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Monday, January 21, 2019

Mitt, Meet The Truth. You Guys Haven’t Seen Each Other In A While.

Mitt, Meet The Truth. You Guys Haven’t Seen Each Other In A While.

A citizen would have to be awfully naïve to expect strict fidelity to the truth from any politician, much less a presidential candidate. As a thought experiment, however, it’s interesting to wonder how an epic prevaricator like Mitt Romney would handle the presidency.

See, when the president says something crazily at odds with reality, everybody notices. When he makes an obvious blunder, like President Obama’s assertion that “the private sector’s doing fine,” voters take heed. Too many, and his credibility’s shot.

Candidate Romney takes full advantage.

Candidates, however—especially Republican candidates—are granted broader latitude. The “he said, she said” conventions of news media campaign coverage give the challenger a con man’s edge. Wary of appearing partisan, “mainstream” reporters normally leave it to candidates and their representatives to sort out the truth.

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27 responses to “Mitt, Meet The Truth. You Guys Haven’t Seen Each Other In A While.”

  1. William Deutschlander says:

    Romney professes to be a devout Mormon, however I doubt Mormons would embrace a Pathological LIAR!

    • DurdyDawg says:

      Simple.. They just turn the other cheek and profess that church and state are separate.. That’s the out. When he worships, nothing of state is discussed, therefore.. Out of site, out of mind.. Do as the Lord leads you and in his vision.. He see’s what he does as good.

  2. Just one more lie, what’s one when you tell them all the time. I believe they say, he’s beginning to believe his own lies!!!! I pity the poor uneducated voter who believe the garbage coming out of his pie hole!!!!

  3. nomaster says:

    If it weren’t for lies Willard Mitt Romney would have nothing to say like the empty shell left after the meat was taken out (Hollow and Shallow). Willard the “Rat” man with his bag full of rats.

  4. I fear the public belives his lies.

  5. howa4x says:

    Romney is banking on the fact that the new republican party at it’s core is made up of bigots and racists. No matter how many times he dances all over the place, on issues, in his heart he thinks that no republican/evangelical is going to vote for a black man again, no matter what that person accomplished.

    • bernieo says:

      The Republican base is only about 30% of the electorate. He needs swing voters who will be turned off by his constant lying – assuming they ever hear about it for the “liberal” media.

      • howa4x says:

        True, I think Obama will just constantly run Romney in his own words videos on the net and commercials. Then if americans are that stupid to vote for him they deserve him

    • ctruskey says:

      Wow really “the new republican party” what new Republican party? How many current or former living or dead Republicans were members of the KKK and how many Democrats were? Be careful who you call bigots and racists.

      • ctruskey says:

        Can’t edit my early post so adding this here. How many current or former living or dead Republicans that served in Congress were members of the KKK and how many Democrats were?

      • howa4x says:

        True the old Democratic party has a southern wing, who were KKK types . When Johson signed the civil rights legislation they became republicans and took their racist beliefs with them. It’s interesting that you mix old and new together with no historical tie. So let me ask you this quesation, at some Tea party/republican rallies people had posters of Obama sitting in a mud hut dressed in african garb with a bone through his nose. It became a popular poster. Was that racist?
        If you don’t want to believe that the Republican party has swung all the way to the right, you either don’t understand politics or are living under a rock

  6. widollar says:

    Mitt Romney is a conflicted politico who wants the oval office so badly that he will “do and say” just about anything to accomplish his dream. His dream is our collective nightmare however!

  7. ObozoMustGo says:

    The last 3.5 years summed up in one photo…. unfortunately! ;-(

    Have a nice day!

    • Nice to see bonehead the Troll here today.

    • jebediah123 says:

      Man, I would really like to meet this “Obozo” guy—–looking back on all the comments he’s written I sense a person with a very narrow outlook on life (with both political and religious views) who has probably never really traveled anywhere in the world—except to the corner bar. I can see a great “FAILURE” stamped on his forehead.

  8. Mitt Romney tends to lie and exaggerate the POTUS record and his own record,being white should
    not give Mr. Romney a pass.

    • CEMQ says:

      michael morris

      Romney does not ” tends to lie and exaggerate” he just lies. He will say anything to get what he wants.

      For years he has talked about his “missionary work” in France. Well, it just so happens that this was an excuse to avoid the draft during the VietNam War. Easy to be a hawk when you know you will not go fight and your sons won’t either.

  9. ObozoMustGo says:


    Only one issue is actually of interest and import to the American people today……….

    FAST AND FURIOUS —-> Why, Mr. President Obozo, invoke executive privilege? What did you know about illegal gun running to Mexican drug cartels, and when did you know it?

    Please answer the questions.

    Have a nice day!

    • rmarqua2921 says:

      Your request is interesting and I would be interested in an answer too, but when you can’t even spell the President’s name correctly I can only surmise that you either can’t spell or can’t stand a black man in the White House! I fear its the latter so save your breath!

    • CEMQ says:


      Your ignorance is showing. Is your comment one of the talking points you picked up at the Nazi/Klan political seminar?

      Go crawl back under your rock.

      • ObozoMustGo says:

        Cem…. FYI. A reprint from previouse posts on the same topic…

        And for all of you leftist nutjobs out there who are incapable of simple thought, let’s review the basic meaning of the term ‘Nazi’…. NAZI is an acronym for National Socialist Party. Knowing that, which of our 2 parties is most likely to be a home to people who identify more closely with the ideas of socialism? Come on…. be h0nest… which one? That’s riiiiiiiiight… The DemocRATS are the party for socialists in America. In fact, it can be argued quite well that the old party called Democrat sould be called the Socialist Party in modern times. So, before all you leftist nutjobs start trying hurl the ‘Nazi” label around, remember what it REALLY means!

        Nazi = Socialist = DemocRAT

        You’re only casting dispersions on yourself, you stupid moron.

        Have a nice day!

        • CEMQ says:


          It must be really frustrating to be, like you, fanatical right wing reactionary who sees the country walking away from you and your fellow right wing fanatics because your politics and ideals are contrary to what America stands for. Freedom, Democracy, Justice,Equal Opportunity.

          In addition, when you (personally) are so ignorant as to believe that NAZI means socialism and uses that to try to tar liberals as socialists, it makesand others like you, the laughing stock of anybody with more than a 4th grade education. Therefore, let me try to educate you, even though you probably don’t want to give up your ignorance and racism. Easier than changing, right?

          The Nazi Party of Germany, the same as Nazis in our Nation are fascists, or right wingers and extremely conservative. Always looking backwards to an imaginary past that was not as good as you try to imagine and portray it. A past society that had a small group at the top with most of the wealth and power while the rest were just cattle. Remind you of the so called “gilded age” in America and Europe at the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th. When the Robber Barons” made immense fortunes, and the middle class was small and weak, and the poor who were very numerous, starved and were exploited at work. And that is what you advocate for.

          Our people, fed up with the abuses of the Bush Administration which caused the current Grand Recession are awakening again and realizing that you conservative right wingers want more of the Romneys, the Bushes, Reagan’s, with their unworkable, trickle down economics, concentration of wealth at the top, no regulation to make sure big business and big banks and wall Street behave and act responsibly. Americans are realizing that you opposed any corrective actions that the Obama Administration proposed just because of his race and because if you did not stop their efforts the economy would improve and the Nation would start moving ahead again.

          Americans are realizing that you right wingers are in this for your own selfish ends and as long as you can be in control you do not care if you bankrupt the country.

          Our Nation, which stands for freedom, justice, equality as in All men are created equal, democracy as in one person one vote just is not what you want it to be. That is why you are so desperate, so angry, so frustrated. And also scared. You are afraid that in a Nation where everyone, not just Anglos (non Latino whites) has the opportunity to succeed, to each according to his/her ability you right wingers might not personally succeed.

          For you it must be very scary. Fair competition? Oh no!

          • ObozoMustGo says:

            cem… you are a leftist moron and useful idiot to the highest degree! Words actually mean what they mean.

            NAZI is an acronym for National SOCIALISTS. Socialists in America ARE the DemocaRAT party. Words mean what they mean.

            And Fascism IS NOT on the political right, you moron. Anarchy/no government, is all the way to the right. Dictatorship/Socialism/Communism and control of all economic resources and people is all the way on the left. Fascism, by your own definition, is close to the political left end of the spectrum. True majority rule democracy is close but to the left of anarchy. Representative Republic (America) is close but to the left of true democracy. Socialist democracy is to the left of Representative Republic. And to the left of socialist democracy is Fascism followed by socialism, communism, then dictatorship.

            I know you morons and useful idiots like to confuse the meaning of words, but the plain meaning of SOCIALIST is exactly what it means. DemocRATS are Socialists and Nazis are Socialists. You can’t argue your way out of the plain meaning of words. Too friggin bad, you idiot!

            Your definition of what America is about is and your racist, bigoted comments about “Anglos” only give any reader of your comments all they need to know about you, you pig!!! What a bunch of anger and hatred you have for your fellow Americans that don’t look like you. You’re a loser!

            Have a nice day!

  10. Bigspender says:

    “I don’t remember what I said on that particular occasion. But whatever I said, I stand by it now.” — Mitt Romney.

    In truth, how can Romney be expected to remember anything he’s said in the past? As a serial liar, Romney makes up his stand on issues to suit his audience of the day. Since he holds no firm views on much of anything, he can easily shift gears as needed. Fortunately for Romney, his core constitutency is unconcerned about the truth so he’ll be just fine.

  11. Barbara Doucet says:

    How do you know a Repug-nican is lying, his/her lips are moving!! My poor mother is rolling in her grave over the party she so admired. I have always been a Democrat/liberal/progressive, and damn proud of it.

  12. onedonewong says:

    I’ve listen to almost 4 years of flat out lying from barak. even when its easier to tell the truth he still lies

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