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Friday, January 18, 2019

Mitt Romney has changed his views on abortion so many times that he can’t recall what his actual view is. Just last week, he told The Des Moines Register, “There’s no legislation with regards to abortion that I’m familiar with that would become part of my agenda.”

Of course, this isn’t true.

Quickly, his campaign followed, saying, “”Governor Romney would of course support legislation aimed at providing greater protections for life.”

In 1994, Ted Kennedy said Mitt Romney wasn’t pro-choice or anti-choice. He was “multiple choice.” These days you might as well call Mitt “no choice.” His abortion agenda isn’t his own—it’s the same extreme agenda all Republicans have to buy into to exist in the modern GOP.

Here are Mitt Romney’s most extreme stands on women’s health.

Photo credit: AP Photo/Steven Sennen

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31 responses to “Mitt Romney’s Four Most Extreme Stands On Women’s Health”

  1. Budjob says:

    As V.P. Joe asked at the debate when he looked squarely at the camera and said “Who do YOU trust??The undecideds and the women had better ask themselves that question!!Obama/Biden/2012

  2. Romney has flipped flopped on women rights the same way he has flipped flopped on everything else. After months of lagging on the polls he suddenly became a neo-Democrat and has gone as far as criticizing the President for not going far enough…while fellow Republicans talk about legitimate rape and overturning Lilly Ledbetter. The only attribute they exhibit consistently is their hypocrisy.

  3. Mimi2kool says:

    When Romney first ran for office in Massachusetts, he presented himself as a moderate conservative. However, he lost to Ted Kennedy and did not have the support of the party base in the GOP. He has tried running for President more than once now and he has tried to shape his political platform to something that will appeal to the more radical right wing. I have not voted for him to date and I will not vote for him even if he someday runs for office where he is the only candidate running unopposed. I cannot believe in a man that changes his beliefs as often as he changes his underwear in order to get votes. He is a “pandah” bear, as they would say in Massachusetts, pandering to whatever group will consider voting for him.

  4. bcarreiro says:

    his only stand is barefoot and pregnant…………his wife really hates him.

    • Lovefacts says:

      I learned more about Romney, his marriage, and his empathy during Olympics when he discounted his wife’s horse and denigrated the sport. If Michele Obama had been in Anne Romney’s place, our president would have watched every second that the horse competed and consoled his wife when it didn’t perform well.

  5. 1DavidOrman1 says:

    Tell me again how since I am sixty years old that the SS and Medicare changes won’t affect me.
    Tell me again that if I turn my head and let you reduce benefits on SS, raise the retirement age, go to the voucher program that won’t even keep up with inflation, cost me 6,400 more per year, that I will be OK but my children and grandchildren will be screwed, but it doesn’t affect me.
    I will then tell you if it hurts my children and grandchildren, it does affect me and I will not turn my head and look the other way. We give money to every country in the world, if Medicare and SS are hurting as you say then reduce help to other countries and help our own people that contribute the money to begin with.

  6. Melvin Chatman says:

    Mrs. Mitt has the BEST Health Insurance – the rest of you Gals can fend for yourselves!

    • neece00 says:

      As one of the gals, I wish I could stand on the roof tops and scream to all the other gals out there. “open your eyes!”

  7. neece00 says:

    I do not understand how any women in her right mind could even think that Mitt will stand behind us in our issues. It is in his nature as a Mormon to consider any women, whether it is his mother or is wife, as second class citizens. Please women of this wonderful country, you cannot support the Mitt/Ryan ticket.

  8. neece00 says:

    I like the “multiple choice” that describes him on every issue.

  9. Carol says:

    Romney says there is no legislation pending on abortion or womans rights, but you can be darn sure if he is elected he will go out of his way to go against Row vs Wade and women will be told what to do with their bodies. Perhaps he will bring in other taits like men having as many wives as they want, and make that a law!!!!!!! Yet who will pay for the children born today, tomorrow??? The Rich ?????Oh perhaps yes, as our kids can have jobs as servants for the righ, either here or overseas at their financial banks, and be janitors, and gardners, no, folks, the Rich will not inherit the earth………. Romney will ,,, if elected, overturn all, and the fools that try and elect him are not paying attention, he is a profit for the Rich dressed in a academy award outfit.

  10. It amazes me how people can be so gullible. They can listen to lies and make a decision based on lies. Mitt Romney is an honerable person who has been very succesful in business, has been a good father to his children, has been very liberal in his giving to charities, and cares about people. Our current president has a very persuasive oratory and people like to listen but most of it is just oratory. He has been the worst president since Carter and is very probably the worst in the history of our country. None of his policies are working and what he has done to you children and grandchildren by increasing their debt burdens is unconcinable.

    David Ormana has indicated that SS and Medicare for his children and grandchildren is very important. I would ask him if he is concerned at all about the mountain of debt his children and grandchildren is goining to be paying for the rest of their lives concerns him. Something has to be done about SS and medicare and if you just listen and hear the issues you will find that what will happen is not as bad as you think under the republican plan. Under Obamacare, a panel will decide if a person gets treatment that they may need and when they will get it. You nor your doctor will have any say. This is to control the cost of medical needs. What do you think the panel will decide? Don’t have to be very smart to figure that out. And thats a very small issue.

    Just keep listening to the man with the magic tongue. All that glistens isn’t gold.

    • You seem to be the man with dismanageabler tongue. I am 74 years old and my wife and I are on Social Security and Medicare. So far, since my hip replacement surgery we have paid less thasn a hundred dollars for all things and in some cases Medicare paid more thasn what was required. I do worry about my son and his wife and granddaughter as they love Mitt Romney and all his lies as well asd the lies from Ryan. They may have to go on a private plan and i am toldf it will costy more thanthe Medicare and Sociasl Security my wife and I are getting. I do not trust Romney or Ryan for anything. They say we, who are retired are safe. Do you think we are safe?

      • Donald, I am a 73 year old retiree myself. I also live on SS and have medicare as my insurance provider. To answer your question, I do feel safer with Romney as president more so than Obama. I am well aware of Obama’s record and I am not pleased at all with it.

        Romney is a business man and from what his actions have shown was a pretty good one. I like what he has said and I believe it a lot more that what I have saw as a result of the Obama presidency. I believe Romney is an honorable and a man with high morals. The fact that the Obama ticket supports abortion and same sex marriage is more that enough to turn my stomach.

        I lost my wife in February of this year and I live on my SS alone. Life is very difficult to say the least. I admire your son and his wife and grandaughter’s position politacally. I believe they are not decieved by lies and they can understand straight talk as opposed to beautiful oratory. A man’s actions speak louder that his words.

        I don’t know what a Romney/Ryan presidency will produce but it cannot be near as bad as what we have had for the past 4 years.

        • karinursula says:

          Oh yes it can!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • grammyjill says:

          And I believe you are very wrong. Obama has done a good job for what he was left with. You don’t like his stand on abortion or gay rights. Well, neither one of those things effect you do they?
          Obama has given back 5.5 million jobs, housing is up 6.2%, bin ladin can’t hurt us anymore, my son isn’t in Iraq anymore, afghanistan has an end date, credit card bill of rights so they can’t screw us anymore. You don’t have a donut hole anymore, you can get Free preventitive care.
          I watched Romney as governor. There is a BIG reason he is trailing in the polls in Mass. by 28%. His guys will tell you what a great governor he was but NO ONE in Mass. would say that.

        • Hillbilly says:

          It will be worse. I am on Social Security and medicare and the impression I get from Romney and Ryan is if they are elected and the Republicans have control of Congress, my social security and medicare will disappear so they can give themselves and their rich pals more tax cuts. If Romney had high morals he and his Bain group wouldn’t have bankrupted as many US companies as they did, won[t have shipped jobs overseas and wouldn’t have cost US workers their jobs. On top of bankrupting these company where he and his associates came out of the deal with millions they also took the pension funds that owners and workers had paid into. Then we the taxpayers had to replace the pension funds because they were federally insured. It took us 8 years of Bush for this country to go downhill and almost crash. Obama inherited a depression and many other problems caused by Bush and Republican Congresses. There is no way he could clean up Bush’s mess in four years especially when the Republican party blocked him any way and every way they could, even if it meant the Country would go down the tubes. The same will happen again if Romney and Ryan are elected we will go back into a deep depression and probably won’t recover from it for least a generation or more.

  11. YES, YOU SHOULD NOT DEPEND ON MULTIPLE CHOICE MITT AS THE CORRECT ANSWER IS ALL OF THE ABOVE. I am reading so many negative things about this man, a man who chooses to let his son, Tagg to hasve a child by another woman. How strange, and allowing abortion for some families and knot others. I even see Mormon women coming forward to tell strange stories about this man when he was an elder. What is going on?

  12. Carol says:

    A writer wrote, that Obama has been the worst, well he got all health ins when no one came before him and had the guts to do so, he got BinLaden as he vowed he would, and he also got all of Bush/Cheneys debt. And by the way Cheney and Gingrich are in one of Romney’s PAC contributors, for more War, so Halliburton and Chaney can share in more War & Killings of our troops …. The only thing you said correctly, is look out for the forked tongue that flip flops in lies in the Romney/Ryans fake speeches. Then if they are elected, you will have no womens rights, and vouches, and no food stamps for you are also in the 47% You people should go on the internet and look up Romneys finiancial pac group billionairs. Then you will change your thoughts. The folks during Hitler’s reign never saw it comming, wake up……..

    • Hitler had beautiful oratory and the people listened to his lie. A magic tongue. Don’t be fooled Carol. Romney is a far better man that the democrats paint him. When you don’t have a record that will pass muster, demonizing your opponent is the best way to go. And that is exactly what the democrats are doing. Beautiful lies.

      • Hillbilly says:

        Romney is a liar just like Hitler was and how you can think he is a better man than the Democrats paint him is beyond belief. This is a man who doesn’t care about anyone unless they millions of dollars in US Banks and overseas accounts and who thinks that everyone else is not as good as he is. He has shown his dislike for the 99% of us that aren’t in his money bracket. He and his Bain company sent thousands of jobs overseas, bankrupted many US companies while making millions and even taking the workers pension fund money when they left the company and costing many people their jobs. Pension money that we the tax payers had to pay for because the pensions were federally insured. Romney is a money, power hungry person that will say and do anything to get elected. His millionaire backers are helping him to get elected by telling their workers that if the right people aren’t elected to office there will be layoff and plant closing then giving the employees a list of people to vote for, which they claim is just a suggestion list for their employees. What it is is a scare tactic to get Romney and Ryan in the White House so the rich can get richer while the rest of us get poorer.

  13. ^..^ says:

    How quickly Romney forgot his own relative, Ann Keenan.

  14. daves says:

    It sounds like one stance, abortion.

  15. ayayaboy says:

    My Questions are:
    1. Romney where are your tax returns?
    2. Obama, You have shown twelve years tax returns, are you ready to show up to 20 years if Romney puts out 20 years of tax return?
    3. Romney why did you say Detroit your hometown should go bankrupt?
    4. Obama, how did you know that the bailout for Auto Industry will work?
    5. Romney, what did the 47% do wrong that they deserve your words of insults calling them victims and Ryan call 30% Americans “takers”? why taking you so long to apologize to Americans for such demonization and insult?
    6. Obama, why don’t you praise Justice Robert for rising above party lines?
    7. Romney, why do want to abolish plan parenthood?
    8. Obama, why do you think some women vow to vote Romney even after saying he will kill women right to choose, plan parenthood, repeal Obamney care, don’t ask don’t tell, self-deport illigal immigrants especially Hispanics, he supports Arizona harsh law, etc?
    9. Romney, why Bain shut down and why Sensata another of your company was outsourced to China and chinese personels came to the company site in america and ordered workers to bring down American flag on American soil?
    10. Obama, What will you do to make people like romney to bring back their outsourced companies and money offshore back to America?
    11. Romney, why did you criticize the British Olympics the way you did?
    12. Obama, what will you do to bridge the wide gap between super-rich and poor people in America?
    13. Romney, Ron Paul told CNN that you never take a stand for something, you change positions on everything, what do you tell Senator Ron Paul?
    14. Obama, How will you stop the killing in Syria, Darfur, Lybia, and Iran’s ambition for nuclear weapon?
    15. Romney, why did you destroy computer hard drives and records after your one term governorship in Massachussetts?

  16. ViHowrie says:

    Discussion on Universal Health Care and Gun Control. Also, I am over 75 and I would like to know for sure the changes in SS and Medicare will not affect me

  17. Mimi Heart says:

    The 20 week ban in Arizona is weirder, since it’s actually 18 weeks. They’re measuring the pregnancy from two weeks before the embryo implants. All menstruating women in Arizona are pregnant until proven otherwise. It’s Schrödinger’s Uterus.

  18. CAThinker says:

    Hypocrites… Their idea of the sanctity of life is that it starts at conception and ends at birth…

  19. Carol says:

    Romney is an etch a sketch, sketchey candidate. Romney talks about not raising taxes on us, yea right. He is not wanting his big donors to pay their share in taxes, and his tax returns are a farce. He is going to create jobs., what and how, and where ? will he re-open the companies he closed and will he hire those whose jobs he took to china. He and the boys get tax write off’s for relocating jobs over seas. He was nothing but a worker hacker, went into business’s fired, let go, sold out the workers and made a profit at it. What a good man, I am in the 47% and if he gets elected we will be in the 27%.

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