I stay silent and roll my eyes at them, my mind is screaming , “Yeah, right.” “By their fruitage shall thee know them.” Jesus healed the sick, fed the poor and said, “Suffer little children come unto me.” He also said, “Blessed are the peacemakers…” Republicans are against all these things. They think there are those who should profit off other people’s misfortunes. People, like Pence, call “Lord, Lord…” and try to force you to because they need to in order to control their hands that want to grab something.

  3. I wonder how many National Security and Top Secret information he shared under his private EMail account . . . . . . possibly zero.

    • But Pence used the AOL account to discuss Indiana’s response to terrorist attacks and conduct a host of purely political discussions, including possibly his opinion of rising GOP star, and future boss, Donald Trump.

      What about that do you want to deny? I heard and saw Pence at half a dozen rallies for Trump being introduced as Trump’s “Campaign Organizer.”

      Try and deny what millions of us saw and hear little boy.

      • “I wonder how much National Security and Top Secret information he shared under his private EMail account” . . . . . . as compared to hillary who got off scott-free for openly sharing state secrets to anyone who wanted to hack her computer.

        • Rich, you’re still showing a side of your character strongly suggesting that you’re committed to being a dick for the remainder of your life.
          I wonder why you persist in pursuing “Dickness” while in these latter stages of your life. I wonder if your parents instructed you to aspire downward, to sink to levels where a personal animus towards Hillary dictates your impulses.

    • I wonder if you’re just a machine programmed to post nonsense—-I wonder.
      I also wonder if you ever were potty-trained and taught how to use your reasoning faculties—I wonder.
      I therefore have to wonder if your parents were in the same bind, morally, and lack the ability to be unbiased, as you demonstrate a lack of.

  4. I found it interesting that Pence was one of those radio talk show hosts like Limbaugh before becoming Indiana’s governor. And it was also reported that he acted and said things like Limbaugh, and others of that ilk.
    That alone should tell you what we have as the VP.
    He’s one of the shells in Trump’s shell game, a shill within a shell run by a moron.

  5. If Pence had nothing to hide, he wouldn’t have taken such big measures to prevent anyone from getting those emails. Not to worry. He can’t prevent Mueller.

  6. This epic and debased theatre which Trump and company, his family, the GOP, Steve Bannon, and Putin have put together for our entertainment will be recorded one for the ages. An enormous tragedy/comedy surpassing in pathos and humor, angles, and idiocies all the Tragedies combined of Greek and Shakesperean literature. The form is lacking, but the tale is incomparable.
    Mueller and others should have some choice items to pour over, Congress should be very concerned about the findings, Trump is getting worse in his behavior—probably in anticipation of himself being exposed as a stark naked emperor for the entire world to see and gasp in horror—and amusement.

  7. Hey Guys, I just realized there is a “great” reason why he, and other members of the GOP, HAVE to use private email accounts. Remember Scooter Libby? He was nailed for using his official government email for campaign business. That was a no-no. Therefore they are using private email servers that almost any 14-year-old can hack for secure communications that border the edge of legality.

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