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Friday, October 21, 2016

Mr. Romney Said To Be Practicing ‘Zingers’ For The Debate

Mr. Romney Said To Be Practicing ‘Zingers’ For The Debate
  • Maybe Mitt will demonstrate his Mexican heritage by getting a nice tan this time, and calling President Obama “Senor Presidente”…

  • CaptainWes

    Got a post card from my bank account – said weather’s fine – wishing you were here!

  • atc333

    If Obama addresses Romney’s “Marvelous Budget”, and his new claim he won’t cut 2% taxes, or increase taxes on the Middle class, as well, which was a necessary consequence if the budget were actually become balanced down the road, (after 5 trillion in additional deficits) Romney will need every zinger he has stashed in his backpack.

    • It will take more than zingers to accomplish any of this. The man is an idiot and a liar and that is all he is.

      • PoorNeuteredLiberal

        We all need to be extremely careful, MITT IS NOT AN IDIOT! Frequently socially inept and callous (which falls into the realm of sociopathy, now, doesn’t it?), the fact that he’s actually very smart poses an enormous potential for disaster for the country (think Cheyney with a core of fundamentalist fanaticism as PotUS) should we suffer another Diebold coup as in 2000 (and maybe 2004).

  • Willard (OMG! another «W») cannot win the debate. Obama will only smile at him before his comments and Willard will made his pants wet.

  • obama ought to show up in a state troopers uniform

  • OBama ought to show up in a state troopers uniform

  • waynehagen

    Congradulations mr president you have just set the perfect trap for romney. Severel times you encouraged him buy saying severaltimes what an excelent job he was doing, in the debate. You have just forced his foot right down his throat. he has now commited himself on the air verything that he doesnt believe in. you have just forced him to be in public with the whole nation watching to be an absolute liar on practically all counts from welfare to to better schools. you forced him to say things he did not want to say , in sutch a way that he didnt realise the committment that he was making. I congradulate you on allcounts, what a setup.