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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

At a time when nations that tax, spend, regulate, and invest more consistently outstrip the United States in many measures of progress, leading Republicans speak only of smashing government and ending vital programs. In this constantly escalating rhetorical game, it became inevitable that one of them would eventually expose the emptiness of this demagogic display. And it was unsurprising that the ultimate faker would turn to be Rick Perry.

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23 responses to “Mindless Demagoguery: How Rick Perry 'Stepped In It' On National TV”

  1. gotedge says:

    I would have sworn I was watching a Saturday Night Live Parody of the Republican debates when I saw this video. Could you imagine President Obama not remembering chapter and verse his complex Health Care Bill? Could you imagine even George W Bush being this ill prepared? Rick Perry just gave comedians material enough to keep their shows on the air for the next millenium!

    Send in the clowns? Why, they’re already here!

  2. carykerr says:

    We all occasionally have a brain freeze, when we can’t remember the name of something we know as well as we know our own name. But if Perry had given any thought to the issues involved in closing three cabinet agencies and how the essential functions(even if they are few) would be handled he would have been able to say the department that handles this or that, instead of being dead blank. He has obviously given no real thought to this proposal. This is one on my issues in the whole budget, cut government program debate. Is anyone in the media really covering what programs would be cut, what people would be affected.

  3. Libertarian says:

    The poor guy has a senior moment and it’s labeled an “epic fail”? Just because he doesn’t have a silver tongue (like Obama), doesn’t mean he doesn’t have substance. Don’t be so shallow. And I wouldn’t exactly call the DOE a “vital” program. If local municipalities are responsible for public K-12 schools, and states are responsible for their state colleges, what exactly is the DOE spending hundred’s of millions of taxpayer dollars on year after year after year????? Actually, my impression of Perry not remembering the name of the agency was more a indication of how non-important that agency is to our country,

  4. ceherro says:

    While it is sad to watch ignorant politicians like Perry and Walsh spew nonsense over the airwaves, it is worse to watch politicians like Senator Kyl spew misinformation and/or lies. I am referring to Kyle’s statement regarding 97% of monies from planned parenthood funding abortion when instead the opposite was true. Later, when called on the misinformation/lie, he said he didn’t mean to be taken literally, he used the statement for effect. Wouldn’t it be nice to protect voters from these elected spin doctors by having a law that requires politicians who knowingly misrepresent or knowing lie to voters to be immediately fired from office. Maybe then voters would be able to make responsible choices. Maybe then, our democracy would be more functional.

  5. SteveHanken says:

    Must be the water supply in Texas, seems ole “W” could be just as stupid but managed to somehow get away with it. Interesting how his opponents were so gracious as to “help him out” with giving him an escape with the EPA! Steped right in it on that one. Not particularily interested in his type of plans and eliminating whatever the heck it was he couldn’t think of, much easier to just eliminate him along with most of the screwball Republicans including Mr. 999!

  6. orion410 says:

    Sorry Rick but you are “W” Light…. We need someone to knock off Obama and send him back to another experment that doesn’t involve the fate of a nation, just chicago perhaps… Last night’s blunder may be the example others needed to say, perhaps not, but the country doesn’t need a slick talking cowboy (really not) in the white house. What is most amazing is the media in this country… Remember the vaccine of 10 yr old girls and how his aide and campaign manager was also the Rep for the drug company? Well, guess who still won’t disclose how much Merck stock he purchased before and how much he sold after signing that bill? Well that was slick Rick…. But hey, it’s america and all policitans are on the take, lie and cheat don’t they? IT’s the level you and I have agreed to accept that keeps us in everlasting ignorance with respect to what is really happening in this country. Ask 4 of your neighnors what the United States foreign policy consist of, who out allies are and who are not? I guarntee you if they are more than 35% correct, it will be a miracle.

  7. Dianrib says:

    OK Perry lost it. Now Lets move on. This whole group is pathetic to watch . Ron Paul has some good points but will not win. Cain is all about his book and speaking fess ala Palen. Gingrich is smart but a has been. Huntman is moderate and normal so that puts him out . GOP Baggers hate moderates. Ohio Kentucky & Wis recalls are slaps in GOP Baggers face More to come Folks are so Fed UP.

  8. vxman says:

    My comment pertains to the statement from the article: “the countries that tax more, spend more, and regulate more than the United States are mostly doing better than we are, whether measured by educational attainment, social and economic mobility, income equality, employment growth, or infrastructure quality”. The key item here is “income equality”. The “1%” do not want income equality; they want ever-increasing wealth for themselves and slavery for the rest of us and they care little about infrastructure quality, employment growth, etc. Why else would they advocate abolition of a minimum wage that a single person working three part-time jobs can’t live on?

  9. dpaano says:

    It seems that Perry doesn’t really understand what he can and can’t do as a president. He can’t just willy nilly get rid of these departments (even the ones he can’t remember) without approval from Congress and/or the American public. It’s the same as Bachmann stating she would eliminate Obamacare….not that easy!! Why do these people not understand that being President doesn’t give you carte blanche to just go in and slash government without the Congress or the Senate or whatever having some say in it??? If this is the people we want to run our country, I feel sorry for us!!

  10. MaryLongleyHalperin says:

    Oh please, oh please let this guy be the Republican nominee! We need to allow Obama to complete his mission. If you listen to Hannity, Rush and others, you will continue to “drink the Koolaid”. These people are crazy and totally out of touch with reality.

    So I guess it’s true what they say – Confuse a Conservative – use facts and logic!

  11. john171 says:

    Mr Perry should know what he intends to do if he should ever be elected president, not remembering one of the three cabinet department he wants to eliminate should be a priority, especially during a national debate, a time when he should be up to speed if he wants the Republican voters to take him seriously. If the DOE was really the one he could not remember then he needs to do a bit of research as to what it is they do, such as, but not limited to providing subsidies to the nuclear and coal industries and overseeing atomic weapons research and development. The DOE houses the Naval Nuclear Reactors program which “provides the design, development and operational support required to provide militarily effective nuclear propulsion plants and ensure their safe, reliable and long-lived operation.” Does Perry really want to take our navy back to coal or oil powered, or maybe even wind powered as in three masted wooden sailing ships? So trying to apologize for Perry on this issue is just wrong-headed, Perry should at the very least know what is is he is thinking about doing away with before he opens his mouth. He needs to apply the old saw: “Engage Brain Before Opening Mouth!”

  12. LindaTift says:

    Perry is hardly Presidential material. In fact I can’t even imagine anyone voting for him as a Governor. The fact that Texans did sure as hell tells me I will never vote for a Texan for a national office, ever.

  13. Bernard Forand says:

    Referring to the other countries that have advanced beyond our laggard competitive edge, we once held. Have identified this growing disparity with each republican administration since 1970. Presently one can take their medical ailments to these countries and receive excellent Health Care for ½ to 1/8th the cost here in the USA. Notice how Romany was fixated on cutting Education? That we are now at the 37th in education on the world stage is of little concern to republicans. Notice N.J. immediately fired 16,000 teachers! Presently those with education are seeking jobs in these countries and others with greater benefits than they will ever receive here in the USA! [teachers away .com] Brain drain similar to what Nixon’s policies produced. International Living .com exposing for retirees and entrepreneurs opportunities superior to what can be obtained here in our USA.
    Time to remove the regressive status-quo of our juvenile policies of our republicans.

  14. peteserb says:

    Hasn’t everyone had something familiar slip their mind, when they know darn well that the mind can have a glitch at the most inopportune time? Isn’t it wonderfull that this only happens to conservatives. Never to liberals unless the telepromter breaks.

  15. JoeAbbott says:

    Perry really stubbed his toe. He rides the events as they appear to pertinet to that day. Can’t remember what he said, when he said it, or why he said it. He just tanked his feeble campaign with out taking a jab at the Obama Administration. Bye-Bye Gov.

  16. pgrass2750 says:

    The only candidate who has any chance of debating President Obama for the 2012 Presidential Elections is Mitt Romney. The entire panel of GOP candidates are really a joke. Rick Perry is nothing more than another Sarah Palin in pants. Mr. Cain is actually pretty scarry in light of the fact that he defies the statements of four women who have accussed him of sexual harrassment and at least two were documented by filing complaints. I agree that Mr. Huntsman is the only moderate on the stage I would ever consider a viable candidate. With the exception of Mr. Huntsman none of the above really understand international affairs….questions that the media doesn’t even bring up because they know how miserably prepared these candidates are. Substantive debate “my foot”. Things are looking very hopeful for President Obama’s relection.

  17. Libertarian says:

    john171, I was referring to the Department of Education, not Energy. I didn’t specify it because I thought it was implied since I mentioned schools.

  18. ChuckL8 says:

    Libertarian, your posts are a mirror image of the subject at hand.

    Both you and Rick Perry are so dead-set on saying “no” that you can’t recall just what it is you’re saying no to. You both remind me of toddlers who, when in a snit, stick out their lower lips, put their chins on their chests, cross their arms, and repeat “no!” to everything they’re asked; … “don’t you want to eat your vegetables?” “NO!” … “don’t you want some ice cream?” …”NO!”

    Time to face the truth, Libertarian. If you spent half the time you spend on making excuses for your errors on doing some actual research, your verbal output would have more credibility.

  19. charlesmking says:

    First, let it be known that I am a devout independent. I have difficulty believing that the caliber of people running for office under the banner of Republican are so poorly spoken as these people. I actually follow the debates for a good laugh. Mitt Romney is touted as the most likely candidate. At best he is a poor one, and even the Republicans don’t want him as their candidate. From this mediocre candidate the rest go down hill fast. I truly feel sorry for Michelle Bachman each time she says “when I’m President”. She is woefully inadequate. I truly think it is wise for the Republicans to try to prove that Barack Obama was not born in America, or that he did not get good grades or some other racist effort to disqualify him. Otherwise he is a shoo in. The Republicans are poorly represented at all levels. Consider the shallow Mitch McConnell or the weeping John Boehner. Mitch can stay home after the 2012 elections–after all, he’s only in Washington to insure that Mr. Obama is a one-term President. Having failed at that endeavor he might as well stay at home. Republicans, are these your pride and joy? God help you! I send my best wishes to all of the Republican candidates as they rest at home in their harmless rocking chairs. They can’t harm the nation there.

  20. mfwic_47 says:

    Tip O’Neill would make deals with St. Ronald and they’d seal it with scotch. liberal education started its devolution in ’68. Dick Nixon started the professional army in 1969-70. dumb down the populace and lose the citizen soldier and you start us on the road to corporate/government fascism. when did a bank become a person and have the rights of same? if they commit a capital crime I/we can’t punish them, yet these are the entities which create jobs. 46 of our own Attornies General are letting them slide out from under robo-signing. an investor can buy a home from a bank for 25 cents on the dollar, yet the same bank can’t cut the homeowner’s mortgage by even 25%. the very people hurt the most by this pseudo-capitalistic nonsense are the ones who buy this Arthur Laffable BS. nothing trickles down but feces. live long in your trailers and prosper.

  21. ArlinCarlson says:

    Rick Perry’s brainFreeze could really have been a rare moment of sanity in diguise. After all his whole jobs prgram is centered around energy. So what sense doe it make tocrash the ageney that oversees pipeles and power lines. Is the StateDeparment now going to be incharge of the Trans Canada enegy project? Is it going to cut the deal with Brazil andMexico onDeepwater drilling in the gulf? Most of the wind power and solar power is generated int West and there aren’t transmission lines East-and they crossstate lines-that make them interstate commerce-federalregulated under the consitution.Perry should know this,but doesn’t.
    But maybe he did and realizing his mistake ina bout of sanity, covered it up with an Ops.
    Occaisional sanity isn’t going to help. He needs it all the time.

  22. Stuxnet says:

    Yeah, Rick stepped in it alright, then ate it.

  23. HarpoSnarx says:

    and an insult to the American people. Some days the worst is Ego Perry, other days it’s the batsh*t IRS Agent or the gropy Cee Eee Oh of Gawd-awful Pizza. Then there’s Flip Flop Mittens or Newticles, or that dirty minded Google loser.

    Every day one of these moral rtards implode for the media’s amusement while the national house burns. And nobody is paying attention but that will change soon.

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