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Wednesday, March 20, 2019
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18 responses to “Is Moneyboarding Torture?”

  1. Dennis Craycraft says:

    Since there never seems to be any bias on your Blog, I have observed that you don’t talk about any of the Philanthropic Good that the Koch Brothers are engaged. Nor do you site that they are 59th on the list of top donors to the political process for all parties, and that the top 20 donors are either Unions, or George Soros, who only donate to the Democrat Party. Those Damn Koch Brothers!

    • Mikey7a says:

      At least you got your last sentence right! Here are just a few FACTS about your beloved Koch Brothers!

      Koch Brothers Facts

      Here are Some More Koch Brothers Facts and Resources to Help You Understand the Guys Who are Trying to Divide the Country, Take Power Away From the Federal Government and Destroy Public Programs All in the Name of Profit:

      “American’s For Prosperity spent over $10 million during the 2012 campaign cycle on ads attacking ObamaCare and the candidates who supported it. They dropped over $5 million on just one anti-ObamaCare ad spot, falsely describing the health law as “one of the largest tax increases in history,” even though the Affordable Care Act actually represents a massive tax cut for the middle class.” – Kantar Media Group’s CMAG

      • Koch Industries, which the brothers own, is one of the top ten polluters in the United States — which perhaps explains why the Kochs have given $60 million to climate denial groups between 1997 and 2010.

      • The Kochs are the oil and gas industry’s biggest donors to the congressional committee with oversight of the hazardous Keystone XL oil pipeline. They and their employees gave more than $300,000 to members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee in 2010 alone.

      • From 1998-2008, Koch-controlled foundations gave more than $196 million to organizations that favor polices that would financially enrich the two brothers. In addition, Koch Industries spent $50 million on lobbying and some $8 million in PAC contributions.

      • The Koch fortune has its origins in engineering contracts with Joseph Stalin’s Soviet Union.

      • The Kochs are suing to take over the Cato Institute, which has accused the Kochs of attempting to destroy the group’s identity as an independent, libertarian think and align it more closely with a partisan agenda.

      • A Huffington Post source who was at a three-day retreat of conservative billionaires said the Koch brothers pledged to donate $60 million to defeat President Obama in 2012 and produce pledges of $40 million more from others at the retreat.

      • Since 2000, the Kochs have collected almost $100 million in government contracts, mostly from the Department of Defense.

      • Koch Industries has an annual production capacity of 2.2 billion pounds of the carcinogen formaldehyde. The company has worked to keep it from being classified as a carcinogen even though David Koch is a prostate cancer survivor.

      • The Koch brothers’ combined fortune of roughly $50 billion is exceeded only by that of Bill Gates in the United States.

      • The Senate Select Committee on Indian Affairs accused Koch Oil of scheming to steal $31 million of crude oil from Native Americans. Although the company claimed it was accidental, a former executive in this operation said Charles Koch had known about it and had responded to the overages by saying, “I want my fair share, and that’s all of it.”

      • DurdyDawg says:

        Never mind Mikey, you will never convince faux news air heads who side with the very money mongers who want to cut their life support, that they are rooting for the wrong toads.

    • blinnglad321 says:

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    • RobertCHastings says:

      Have you done any legitimate research to establish your claims, or are you just parroting conservative talking points? I have done enough research of my own to know the answer to that question, so no need to even answer. Just bear in mind that your comments paint you as either ignorant or a liar, or both.

      • Dennis Craycraft says:

        As a mater of fact Robert I have, and though you fall into line with the other Liberal attacks as to my character which I have received since posting this, I am not a liar, ignorant, nor do i follow the “Party Line”, when doing research. For instance what part of my comments do find questionable? Is it that the Koch’s have a lot of money and fund Conservative Causes, Just like George Soros does to Socialist causes like Move On. Org? Does the fact that ( of the Top 10 Political Donors are Unions who have their heads so for up the Donkey’s Ass, they cant see daylight. It looks to me that with all your “research”, you would know that’s the truth. Or, are you parroting the Liberal, Progressive Line. I don’t profess to know everything like you must, but I’m a Conservative Radical, who would like to see Congress and the Executive Branch follow the Constitution, both Parties. In 1966, I became a United States Marine, and swore an oath, Just like the one Barack Hussein Obama, and every other Congressman and woman did, the exact same oath. I went to war based on that oath and the lies that were perpetrated by the then Liar in Chief, Lyndon B. Johnson. I never was relieved of that oath, and believe it means more today than it did almost 50 years ago. So you believe what you want, that’s what has made this country great, but don’t try to tell me what a great researcher you are, or how you have distain for others who don’t follow your beliefs. And try to keep your “better than thou” horseshit to yourself. I will tell you that I know the Koch’s aren’t innocent, nor that they haven’t done things that go against the grain of your Liberal/Progressive mindset, but if they were not doing things within the law I would be the first to want to prosecute them.

        • RobertCHastings says:

          Oh, my, I seem to have struck a raw nerve, which apparently means my assessment is correct.

          • Dennis Craycraft says:

            Your apparent assessment of yourself is topped only by your better than thou attitude.

            I don’t pretend to know everything, but that bundling of your assessment of the “most Conservatives” comment is typical.

            As you can see from my picture, I’ve been around a couple of days, so I’ve tied to evaluate the issues I choose to comment on from any site. I can’t tell how old you are, I guess you can’t let people you disagree with being able to recognize you. Or your ashamed of what you look like, which is it?

            I’ve always looked at socialism as the type that wants to control every aspect of your life. It’s the socialists who want to determine equal outcomes, instead of equal opportunity.

            Its the socialism that determines what you eat, where you live, how much money you can earn, and how you can spend it.

            Quite frankly I’ve never seen the democratic socialism that leads to self-determination and true equality, we also include personal responsibility in our overview which I call conservatism.

            We could see that kind of socialism in this country, I call it Capitalism, and if you want the other kind you speak I suggest you find a country that has that, and move there.

          • Sand_Cat says:

            Move on .org comes nowhere close to your description of socialism, so so much for that statistic. Did you make the others up, too? Where do tyhey come from? Why don’t you answer that instead of re-stating the stuff from your first post?
            Where does your list of “top” donors come from?
            And you seem to be pretty good at “holier than thou,” too, since you brought it up.

          • Dennis Craycraft says:

            Well as to the 59th it came from a list of the top 100 Donors I think I remember the AFL-CIO at the top, George Soro’s around the top 30, but I cant’ data link or whatever so I do rely on an old mans memory. I will however point to an Washing Times, (hardly a conservative rag), Article Friday March 21, 2014 by Deroy Murdoch about the Political, and Philanthropic undertakings of the Koch Brothers.

            My fovority line is, ” only a liar could deny the tremendous social good that their money secures”.

            What were you saying?

          • Sand_Cat says:

            The Washing[ton] Times? If that’s where your info came from, forget it. “Hardly a conservative rag”? You’re right there. They are the creme de la creme of wing nut lunacy, owned by Reverend Moon, and obviously strongly influenced by him. Yes, I’m something of an old man myself, and I can understand forgetfulness, but I hope I’ve gotten a little less nasty and selfish in my political positions with age, though my comments reflect the frustration of dealing with the “conservatives” who have essentially controlled our country for decades, but are still enraged and running around predicting the end of the earth because someone to the left of Hitler got elected. And that’s about all Obama, Clinton, and Carter are, as far as their position on the political spectrum: moderate conservatives who in saner times would either be Republicans or draw Republican support as well as the more conservative Democrats. Your hatred of those who demand living wages from billionaires like the Kochs shows where you stand, and if I were you I wouldn’t be bragging about it.
            And yes, I don’t show my face or use my name because I don’t care to have my property vandalized or serve as a target for “patriotic” citizens who care more about their guns than they do their families and their fellow citizens, so don’t bring that up.

          • RobertCHastings says:

            Those who wish to identify me have my name which, as with any legitimate name can be googled. I am 68, did NOT serve in the military, but have loved this great country as much as anyone else. Your comments about socialism reflects much of what is being preached by the Republican and Tea parties today, intrusion into our daily lives, especially our intimate daily lives, and our healthcare. Your understanding of socialism is tainted by your adherence to the creed of the Koch brothers and their allies, who are spending more money than any other group to influence the political game in this country. Over $8M dollars has been spent AGAINST the incumbent Democratic senator from North Carolina, and the large majority of that money is readily traced back to the Koch brothers.
            President Obama identified as the chief economic issue facing the majority of Americans the burgeoning cost of healthcare, long before he became president. As you know, four years ago the ACA was passed, with many inclusions from the Republican Party. The ACA is very similar to the program suggested by the conservative Heritage Foundation almost two decades ago, and enacted by Gov. Romney in Massachusetts. Since this was, initially, a conservative idea, one would think that conservatives would be behind it. Perhaps, in your apparently boundless wisdom, you can explain to me why they aren’t. Likewise, I would just love to hear your explanation as to why conservatives just can’t keep themselves from making stupid statements about women and their libidos and their ability to control their bodies during and after rape, and why such prominent conservatives as Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter advocate for violence against liberals.
            If you would examine, closely and without bias, what has been going on in this country over the past three decades, you would see that the “socialism” you describe is eerily similar to the political course taken by the current incarnation of the Republican Party. The “Capitalism” of which you speak is today referred to as “neoliberalism”, and was born of the same parents that spawned the evil that led to the Great Depression and the Bush Great Recession – corporate greed and unbridled capitalism. But then,as a good conservative, you should remember what Eisenhower warned us against – the military/industrial complex.

    • johninPCFL says:

      Yes, Soros spends a fair amount of money, and amazingly, he puts his name on the checks. The Koch brothers, on the other hand, have set up an array of dozens of shell companies to move money around behind legal walls. How does the $410B they spent last election cycle through their “dark money network” stack up against the $2B Soros spent?

      • Dennis Craycraft says:

        Really John, $410 Billion?? Where are you getting your figures?

        • johninPCFL says:

          Should be Million in both cases. SOROS:
          So far in 2012, his single largest contribution has been $1 million to American Bridge 21st Century PAC, a Super PAC run by Media Matters founder David Brock, which primarily focuses on opposition research. According to a review of data from the Center for Responsive Politics, Soros’ contribution comprises about 12% of the organization’s contributions. He also gave $1 million to America Votes, which does not endorse candidates.

          Together, the 17 conservative groups that made up the network raised at least $407 million during the 2012 campaign, according to the analysis of tax returns by The Washington Post and the Center for Responsive Politics, a nonpartisan group that tracks money in politics.

    • johninPCFL says:

      Yes, the Koch brothers donated $600Million over a decade to charities (museums, colleges, etc.) per PoliticsDaily. They have about $140Billion in assets.
      The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has donated over $4Billion since 2000 per Wiki from an endowment of about $40Billion.

    • johninPCFL says:

      Just as a graphic comparison of the relative level of money spent in the last election cycle: for the Koch contribution through their extensive network of dark money sites (but whose money comes directly from them), drop a $50 gold Buffalo on one side of the scale. For the Soros contribution, drop a Washington quarter on the other side.
      In you mind, the scales are now balanced.

  2. Al Egro says:

    No matter how egotistical or altruistic a person may be, the human needs that one can gauge accurately are limited to a small circle of influence and thus a tiny slice of civilization.

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