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Friday, October 21, 2016

Eight years ago on a night in March, they interrupted our regularly-scheduled programs for a breaking news bulletin.

We sat before our televisions and watched rockets arc into the skies over Baghdad. Many of us had doubts about the stated and implied causes of the war that began that night: the need to secure Saddam Hussein’s stockpile of WMD and to retaliate for his part in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. But, as I noted in a column, “We need for George Bush to be right and those of us who are doubtful to be wrong. We need this for the sake of over 200,000 American servicemen and women who stand ready for war in deserts far from home.” We all know how that turned out. There were no weapons of mass destruction.

  • pmk

    The writer has it correct on all counts.

    Bush and his Jewish neo cons basically sold Bush-not a man with a world view-a bill of goods. All that Bush had to do was wait for the report from Dr. Blix- (UN), I hope I have the name spelt correctly which report would have once and for all put the lies and fabrication of the Bush administration to rest. Saddam was a paper tiger at best. His generals lied to him and grossly exaggerated the country’s warfare capability.

    Bush the senior and his coalition had effectively caged in Iraq and its ability to wage another war. The no fly zone was an added deterrent that also had great effect.

    One wonders if the Richard Pearls and Wolfovitz of the time were more interested in the welfare of Israel than the country of their birth. Yes, you are absolutely correct in that the totally unjustified war on Iraq has been ruinous on the US.

    Perhaps the US constitution should be amended so that the president and Commander in Chief doesn’t have the powers to start a war without the express approval of the Congress. To add to the folly, we now have another nut job from Texas wanting to further destroy the US with his quarter-baked ideas. No end of grief for this great country, which is run by venal and mediocre politicians.

  • DanielQuartemont

    I used to vote republican and now am so disenchanted with our political process and it’s results I now vote independent.The republicans and some democrats are tearing our once great country into one big mess that may not be able to be fixed once it gets to far.I am totally disgusted in the way they kowtow to the rich and leave us at the bottom very little to survive with.Behavior like this will lead to destruction and they don’t seem to care as long as they can protect their position but what they are failing to realize the road they are on will take us ALL down.


    Israel is and always has been our strongest Allie. when the poop really hits the fan in the middle east,and it will, America will thank god that the Isreal will be there for us. that little country is surrounded by maniacs that want to destroy her. Always remember the concentration camps. Always remember Israels promise to her people “never again”

  • PopularSovranty

    The Constitution already requires the express authorization of Congress for the president to deploy armed forces, except in defense against an attack (invading ships’ masts on the horizon in the Founders’ day). Presidents, especially since Eisenhower, have taken that authority on their own with increasing regularity, and Congress, lacking courage to take responsibility that is theirs, has allowed them to, effectively, silently ceding war power to the executive. And with Libya, President Obama has attempted to create a precedent defining an exception to the constitutional ban on unilateral, executive military initiatives, that being if there are no “boots on the ground,” then there is no constitutional requirement to have congressional approval! Like saying if the noodles in your soup are shaped like letters, then you do not have noodle soup. This would mean that the president could, on his own, at any time, attack anywhere with missiles, aircraft, and drones, which clearly would have the Founders rolling in their graves–but they already are. Raising private armies (like Blackwater/XE Services security forces) without authorizing congressional legislation is also unconstitutional.

    Read more about war powers at

  • kanawah

    Not only is the writer right on all points, the same can be said for Afganastan. It is time to pack up and come home.

    Also, the ‘war machine’ in the us needs to be dismantled as well.
    Budget problem solved.

  • BeachD1

    Prior to the elder GW Bush being in the Elected U.S. Government, he was a high level National Security agency. His go to boy was Don Rumsfeld, who sold the weapons held in both Iran & Iraq. Any of the tales told later were fabricated, and Rummy knew it. That is deriliction of duty, something he would not be fully familier with, as his recoreds do not include actual Millitarey Service, especially, in combat. Secty of Defense ? He knew how to launder the dirty money some very unscrupulous people were involved in. The rumor of these fellas knowing the right people in Iran to communicate with, it is not surprising they are said to have arranged for the Embassy Hosteges in Tehran to not be released until Ron Regan was sworn in as President. Gulf War One, arranged. Gulf War two, arranged. Todays 99% v 1% , arranged.

  • Kalil Al-Ahmed

    The war is ending;the controversy continues and the aftermath would never be precisely calculated.No WOMD were ever found and the connection to 9/11 could have never been established.
    The aim of the war was to Liberate Iraq by Occupying it!!!Saddam had had to be replaced by a Shi`ite regime fully backed and controlled by Iran!
    The bottom line is what will ,in 10 years from now,the bereft families and orphaned boys and girls do by way of redressing their suffering brought about by Mr. Bush,s administration and wanton atrocities?
    Or taking the long view runs counter to the duoble talk of Mr. Bush,s watch?
    I would want to point out that the immedate result of the Iraqi adventure is economic decline and what the future may hold , by way of taking it out on America,may well begin before the decline ends!!