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Monday, October 24, 2016

Mitt Romney’s Sneering Farewell To The ’47 Percent’

Mitt Romney’s Sneering Farewell To The ’47 Percent’

Trying to explain away his decisive, sweeping, and very expensive rout to his disappointed supporters—those one-percent Republicans—Mitt Romney offered a new version of the discredited “47 percent” argument that was so ruinous in its original form.  In a Wednesday afternoon conference call, the defeated Republican nominee told donors and fundraisers that President Obama had won by lavishing generous “gifts” upon certain groups, including young voters, African-Americans, and Latinos.

“With regards to the young people, for instance, a forgiveness of college loan interest was a big gift,” said Romney, after apologizing for losing what he called a “very close” election that he lost by more than 100 electoral votes and no less than three percent of the popular vote (as indicated in “The Ass-Whuppin’ Cometh” by James Carville and Stan Greenberg).

“Free contraceptives were very big with young, college-aged women. And then, finally, Obamacare also made a difference for them, because as you know, anybody now 26 years of age and younger was now going to be part of their parents’ plan, and that was a big gift to young people. They turned out in large numbers, a larger share in this election even than in 2008… Likewise with Hispanic voters, free health care was a big plus. But in addition with regards to Hispanic voters, the amnesty for children of illegals, the so-called Dream Act kids, was a huge plus for that voting group.”

It’s amusing that at this late date, the Republican who distanced himself from health care reform — and constantly vowed to repeal the Affordable Care Act even though he knew that would be bad policy — claims that Obamacare helped Obama to win.

Now, before dispensing with Romney for good — as most Americans (including many Republicans) are understandably eager to do — it is worth noting that these churlish excuses to his donors represent the ultimate falsification, not only of his campaign, but of his own character.

Recall how he disowned the “47 percent” remarks when he realized how damaging they were to his chances for victory, telling Sean Hannity on Fox News that what he had been caught saying at a $50,000-a-plate Boca Raton fundraising event was “just completely wrong.”  That mea culpa was factually accurate, of course – as we have discovered again lately with the news that so many food stamp recipients reliably vote Republican.

But as a matter of feelings rather than facts, Romney evidently cannot stop himself from sneering at society’s struggling people and the politicians who seek to improve their lives. It is not as if the donors he was addressing don’t want “gifts” from government – such as the big new tax breaks that Romney had promised them, the huge increases in defense spending that would swell their profits, or the various individual corporate favors that they regard as their very own “entitlements.” Just don’t expect that kind of honest introspection from Romney or his crowd.

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  • Yes, Mitt, he won because he proposed and passed policy that the people want. That’s the job of a politician. That’s the job of a president. That’s the job of government. What do -you- think a president’s supposed to do? Line his own pockets?

    • Indeed, and both seem surprised that the election results came about because the masses actually had the temerity to vote.

      • Jeez – even my Mormon mother voted for Obama….even rational Mormons saw through this sorry excuse for a man, forget a Presidential candidate….

        • i agree goodbye mitt whoever


          • haha – yes, I agree

          • to Disapointed. Scatological language can be at times warranted, however in your case I don’t think so. Can we not raise the level of civil discourse up a notch? Or perhaps you are a Shakespeare scholar and the use of words that refer to excrement show how truly livid you are. Since you have misspelled “disapointed” and “peice” , it might be an indication perhaps of a lack of command of the English language. Or to give you the benefit of the doubt, your anger caused you to make typing errors. Or you could be a foreigner and thus don’t have total command of the language, which, of course, is excusable. On the other hand I doubt that is the case. Most foreigners are very enthusiastic about Obama.
            So I guess what we have here is a “failure to communicate:” (Name the movie.) or most likely your comment is an exhibition of a prodigious lack of imagination. Now, after this rather erudite explanation on my part, I could then say, “you are a piece of shit.”
            Then it would have a greater impact. Get my point?

          • Mimi2kool

            Well said. It seems that people who have no good argument tend to insult others with crude language. If nothing else, it shows a lack of class and a lack of imagination.

            The quote is from “Cool Hand Luke”. It is one of my favorite movie lines and I use it often.

          • BDC_57

            Sound like he’s one of the teabagger
            That upset about losing.

          • STORMENHARD

            I have a feeling Disapointed misread Mormon for moron and for one to call ones mother a moron probably upset him…Just saying, I maybe wrong but…

          • To refer to her as a rational Mormon? Not sure what you’re reading there my disappointed friend.
            PS: When you caps lock everything, IT TAKES AWAY THE EMPHASIS FROM EVERYTHING YOU SAY

          • DirkVanden

            & you are the same for saying so

          • Flip_Flopper

            DISAPOINTED: That was uncalled for She simply stated a fact, the only piece of S**T here is you … because you apparently voted for The flip flopper!!!

          • Why is Mormon a bad way for her to refer to her own Mother when in fact being a Mormon voting for Pres. Obama was the exact point she was trying to make. If she was trying to refer to Moron, however, she would have reserved that comment for you!

          • bwschool

            wash your mouth with soap

          • Greatexpectations2012

            She said MORMON NOT MORON!!!!!

          • Human_4_ever

            Please make apologies to Elizabeth, Mr. ‘Not PIECE OF SHIT’, try to be a Gentleman,
            And by the way learn how to spell simple words (what is PEICE after all?). Are you really American, Sir?

          • piece, not peice, please watch your spelling in the future, people will think that you are illiterate.

        • rpg1408

          Elizabeth, please ignore fuzzy-minded commenters like “Disappointed”. Your comment warmed the heart of this voter.,

          • LMFAO!!! r u people serious??? Do you think for 1 second that anything will EVER change? Im still waiting 4 that CHANGE that was promised to me 4 yrs ago. I voted for that lying POS her first time around. We are still playing war over in Iraq and Afgan,. He claims the war is over in Iraq. Why r troops still there??
            How many times did these morons bring up the inflated health care cost once they find out you have insurance, you know the 5o dollar box of tissue. The 150 dollar tylenol capsule. Or even make a serious attempt at welfare reform. Its all bull$hit!!
            I didnt vote for Mitt something I didnt vote for Osama . I’m tired of all the promises and lies.

          • old_blu

            Did you write someone in?

          • DurdyDawg

            “HER first time around”..? (whatta maroon).

            In other words, you voted for the ‘turd’ platform.. You know, you’re hillbilly cousins (no wonder Obama won with logic like yours).. Obama is NOT a king, dip wad.. He can’t ‘just’ close this policy and enact that one, he must follow the direction of congress.. THEY can end these wars, THEY can better our nation.. Obama can submit his ideals but can not enact them (unless the congress ignores their responsibilities). If McCain had won, this same crap would be discussed.. If Hilary had won, even so.. Had Romney won we would still be in this situation (a situation that another couple of pubs put us into, contrary to the lies and myths of the ‘do nothing’ party). No one man (or woman) can become POTUS, snap their fingers and end the decades of woe that we now face because an idiot decided not to pay up using OUR credit card.. You are an uninformed meat head!.. Meanwhile, yet another joke of the day.

          • Google the accomplishments of President Obama and learn what and he is doing the best he can under difficult circumstances and opposition.

          • rpg1408

            I understand your frustration,but change happens slowly,especially with an obstructionist House and a Senate held hostage to a dysfunctional Filibuster rule.We can hope that things will move more quickly in the next four years. Both Democrats and Republicans have to put aside the partisanship and work together for the good of all of us.
            Subject: [thenationalmemo] Re: Mitt Romney’ s Sneering Farewell To The ’ 47 Percent’

          • JackieAllen

            Every time I read about people complaining about
            lies and broken promises–I want to say–what did you
            expect?? Obama’s hand had barely left the Bible
            when the Republicans swore to do everything in their
            power to make him a one term president! Remember?? Not once did the GOP give support,
            offer working compromises or present even a
            reasonable plan of their own. Instead, they allowed
            the Tea Baggers and other cranks to run with the ball.
            Don’t you think that the Republicans would have
            noticed, long ago if there was any question about the
            President’s place of birth?? HUH! Not until Obama
            became a real contender, did they allow this stupidity
            still around today!! But the President succeeded anyway–did he not? Even without the
            100% lack of support from the GOP. Worst of all, the
            Grand Old Party pinned the economic down turn on
            Obama instead of George W. Bush. Funny isn’t it, that
            George is now a “has been”–not even a mention that he
            even exists. And then, the health care plan! I couldn’t
            get your “beef” about that. There are so many ways to
            get envolved in the welfare of this country. So, stop
            complaining and do something.

          • joyscarbo

            Someone isn’t enjoying his SOUR GRAPES!! LOSER!

      • Temerity – good word. They also lived in their own bubble.

        • Don

          He cannot say, “i SHALL RETURN”

          • Please Don’t Even Try To Return Romney Is A Lying Rat Bastard Who Never Should Have Tried To Run For President Cause He’s The Prefect Example What’s Wrong With America Today To Many Thugs Are Gutting Out The American Companies And Shipping Too Many Of Our American Jobs Overseas!!! Romney is The Prefect Sociopath He Was In The Race All For Himself!!! And Maybe His Handlers!! Who None Give A Damn About America Nor The American People!! Power, Control And Money Is Their Only Agenda!!!

          • idamag

            Fern, it never occurs to them that there are more voters out there than old, white, rich guys.

          • Fern you speak the truth; they can’t handle the truth; especially those red necks that think wrestling is real; obama is a muslim communist socialist foreigner who snuck into the presidency; twice.

          • I keep wondering what a persons Ideology and Religious preference has to do with being elected to a political office here in the US. The US Constitution places NO RESTRICTIONS on either.

          • Right on, Fern. People with a primary orientation to power, possession, and position are inherently perverse and very short on sane and rational policies.

          • old_blu

            Hey Fern I went to an old post so I could wish you and your friends and family a happy Thanksgiving. : )

      • nana4gj

        And, so far, they continue to think the loss was just due to tactics and logistics. Some believe it was “tone”….the same tone going on in all the hearings and bombastic outrage in Congress now by Republicans. If they do not learn that “message”, “leadership”, policy, and “Party first, not politics” is a big part of it, they will continue to lose. Too bad they discarded all of those who could teach them.

      • Your so-called “masses” will see how much worse this country will get after more of the same policies that led us to this mess. But, most people only learn the hard way. They give their freedom to the Government for a few trinkets, but unfortunately, that same government will take it all away, especially after all the wealth is dried up. Kind-of like now, Trillions in debt, and even taxing the wealthy 100% of their wealth will not put a dent in the vast debt.

        • rippper

          When Clinton left office, not only did he balance the budget, but there was a surplus. When Bush got in, everything that Clinton did was flushed down the toilet and the debt starting piling up. And where were the republicans then when the price of gas was going up and up during the Bush years. Not a word from them. Oh, did you forget that Bush is an oil man? But now that Obama is in office, you rag on him about the gas prices and everything else that we all know is the fault of greedy corpative assholes who want to keep bleeding the average American. And everyone also knows, except the republican party, that Obama enherited the mess Bush left. Stop trying to convince yourself that you would be better off if Romney had won. Remember Reaganomics? Ask the small business owners that lost their businesses when Reagan was in office. And rember when Reagan asked if we we better off? He was asking the wealthy that question,not the average American. So, before you speak, get the facts. And please, don’t reply to this post, because for every negative you bring about the democrats, I can bring you a negative about the republicans. Example: Nixon. Enough said.

          • DukeDacat

            About 7 to 8 weeks ago the price of Gas at my local station was $4.79 and the Rethugs, like Hannity on Faux Noise were whining that he paid over $5.00 on Long Island to fill up his SUV and that the high price of gas was all President Obama’s fault.
            Well, that same local station has Gas listed at $3.75 today
            Hmmmm that is a huge swing… $1.04 cheaper in 7 to 8 weeks…………….
            See all we had to do was re-elect Present Obama

          • Gas in my area has come down in the last 4 weeks from $ 3. 75 for regular to $3.17 for regular and gas station owner today said it be lower just before Thanksgiving traveling time.

          • Regan who they worship; tripled the national debt; increased taxes several times; could not get the nomination if he were running today!

        • nomorehope

          Do you understand that the States and people who get the most FREE STUFF from the government are the republicans? Look up real facts not faux facts. And the States and people paying the most in are democratic States. So the blood sucking parasites are the republican sheep that are stupid enough to be convinced into voting against their own best interests over and over again. Learn how to look up facts from real sources then you won’t sound as foolish when you speak.

        • idamag

          Bwaaaaa, you didn’t let me win.

        • Man read your history from 1970 to 2008 and see how the GOP fuck america up!

          • Right On!, Doren, the GOP, really made a “Hot Mess” of America!. Thanks for that little piece of history!. God Bless You, and America!.

        • The wealth does not dry up. You are the masses. The wealthy will still be wealthy. 2000 pentagon budget circa 285 billion; now 700 billion; more than the whole world combined. We could cut that in half and still be the strongest military in the world. We need a draft; then we’ll see who really supports the wars. Protect our industries. End the empire and save . want to help make jobs – made in U.S.A. that’s your solution. End tax breaks for companies who ship jobs overseas. Rebuild America. It’s time for a new deal; new technologies; new solutions; which will regenerate America.

      • We got the Power

    • That was what he did when he was Governor of Massachusetts. So yes, that’s exactly what he planned to do.

      He just can’t admit it because he’s egotistical on top of being greedy. The most rotten people in the world are the ones that can’t shut the hell up about how much more pious they are than everyone else, and since Mitt Romney is rotten to the core, he will never admit that his only agenda, if elected, was to give a huge gift to himself.

      • geoelb

        I totally agree. The election was his to lose after the first debate, but he couldn’t keep his mouth shut. His ego and extreme greed came right out ~!!

        • Once again Geoelb , another well-informed person,you are!. Romney, and his henchmen, and women, just couldn’t handle the truth!. He lost!, so just get over it, Mormon, excuse me, I really meant Moron!, both the same, to me. Go figure!. “Loose lip’s sink ship’s!. Ha!.

      • He was trying to prove he was a better man than his father George by becoming President. No matter what he says, does, or how much money he has he will never be the man his Father was.

    • Canadiangirl57

      Yipee, for not electing him. Otherwise you all know who would benefit. Loser go away already, man these guys surely can’t accept what they did wrong. Just blame it on the black guy!

    • CPANewYork

      That’s exactly what he thinks and he’s not alone. The History Channel recently ran a miniseries titled “The Men Who Built America.” It was about the Vanderbilts, Rockefellers, Morgans, Carnegies, et al.

      It showed three things about those men: They were intelligent, they were driven and they were all miserable bastards who didn’t care about human beings.

      Theodore Roosevelt was right when he characterized them as being “malefactors of great wealth.”

      • idamag

        CPA, I see that you also studied Teddy Roosevelt. What a great man!

        • I’ve been saying , “Where is Teddy Roosevelt when we need him?” for years.

    • AMADAL

      So, Mittens, quit acting like the crying titty-baby you are and just go home. Ever think it was your policies and continual flip-flopping on every issue that contributed to your loss, along with your inability to relate to anyone that is not a multi-millionaire? At least Ann is the only one in your family that has any sense at all–telling you that this was your last chance and you will not run for office again.

      • Amadal, in the Mormon religion the man makes the decisions in the family and the wife goes along. That is one way it is similar to the Muslim Religion. So if Romney decides he want to run for office again he will and Ann can’t stop him. I am glad that she won’t be our first Lady

        • I don’t care what Religion a person is, any thinking man will tell you, that Women Rule. They just allow that propaganda to circulate to fool the idiots (some men) out there into thinking they’re running things.

        • Just think about it, I bet you don’t do a whole lot of things your Woman say’s NO to.

        • All Men quickly learn, that pissing off his Woman is not a good idea.

        • Hillbilly, Stick a fork in him, he’s done!.

        • AMADAL

          Hillbilly, I agree with you. Ann was just too fake and disconnected to be a First Lady. I don’t know much about the Mormans, but I can only hope Ann makes Mittens miserable if he decides to run again.

    • Don

      Yes, Mitt needs to leave and go with whole family to one of those islands in the Carribeean. He can then line is own pockets with gold like fwellow king midas

    • nana4gj

      He thought he could fire the 47% of population or outsource/offshore us and be done with us, and just close down where we live.

    • Mulligatonney

      So – the people wanted the president to spend 7trillion more dollars in 4 years than he was taking in?

      And, in your opinion, it is the president’s job to simply give them everything they ask for? Even if the money to pay for it doesn’t exist? Even if he has to borrow money and ask the Federal Reserve to print more?

      And you call this POLICY?

      You have just defined the problem, albeit unwittingly…. That is exactly why the founders of our government thought it a necessary evil and took great pains to limit its power and reach.

      …Because you think that what we have witnessed over the last 4 years is policy. It may very well be that it is what some of the people want, but it is the fatal flaw of every democratic/republic throughout history. This is not policy – it is immorality.

      The President took an oath to uphold the Constitution. Not to pass “policy” just because some people want what they want. In order to know what that means, you must first read and understand the Constitution.

      That is exactly why this president is such a danger to the future of our nation. Because he bribes people like you with money and stuff that is not his to give in exchange for your vote… How do you think we accumulated this debt? He is certainly not the only president to do this, but he is by far the worst… Open your eyes!

      The average “liberal/progressive/leftist/communist, etc. (pick one) astonishingly does not have the capacity to understand this.

      You have willingly joined the “masses” that Marx speaks of – and all OBama had to do was tell you it was the rich people’s fault… You were even easier to manipulate than the Russian masses when the Bolsheviks took over…

      There’s a history you can read, if you are really interested in how such things as pulling the wool over the eyes of an entire nation are accomplished. These are the same type of guys OBama spent his entire life associating with.

      The Bolsheviks promised their “workers party members” the world – security, prosperity, equality – and gave them almost 100 years of extreme poverty, misery, enslavement and mass murder in return for their trust and ultimate political naivete’…

      The socialist/marxist/communist will turn on you when he gathers enough power, and there will be no Constitution left to defend you. At least the world had the United States to speak up for freedom when the Bolsheviks took over Russia. Once the economic collapse of the United States is achieved, all the people crying loudly for their “stuff” will finally understand the true meaning of poverty as the third world now understands it. A very tiny Politburo will have all of the power and will control an entire nation. But they will need you for a while to accomplish their objectives. Then they will have no further use for you.

      The United States is it… There isn’t anyone else. That’s why we are called the “last, best hope”….

      And this president intends to oversee its economic collapse – unless the Congress can stop him.

      • idamag

        If we want to resort to childish name-calling and tea party rhetoric, I’ll one-up you. The tea party is a fascist group that wants to destroy one party and take over the other one. That’s been done before. It is the ugliness of the present Republican party that made my mind up not to vote for them.

        • Mine too. I was a lifelong Republican until Bush Jr’s reign of terror and the direction the Republican party was going with all the hate, fear mongering, bullying, name calling, etc. that made me very uncomfortable with even being associated with such a group, jumped the Republican ship and swam to the side of the Democratic party. Since then, I have never regretted my decision. I also started boycotting that political party and will never cast another vote for any Republican until the prove that they can and will work well with others. Romney’s attitude is showing his true colors and they’re definitely not pretty. Under Romney, the economy would have surely collapsed.

          • Welcome Aboard, Donna S. We need more convert’s like you!.

        • Mulligatonney

          What evidence do you have of this? And who did I call names?

          • You do not even know what you wrote – your referral to communists; socialists; liberals; progressives; leftists; et. al? You are playing yourself son! What Obama is is a good decent American President who is level-headed; smart and a cool guy. You could learn something from him – a lot.

          • Once again Ditto!. It is so good to hear from people with such intelligence these day’s, I’ve enjoyed reading all of these comment’s, makes me so proud to be an American!.God Bless this country, and all of its many race’s of people everywhere!. Hail President Obama!.

          • idamag

            Socialist, Marxist, Communist.

          • Mulligatonney

            Study the man’s history – something you should have done prior to giving him your vote.

          • idamag

            There are people who are blinded by ideology. If the opposite party is in, they can find nothing good about them. That is bigotry. I did my research and I don’t need faux news to tell me how to think. I can and do think.

          • Mulligatonney

            Faux news? The history is there.

            But you do bring up an excellent point. Your thinking and the rest of the proletariat marching in step to the “Forward! Over the Cliff!” slogan may very well be the problem, if your “research” resulted in OBama’s re-election.

            The sole fact that he promised a 3 trillion dollar spending cut during his ’08 campaign and in his last 4 years in office actually increased the debt by 7 trillion dollars (if you include OBamaCare) tells me exactly how people like you think. Not to mention the scores of other things he put into place that directly violate the Constitution.

            That’s where the disagreement begins. That type of “thinking”, is the same astonishing, classic failure of logic that cannot recall how hot the stove was when you burned your hand on it the last time.

        • @ idamag, as you know when a poster doesn’t really have anything to say that adds to the topic and is the truth, they start with the name calling.

        • Ditto, Idamag!.

      • old_blu

        You’re so smart I can’t believe the masses don’t listen you and Romney. (that is sarcasm BTW)

        • Mulligatonney

          That is the entire point, old Blue…

          The masses never listen to the truth until its too late – they always listen to the prettiest music, because they want so desperately for it to be true. That’s why the prettiest liar wins most of the time in politics. But history paints a quite different picture of the truth.

          The truth in this case, is this: The economy of the United States will collapse if we do not curb our spending and generate supply side revenue. Can you hear that?

          But instead, you watched the president as he put the country 7trillion dollars further in debt and believe him when he calls that “progress”… And you re-elect him. You reward him for putting your country ever nearer the edge of the abyss and congratulate yourself for doing the “right thing”… And he laughs at you. But secretly he has nothing but disdain for you.

          And now you will be a witness to the consequences. Unfortunately, due to your decision and millions of others who gave him a second chance to demonstrate his true intentions, I have to bear the consequences with you. But that’s part of being in a free society. How much longer it remains that way is difficult to discern. But a huge chunk of our Constitution is now missing, and it has happened in the last four years.

          Just be man enough to admit you sold out the United States due to your ignorance of history when it happens. This creature does not love this country. He hates what it stands for and means to take it down a few notches, at the very least. Whether the Congress can hold him off enough to avoid catastrophic damage to the Constitution remains to be seen.

          I will be happy to admit my error about the communist in the White House if I’m wrong. But I am not wrong about him. Study OBama’s history, as I did. You have to dig a little bit, but it’s there.

          Now we’ll see… I really do pray that I am wrong…

          But I’m not.

          • OMG!! You are a comedy act. You type a lot of words but you don’t SAY anything!!!! You are just cracking me up. LOL

          • Mulligatonney

            …and another ostrich appears. Just because you don’t understand it doesn’t mean there is no point.

            Maybe you would have an easier time with your comprehension if I communicated as you do in your short missive… How about this?

            OBama!! OMG!! WTF? ROTF LMAO!!

            My apologies – I gave you the benefit of the doubt previously.

          • old_blu

            I can’t believe all this RABBLE (geeez) you make my brain hurt.

            You are not going to change my mind on who to vote for, cuz it sounds like that is what you are trying to do. I’m still voting for Obama…………..Oh wait……..Obama already won, so stop trying to sell me on Romney.

          • Mulligatonney

            Change your mind?


            Possibly suggest that you go back to the beginning of the new America when our government was founded and recognize that we are exchanging our Liberty for the bones the politicians throw to us for our votes.

            That’s all…

            I am not surprised that your brain hurts. If you allow yourself to be distracted by all the fancy rhetoric that the politicians throw out, one could easily make the wrong decision.

            That’s why we have history books, where we can read about the principles upon which this country was founded.

            The founding principles are something that every single thing the government does should be held accountable to.

            But sadly, they are not – and haven’t been for quite some time.

            Because our politicians know that most of us do not read them and out of those of us that do read them, most do not understand them.

            So they can tell us anything they want – and we will believe them.

          • old_blu

            Although I’m still not sure what you are trying to say, I’m not sure if you think I did the right thing or wrong. here is some history for you.

            Republicans years in office 28…………………………………………..Democrats years in office 22
            Total jobs created Republicans 24 million……………………………………..Democrats 42 million
            Stock market return Republicans 109%………………………………………………..Democrats 992%
            Stock market return annaulized republicans 2.7%…………………………………..Democrats 11%
            GDP Republicans 2.7%……………………………………………………………………….Democrats 4.1%
            Income growth Republicans 0.6%………………………………………………………..Democrats 2.2%

          • idamag

            In trying to help you, I suggested a history book. You might try reading it. It has nothing to do with politics.

          • Mulligatonney

            Thanks again for your benevolent offer to provide me with some “help”.

            And in the true spirit of “Forward!”, you will no doubt provide me with the “help” that you deem important for me, whether I have any desire for it or not.

            And to “help” me even further, you will use my money to do it.

            You are not by any chance a member of the OBama Administration, are you?

          • Once again, Congress (the house and Senate) pass the budget and send it to the president for signature; they also pass the laws and the president executes said laws as chief executive. These two functions; executive and legislature are also checked by the judiciary; thus the phrase “checks and balances”. This is stuff you should have learned in grammar school or high school.

          • Mulligatonney

            You say that as if you are trying to remember exactly how the government is actually organized. Or unorganized, to understand it in a post-modern fashion.

            So – you think the president’s main function is to sign bills? Pity…

            But no response to the 7trillion dollar increase in debt and an unprecedented government takeover of individual liberty.

            It sounds as though you are rather proud of your high school education – congratulations. It isn’t doing you much good. You must first understand the things you are parroting for your cracker if you are going to take advantage of what your liberal grammar school teachers pounded into you… (85% of them are registered Democrats)

            Checks and balances? Where were they when the government ran up the astronomical debt? When an illegal healthcare system was shoved down the throats of the American people by a treasonous, criminal process the politicians named “reconciliation” just to give it a name that made it sound much more palatable? And when mandatory extortion payments were demanded by that same bill? And when the Supreme Court ruled it Constitutional?

            How long has the government been playing this debt game with the American people? And how much longer are we going to ignore the truth about the exponential growth of government power and control? These are the questions that you should be asking.

            And yet – you waste time “waxing intellectual” as the government bribes you with your own money… You regurgitate what they tell you, but are unwilling to open your eyes to what they are DOING.

            The Democrat Party is playing the liberal voter like a fiddle. They know without a shadow of a doubt that they can borrow, print and spend the country into calamitous ruin, call it “progress” during their campaign for re-election, toss clumsy slogans to us like “Forward!” and “Yes We Can!” and half of the country (47%, maybe) will lap it up like dogs do with their own vomit.

            And you cannot grasp that this is part of a plan? If it were not, how could it have perpetuated itself for so long?

            Republicans haven’t been much better lately, but the Democrat Party really outdid themselves this time.

            I believe that you read the Constitution in grade school or in high school.

            You just don’t understand what you read.

          • idamag

            mulli, We can never tell a person, “I know what you are thinking.” and be credible. Neither can we say, “He hates…” because we do not know what he hates. I would say that Obama hates no one. I don’t think Romney hated anyone either.

            If you really want to know about the Constitution, don’t stop with amendments 1 and 2 and tea party rhetoric. Study how it came about, what the arguments were for and against each facet of the Constitution. I suggest the book, “The Rise of American Democracy,” and studying the transcripts of the arguments.

          • Mulligatonney

            In the same paragraph you speak tolerance and then turn right around and write something so colossally stupid and judgmental as “don’t stop with amendments 1 and 2 and tea party rhetoric” as to completely negate the first sentence.


            This is a classic example of liberal thinking… If it can be called “thinking” at all.

            This book you speak of – by Sean Wilentz, yes? Written relatively recently… I don’t know much about Sean Wilentz, but I will look him up. But – statists have been re-writing history since about 1850, the same time frame as when Darwin’s book emerged.

            If you really want to find meaningful study on “how it came about” try the Federalist Papers, the Articles Of Confederation, and the personal writings of the people actually involved in the formation of the government. That is the emphasis of my studies.

            Wilentz may have something insightful to present – I’ll be happy to read his book and get back to you on that later.

            But it’s interesting to note that you suggest “study” as if it is something you have done yourself.

            Maybe you should go back and see what you missed in your alleged “studies”.

            You certainly came away with exactly the wrong conclusion from them.

          • idamag

            I am not a liberal. I am not a conservative. I don’t believe in political parties. As Washington, Jefferson, and James Madison were againt political parties, even though they were forced to allign with one. Madison said, “Political parties will divide the nation and cause chaos.” He was right. A house divided against itself cannot stand.

          • Mulligatonney

            And now the truth comes out. Thank you for your personal, intimate confession. I have such an optimistic outlook on the next four years now, because of it.

            You mentioned some pretty heavy hitters there, Madam Researcher…

            All three were stridently opposed to Big Government.

            How is it that you side so easily with Big Government now?

        • idamag

          What is the matter with us that we can’t see this person’s brilliant intelligence. (sarcasm)

      • grammyjill

        Where do you get your info from? We just got rid of the guy that was going to do that. Have you not paid any attention to this whole election?

        • Mulligatonney

          No – you have just re-elected the guy who has already done this to you once.

          Maybe you just need a different metaphor. How about this?

          And now, you give the guy down the street who molested you an open invitation to babysit your children.

          The lesson of history for the colossal ignorance of what you have done is that now those of us who did not fall for the president calling a 7trillion dollar debt “progress” will have to pay for the consequences of it right along with those of you that did.

          You still cannot comprehend what you have done. But you will.

          It’s coming…

          • No what is coming is the Country’s full recovery and everyone feeling better off. I don’t how many Presidents you have lived through for myself I lived through quite a few from Ones like Eisenhower, Kennedy two who loved their Country, Johnson,who had the guts to sign the Civil rights bill to Nixon and his vice president Spiro Agnew both of whom should have been sent to jail, Gerald Ford and quite a few more . I have voted for candidates from both parties and it has always been the Democrats who helped this Country recovery from adversity which most of the time has been caused by Republican Presidents. My mother and many of the women who like her had grown up during the depression used to use that “Everytime there was a Republican President there would either be a recession or depression while they were in office or right before they leave office” First few times I heard that when growing up I would think that’s crazy but my mother and her friends are right, when a Republican president is in office, during the time in they are in office or just before they leave office there is always a major recession like when Bush 2 left office. The majority of the people that voted returned the right man to office,this Country couldn’t have took another Republican President especially one that thought he was better than the majority of the people in the Country, who had rather tell a lie than tell the truth, who flipped flopped more than a fish on dry land and who has shipped some many American jobs overseas, that he should go there also.

          • idamag

            We elected a guy who inherited a house with a bad leak in the roof. There was no money to fix it as the house came with a collossal debt. He had to either borrow money to fix the leak or let the leak destroy the house altogether. It was a big leak and required a lot of work to fix it.

            Now that he has plugged the leak in the economy, he can pay down the debt it took to fix it.

          • Mulligatonney

            So who is he inheriting the leaky roof from now?

          • idamag

            No wonder you have a hard time processing facts. You have shown twice that you cannot read and understand. For a Harvard graduate, you sure are dense. The roof is fixed. It took four years. Now is the time to pay down the debt.

          • Mulligatonney

            Hey! We agree on something!

            Now that the president is finished lying to get himself re-elected, let’s see what he does about paying down the debt…

            We all know now that Bush was responsible for OBama’s failure to keep his promises for the last four years. Or to even attempt to keep them.

            I know! Let’s re-elect him just to see if he spends the next four years doing the same thing he did the last four!

            He must really mean it this time…after all, he said he did.

            Who will he blame for the next four years?

            How much will you messiah worshippers let him get away with?

          • idamag

            Why don’t you do a little research in credible sites? Your analogies show your lack of critical thinking. If you wanted to, and you don’t, you could find some good things this President did. You will never research anything that does not back up your skewed ideology. People, like you, have made me decide not to vote Republican until the party becomes the party it used to be. Your blind hate and bigotry is what drove me away from the Republican Party.

          • Mulligatonney

            Interesting that you begin your comment on bigotry by saying, “People like you”…

            Credible sites? Eureka! We just found another of your vulnerabilities…. Now you get to specify them.

            Of course – now you have to demonstrate that these “credible sites” are not ones that were “researched” merely to back up your own (how did you say it) “skewed ideology”?

            Critical thinking – now, there’s a New Age buzz word… Do you assume that by simply inserting those two words randomly into any sentence you write, you are now qualified to judge another on their ability to think?

            Here’s some “critical thinking” for you… OBama promised to cut spending by 3trillion in his ’08 campaign. He actually spent 7trillion more. That is called a lie.

            Now, apply your own “critical thinking” skills to avoid the issue again or come up with an excuse to provide a snapshot of your “skewed ideology”.

            Polly want a cracker?

        • BDC_57

          He only hear what he wants to hear.

          • grammyjill

            Yep, another dead head.

      • Another one that has been brain washed by Fox not News and Rush Limbaugh.

        • That Fox news is the fountain of misinformation; the alter upon which truth is sacrificed and ignorance is spread like a medieval plague. Rush Limbaugh is a bigoted bloated windbag hippocrite whose little brain is ruled by his little dick (chenny).

          • Rush Limbaugh’s brain, and his little willy, and I do mean little, are ruled by narcotic’s, painkiller’s like Vocodin, Percocet, etc. Anybody else with that problem would be deemed a drug addict, a junkie!.

        • Mulligatonney

          Thank you for helping me to understand the type of people who grope each other for mutual reassurance on this website.

          So many monkeys – and me with only one banana.

          Hillbilly… the very name sort of “captures the imagination”, yes?

          Not much point in throwing pearls to swine here – try the banana.

          • old_blu

            Are you calling people names again? Something you say you don’t do.

            I have a name for you, hypocrite.

          • Mulligatonney

            I was merely suggesting you try the banana…

            Probably something you are more familiar with and therefore, much more interested in than this mind-boggling political discourse…

            I appreciate your superior intellect, tolerance and open-mindedness. After all, you are a – what?

            Progressive? Is that the kind of razor sharp wit the progressive mind produces?

            Hypocrite? A person who says one thing and does another? A person who displays a false sense of virtue?

            But – you have just defined your hero.

            I certainly don’t act any differently than I speak…

            Do you? Do you go to church?

      • Let me reply simply to your statement by saying that Congress controls the purse strings. Perhaps you should take your own advice and read the constitution (which the patriot act dismantled and is probably unconstitutional itself). It was the 1% who caused the crash of 2008; greedy bankers; wall street firms, etc that cost the nation trillions; who did not want to sacrifice any of their stuff. You are probably a fox news fan. How else do you get your completely false facts and assumptions; your long winded diatribe gets you an F-. There are plenty of people in poverty, not because of the government; but because of people like Mittens who ship American jobs overseas and get tax breaks for doing so. We need the government to protect Americans from the Gordon Geckos of the world; aka Willard who reminds me of the white rat in that movie where the guy trains the rats and they turn against him; sort of like the republicans against mitt….

        • idamag

          William, you obviously knew what was going on from the beginning. I think there should be no tax breaks for shipping jobs overseas or for stashing money in offshore accounts to avoid paying taxes.

        • Mulligatonney

          Well, you got one thing right – the Patriot Act is un-Constitutional. No question about that.

          The rest of your missive is pretty much wrong. Difficult to believe someone who thinks so highly of your own education can be so utterly misinformed.

          As far as what caused the crash of 2008, it is hard to imagine that you could be any further off. The cause was anything and everything but the “1%”, as you so errantly stated..

          Here’s a brief education for you, if you are interested… look up the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) that was introduced and passed by the Democrat Party during the Carter Administration. Basically, the law was passed based upon a flawed study that concluded minorities were being discriminated against in mortgage loans, so banks were directed by the government to loan money to people who could not afford the payments. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were instrumental in this, awarding millions of loans to people who later defaulted… Many protests were made by fiscal conservatives as to the recklessness of this policy, but the warnings were not heeded. In fact, the government doubled down, directing Fannie and Freddie to free up capital for more loans. So the bad loans were sold to Wall Street, embedded into “investment packages” that were not scrutinized. And a second round of millions of home loans to people who would not ultimately be able to make the payments. As the defaults and repossessions began, the bubble burst, property values decreased across the country, and then the bad loans were discovered in the investment packages. Wall Street soon followed the Mortgage Industry and the Loan Companies into the vortex.

          This is what caused the “housing bubble”… All government directed. All bad liberal policy. All the fault of the Federal Government. A huge argument for returning to founding principles and turning away from Big Government. Our founders, by the way, thought government of any kind to be a “necessary evil”… (Federalist 51, among other documents)

          Calling me a Fox News fan and saying “Mittens” is equivalent to a scared child whistling in the dark while walking through a graveyard. And I would bet that you are one of the first to call yourself understanding, open minded, and tolerant…

          Be happy with your choice for president – the die is cast. There is nothing any of us can do about that now.

          I would love to be wrong about OBama, but I am not.

          And history will bear me out.

          Just be man enough to admit that you made a mistake when Big Brother comes a-knocking…

          • old_blu

            Finally I got it you’re a TEA BAGGER. nuff said.

          • idamag

            And there is something scary about a party that wants to destroy one party and take over the other one. Its been done before.

      • Bush ran the National debt up 10 trillion dollars. He also put policy’s into effect that would cost another 5 trillion dollars. This was all BEFORE Obama set foot in office.
        In the 4 years Obama has been in office he added 1.4 trillion to it.
        Yet you continuously try to blame Obama for it all.
        Believe it or not, The American People can count.

        • Mulligatonney

          Still talking Democrats and Republicans… As if that is the game.

          I am sure some of the American people can count – but you obviously cannot. Here are the facts – even according to the left-leaning Congressional Budget Office:

          The increase in the debt has been to the tune of 1.2 trillion dollars annually for the last 4 years on an average. When OBamaCare goes completely into effect, it will add an additional 2 trillion dollars to that debt. That adds up to almost 7 trillion dollars for the American people – and pathetically, it adds up to 1.4 trillion to you. But – blaming it all on the previous administration has proven a very successful strategy for the Democrat Party in bribing you for your vote, and they should be congratulated for convincing at least half the country that 8%+ unemployment, an economy sinking into recession and 7 trillion more dollars in debt is “progress”. He must indeed be the messiah all you socialists are talking about in order to convince you of that. Or at the very least, a magician or a Houdini.

          But you really weren’t even considering the debt when you cast your vote for that communist, were you?

          Nope – like 94% of your demographic, you voted for OBama simply because he is black.

          How are you ever going to get any credibility for thinking for yourselves with numbers like that? You are being cultivated by the Democrat Party for your vote in exchange for a few trinkets, a little bit of food and a modicum of medicine. You are in their pocket! And all they have to do is tell you that the rich need to pay their fair share and Romney gives jobs to the Chinese… wake up, man!

          Whichever the case may be, you certainly did not vote for him because he was the best man for the job. But you will all say that is why you voted for him. You will get more stuff for yourself personally by voting for him… That’s why you did it. That’s what his “pollers” knew you would do. They played you like a fiddle. And now you speak of the American people as if that is who you are primarily interested in.

          Bush inherited 9-1-1. But he didn’t spend the next four years crying about it or constantly calling the attention of the American people to the fact that he was dealing with it.

          He did a lot of things I opposed – but at least he wasn’t a whining, whimpering pussy unwilling to take any responsibility for his actions.

          Every president inherits something.

          What is OBama inheriting from himself? From his last four years? Or will the next four years be Bush’s fault as well?

          • idamag

            The reason we did not have a full blown depression was that a socialistic president enacted a one-payer government insurance for people’s money in the banks. It is called FDIC.

          • Mulligatonney

            …translated into layman’s terms, that was a place in history where America was taken down a sharp path to the left.

            FDR – four terms as president. Threatened the Supreme Court if they did not comply with his wishes. Massive government programs. All anti-thetical to the principles upon which this country was founded.

            Yes, he was a socialist.

            Like OBama, he made many promises with the taxpayer’s money when the people were scared and hurting over policies that people just like him had put into place.

            And where are those policies now? Social Security is bankrupt because our representatives have used it as collateral.

            But – they PROMISED they wouldn’t.

            How could they?

            I refer you back you the three great men you mentioned in a previous post. Washington, Jefferson and Madison.

            This is the very reason they wanted the power of the government restricted.
            Read what Madison says in Federalist 51. Especially the paragraph that starts off with “…if men were angels…”

        • idamag

          The Bush wars contributed to that debt as well as Wall Street’s repitition of 1929.

        • You’ve got that right!, Charlie, Tell the truth!.

    • We say no money can’t buy the presidency,over a billion $ spent to step over the middle class but we say No, that’s exactly what Patrick D said in his speach at the Democratic Convention..The ” Political Revolution ” has just began , our votes really matter… Congratulations to all of us who supported our Great President

    • We say no to big money ,we have to choose our President money can’t buy the presidency

  • Destiny and fate have decreed upon him what he so richly deserves… a public who wants to forget he ever existed.

  • Interesting how this came out the morning after the President’s news conference in which he stated that he looked forward to meeting with Mr. Romney to see what he might be able to contribute to the needed solutions in our country. Which one looks like a total arse?

    • foolsdance

      romney, hands down.

    • Romney!
      – once again, President Obama shows class and rises far above the disingenuous and ludicrous mind-set of Mr. Romney and his flunkie, Paul Ryan.

      ….how anyone could have voted for those two will forever remain a mystery to me…

    • CPANewYork

      Uhh Romney looks like a total jackass.

      • BDC_57

        You got. That right.

    • idamag

      Melissa, the one who is a total arse.

    • rippper

      I think Obama felt sorry for Mittens. But that’s because he has compassion, something that Romney doesn’t have and never will have.

    • DukeDacat

      that would be……….. “A Total Blomming Arse”

  • The Romney’s believed last week was a coronation and Ryan believed he was to be chosen Crown Prince. As it turned out they were both picked as Court Jesters. I had hoped after Romney’s brief remarks election evening that he would retire gracefully…not like his most recent remarks. Too bad he and Ryan are both such little men. I had hoped that they would man up, admit defeat and pledge to work with the administration to solve the countries problems. I guess we will have to wait a bit longer for that to happen.

    • Ryan has already shown and said that he wouldn’t work with the President. That the President didn’t have a mandate to raise taxes on the rich by his reelection., Republicans still had control of the House. Wasn’t it eight seats they lost in the House and at least 4 in the Senate this election? And he says the President doesn’t have a mandate to raise the rich’s taxes, which of course include him and his wealthy wife. Lucky I have a Democratic Representative in the house and have already been writing and emailing him to show Ryan that the loss of just one seat in the House shows the President does have a mandate. Will do the same with my two senators Unfortunely they are both rich Republicans, which in their cases they did earn themselves. Start working on both Representatives and Senators from your state to make the Republicans realize that they and the tea party are no longer calling the shots the voters are.

  • Mimi2kool

    Mitt has no insight into himself. He never has. He is just an arrogant, narcissistic suit. He has no integrity and no convictions that he won’t sell to the highest bidder. Unfortunately for him and Lyin’ Ryan, the American people saw through him. Well, a solid majority of us did anyway.

    • imabrummie

      To have insight into himself denotes a degree of intellect which is conspicuous by its absence in the case of Mr. Bendyboots RoMoney and his stooge Paul Lyin’ Ryan (love that name, by the way!). His arrogance is only outranked by his childish petulance as demonstrated by his theories on why he is not moving into the White House come January.

    • Romney’s wife and sons didn’t help him either with they way they acted and what they said.

  • Mitt, when the late Robert Anson Heinlein used his Lazarus Long character to state that “In an industrial society, “public servant” becomes equivalent to “public master”, he was condemning that mindset, not giving people a standard to live down to.

    I honestly will be thanking God that a dishonest, morals-free insult to manure like you is not President at the United States’ collective throat.

    Don’t go away mad; just **Go Away**.


      • rippper

        Oh yeah. Definitely take slime balls Hannity, Rove, Humphries, Limbaugh. And let’s not forget another slime ball, O’Reilly.

        • Limbaugh and the duck said if President Obama was reelected they were leaving the Country. So why are they still here?

          • old_blu

            Remember Ted Nugent said he was going to be in jail or dead, and he’s still alive too. (dang it)

          • Ted Nugent is such an embarrasment to the rock world. I just love Classic Rock Music, and have in the past listened to Nugent, but after his true color’s started coming out, I just couldn,t stomach him!. What a sad, sorry, bigoted piece of trailer trash, he and other’s like him need to put a lid on it!. Enough said!.

        • Oh, so right Ripper!, and you can take that to the bank!.

      • They are maggots.

  • jen469

    “anybody now 26 years of age and younger was now going to be part of their parents’ plan, and that was a big gift to young people”

    … wait… didn’t Romney support this policy during the campaign? …it was the ‘good’ part of Obamacare that he was going to keep…. or was that before he was against it?

  • Mitt Romney’s comments regarding what he believes is the reason for his defeat are not a manifestation of ignorance, but a clear example of the mindset that dominate those consumed by the arrogance of wealth and power. Mitt Romney, an elitist who lived a privileged life since the day he was born, can not conceive or accept the fact that a plurality of Americans rejected his candidacy and Republican policy proposals because they did not like him and concluded that those proposals were too radical and inconsistent with what we believe is best for us as individuals and as a nation.
    In any case, I am still waiting for my shre of the loot. I wish Mitt had amplified and told us if it is going to be delivered via UPS, FedEx or USPS…

    • old_blu

      Romney just don’t get it! I’m an old man that works every day, have never taken anything from the government, but I’m okay helping those that need it, and I voted for Obama.

      • idamag

        Me, too, I voted for Obama. I am a female so Romney thinks I voted for Obama because I could get free birth control and abortions. My lambing days have been over a long time. I voted for honesty.

      • BDC_57

        I voted for Obama because did’nt
        Have to lie to get votes.

        • True That!, Sure you’re Right!.

      • God bless you old blu .

    • gazzzzzz

      I loved your comment. I don’t think we were expecting loot by voting for president Obama. We were simply trying to avoid the shaft of Romney and the power brokers who already have most of the stuff and things. Their intent was to take what ever is left. We need a government”Of the People, By the People, For the People”. The republicans have lost their way. This was a win for the People.

      • That was excellent. You summed it up perfectly with brevity and clarity. There were good republicans and they worked with the democrats for the good of America, Jacob Javits; Nelson Rockerfeller; etc . They opposed each other but were friends with the democrats. They had dinner together and had a drink or two together; we need that team work back for our country; so that we can progress as a nation.

        • idamag

          And Ted Kennedy and Orin Hatch worked together on several bills that were passed. The Republcian Party of my father has been taken over by tea baggers.

    • DemCommonSense

      Let’s not forget that you can be extremely wealthy and care about your fellow man. The proof in this is President Franklin Delano Roosevelt who came from aristocracy but cared for the country as a whole. This is not in Mitt’s DNA, or Sheldon Adelson, or the Koch Brothers, etc…

      • The same is true for people like Bill Gates, a real job creator who helped revolutionize an industry and the way we do business and interact with each other. Instead of hiding his money in the Cayman Islands and Switzerland to avoid paying his fair share in taxes, Bill Gates has engaged in charity and philanthropy efforts worldwide, something Mitt Romney will never understand. Being wealthy, whether it happened through inheritance or hard work, is not a problem, what is a problem is to be devoid of compassion and be consumed by arrogance to the point that he can not even recognize his shortcomings and failings.

    • I got my gift on 6 Nov. 2012. IT was all I asked for. Best thing is I can re-open it every day from now on.

  • Mitt, your father hardly knows you. Didn’t that fancy education at Crandon teach you any manners.

  • tgcapps

    FYI Mitt, Contraceptives have been free since the 1970’s at the local County Health Departments. Obviously you and Ann were never “poor” enough to know.

  • jnsgraphic

    Now after the election Romneys true colors are shown and he’s telling how he really feels, no chance for him in 4 years or any other GOP if they have the same agenda. After wasting MILLION$ of dollars in campaign money… if Republicans like Mitt Romney and Linda McMahan (CT) and others have so much to offer America to help the economy and promote jobs then why dont they do it on their own? Because they were in it for themselves, the 1%ers and white corporate America just like them!… to the GOP nothing is more important than money; and the only real people, are corporations.”

    • johninPCFL

      The money wasn’t wasted. It was a “stimulus”.

      • jnsgraphic

        I guess the majority didn’t find it ‘stimulating’, with no incentives for the middle class, women, minorities, etc… the rich would have gotten richer and the poor that much poorer, backstreet abortions, immigrants looked down upon, gays persecuted, social security living adjustments eliminated, inadequate heather care and Wall St free to gamble and corrupt the marketplace once again. When Obama Won, So Did America’s Future for ALL AMERICANS!

        • johninPCFL

          I think they did. It “stimulated” them to get out and vote for the president!

          And, in truth, it DID add a $billion to the economy.

        • idamag

          My take on Wall Street: Know the difference in Wall street and the gamblers in Las Vegas? Most of the gamblers in Las Vegas are gambling with their own money.

  • atc333

    Dear “47% Mitt”,

    The lies just don’t stop. “Free contraceptives” were not free. They were added to existing health plans. Consider this also. Even if they were “Free”, how many abortions would be prevented? How many dependent children would not be on the rolls? Have you even bothered to number crunch those bits of information? Your blame game is exactly why you lost this election. You cannot be trusted to tell the truth. Your convictions always seemed to depend on just what group you were speaking to on any particular day.

    • “Mr.” Romney profits from abortions….he owns a company that disposes of dead fetuses….so, d u h!, of course he doesn’t want to prevent needless pregnancies…the more dead fetuses the better in his sick world….I truly don’t understand why the Mormon church has not ex-communicated this horrible man who cares about nothing but the almighty dollar….

      • CPANewYork

        Maybe the Mormon church isn’t a very nice organization. After all, don’t they back a piece of crap like Mittens? Don’t they convert dead people to Mormonism? Didn’t they deny the humanity of people of color until 1987?

        Something to think about.

        • puzzled21

          The Mormon Church is a 30 billion dollar multi national organization/cult, Bishop Mitt has been taught well.

      • neece00

        He gives them a loooootttt of money!

  • God bless America for not voting Romney as President! A businessman, right-winged and with sick thoughs was the least what the US could afford! My thanks to all who voted for Obama!

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    Until we stop assuming that every billionaire deserves to be a billionaire for no reason other than pointing and delegating and then helping himself to 80% of his incoming revenues effectively looting his profitability base, we will continue to have an unfair imbalance.

    Americans don’t all expect to be billionaires. But let’s face it. If a man can’t make it on a million, what would make anyone believe he can make it on a billion? And if he can’t manage his living expenses on a billion a year, he won’t manage it on a trillion.

    The reality we have today is that the wealthiest 1% have been looting their own corporations. Their game is to insert into every one of their budgets a hefty salary increase for themselves, plus annual bonuses and perks…that eat up a solid 1/3 of their entire incoming revenue. Then, they can’t pay their bills. So they help themselves to our tax subsidies we pay for, cut employee salaries and benefits and then have the gall to dare and expect to pay lower and lower taxes.

    When Eisenhower was president, they paid their fair share of 91% of their taxes. Today, it’s only 16% as Mitt Romney claimed he pays….16%? And the GOP is now using their fear games to get a 4th tax cut they know will benefit only the highest incomes?

    Any idiot too stupid to live on a 6-figure income is so full of it, it’s coming out their ears. That constant voracious feeding at the Middle Class tax revenues has brought this country low. The problem in this country is the attitude of entitlement to constantly increasing salaries that are fit into budgets before bills are paid. We need more teeth in laws that hand out billions to corporations that are filthy with profits and yet their cry poverty when it comes time to pay their bills.

    • latebloomingrandma

      How many times has the idiot Trump declared bankruptcy? He has stated that the bankruptcy laws of the US have been “very good to him.”

    • sigrid28

      Agreed! I’m still with the Nuns on the Bus on this topic. Their point is that the minimum wage is impossible to live on, so that many families of working parents can only make ends meet by accessing food stamp programs, school lunch programs, medicaid for child health care, student loans, and medicaid for their elderly needing nursing home care. In that way, these government programs also keep the economy running better than it would otherwise, because funds from these benefits go right back into buying food, health care, housing, and utilities. Romney and the robber barons don’t put their increasing salaries into the economy or their businesses. They hide them in overseas bank accounts to avoid paying taxes on them.

      Yet imagine how they would scream if the minimum wage were to be raised to, oh let’s say, $10 and hour. Note also that some forms of government assistance, or “gifts” in Romney’s parlance, would then be required by fewer working families, an outcome that should please Republicans, right? Their terror about this solution is a measure of the meanness behind their disdain for the 47%. The Republican party refuses to support social solutions that would give the poor and working poor a dignified path to prosperity, while hoarding enormous entitlements for themselves.

      • They are the Mr. Potters of the world (from It’s a wonderful life). Scrooges before his ephinany.

    • CPANewYork

      Great comment, especially the point you make about upper management looting their corporations.

    • You said it. Thank you Eleanor that was spot on!

  • Jerpell

    I fear when we look back at this time maybe 10, 15, or even 25 years from now, we will learn that Romney didn’t lose the election, America lost the election!

    • Huh? I don’t follow….you voted for Robme?

    • old_blu

      When that happens be sure and come back and tell us “I told you so” that way you won’t ever have to be part of helping America to fix anything.

    • 0126020451

      Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! America would have lost the election had your candidate won. Why don’t you put on your big boy draws, wipe your eyes , blow your nose and realize that Mitt lost the election because he was so full of himself, It’s sad that you have your head in the sand. If you had three children and only lavished your time on one child, and did nothing for the other two but make idle promises, they would grow to distrust you and you would have no place in their lives. You don’t sound like you belong to Mitt’s one percent, but one who is a member of the forty-seven percent that he wrote off long ago. I promise, you will not be around ten or fifteen years from now to see anything: you will have been eaten away by your hatred and ignorance. There is none so blind than he who won’t see and trust me, you can’t see that Mitt Romney doesn’t give a tinker’s damn about anyone who isn’t a millionaire or a billionarie. To thine ownself be true. You are delusional if you think that Romney cares about this country and those who dwell therein.

    • zeldaq

      what ever you and DILBERT are smoking, or eating, you better stop. it’s making you incredibly stupid.

  • nobsartist

    I think America hates politicians that accuse people of wanting things for “free” and then refuse to make their own tax returns public.

  • FredAppell

    I don’t resemble the demographic that Obama is supposedly lavishing gifts on and I still voted for him. Sorry Mitt but I chose substance over style. Get a clue and move on. You are still rich and free to pursue more so stop your whining.

    • Thank you Fred….that, in a nutshell, is the main problem with the Republican party….they continue to spout off all of these demographics; black, hispanic, women, gays, the un-employed, ad infinitum as the “reason” why Obama was re-elected….I (see picture) fit into just ONE of those demographics, and I, like so many others, voted for the ONLY man worthy of the office.

      • latebloomingrandma

        I am a “young” senior, white woman who lives a conservative life, but thinks with a liberal mind. I left the conservative party 6 years ago when they became incompetent and really mean spirited. President Obama represents the changing face of America, and we should celebrate this, not fear it. I know change is hard; but people who want to live in the 1950’s really do not understand the real beauty of America. The only “real” Americans are stuck on reservations. The rest of us are immigrants mixing it up. Just need to get used to more colors and different ideas.

        • CPANewYork

          If by “real Americans,” you mean the indians or Native Americans, you’re wrong. They migrated to the North American continent from Asia.

          Who knows what indigenous peoples they eliminated?

          • puzzled21

            Do you know they replaced another culture, or is this speculation? If you can state emphatically that they migrated from one area to another, you should have some accompanying information surrounding their departure from and arrival to, as to what they left behind and found when they arrived. Could you elaborate?

          • CPANewYork

            Dear Puzzled:

            Please refer to my posting. I used a question mark after asking who knows what people the native Americans displaced. I don’t know for sure, but it seems that every migration that I’ve read about involved one group kicking another out of their homeland.

            As to “what they left behind and found when they arrived,” I can say that there don’t seem to be too many written records of that migration.That being the case, we have to rely on the information at hand, e.g. the people in northeast Asia resemble the native Americans and we “know” that what’s presently the Bering Strait was once a solid land mass.

            We don’t know why there was an eastward migration. My guess is that they were pushed out by some fierce tribe that wanted their land for some reason.

            We see this phenomenon in recent times. The Germans coveted the Slavic lands to the east because they felt the need for space into which they could expand their teeming population. They had a name for it: The drive to the East to get living space. They didn’t seem to care what happened to the people already there after the Germans enslaved them.

          • puzzled21


          • Elarenal

            I have it on good authority that the native Americans came from Asia across the ice at the Bering Sea because they were chasing the last Neanderthals. But alas, those Neanderthals eluded them and bred and bred and inbred time and time again and those greatly inbred and thus genetically enfeebled increased in numbers (the one thing they still could do without much thinking was to breed) and eventually became the republican party. Now that is the true history of the peoples of America before the Europeans came and then they somehow, doen’t ask me what the attractiveness might have been, in certain southern mountain regions and western salt flats, interbred once again producing the Neandercans and you know the rest of the story.

            Oh sorry, I forgot the other point. Before these Neanderthals, the only intelligent creatures on the American continents were the aliens at their survey base at Nazca in Peru. So no other “humans” were displaced.

          • puzzled21


          • FredAppell

            Brilliant! It explains so much.

          • They were suppose to have crossed a land bridge from Asia into what is now the arctic and back and forth then either they trapped on this side of the land bridge because something destroyed the bridge or they came and never went back. One of many theories that haven’t been proven or dis proven.

          • puzzled21


          • FredAppell

            I never gave a thought to who preceded the Native Americans. I guess it was the Native Americans. Sorry, I couldn’t resist but when you think about it, there is a grain of truth to that remark and I truly never gave a thought as to history before the people that we recognize as the first Americans came here. It is widely excepted that they migrated here because they were following the herds that they relied on but maybe they were actually migrating back and forth for tens of thousands of years until finally they decided to settle here permanently. It’s fun hypothesizing.

          • America is not an indian word. If you are born in America, you are an American. Indians are not Americans that is a European word. They are Sioux, Comanche; Apache, Mohawk, etc. Now we are all Americans.

          • idamag

            When Columbus reached the West Indies and the natives came to meet his boat (they forgot to ask for his green card) he thought he was in India and called them Indians. You are right. They are not Indians, but Native Americans with many nations of their own.

          • For right now the Native Americans are the only ones that we know of as being here before the rest of us. so until proven other wise they are the Real Americans or the first in the melting pot.

        • idamag

          Lateblooming, Their mean spiritness is why I don’t vote Republican anymore.

    • I posted this before and it is something I will pay for by feeling this way. I would love to see Romney and Family, Ryan and Family, McConnell and family, Crybaby and family and other rich people that think they are superior and better than, the rest of us and have the right to pay lower taxes than the Middle Class ,lose every bit of their wealthy no matter where it is hidden and be left with nothing but the clothes on their back, no job, be unable to find one, no car, no home and only enough food for one meal and no one to help them , a situation that some money others are in today. Let them suffer like others do and be looked down on like they do on people that have less than they do. Maybe then they will develop a heart and care about others instead of carrying a cash register in their chest and carrying about no one but theirselves.

      • FredAppell

        If you are talking about karma than I doubt you have any thing to worry about. After all it’s not as if you are wishing death upon someone. Besides that, the crap that the wealthy have pulled on people throughout human history is a fate worse than death. It is time that the wealthy get what is coming to them. To bad there isn’t a rule where people have to experience extreme poverty before they are allowed to build extreme wealth. Now, if you are referring to the trolls that frequent this blog then who cares what they think or say in regards to your feelings and statements. As for me, I have to get ready for work so that I can help bailout these rich pricks. Have a great day!

  • Unfortunately, there is a 47% group of people in this country that DO NOT CONTRIBUTE any dollars to taxes. Some of the 47% should not have to contribute, but there is a larger majority who live off the government and have for generations. Please, stop with the liberal psycho babel. If you do not believe that, then you are only lying to yourselves and that explains why Obama has so many followers. People that LOVE those government handouts, free health care, free phones, free food, free shelter, will all be in for a big disappointment in the very near future. WHAT CAN’T PEOPLE UNDERSTAND about the FACT that THERE IS NO MONEY? It really is a shame that the inner city voters are what WON the election for Obama, that is the REASON ROMNEY LOST.

    • Mary, I have NEVER had a free handout from the Government and neither have ANY of the people that I know who voted for President Obama….your parties twisted ideology is the reason that Romney lost….now, take your ball and go home….the game is over….

      • idamag

        Elisabeth, neither have I. I have worked since I was 18, and while working, managed to get a higher education.

      • idamag

        Elisabeth, neither have I. I worked from the time I was 18 until I was 68 and never had any welfare. The free phone thing is a lie. I did not vote for any Republicans this time. They were so full of hate and lies. I am not a Democrat.

    • johninPCFL

      Romney paid no income taxes for a decade during which the fedgov waged two wars without any plan to pay for them. He’s one of those who gets the free handouts you despise.

      Haliburton got overpriced no-bid contracts for services overseas, Cheney’s stock tripled in value. He got the free handout that you despise.

    • Canadiangirl57

      This is the kind of rhetoric that the neo-cons have been spewing out of their insidious mouth that kept them on the losing side. That’s what they believe, hence the hate and stupidity that’s part and parcel of their platform.

    • Thanks Mary. The poor will always be with us. It’s too bad they just can’t get educated. That’s why they will always be poor.

  • Good article and right to the point. Bye-bye Romney the 1-term governor and 6-year presidential campaigner and possibly the worst liar in any campaign.

  • nobsartist

    Good riddance. republiCONs should take note, but they wont.

    • old_blu

      I think we find out today. Don’t we?

  • Good riddence too bad RUBBISH romney was nothing more than human GARBAGE trying to screw we the real people of this country . And Mr Obama is a great man who will go down in history as one of the Greatest U S Presidents this country has ever known outside of Bill Clinton.

  • Annemb

    Mitt Romney – puffed up with his own self importance!

  • Annemb

    Goodbye and good riddance!

  • geoelb

    Political lesson #1. Do not insult voters of any party. It will bite you in the A$$. End of lessons.

  • Romney got less votes than McCain. Maybe some of the republican 47%ers stayed home.

    • I will go so far as to venture to guess that even Gov. Christie from NJ voted for President Obama when that curtain closed behind him.
      …the ONLY time in my life that I was more relieved (then when it was confirmed that Obama re-won election) was when my only child was born healthy and beautiful….Romney, and those of his ilk, should have known that most people hate liars and that it is imperative that the POTUS have some diplomacy skills…Romney couldn’t even accept a batch of cookies from some ladies in PA without insulting them….unbelievable!

  • From the beginning I knew Mitt Romney was a man who’s heart was full of lies and disrespect for people that he didn’t feel was on his level and that level was rich and White. He always showed us who he was. Even his family showed us who they were. I am not going to sugar coat my opinion of him, he is a pure mess of a human being. They didn’t love those ladies as his wife said, all of them said what they thought Americans would fall for.

    Mitt Romney is a product of his adult upbring, get all the money you can and damn people who are believers in that mormon faith and not rich. I do not personally know Mitt, but I am good judge of a lying person who have a bad character, regardless who they are, a bishop or a rich business man, I would rather be around the poorest of the poor than a lying person like Mitt Romney, he thought we would buy what he was selling, America would have been nightmare that would gone on for 4 years and longer with Mitt as our President. He never gave us information about his taxes and he never parted from the people like Trump, had 1/2 term governor, Rush, Beck and those talking heads at Fox, these people knew Mitt wasn’t the man to sit in the Oval Office, but as long as got their “gifts”, promised by Mitt it was the right thing to do.

    That 47% video showed him and some of those supporters in that room who he was, and what does that say about them. The Republican party knew this about Mitt, now some of them are speaking out, they should done so months ago. I am a Black woman, 66 year old, wife, mother, college graduate they didn’t care, so stop all of this false talk about Mitt, all of them are guilty just as Mitt is.

    If they really want to show Black, students ans Hispanics that they are changing, talk with regular people and not just the talking heads on TV. I have contacted the Governor Deal in the state of Georgia to see if I can’t speak with him about the challenges we face in the of Georgia about the hate some of these Republicans are spreading about the groups Mitt spoke about, I will see how far I will get. I suggest have group meeting to share with one another as citizens. Because I feel if these republicans could open up and be real about the hate they feel they MAY show new feeling and they MAY change their minds.

    It is time for “Mitt to Go”, he doesn’t anything else to say, except to show America why he didn’t become our President. Lastly, my mother used to say, “when the old White people die the younger ones will be different’, she really thought this, but my mother was wrong, some of the younger ones are worse.

  • rippper

    Romney is nothing but a crybaby. And it’s funny about that word crybaby. When Gore’s people wanted a recount, republicans called him a crybaby and a sore loser. And now, the tables have turned. Republicans are looking for excuses as to why Romney lost. He lost because he’s a liar. He lost because of his inability to present real facts. He lost because he flaunted his wealth. He lost because he could not relate to the average person. He lost because he wanted to mess with social security and medicare. He lost because he chose a running mate that was bent on destroying social security and medicare.He lost because he said he knew what it was like to almost get fired.( had to laugh at that one )He was born a millionaire. He didn’t have to worry about anything. Daddy would have taken care of him.He lost because he regards women as 2nd class citizens. He lost the woman’s vote because of his plan to cut planned parent hood. He lost because of the 47% speech he was giving to his $50,000 a plate audience. He lost because he wouldn’t tell the American people just exactly what his five point plan was. He lost because he insulted just about every country he visited. He lost because he said it was fair that the average working person paid more taxes than he did. Do I have to go on? Look, he lost to a better man. Period! Even republicans didn’t want him in the White House, but they were stuck with him because he got the nomination. I hope we don’t hear about Romney anymore. Now, if Donald Trump would disappear, even better.

    • northroader1775

      Perfect …I love the list, very nice.

  • The people you so disdained voted you out. Get the picture?

  • Mitt is too blind to see that 1) health care is not a gift and 2) having one’s child (no matter how old) is more the benefit of the parent because no parent wants their child (again no matter how old) to suffer due to lack of money. Parents in this country go into debt everyday because they take their responsibility of parenting very seriously even if it means financial ruin for them. So, Mitt, when President Obama showed responsibility in providing healthcare options for our adult children, he took care of the parents, too.

    • idamag

      Nina, he is also too blind to see that we pay for those who do not choose to have healthcare. $800 out of every $2500 you spend on healthcare goes to pay for those who don’t pay their healthcare bills.

  • I look at it this way, “sneer at what he did”,
    he lost, Obama won, he’s has NO idea why.

    “Trying to explain away his decisive, sweeping, and very expensive rout to his disappointed supporters—those one-percent Republicans—Mitt Romney offered a new version of the discredited “47 percent” argument that was so ruinous in its original form. In a Wednesday afternoon conference call, the defeated Republican nominee told donors and fundraisers that President Obama had won by lavishing generous “gifts” upon certain groups, including young voters, African-Americans, and Latinos.”
    Maybe it was doing something to actually help the people that vote, instead of telling them how much you’re planing to screw them over?
    Increase in defense spending,
    This country spent more then 5 times what China did, on our military, they were number two,
    Spending Millions of dollars a year, American soldiers being killed because we’re playing the Worlds Police department is going to boost the economy.
    Spending, not saving, spending,
    I’m not an economist, but that doesn’t make allot of sense to me.


  • Ron

    As a retired working class person and an American. We should all count our blessings that Romney lost the election. I also am a Morman, But I dont trust this man or his party.

    • CPANewYork


      Are you really a Mormon” You misspelled the name of your religion.

      • rippper

        So, he spelled it wrong. So what

        • CPANewYork

          People don’t usually spell the name of their religion incorrectly. The message makes me doubt the writer is a Mormon.On the other hand, maybe you would, dipper.

          • rippper

            Again, CPANewak. SO WHAT!

  • Aren’t gifts generally unsolicited and free? Obamacare costs people money, not that I am opposed to it . My older kids have found it to be very valuable even though we still pay for their insurance. Romney proves the old saying “You are what you eat” by being such a dick.

  • SA

    Mitt Romney was wrong for America in the first place but he was put up by his Party, For his Party and Funded by his Party. There is nothing wrong with that, per se but everything the Party Platform claimed they stood for, was the opposite of the actual party agenda (at least the talking points). What were we to believe if we actually believed it before they were for it or after they were against it. It sounds like Shell Game Trickery!
    There is something wrong here. As an example, The Heritage Foundation and ALEC came up with RomneyCare, now called Affordable Health Care, and now, suspiciously called Obamacare. RomneyCare is a Republican template idea and they were for it, they payed people to advertise it and they capitalised on the fear of Americans that since freeloaders were getting free care, individuals have to take care of their own so free the government to steal on their own. All of a sudden, and just because The Affordable Health Care Act was borrowed from ALEC/ROmney/Heritage Foundation, all of a sudden they were against it. They didi the same thing with many innovations. Take the Dream Act! Gingrich and McCain and a few others were for it before they against it. Obama again borrowed elements of it the all of a sudden the Republicans hated it. Is there a pattern here, folks. Anyway, The Lord works in mysterious ways and I hope the Republicans exibit the Christain values they claim to adehre to instead of being in the guise of false prophets of all kinds, alwyas ready to deceive the public in hiding their devilish ways and behaviours. God Bless America!

    • CPANewYork

      The Republican Party has transformed itself into the party of privilege. I predict that it will disappear in ten years, just as the Whig Party disappeared in the mid-1850s.

  • Well we all knew he was a lier we all knew the reason he change his views was to get some votes but he forgot the things he said in the republican primaries oh he thought we wasn’t watching the undecided voters in America i mean well he know now its we the people not we the wealthy.

  • Different agenda and differewnt campaign managers for Romney might have yeilded a different result for him, a campaign perhaps free of smears,

  • Elarenal

    Goodbye and good riddence to the sniveling spoiled little cabeza de mierde. If only he could take the rest of the corporate free-loaders with him.

    • CPANewYork

      “Cabeza de mierde”? Is that like “tete de merde” or “scheisskopf”?

      • idamag

        I know what scheisskopf is, but what is cabeza de mierde?

        • CPANewYork

          It’s Spanish for “shithead.”

          • idamag

            I kinda guessed that since cabeza is Spanish for head.

      • Elarenal

        As they say around here, Exactamundo amigo, and it’s either that or a complete vacuum to account for how this, lucky for us, never to be president guy is built.

  • rippper

    Yeah, and Trump, who is so down on China has a lot of his products made in China. A fact that David Letterman brought out when Trump was on Dave’s show. Saw it on youtube. Humiliating for Trump.

    • idamag

      Trump is humiliation.

  • for mitt whoever good bye

  • npeebles

    He is no longer worth the conversation. Let him drown in his own sweat. There is a pill for what’s happening to Romney.

  • Elarenal

    Goodbye and good riddance to the sniveling spoiled little corporate thief. If only he could take the rest of the corporate free-loaders with him?

    (is this better editor?)

  • latebloomingrandma

    Well, since Mitt is against the gov’t handing out gifts, maybe the Congress should take away the “gift” of only paying 15% tax rate on investment income, and put it up to what regular people pay who work for a living. He has shown again what he really believes when caught being himself. You would think that a man as supposedly as smart as he claims to be would have figured out that when he talks to a group, someone is probably recording it.
    The fact that Republicans are coming out denouncing his remarks, and pretty much the candidate himself, tells me that he really has no loyal followers, this election was all about booting Obama out. Since Romney seems incapable of introspection, Let’s hope the Republican party is. We need a reasonable two party system for our checks and balance gov’t, to prevent extremes of either side. The Republicans are talking all reason now—yeah, we’ll see. Over the summer listening to CPAC remarks and “Values Voters Summit” had some pretty extreme rhetoric. If they continue on their severe conservative agend, they will continue to lose.

    • CPANewYork


      Don’t forget “settled interest,” a nothing term used to disguise a tax evasion scam that permits managers of hedge funds to report their fees as capital gains.

      Consequently, guys like Mittens are enabled to pay only 15% on their hedge fund earnings instead of the 35% they’d have to pay if those earnings were reported as salary or fees, which is what they are.

      Claiming that tax benefit did get ol’ Mittens in a bit of an ethical bind, because to do so he had to declare on his tax returns that he was actively engaged in the management of Bain Capital. At the same time, he signed affidavits for the Federal Election Commission asserting that he was no longer involved in the management of Bain Capital. Rachel Maddow brought this little dilemma out in her show.

      I’m not sure if lying to the federal Election Commission is a felony. Probably not, since Congress is careful not to impose real penalties on politicians for lying. If they did, the entire Congress would be subject to arrest.

    • rippper

      Like I said before, the republicans gave him the nomination and they were stuck with him.

  • 426tt_64

    Mitt, Mitt, mitt you couldn’t win the State you were born in, nor the 3 other States you have homes/lived in. The Citizens of the USA aren’t as dumb as you thought as you wondered through the States and Cities telling you lies. Your candidacy was one of deceit & deceive, every time you opened your mouth your nose grew. Mitt the truth of the matter is your just not fit to be the President of these USA.

  • jnsgraphic

    I guess the majority didn’t find it ‘stimulating’, with no incentives for the middle class, women, minorities, etc… the rich would have gotten richer and the poor that much poorer, backstreet abortions, immigrants looked down upon, gays persecuted, social security living adjustments eliminated, inadequate heather care and Wall St free to gamble and corrupt the marketplace once again. When Obama Won, So Did America’s Future for ALL AMERICANS!

  • My heart is heavy to say: “So long Willard”, as you insulted the 47%. Was that the job that brought you to run for President? I can forgive you, BUT I can not forget your name for the rest of my life.

  • Bye, Bye Mitt!!!

  • rippper

    Does this mean that the Tea Party will go away too?

    • idamag

      For the sake of our country, I certainly hope so.

  • We all have our thoughts and our priorities when it comes to politics. Look at the man (Romney) himself without political bias. He was very sucessful in business, his family is sucessful. He was sucessful at just about everything he put his hand too. I think he would have been a successful president. Agree or disagree doesn’t matter. Obama is our president and Mitt doesn’t matter anymore.

    He has left the political arena. You can say what you will but I think America missed a chance for a successful comback. Right now just look at the numbers of people on food stamps, those who do not have a job, the trilllions we continue to borrow, the economical effects of the Affordable Health care act. My insurance premium has already went up 50%. The taxes we will be paying in the very near future, (and they will be going up for everyone, not just the wealthy). the scandal in benghazi, (we have let the world know that it’s ok to kill Americans).

    Don’t worry about Mitt Romney anymore. He is still wealthy and his life is not going to get any worse because he was not elected president. Give it a few more years. We’ll see what the end result is.

    • zeldaq

      hey dilbert,
      did you forget why there are so many people with out jobs, or why so many people can’t afford to put food on the table, or why taxes must go up?
      let me tell you. george w bush. i don’t have enough time to list everything he did to screw this country almost to death. your poor little mitt, if he had won, would have made bush look like an amature. he and ryan openly said that the things they planed to do would kill and bury everyone but them and their rich cronies. ARE YOU LIKE HALF ASLEEP, OR JUST PLAIN STUPID? or a very rich nut job, who doesn’t want to pay your fair share of taxes? PLEASE DON”T LOOK FOR PITY FOR MITT. YOU HAVE THE WRONG AUDIENCE HERE!!!

    • johninPCFL

      Personal success, undoubtedly. Business success? Only if measured by indebtedness. Mitt’s mechanism for business success was to buy in with little of his own money (success) and a huge amount of other’s money (success), then pay his money back immediately by looting the target company’s pension funds and cash accounts (???) and pay his backers with money borrowed against company assets (???). Whether the target company carried the added debt and survived or not, Romney and his backers won.

      Of the $432 million GST Steel owed after failing, $42 million had been paid to Romeny and $250 million to his backers. Personal success? Sure. Business success? No way. Oh, and the pension fund cash that Romeny paid himself with is now being reimbursed by the taxpayers via the pension guarantee trust.

  • old_blu

    Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya Mitt.

    • rippper

      I love that. Never heard it like that before. Very good!

  • joceandre

    I hope Mitt Romney and his cronies learned a thing or two, they have no regards for the so called 47%. They have no manners, How can you disrespect people so blatantly and expect to win their seal of approval? Now instead of folding his tail in between his legs he is out there still doing the same thing. Well if we could turn back time like Mitt wanted to, his mother would be able to get her hands on some birth control pills and just maybe society would not be subject to this sociopath today, clearly when you look at Mitt you could see a botched abortion.

  • rajadiablos

    Romney, God’s gift to the 1%.

  • marymae

    The Mormon people knew something about Romney that “those people” didn’t. Wonder if he cheated on his tithings to his Church, as he did to USA Government. To Mitt from THOSE PEOPLE and Ann YOU PEOPLE, just go home and count your money, that will make you both happy. Sorry for the both of you.

  • cconoboy

    So basically, he outsourced the blame, same as he was going to outsource everything else. Even the work/responsibility of the government – that to the states.

    • neece00

      that is a good one, outsourced the blame

  • the PRES. wants to and is going to give what he ran his campaign on . no gifts persay then doing what a Pres. dose when in office is helps the country,s ppl. unlike the ANTI-CHRIST ROMNEY the GOP ding dong party of No wanted to help (and GOP still wanting to help them ) the greedy bastards 2 %. and yes now the greedy bastards are upset that thy couldnt buy the WHITE HOUSE with their dirty money . thy might of bought there pet dog rover . or he sold them an empty box . thy though was filled with the White House sit . ooooops . what happen rover ? thy ppl. of the country didnt fall for all your B,S. storys. and guess what ding dongs the Pres. will make thing better with the time he has in office and all the GOP party of no that thy do now will only open the eyes of the ppl in the country and their jobs will be next . then the country and the ppl. can use a line from donkey dump the trump and to them the line will be YOUR FIRED and out of office . the can keep their jobs if thy just move to help all the country and not just the greedy bastard 2 % . but truthfuly thy are just to stupid to see this so begone . its ok for now the ppl will vote in to the house in 2016 Mrs. Clinton , and she can go on finishing Pres. Obama,s plans . the good thing when she gets in is she has the Clinton name and ways she can get this country out of the red and into the black with money in our bank and yes of corse make jobs . like Mr. Clinton did 23 million jobs . and i think a great VP Mrs. Clinton should pick and thy will win the house would be Mrs. Obama . think of it buy the time their 8 yrs with Mrs. Clinton and VP Mrs. Obama then after that 8 more yrs of Mrs. Obama as the next Pres. of the country by then we will be back on top of the world like we was and should be .

  • Get off the stage,Rom..Most people have had enough of you..

  • emfea123

    And what is sad is that the real Gifts have being given to most of the companies which profit themselves from the building of armaments which are sold to the USA military to be use in the killing of innocent people around the world in the name of Freedom but which in reality only serve the purpose of profiting at the cost of American lives and the taxpayer packet.
    Why instead of finger pointing what had happen in Libya, why is not there an investigation as to why we went to Iraq if there were no weapons of mass destruction.
    It was all for the money at the cost of USA taxpayers. A lot of private companies made a fortune with that war. That is a real Gift but not the programs and policies which benefit the taxpayers and our society as a hole.

  • character–THE ANTI-CHRIST ROMNEY ? YUP GOOFY would be the one or DUMBBO

  • Time to let this one go. He if elected, was going to be detrmental to the well being of the nation , he if talked about anymore is going to be detrimental to our psyche.

  • Melvin Chatman

    “Po THANG”
    Please let the Door Knob hit you where the GOOD LORD split you and please “SLAM” the Door!

  • phantomoftheopera

    How does promising the rich more tax breaks and fewer regulations on business (bring on pollution and fraud) not count as gifts for the rich? My, he is a poor, poor loser.

  • OH POOR MIT,take your millions and so live on the cayman islands

  • mickschix

    I thank God every day that Obama won, not just because it seemed like a personal victory over the ” bad guys”, but because it was such a resounding victory for America. Mitt is a small minded CREEP, and if this were in the old West, he’d be driven out of town.

  • Let us review:

    “47% of Americans, blah blah”
    “you people have seen all you’re going to see of our taxes”
    “these cookies look like they came from 7-11”
    “England is a place with little houses and not much to offer the world ”
    “if we told you our plans, you wouldn’t vote for us”
    “Palestinians have no interest whatsoever in establishing peace,”
    “You just want to go down there and hit the president” – Tagg Romney
    …I am exhausted….anyone out there want to add to my list of charming comments from the losers?

    • idamag

      “I like cheesy grits” you all.
      I like Nascar racing, some of my friends own race cars.
      At the Olympics, “I am impressed with England’s health care.”
      If Netanyahu attacks Iran, the United States will be there.
      “Michigan has some good trees, they are just the right height.”

  • howa4x

    I guess Romeny didn’t include the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy as giving away stuff, like 1 trillion worth of stuff, he also didn’t count that most defense contractors, like Raytheon and Lockheed etc. who are allowed tremendous cost over runs on their weapons sometimes up to a billion a plane
    or ADM who gets a subsidy to make ethanol, or the oil companies that get a subsidy to drill for oil. That is just business, and not handouts. these people deserve those benefits,and are not takers, according to him. Supporting Murdoch of course didn’t help. But some kid staying on their parents ins policy, or a struggling single parent on food stamps because of an economy that the republicans brought to it’s knees, well that’s what’s killing America, in his view. That is why he lost and if the Republicans don’t wake up it will be worse

  • The only thing that really surprises me is that Mitty didn’t come out and say, “Retroactively, I never ran for POTUS”….LOL

  • I so sincerely hope that Obama doesn’t bother to think of offering Romney a position of any kind. His kind of thinking is what we voted against. He HATES everyone who isn’t in his moneyed class. He SNEERED at our president. He sneered at me. Disgust is the only word I can think of to desecribe my feelings about this man. He is 65 and needs to retire, like McCain and McConnell need to retire. They are old white angry men. Nothing more.

  • zeldaq

    good morning,
    one of the many reasons romney , and bozo ryan lost, is they can’t, or won’t believe that the days of ”the plantation owner, and slavery are no more. back then romney, and bozo would have been call” massa”. all of the people are now closer to equal, and they just can’t accept that. but those two are just a drop in the bucket when it comes to that mentality. most of the GOP thinks the same way, and ALL of the tea party does. every time mitt and bozo open their mouths, they advertize what dumb ass racists they are. they don’t understand why americans would not vote for someone who promises to skin them, and bleed them, while they themselves fatten up their off shore bank accounts with tax free money that is supposed to pay for government expenses. i sincerely hope they keep on yapping about us ”moochers”. the more they say, the more the people who voted for them will realize what BIG mistake they made. i think that if mr. obama follows through on his promises, that the GOP’s days are numbered. if the GOP continues holding up progress, they will be sent packing in 2014. the majority of americans have had enough of racists bullshit from THE GRAND OLD PARTY. after the election, bozo ryan said in an interview,” it was a very close race”;
    that tells me that he is blind, his ears are packed solid with shit, and he has a major ego problem.
    i guess we can only hope and pray that they will either get it , or get gone. there is no room in this country for THE CLAN anymore.

  • You mean government gifts given to corporate elites, tax breaks, loopholes and every other advantage that’s actually bought and paid for rather than gifted, and the paid for influence and wholesale entrance of elites and the wealthy into our legislatures, consented to and allowed by democrats and republicans alike for decades? Or do you mean how the Bush people are endlessly criticized for their surveillance state that Obama has extended-with-steroids by unlawful killing and maiming on an epic scale, touting extensive kill lists on TV, and imposing indefinite detentions, acting as judge, jury and executioner? Yea, that’s what I thought.

    Folks, I think it’s time we stop allowing these establishment journalist-elites to lie to us and distort the truth of our leaders using our party affiliations to divide and confuse us The truth is Americans have bad choices and we picked what we saw as not the best there is, but the better of a bad outcome. Anyone with half a brain knows that this country is nothing less than a wounded empire that has been insulted and injured, increasing in severity and outrageousness, with each and every single election we’ve had since Roosevelt.

    Average American republicans and democrats are not the problem here and they never have been. They are not the cause of our national and global woes and indiscretions. In fact, their respective differences on government and society have always informed a great diversity and richness in this country and has, to a large extent, marked the uniqueness of the American experience, the combined clash of which has miraculously resulted in guiding us further in the direction of a more perfect union in our quest for truth and justice. The intense, all consuming greed motive and the duplicitous elite and wealthy classes combined with the conspicuous absence of the American people from the process is the problem.

  • Mitt Romney is a walking LIE!!

  • ococoob

    If Romney won, what the hell would he “lavish” gifts on the 1% ????!!! Besides tax breaks? Goodbye and good riddence!

  • tobyspeeks

    Romney is such a child. I’ve never heard any presidential candidate make such immature comments. But he’s only talking to his base and most of them are no better.

  • This is our take:
    No, Mitt, we do not hate you.
    We vehemently dislike your position of “”RICH & Whites Only”. The AUDACITY? You fired every white & black citizens from BAIN. You are RACIST to all minorities. You FLIP FLOP over, & over & over again. You are extremely GREEDY. You disrespect our President. You refuse to show the VOTERS your TAX RETURNS. You insult 47 PERCENT of the VOTERS. You are a MEAN fellow. And then, you have the temerity to have at your bed side a different [“”b””ible], in the HOLY defiance of Revelation 22:18-21.
    Therefore, Willard, GO TO HELL!
    God bless America!
    God bless the Commander In Chief!

    • Michael Kollmorgen

      What I find absolutely amazing that, a large segment of christian America supported Romney throughout this either campaign even though to many of these same people Mormonism actually represents everything against their core beliefs – that is in their own bibles.

      Romney’s belief in the Mormon Church and his Bishop Status within the church should have spoken volumes ever before he became popular.

      This isn’t actually Romney’s fault. It is the American Public’s fault for letting him get to this height of notoriety and popularity.

      If the Republican Party and I might add a large portion of White America hadn’t of been so blind sighted by their own bigotry towards Obama and race in general (and this wasn’t only about race either), the Republican Party might have gotten someone else elected. They backed the wrong guy, or rather a large portion of America did.

      We as a country isn’t as “inclusive” as we appear to be. We are still a very bigoted, hateful, homophobic country that has a long way to go. And, it don’t take much to bring this out.

      Personally, we will NEVER make it!

      • Sand_Cat

        That’s because “Christian” has become a term which means – if anything – selfish, willfully ignorant, self-righteous, intolerant [I forgot homophobic] .

        How long do you think Jesus would last if he appeared now and spoke and acted as he did before. He’d be lynched by a mob of “Christians” before he even got noticed in the national news!

        • idamag

          You are certainly right about that.

  • Sorry Mitt, your ideas represent an older age, they are not fresh enough for the 21st century. Republicans desperately need younger mind-set leadership to be able to be successful as a “Grand Old Party” as they are currently very far to be a GOP… sure they satisfy the “Old Party” but without the “Grand”.

  • Don’t let the car elevator hit the dog on the roof on your way out.

    • FANTASTIC! Fred – wish I’d come up with that one…..

    • idamag

      Fred, got a good laugh out of that one.

      • neece00

        I still want to see his taxes

        • rippper

          Every corporate asshole and their cronies should be made to show their taxes, especially the oil execs. Oil execs are the biggest cheats of all.

        • johninPCFL

          John McCain saw them, shivered, and picked Palin. What do we learn from that?

  • elw

    Romney finally found a place he could not buy himself into. It takes more than money to be President and Romney/Ryan failed to show what it takes, which is character and steadiness. Romney is a poor looser and I have no doubt that he would have been an even poorer winner. The President won because most Americans felt he deserved a second term and they just did not find Romney likable and did not like his policies.


    Now the election is over and we did our part of the deal, how do we get rid of the 47%?

  • Mike Tierney

    Too bad Mitt couldn’t “lavish” gifts upon his base so they would all vote for him. Did I read correctly that 8 of the 10 wealthiest zip codes or suburbs went for Obama? What happened Mitt?
    Maybe the flip flop game was not as planned? Maybe the snide attitude was an issue?
    What a relief that he lost.

    • neece00

      He tried to lavish them with one large gift in the form of him becoming President. Didn’t work.

    • yup- two towns in Connecticut; Beverly Hills; Lake Forest, Illinois; NYC; Summit, NJ; Austin, TX (yup, even educated texans got it)… so, you get the point….and Obama got the votes.

    • johninPCFL

      I guess the $5T in tax breaks he tried to “lavish” on his backers just didn’t make sense to the other 57,000,000 voters.

  • earagon

    Candidate? This no-class etch-a-sketch is unbelievable. Is this the best Repubs can do? I wouldn’t vote for him for dog catcher (my apologies to Dog Catchers). All who voted against this selfishian should give themselves an additional pat on the back as good judges of character. This guy is a bum

  • tampajim

    What did Willard think his promises of tax cuts for the wealthy, reduced business regulations, etc., were, if not gifts to his base?

  • To Robme the 47% was just another gay, long haired kid to hold down and cut our hair to show us (US) how to be more like him. His constant references to how he had made it by just asking our daddies for college tuition or getting the big start to life at a Bain was possible for everyone (NOT). He just didn’t understand how being born with a sliver spoon in his mouth puts you in a position that is extremely hard to catch up to for the rest of Americans. So very few ever attain his level of wealth that was handed to him. Too bad that as smart as he in acquiring personal wealth he is unable to gain any understand of life. Hope he takes his bowl of sour grapes and goes back to la-la land.


  • dondaniel

    Everybody do your self a favor. Watch “Inside Job” narrated by Matt Damon. It will scare the s**t
    out of you…and who knows, you might learn something! Keep an eye on this: the stock market (will it tank? probably.), the unemploment, folks on food stamps, the 16 trillion deficit continuing, small business growth….if these don’t improve we are heading for another Great Depression. But Obama will be safe. After all, he’s a multi-millionare now and has a life time stipend and isn’t even going to have to take ObamaCare! He’s exempt! Wow. Such a deal!

    • idamag

      Don, I watched that one. Good documentary with facts to back it up. Also watch, “Heist.”

      • dondaniel

        thanks!  I’ll get it…

  • With the choices put out by the Republican party,Mitt Romney was perhaps the worst of the bunch, including the 9,9,9 nut who had to drop out because of his questionable character. The average thinking person knew Romney was a “hide anything you can,” so long as it is possible to bring yourself to the limelight. Don’t release your taxes in honesty, hide your real earnings, and then accuse 47 per cent Americans, as dishonest or causing themselves to want more than they deserve. You say religion does not count, and it doesn’t, but Bible believers do count and Mormonism is exactly what religion is all about, and nuts running around claiming Spirituality, could vote for any of the cults or eastern religions, which they vow are godless, and their beliefs influence the character of that person. Any Bible Believing person is influenced by truth,God does not just show himself in elections, He is there, always has been.

    When 48 percent of American people are living in poverty as Mr. Romney himself declared and he follows a belief that 50 per cent are the only people needed to be represented, something is wrong with His Spirit and all those 50 percent are the ones who we should think of in decisions of rule, have more food than they could possibly need in one life time, and a modern would be leader resents anything to improve the 48 percenters, he has not the Spirit of Bible believers, but the inability to rule a free world. Marian B Stephens

  • I hope to not hear from Mitt or Ann anytime soon. He of the alternate reality issues and she of the whining “how can people say or print negative things about Mitt” She should take a look at how Michelle Obama dealt with it for 2 elections.

  • I guess all of the repukes that voted for Mitt or the ones that are on the BALLS OF THE BUSH CRIME FAMILY will learn soon. They will learn that minorities and women will start to wake up and vote for their best interest. The Dems also need to wake up make sure they know that the most important thing is NOT WAR AND RESOURCE CONTROL. Its the preservation of life and the knowledge that we can share between us all. It is the education of the masses and allowing the smartest to lead and not just the wealthiest. The Dems need to wake up and stop trying to be the new repukes and understand the masses. I guess we need to push for proper regulation and before these people enacted a law that will issue a new vaccination to us that will limit life, sterilize the masses of women and minorities that are not located in areas of that limited 1% of Americans

  • ChristoD

    Did someone say something about the GOP (Greed Over People) party ‘alternate reality’ folks ? Welcome to the club Mittster and welcome to the poor loser fraternity along with John ‘I Will Get Even Even If I Have To Make A Fool Out Of Myself’ McCain who will do whatever he has to to make the Benghazi tradgedy a sad political parody. I wonder how the relatives of the four killed in Benghazi will feel when 6 months from now when Cryin McCain, and his merry band of nitwits, are still yelling ‘but he should be impeached because he lied’ even though it will be prooven COMPLETELY false. These folks just can’t accept defeat graciously. Whatever happened to President Obama being McCain’s President ? These folks are pathetic losers.

  • Goodbye Mitt you big phony liar

  • traiko47


  • feeeo

    Mitt still doesn’t get it (or want to).

  • blueclouds123

    Thank you God for NOT letting Romney win. Bless Obama, give him the wisdom of Solomon,the strength and patience of Job to fulfill not only the Presidential responsibilites but the ability to work and create a working government that will work together and by doing this the country can survive and once again become a country of goodness, growth and unity. the will and faith in God to fulfill his promises to the country. I beleive that Obama is a christian and does use the force of prayer to guide and help him.

  • ryueire

    Really tired of this lying bastard. Just STFU and go back to your mansion/s. May your car elevator get stuck. Oh oh, you might then have to call a person that works honestly for a living to come save your ass, you dipstick.

  • Keep Mitt and Ryan off TV don’t give them any coverage, they don’t deserve to be on TV.

    • Sand_Cat

      HEY! I was looking forward to seeing them on Hillbilly Hand Fishin’ or Survivor.

      Or how about Dancing with the Stars? If it was good enough for retired neo-Nazi Tom DeLay, why not the Mitt-Wit and his trusty side-kick, Lyin Ryan?

  • And yet misquided people still defend this guy.

  • At least now he will have more time to devote to the “Dancing Horses.”

  • How many condoms would an F-22 Raptor at $420 million a copy buy?
    BTW, another one crashed.

    Buy one super expensive fighter plane or have enough rubbers to give at least 3 to everyone in the country whether they need them or not.

    I vote for the distribution of rubbers.

    Oh…so long, Mitt.
    You are annoying.

  • Mr Romney, You are the PITTS, besides being a liar, the 12 MILION jobs that you kept saying in your speeches was false. According to experts in MATH, It would take you at least 10 Years to do. You left that out of your speeches. Can you not even see the TRUTH, you lost because you do not care for the 47% of the population THAT are AMERICAN PEOPLE! You are a crazy rich man and the country knows how you have become one, firing people and canceling Credit Cards on all the people that work so hard for you. You did that right after your speech of defeat, according to the NEWS and the Internet.

  • thebozman

    America as a group voted or inefficiency instead of efficiency, its as simple as that. We will get what we voted for, the same as Argintina got it when it voted for the Perons, the same as California see their deficits increase as the majority there continue to vote for tax increases on the rich as the solution to pay for those wanting subsidies for the 70%. Working harder and making oneself more competitive is now unreasonable. We will get what we voted for, more immorality, a $21 Trillion dollar national debt when Obama is done, more expecting the top 10% to pay for the bottom 70% while 20% just pay their own way. The majority want someone else to pay for their progress , unlike the immigrants from 1890 to 1915. Thosoe immigrants just wanted a fair opportunity to compete which they wern’t given in Europe. .

    • So, apparently, you wanted our country to look like a scene from Les Miserables in a few short years, if your “man” (and I use the term lightly) were elected….get over it! This is America, baby – a country born, bred and buttered, by and for immigrants. Read up on what a theocratic plutocracy does to a country and then come back here with your solutions. In the meantime, if you want to know about this country and how it has become a model for other countries that remain in the dark ages, you might want to start by going to see “Lincoln” this weekend.

      • thebozman

        I am over it.  Already made 25 percent in TZA since the election, which is a triple bear fund.  Got out yesterday because there there is always a short bounce back.  Will get back in TZA next week.  It will be the 70% who don’t have an viable retort in 4 years.

        • Whoa! – sharing stock market tips with the serfs….down boy….your plutocratic friends will not be happy with you….

          • thebozman

            Actually, I consider myself to be an average person who works hard, certainly one of the masses and not elitist, barely make the top 10% of earners.  .  God, Family, and then Country is the order in which I place my loyalties, with myself being a distant fourth on the list.  I put my family above my country because I cannot and do not expect government to feed them.   I put my country above myself because I think it is a paramount obligation to leave them with as much opportunity as their predecessors had, not a country where all there decisions are made for them due to high tax rates cause by high debt, and regulations galore if they should chose to open their own business.  Global competitors do not have all this to deal with, and consequently can charge less.
            My original point was the America voted for inefficiency over efficiency.  The markets saw that and stock prices went down.  It will have long legs unless Republicans and Democrats can come to a reasonable solution, not always asking the top 10% to do more, while everyone else gets a break.  Also, every governmenatl agency and program should still be examined as to whether it is worth borrowing from China to keep alive.  That would have been a very good start, but now it will not happen.  Inefficiency over efficiency will not keep us on top.  Ideal rights including healthcare for all are nice things, but does your family buy stuff long before you can pay for it?  No, because the credit markets say no. The Federal Government can get away with it for longer that us because when China doesn’t want to buy more of our debt, our Government can and has played games by having the Fed give them dollars in exchange for  Federal debt to pay for programs that should have already been corrected to be on a self sustaining, financial trajectory.  Obama ‘s budgets did not even incorporate one idea of the Cost Saving Panel of 12 that he established.  His re-election told the markets that the Fed debt will be $21 TRillion when he gets out of office, not good.
            Most people are concerned with their own rights now.   I realize I am now in the minority.  Country comes before my own advancement.  What good are my rights when my country is broke like Greece?  Their people don’t have much freedom right now becasue they can’t buy a pot to piss in.   Thats where unnecessary government jobs employing 35% of their workers, failure to go after the tax evaders sooner got them instead of jobs created by a free enterprise, competing populace got them.  Tax enforcement should also be fair, with all cash businesses given a close look.  Over the past 4 eyars, the IRS has focused mainly on the rich.  I know, because I am a cpa who sees such policy in place, and the auditors tell me as much. .


    • patuxant

      Only can say you have talked far too much and said much too little.

  • Don

    I am sorry that King Romney and Prince Ryan are not going to be in the White House. Darling Angel ANN will also not be in the small, little, tiny white house.

    • patuxant

      Yeah, one they would have torn down to build one 4 times the size to suit their wallets.

  • They’re not done yet , so watch their impeachment attempts closely. The price of freedom, as they say, is eternal vigilance.

    • patuxant

      Of course. They are trying to do this with the Benghazi mess. The haters will never give up on trying to get rid of our President. They make me laugh as well as making me ill!

      • idamag

        At the hearing, yesterday, the President was exhonerated.

        • patuxant

          Hooray! I missed it while taking care of my mom for the last 24 hrs. So did McCain andd Graham have to eat dirt?

          • idamag

            McCain was invited to the hearings and chose not to attend. He concurred with the hearings, later, but failed to apologize to Susan Rice. Graham was conspicuously silent. It was a fringe radical unit that objected to the duly elected government of Libya.

    • idamag

      I just read, in my Foreign Affairs Quarterly, that the uprisings in Libya are due to the opposition to the those who were elected in their new Democracy. This is not helping that country, nor does the refusal to accept the duly elected president of this country help this country.

  • DirkVanden

    Romney lost because he was an empty man filled with Mormonism.

    • Huh, I though he was filled with something entirely different.

      • DirkVanden

        same stuff, different names

    • I was raised a Mormon, and I value my upbringing….that being said, I have NEVER loathed a man more than I loathe Mitt Romney….I have met MANY admirable Mormons. Mitt Romney is NOT one of them.

      OBAMA – Forward.

      • DirkVanden

        i, too,was raised a Mormon & i blame my religion for most of my problems in life. i left the church at age 16 when i discovered to my horror that i was “one of those men who liked other men,” and my bishop informed me i was an abomination in the sight of God! i got my official release in 1976. I do not value the religion and saw Mitt as being an almost perfect example of what i have come to regard as Latter Day Saints. My uncles and cousins were just like him, only not as rich. Mormons are good people–to each other. There is good in the religion, but that is because it is based on Christianity, just embroidered by Joseph Smith with a before-life & an after-life, both of which i totally reject. I reject the idea of God living on a planet called Kalob in the xact center of the universe & being in touch by long distance with the Mormon Prophet. I do not believe that God made dinasaur bones and The Grand Canyon to “test our faith.”

        Mitt was practicing being God on his own planet. He was so proud of himself; as far as he was concerned, God had chosen him to be the man on the white horse. Think how “blessed” that would make you feel, to believe that God had chosen YOU to save the world. That would put him right up there next to Jesus. That was what that smirk was about. The Mormon Smirk. To Mitt & Ann & millions of others, the Presidency was a foregone conclusion, only a step toward the eventual destination, his own world. He truly believed he was going to save the world by being the Perfect Mormon, with the boys on bicycles on every corner of ever town in the USA, ready to go out and convert the world t0 Mormonism, thus making it possible for Jesus to return and turn the earth into Paradise–and establish Zion “On this continent.”

        It’s an article of faith that Mitt was confused about, even though he must have said it aloud a million times. #10, i think:We believe in the literal gathering of Israel and in the restoration of the Ten Tribes; that Zion (the New Jerusalem) will be built upon the American continent; that Christ will reign personally upon the earth; and, that the earth will be renewed and receive its paradisiacal glory.”

        Think how really awful it must feel to know that God rejected him for that Half-Black Guy, who gave away stuff just to be re-elected. Just like i did, Mitt grew up believing that Negroes were Sons of Cain & their skins were dark so that white people would know they were decendents of the First Murderer, and were “fence-sitters” in the “War in Heaven” between Jesus and Satan. But then God changed his mind, first letting them join the church, and now they can even hold the Priesthood & go through temples. I think Mormonism taught Mitt to flip-flop. Think about polygamy. I think God is getting ready to change his mind again. Article of Faith #9: We believe all that God has revealed, all that He does now reveal, and we believe that He will yet reveal many great and important things pertaining to the Kingdom of God. I’m prophesying that the LDS Church will soon accept Gays–so long as they are married in the Temple, go on Missions to save other Gays–and, oh, yes, pay tithing, fast-offerings, etc. Love that 10%! The writing is on the wall & God can change his mind, just like men.”As man is now, God once was, and as God is now, man may become.”

        i like to imagine Mitt saying: “I blame it on the earphones, they were like ear-plugs. I thought God was saying “Go! Go! Go!” but all the time He was saying “No! No! No!”

        Pride goeth before a fall. Lo, how the mighty have fallen!

        • Dirk – I read your post and I totally get what you’re saying….I have not lived the doctrine for many years and have always seen the hypocrisy….I was simply trying to say that I really do know a lot of really nice Mormons and that it was clearly evident to me, as well as my still practicing mother, that Mitt was NOT one of them. I loathe him and will NEVER forget how close this country that I love came to the brink of complete and utter disaster.

        • patuxant

          My take-away from all of your post is the “Mormon Smirk”! I love it! Now it makes sense why he is so out-of-sorts with losing. He thought God was speaking to him and now where is that “God” of his? Obviously not giving him lessons in humility. Blessings to you my friend, Dirk!

          • DirkVanden

            now you know! It will make more and more sense as time goes on. The media is fascinated by the Mitt Romney phenomenon & will examine it closely to its detriment. It can’t stand up to close inspection. Other Republicans will blame it for their loss, and will tear it apart, piece by piece. Anyone who really looks will find hole-cloth surrounding Christianity.

            It’s that “I’m God’s Favorite” smirk. They practice it in mirrors. Missionaries are given instructions on The Mormon Smirk. Smug, self-righteous. Ann does it very well. The minute i see it, i think “Look out! Run for cover!” Other people have their own version: Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin. Paul Ryan–now there was a self-righteous smirk for you. my theory is they chose Ryan for his look-alike (catholic)smirk. I wanted to just slap him! But the majority of Americans did it for me. Whack! Now Turn the Other Cheek!

            There’s an old Jewish saying: “What i wish for you is what you wish for me!” Blessings, right back atcha, friend!

          • patuxant

            Thanks, Dirk! What stays in my mind is that look at the second debate where the sneer was evident as Romney attempted to throw Obama down with his response remarks of terror at Benghazi. He like took a double-dare look at the President and I loved it when Obama told him “proceed Gov”! What a coupe! Now that is what I want to see on the face of my President! Stare down the jackals!

  • Mitt Romney is pathetic and I will be glad when I stop hearing anything from him or about him. He lied so much during the campaign that he made Richard Nixson appear to be a choir boy.

  • nana4gj

    Nobody liked him anyway, not even the 53%. They just did not have anyone else so malleable and wishy- washy.

  • Mitt, its over; go back to your mansion and leave the 47% of americans along. Wea re done beaten your ass………………….

  • jag

    To the manor born…Too bad in this country you have to be elected by the peasants.


    • I think that’s where he keeps his money….LOL

      • rippper

        Another good one. LMAO

  • Mitt Romney’s Sneering Farewell To The ’47 Percent’…..
    Further PROOF that $$$$$ DEADENS man’s sensitivities and humanity – in most cases!

  • MITT- You sound fake-you act fake- hell you look fake.SO GLAD YOU LOST!!!!!!!!!

  • northroader1775

    We are on our way out of a mess….the only place the economy didn’t get better is in the bubble….everywhere else things are lookin good.

  • northroader1775

    Maybe they believed FOX and just thought the landslide was gonna happen no matter what so they just stayed home sorting their nascar memorabilia.

  • You’re all idiots. Mitts not the problem. It’s Wall Street that put us where we are with the financial crisis. And in case you don’t know, Obama hired one of the decision makers (larry summers) that led to the financial crisis and is against regulation, making it possible for the crash to happen again. And, to top it off, all of these Wall Street yahoos are still in business, still in powerful decision-making, policy-making positions, that never were prosecuted for what was done. So you all need to do more research to learn the truth. You’re idiots! Obama’s no different – you’ll see…

    • Thankfully, we’ll never know what would have happened to this great country had your man been elected. He WASN’T – surprised you haven’t heard ~ it’s been all over the news.

    • Michael Kollmorgen

      Actually, less than HALF of us are idiots. I don’t think the majority, the rest of us are!

      This entire election cycle, the hate for Obama these past few years have not been based on Obama’s performance in any way. What this is all about is Greed, Race, Hatred, Bigotry, Disinformation, Homophobia and finally fear.

      We all know and has been even said by members of the Republican Party, they will do whatever it takes to get Obama out of office, including painting him as most evil person on the face of the earth. IT DIDN’T WORK.

      What this all boils down to is the White Race’s Fear Of Loosing Power! And, it reflects that mindset with the Republican Party, primarily composed of old White Men and Stupid, Dominated Women.

      This has nothing to do with Wall Street. This has to do with people, in general, the people of this country.

      We ALLOW this stuff to go on. We ALLOW Wall Street to Rape Us. We ALLOW a candidate such as Romney to nearly become President. We ALLOW the Republican Party to keep us at each others throats.

      When will America Wake Up?

  • The Mittster could have saved everyone in this country, all of those globally who listened intently, and indeed, even his twisted ideologically challenged party, this intense and painful election debacle had he only listened to his sons. They BEGGED him not to run.

  • Joe Conason, you’re still around? Clueless…

  • bye-bye ass hole!!!!

  • Finally he is getting ass the hell over it and move on with his life! How did he think he was going to win the Presidency when he couldn’t be trusted with his flip flopping ass?! Dry your tears, be a man about it and move the devil on with your lives! Chalk it up as a very costly experience and look back at it years from now and LYMAO?! Act as though 60 + is your age and not your I.Q.?! As for the rest of the Republican/Tea Party; keep in mind that old school song by the Rolling Stones: “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”! Earthbound man may have wanted Romney to win; but the MAN ABOVE wanted Obama to win! His word overrides everthing! HPHLMAO! To sum it up: Nanh Nanhnny Nanh Nanh! HPHLMAO!

  • I am so glad williard mitt whatever his name is gone for good and good riddance with his lying incompetent you know what!

  • He still doesn’t see the real world–too insulated by his own wealth to realize what the average American is going through. He will never change because he believes he is right not matter what, including losing.

  • northroader1775

    NO MARY ..

  • good bye to you too mitt and Ann you can keep your tax paper we dont need to see it no more , and we 47% say f—k u and ann

  • northroader1775

    NO MARY. That is just not the truth…the people who free load represent about 11% of the population. AND no one here thinks it is right either, but you need to understand that romney lost on every front…more rich people voted for Obama….more middle class people voted for Obama….more young people, women, poor, working poor, 8 of the 10 richest zip codes voted for Obama….

    MARY THIS IS IMPORTANT…Romney lost because he had NO message other than “This guy sucks! AND I’m RICH so that makes me smart”

    BUUUUT heres the deal…most americans don’t believe Obama sucks…we are pretty happy with him and it isn’t because he gives “FREE” things. It is because he has moved us steadily forward, through tough times and with a steady hand and forthright speech he has done the hard job, and done it well….not perfect…well.

    The world is changing, religion isn’t a basis for govenment, people aren’t monochromatic with pure blood and judeo christian ideals.

    AND MARY this is important…IT’S OK…THE SKY IS STILL BLUE…THE OCEANS ARE STILL TEEMING WITH LIFE AND TREES ARE STILL GROWING…THE PLANET IS STILL RELETIVELY SPHERICAL AND SPINNING AWAY WITHOUT THE SLIGHTEST CARE ABOUT WHO WON THE ELECTION. We do not live on MONEY we live on earth. Also the truth is we blow enough money on useless weapons every year to balance the buget in one stroke….and ther is an incredible amout of money available in new tech markets, new energy markets, but we need to INVEST in education it is the one thing that pays off EVERYTIME without fail…education enriches everyones life.



    Get a personality transplant and try again. While some of your ideas weren’t half bad, the manner in which you presented them just pissed people off.

    And, look into another religion. From my former-Idaho-residents neighbors, non-Mormons there just hate those creeps more than a lot.

  • northroader1775

    it is contracted awareness…they believe they are alone in an angry universe.

    In reality we are all one big family and there is plenty for everyone and the universe is a happy friendly place that wants the best for us.

  • rippper

    Please, you don’t really know Mitt the way I do. He really is a great guy. A compassionate soul whose only goal in life is to help others less fortunate. I know he would be hurt to think that noboby likes him when all he wants to do is to help his fellow Americans get over the hurdles of everyday life. So, please, if he comes to your town, welcome him. You’ll be better for it…………………….Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah. Gotcha! I needed a laugh, don’t we all?

  • northroader1775

    We are waking up Michael…we are…and we are building a better future…we just need to stay on top of this lie machine and not give them any room to rebuild it…just keep on them until there is no more money in lies. We need to hit them where they live ..right in the wallet.

  • I am very happy with the election results, and thank God that this self serving Mitt got what he deserved. He could care less about the middle class Americans, and was only interested in making the rich get richer, and have students, women, seniors suffer more during this very difficult period in our Countries history. Nothing is free, When people are in need, they need, they are not gifts, they are very much needed for people and their families need to survive. Poor looser Mitt, and good bye now and forever.

  • hit the road mitt and don’t come lost get over it

  • He thought that the black voters who came out in 2008, would not turn out in 2012, that was stupid thinking. Thinking that the hispanics were not going to come out. He has insulted so many people, even his own party is turning on him. Well mitt I would rather win by votes than by deceiving people, I read in Florida there was a voting machine they named Orca, it did not work, the republicans were walking around trying to figure out where to vote. They were depending on this one paticular voting machine, I wonder what it was going to do. All your lies did not work. People read and they are intelligent enough to figure out what you were up to. So bye bye Mitt hopefully in 2016 you will be too old to enter the race, but even if you do, if you have the same attitude, you will loose again.

    • idamag

      Deltrica, and trying to make it more difficult for voters only made them more determined as they were real Americans and valued their votes.

  • Money doesn’t change people, it reveals their true character….unfortunately, for Mitt Romney, he was born into wealth so his character was already defined.

  • Mitt go home and learn how to love your fellowman.

  • It really show how Romney feel about the real people of America. And all you so-call T V evangelist Christian all the one’s who want Romney to win, you know who you are. People of Color, Hispanic Latino, and the Whites are tired of your lies. But America is changing and the people are ready for this change.


  • lique

    Love that dress and updo Ann.To bad you didn’t
    get to take that victory photo.

    • I am quite sure the White House (household) staff breathed a collective sigh of relief that Ann wasn’t to be their new boss. Can you imagine going from Michelle Obama to Ann Romney?….egads! – She’d whip you with Rafalca’s riding crop in a heartbeat….LOL

    • patuxant

      Or get a chance to “redecorate the WH”!

  • Romney couldn’t be President, he start off lying and still lying. Would America pick him, no, only the nutty ones. Mr Romney happy go on you next-go-round. I know you were trying to get you and your faminly in even your state look down on you. You show off to early and you lost.

  • Michael Kollmorgen

    I just don’t understand, given the fact that the Republican Party has always used lies, misinformation, wedge issues to disenfranchise the american people, why the american public hasn’t woken up?

    Yes, we woke up, just in time. What this amounted to was almost electing for President, someone who for all practical purposes, some might call the perfect representation of the Antichrist, right along with the American Taliban.

    Next time we might not be so lucky. Keep your eyes open and Watch Your Back!

  • Mitt Romney is a poor loser. The public is not dumn, they knew he was lying all the time doing his campaign. When he would speak all I seen was demon in his eyes (just like the Parsident od Iran a deep dark shadow around his eye’s like the beast); wow this man is evil I can see it in his eye’s (the sign of the beast satan himself). If this man get in Office he would hurt so many; poor; and middile class people in this country. Thank you American people, for doing your loyal duty looking out for each-other at these hard times we face down the road. God bless America.

  • Ron

    I am so glad that we wiped Mitt’s smirk out of his sorry face. The guy is just an spoiled child who didn’t get what he wanted and now blame it on everyone else. What kind of president would have he been. I hope we don’t hear from him ever

  • bye bye mittens

  • What a miserable scumbag.

    I never want to see the name again……unless it’s published in an indictment for income tax evasion… it should be.

  • patuxant

    The irony is that the “gift giving” on the Romney side of the ledger would be more big breaks and big tax reductions for his billionaire chums. This new announcement in addition to the 47% fiasco just cements into the brain what a two-faced phoney this man is and did not deserve to win the election. He is acting like a spoiled cry baby and blaming his upset on some preposterous excuse as to why he lost. He lost because he is arrogant, self-absorbed and living in a fantasy world. Oh, and isn’t is interesting to find that most people on food stamps are Repubs? LMAO! Also some out there don’t have a clue about SS. It is NOT an entitlement program, children!

  • patuxant

    If Obamacare was a gift giving mechanism, what in the Sam Hell was Romneycare in Mass.?

    • idamag

      Pat, what was the promised additional tax cuts to the so-called “job creators.”

      • patuxant


  • patuxant

    Romney and his clan sold their souls to the Devil … in this case–the American neo-con nazis!

  • Ray

    Mittens and his fellow necon genius’ thought they could buy the election !! Guess what Mittens money doesn’t buy everything !! Enjoy your off shore island getaways and please just stay away !!!

  • Mitt has spent all the campaign money, and now has gone to lay back on his own millions…I would be mad too….lol… 25000.00 for victory fireworks, smh!!!!

  • Ayaya Worenwu

    Romney is gone but 47% remains. Learnt Romney might be leaving for Cayman Island to live and run for president? Is it true?

  • mbm

    Why anyone would be surprised that this man would remain clueless, pointing blame to anyone but himself, lacking in integrity, empathy and compassion…sour grapes.

  • Ayaya Worenwu

    Romney is gone but 47% remains. Learnt Romney might be leaving for Cayman Island to live and run for president? Is it true?

  • Justin Napolitano

    Good riddance Romney. Go wallow in your million.

  • I did not get my gift, and I voted for Obama. I don’t recall that he promised me any gift or freebee for my vote. Did you??? Even my hard core neighbor voted for Obama, he was tired of R/R LIES and SPINS. The most – JEEP is moving to China and was debunked by the CORp. and they still lying about it. The 47% and the 30% of makers and takers and moochers sunk their run. When you are deep in a hole, STOP digging, it’s obvious that that R/R just DID NOT UNDERSTAND the MIDDLE CLASS.
    Where is Obozomustgo and Montanabill??? Crying in their beer????LOL.

  • notafoxfan

    i almost feel sorry for romney..he just stuck his foot in his mouth too many times and had that arrogant ,egotistical ryan as a running mate! his remarks about the “gifts” obama gave to people were uncalled for and rather “sour grapes”, as opposed to obamas gracious comments with regard to mr romney at his press conference a few days ago..

  • Yes Romney, President Obama bought the election with just a little change, a little for the women, a little for the Hispanic, a little change for the black, a little for the rich, a little for the poor & working. All this will someday bring us all working together instead of working against each other. I remember when they were still looking for a Republican on the stage to pick who was going to be the one to run for the Republican party, and Romney said ” if your looking for a rags to riches story, it’s not me, I’ve been fortunate to be well off all my life”. The GOP leaders should have known right there that he wasn’t the right one. The Republican party has for the most part has already acknowledged the handwriting on the wall who is already rich, is not the way to impress a variety of people that want and need change. This is years down the road but a lot of people don’t realize that there will be no majority, of race.
    Some people have already talked of this, but we need to start immediately rebuilding all those big buildings that are next to our coasts, building them back at least ten miles due to severe global warming. Not just because of the water rise but you saw a touch with Sandy , with the winds.

  • Oh yeah and Im tired of seeing Obama’s silly ads on every1 of my phone apps. Including the bottom of this page.. obama is leading blah blah blah click here to thank him. R u fukin serious???

    • idamag

      You didn’t let me win, waaaaaaaaaaaaa.

      • BDC_57

        good one.

  • BDC_57


  • BDC_57

    I glad he did’nt get voted in.

  • Americkan

    Republicans mis-read in 2008 and again this year and quite frankly their party is based on white older votes and so will anyone take them seriously in 2016..not likely. If they want to elect someone like Mitt again that would be fine with me.

  • joyscarbo

    Jesus, Mitt, don’t let this country’s door knob hit you in your pampered ass on the way out!!! GOOD RIDDANCE TO RUBBISH!

  • meat, its high time you just shut the f**k up if obama gave the voters gifts why did you keep yours to your f**king lost go home in peace leave the president alone your stupid comments will not change the out come of the past elections,please shut the f**k up.

  • Adios, senor Myth. . . Adios moocha-chos. . . Stay thirsty, my freng.

  • That the pot calling the kettle black now Mitt know if he won there was 47% of his rich buddies he was going to pay, see this guy is really an ass hole and thank all who voted for the President and not him Gov.Chis Chistie see you in 2016.

  • Hey Mitt, Should’ve, could’ve, would’ve is always easier in the past tense. Since you lost your excuses are irrelevant.

  • Paul Kennedy

    We knew he wasn’t a competent leader or a competent manager. He’s not even a competent politician. Noone with any sort of political ability would make these sorts of statement.

  • The number of excuses the Rs (as the late, great Molly Ivins called them) have for losing is amazing. Rove says the Democrats used voter suppression. Romney says the Rs lost because the Democrats promised people free stuff. And now some CEOs are firing employees just because things didn’t go the way they wanted. Will they ever realize that it is this exact type of infantile behavior–demonstrated repeatedly during the campaign–that disgusted voters and led to the result they are blaming others for? Their actions since the election make me even happier that we will not be governed by a bunch of self-pitying cry babies who can only strike out at others when they don’t get what they want.

  • Hey Mitt, take Ann and Karl, and Mitch, and Boner, and Eric, and Rummy, and Bolton and Bushie, and Cheney and all the other worthless GOPers and go crawl back into the sewer that you crawled out of

  • Quit bellyachin you poor loser. Your such a good pious MORMON! HYPOCRITE is a better word for it. YOU PEOPLE just don’t get it do you. You Lost loser. Go Away !

  • Poor Ann. She will never be First Lady. Mitt, To bad now that your unemployed you won’t lose your home or health insurance, or car or savings. You will never know what it’s like to live pay day to pay day or struggle . May you and your scum bag wife and family BURN IN HELL!

  • bye-bye mitty,
    here’ your hat,
    what’s your hurry
    off you go
    with no bell on your bike,
    and your drawers ringing

  • One reason that I did not vote for Romney was that I did not what to chance having multiple first ladies. Can you imagine what condition the White House would be in if a bevy of first ladies redecorating? With Mitt in office, the White House’s name would soon be changed to the Lion House.

    • true: how did One man, manage to have 5 sons ALL THE SAME AGE…even though they aren’t quintuplets….?

      (just saying…)

  • Mitt Romney is behaving like a spoiled little punk. No class!!! A self-indulgent whiner who bitches, moans, and makes stupid excuses when things don’t go his way. Mitt… You Lost because the American people weren’t buying what you were hawking! Period! Be a man. Accept that you were beaten, fair and square.

  • GOP = Tea-O-P = Mittens = Toast~

    (The breakfast of champions)

  • The first day of Republican’s primary debate was when i said they dont have candidate, and that Mitt was going to be their nominee , Obama was going to defeat him. If they have stood or elected POPE , Obama would have still defeated him. I also said Mitt will never be the president of America in this generation and maybe next generation. Mitt should shut up his leaking mouth.He was so confident of himself that he was going to win. That was a man that prepared only victory speech. MR INCONSISTENT

  • Bert Fannin

    Who would want a national leader who feels only contempt for the majority of the American people? As it turned out, not enough to elect Romney!

  • No way in the Whole wide World that those young people turned out in opposition to a candidate who wanted to return American society to the Century Before Last. Nope, no way.

  • His name is Wilard Mitt Romney. Why he does not use his first name and why the media did not use it (except Al sharpton), I do not know. He is so obviously not the right person to be president. He demonstrated the scorn the Republicans have for the nonrich; ignorance of womens’ issues; can’t sing a lick; pasty faced flip flopper. The arrogant bastards thought they could buy the election. It gives me great pleasure to see them squirm in their indignant disgust for our great president Obama!

  • Romney simply wanted to be “CEO” of America like he was CEO of Bain- with no credible policies. He put his person before policies, and lost. End of story. As the reckoning with Rove, Grover, and others takes place… Romney will fade along with the Tea Party.

  • rippper

    New word added to Webster’s Dictionary
    romney: cheat, deceitful,liar, loser. One without compassion for the less fortunate, one who flaunts his wealth, had everything handed to him on a silver platter. Out sourced jobs to foreign countries. Believes woman should be seen and not heard. In short, Rich Asshole!

  • Romney can bitch and moan for the rest of his non political life. He lost the presidency because he projected a disdainful image of elitism and exclusionism. America isn’t comprised of just rich people. America is represented by masses of non rich, working people of varied ethnicities. Take the limo and drive home. Sayonara Myth.

  • jstsyn

    Isn’t it the President’s job to do things for the citizens that elected him? Like health care, education, infrastructure, and so on? Robme’s ideas were not for most American citizens and he was not a presidential candidate. Americans knew it and that is why he lost. End of story.

  • Burlington

    Mitt didn’t use his big guns. He was tougher on Newt than Obama. I asked a well known early student and critic of Obama why with several gaping openings he did not attack with devistating body blows. Benghazi, parentage, communist beliefs, sexuality and narcissism come to mind. The critic replied that he couldn’t without media support. He had the opportunity and obligation to save the country and blew it.

    • debzp

      He had a 24 hour/7 day a week propaganda machine in the media. Same place you get all your nonsense. Trouble is Burlington,NORMAL people see through your wing nut crap. Sexuality and narcissism????????Repulicans really are the party of stupid.

      • Burlington


        Are you saying my allegations are untrue or irrelevant? Which, if you please.

        • debzp

          Untrue AND irrelevant. Moreover they are desperate, foolish and despicable.

          • Burlington


            It’s all true.

            You have been duped, therefore you are a dupe. As Yuri Bezmenov , the KGB defector who says once flipped they are contaminated and cannot see truth.


            substitute (.) for (dot) and give yourself a 17 min education.

          • debzp

            So a former KGB agent is your source for the “truth”. He’s probably chuckling at how easy it is to appeal to bigotry and fears of people like you. I do note and appreciate however, that even you don’t dispute that the claims are “irrelevant,foolish,despicable and desperate.” In fact, you and Yuri are the living proof of that.

  • I honestly knew… that Romney was done, the minute he word came out, about him insulting the 47% americans…(so lessons learned: never underestimate the power of the voters if you want votes)!…Romney has very poor judgment, actually impaired… Up to now he does take responsibilities… He contineous to insult the 47% … He said, “the reason Obama won, it’s because of the Big Gifts Obama gave to them”… Man Up, and Take Ownership!! Don’t blame anyone… You lost because of you!!!… Bye , Bye… Sore Loser!!! Bye, Bye … Mittens!!!

  • BDC_57

    He probly did’nt go to school.

  • nagena

    Poor “Walter Mitty” Romney! What he lacked as much as the gift of honesty: instead telling any lie that he thought would be to his advantage (and denying it when found out, was any sense of style. Among my group these days if you are caught lying we say, “Oh what a Romney!” To this day he probably doesn’t realise that his attack on the “47ers” helped to seal his fate. Now, that’s not only lack of style; it is downright stupid. nagena

  • Mulligatonney

    And you are still arguing Republican vs. Democrat…


    Look up the top twenty richest people in America. Tell me how many are Democrat and how many are Republican…

    • Michael Kollmorgen

      Who cares?

      What about the other 99.99999% of the top 5%?

      • Mulligatonney

        Seems like the response is always, “who cares”, when statists can’t come up with an answer that can be put into a tape recorder or a teleprompter quickly enough.

        Actually, you are not far from being wrong, although you don’t realize it, judging from the second part of your response.

        Rich people have always manipulated politicians. The politicians are merely salesmen, put there to get you to believe they are “on your side” and will “fight for you” in Washington against the evil (put your “who cares” comment here)

        Exactly why our founders called government a “necessary evil”. Knowing men to be corrupt and susceptible to manipulation by the rich and influential, they believed the power and scope of the government should be kept very limited and on an extremely sort leash.

        Voters have selfishly let the tiger off the leash. Liberals are particularly to blame because they don’t seem to stand for anything. Maybe moral relativism – I’m not too sure… They seem to be willing to compromise any of their standards for a few promises from the government for their security.

        Meanwhile, the government steadily increases their control of the people. And the people give it to them maniacally, shouting silly little slogans such as “Forward!” and “Yes We Can!” as if the mantra of the politician is somehow different – this time.

    • debzp

      Yeah FDR, the Kennedy’s, John Kerry all wealthy democrats who dedicated their lives working for the poor and working class.

      • Mulligatonney

        John Kerry dedicated his life to the poor and working class?

        Of course, that wasn’t the question. Nor was it the point.

        That is the kind of response that comes from someone that doesn’t like the real answer, and tries to deflect attention from it.

        Like a politician.

        • debzp

          You would know all about that. If you had any self-awareness or appreciation for irony that is. (just out of curiosity, any reason you don’t mention FDR or Kennedy)

          • Mulligatonney

            Simply because Kerry was the most obvious misstatement…

            Kennedy was actually pretty conservative for a democrat, but he was also one of those interesting contradictions for you liberals and the “rich” that you hate so energetically. You know, the famous, “Ask not what your country can do for you” kind of guy? You idolize him as one of your heroes, but are not even close to practicing the “what you can do for your country” part…

            FDR was simply a socialist who violated the Constitution repeatedly. He existed at a time where history provided him an opportunity to implement his anti-Constitution policies. And people were hurting so badly at the time, they traded their freedom for some beans. You can’t blame them for that. What they failed to do was make a lot of the Big Government policies he instituted temporary. Now we are stuck with them and can see clearly what the government does with the trust the people put in them. They broke their promise, used our accounts as collateral, and the SS fund is now bankrupt.

            Thank you. You only make my argument for small government for me. Our founders understood human nature and created a government that would protect us from ourselves. But they underestimated our selfishness and greed. We would be well served to return to the original principles they so carefully instituted.

            As for your balderdash about which party demonizes the poor, the only reason to give it any attention at all is that it destroys your credibility regarding any argument you might make about American politics.

            You use the same arguments to provide excuses for your idol as you use to attack the people you have been indoctrinated to hate. Just because you declare yourself “open-minded, liberal and tolerant” does not make it so. You are a sinful, hypocritical, selfish human just like the rest of the humans on this planet.

            Your own words shout back at you. If you are indeed the gentle, accommodating, helping, open-minded, tolerant etc. etc. group that you make yourselves out to be, why is it that you perpetuate such nonsense as alluding to the party that “demonizes the poor and middle class”?

            It renders every other argument you make impotent.

          • debzp

            Balderdash?!?! Your claim that the SS fund is banrupt “renders every other argument you make impotent”. That is logically impossible and a pseudo-intellectual like you should know that.

          • Mulligatonney


            It is insolvent and everybody knows it. The government has borrowed more money against it than there actually is in it. Use whatever word suits you to describe that situation. When you owe more money than you have, bankrupt is as good a word as any. I will stick with bankrupt – like where the communist in the White House is taking the country. That place…

            Again – another attempt to obfuscate and deflect the real issue. You must have been trained by a team of trained Axelrods. You can even spell pseudo-intellectual, although you don’t know what it means….

            Your sloganeers must have missed the fact that you are having trouble comprehending the concept of “bankrupt”. Small wonder that you don’t understand it. You can’t even spell it. Don’t feel alone or isolated because of it – every liberal I have talked to doesn’t understand the concept, either.

            …I must be secretly arguing with Claire McCaskill….

            Is that you, Claire? Take some of the money you stole from the taxpayers and have some of the wattles on your neck removed.

            You would be easier to watch on Fox News…

          • debzp

            You need to take a break and get back to newt Gingrich’s new book. He shares your misguided “knowledge” of the constitution and history(ah and economics apparently. You’re a clever little shill.

  • ggherns

    Mitt needs to go crawl back under the rock he slithered out of. He is such a lying serpent I couldn’t stand that demonic voice. Glad I don’t have to listen to it for the next four years.

  • Romney found out that the 47% that he did not care about did not give a damn about him.

  • debzp

    Looks like the47% voted for Romney. Everyone else voted for Obama!

  • mrbristle

    Hey Mitt, don’t go away mad. Just go away period and do not darken our doorsteps again. One other thing, take that plastic wife of yours and that tough guy son, Tagg, and shuffle off to the Caymen Islands where you can count all those tax free millions you have stashed there you phony bastard.

  • yes Moron Mitt–people do matter–and just cause your fat cat family and friends
    d0nt need it–cause they get GIFTS ALL TIME –real people like me who have a small business don’t need gifts we need a REAL MAN ASS!!

  • joyscarbo

    It’s true….most all of the southern states are red states, and are some of the poorest as well. It’s pathetic.

  • joyscarbo

    Wouldn’t Mitt have to live around a lot of people of color in the Carribean? Thats really not “his thing.” LOL!!!

  • Don’t go away mad Mitt, just go away. The 47 percent have spoken, and you’re not the one we choose, so please, go away, Mr. 1%.

  • Mr. Romney just found out that politics is a numbers game, 47% just CRUSHED 1% and showed him the way out of politic for good.
    Now, it is the GOP turn to get a butt kicking in the mid-term election, mark my word, the GRUMPY OLD PEOPLE as a party is done, they can not fool voters whose dream they want to V E T O and the women they declared war on, and oh yes, the VOUCHER thing ?.
    also, The constant drum of war they want to take the country into. we must reject the GOP as a party coast to coast.

  • julius

  • Burlington

    Yuri, is now dead. I assume you did not listen to the 1984 prophetic interview. You are a dupe.

    • debzp

      Oh excuse me DEAD former KGB agent. Are you aware that Andrew D Basiago, a Washington state lawyer claims to have been teleported to the surface of Mars with (gasp) none other than Barack Obama!! (plus the guy looked kinda gay). Check it out Burlington and be careful not to get duped.

  • commserver

    What about the gifts that he wanted to give to the 1%?

  • commserver

    Please explain what you are rereferring to. Are you saying thatg having a Mormon mother is wrong? If so then you are insulting all Mormons. Did you want to do that?

  • commserver

    It goes to show what happens when people don’t think before they react.

  • commserver

    What is maroon?

  • DakotaErikson

    Mitt self-revealed when, in the middle of the night, he cut off his hard-working staffers’ credit cards…..unbeknownst to them. Many tried to use their Romney campaign credit cards to pay for their campaign-related hotel rooms, etc. What a guy.

    This, folks, is exactly what he would have done to America. Run on lies and fear, rule with contempt and lack of understanding.

    Now his loyal staffers know how the employees of Bain-raped-companies felt when they were fired. Duped !

    • Yeah – Mitt Romney – stand-up guy of the century! (sarcasm off)

  • Mulligatonney

    We have to stop meeting like this…

    Social Security is broke. What is so difficult to comprehend about that?

    And now you want me to return to my Newt Gingrich book? I don’t really find anything offensive about that…

    Is that a liberal attempt at misdirection or a subconscious cry for “uncle”? Madam – I would be sorely disappointed if you were exercising the “French gambit” and hollering “surrender” after only a few score emails. But what will you use for a white flag?

    Since you have by default declared yourself an intellectual, constitutional authority, historian, and economist by asserting my ineptitude in all of those subjects, many questions as to your expertise on those subjects have now “come to the fore”, as it were.

    I may as well fold up my cards and shill for the French.

    How disappointing – I was just now preparing to “run up the Jolly Roger”…

    • debzp

      I’m sorry to disappoint you but I’ m an expert in none of those thongs. It’s just that right- wing pretentious blather is like pornography,i.e. you know it when you see it ( and it lacks any redeeming social value)

  • Mulligatonney

    The Constitution and Founding Principles are not pornographic, pretentious blather, nor are they something that can be accepted by people whose main interests are to advance their personal agendas or to receive money or benefits from the government while not earning them. Liberty is not for the faint-hearted.

    As for your personal taste in selecting thongs, I dare not comment, but I can certainly use my imagination, as you “artistic” liberals are so wont to encourage. Freudian, possibly – that you would use “thong” and “pornography” in the very same sentence. I think you could use a good conservative counselor.

    I have heard a greater inventory of thongs might be available at Victoria’s Secret, who will from my understanding, be more than happy to sell them to a registered Democrat well below retail, provided they can provide some sort of evidence that they are not working or are receiving some kind of government entitlement. That way, they can write them off their taxes when it comes time to “pay their fair share”…

    Send us a picture of you in the thong you eventually pick – by then, I am sure you will be an “expert”…

    If it’s pornographic, I will “know it when I see it”…

  • Mitt Romney is a SORE LOSER, plain and simple. What minority group is gonna vote for a guy who threatens to take their health care away and pamper the rich? Does Mitt think people are stupid?

  • I am so thankful that Mitt Romney did not win. I believe a victory by him would have been a major set back for this country. We have dodged a bullet for the American middle class which could have taken a generation to have recovered from if Mitt Romney had won the election. The upper income and wealth holders would have been freely been able to plunder and pillage our economy to their advantage and to their heart’s content.

  • Sierra111

    I, too, am very thankful Romney didn’t win. He only thought about his own ‘entitlement’ of money he would get from the middle class. The middle class, sometimes called peasants by people like him, are the backbone of this country.

  • discussed44

    ” Struggling” ? Maybe some, but the majority are just plain lazy by nature. The “Give me” are not struggling. Under 26? They are just lazy children that were handed money instead of being given responsible parenting. Now life can go on for these “Struggling” people. Sleep all day and play video games all night, Go to the tattoo parlor, get their alcohol, drugs, and have more babies to be a strain on the next generation of working people.