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Saturday, December 16, 2017

This article originally appeared on The Conversation. The 2016 election campaign was arguably the most divisive in a generation. And even after Donald Trump’s victory, people are struggling to understand what his presidency will mean for the country. This is especially true for many minority groups who were singled out during the election campaign and have…


12 Responses to MLK’s Vision Of Love Can Help Heal Today’s Divisions

  1. John Lewis never got the message. A icon for civil rights is nothing more than a partisan hack. That’s his opinion made up of baseless assertions.

    • I didn’t read your post, I’ll just assume you’re crassly trying to prove something or other about the Democrats and how they should just accept your treason.

      • Your a Communist/Marxist piece of dog crap. You opinion is as worthless as your pathetic world view. Useless eaters like you need culled from the DNA pool.

          • What particular things have I said – other than pointing out that you’re ignorant, racist, and unlovable – that you imagine correspond to the works of Marx or Lenin? I know you’re a high school dropout, but citations would be a plus.

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