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Friday, October 28, 2016

National Memo’s Joe Conason Talks RNC vs. DNC On MSNBC’s Hardball

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Anyone who watched both the Republican National Convention and Democratic National Convention saw two very different crowds. Our Editor-in-Chief Joe Conason explains why Republicans were so dour, why they only mentioned their party’s last president George W. Bush only once and what demographic Clint Eastwood appeals to.



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  • I hear such talk of the President’s failed policies. The auto baillout was a failure? Tax breaks for middle class Americans showing up on every check is a failure? All those jobs and budget plans that the President could not get through Tea Party controlled Congress would have been failures?

    We have not been on the President’s plan since 2010 when the tea party took over Congress.

    As for the Romney/Ryan plan more tax breaks for millionaires and more hunger and poverty for everyone else.

    • Hi Joan, do you truly believe what you’re saying or are you just stuck repeating what you hear?

      Was the auto bailout a failure? That depends on your point of view, and remains to be seen for certain. But it was truly an injustice to force tax payers to foot the bill for corporations who can’t make good business decisions. That is simply wrong. Let the business fail as it should, and new companies will spring from the wreckage with better management and more disciplined accounting practices.

      The issue that libertarians like me are concerned about is the 16 TRILLION dollars in debt. When will it stop? When we are in the same position Greece is in? Do we want to have forced Austerity programs like they do?

      Our country’s credit rating was reduced for the first time under Obama’s term. And at the rate things are going, its going be reduced further. When that happens, and the interest rate on all that debt goes up, how in the world are we the tax payers going to pay it?

      Forget the other issues, because I guarantee you, those are secondary. You think unemployment is bad now, wait till that interest rate increases again, and the USA defaults on its debts. I truly hope that doesn’t actually occur, but I fear it is inevitable.

      • oldtack


        Am I to understand that you also were against the Bush era bail out of the big Banks and investments on Wall Street?

        I listen to some Conservatives that demean the bailout of the Automobile Industry but have nothing bad to say about the bail out of Wall Street and the Banking Industry.

        On the surface it sounds the right thing to do is to let errant large Companies fail . And if the owners and managers of those businesses were the only one to suffer I would agree. But, sometimes there is validity in “too big to fail” because of the devastating effect on subsidiary companies that are totally divorced from the problem area. The effect on the National economy would be catastrophic. Therefore I feel the two initial decisions by Bush were a necessary “evil”. I supported those two decisions but as a one time occurrence and one time only.I am opposed to furtherance of this type of assistance.

        Our Country is in this astronomical debt crisis because our Elected Representatives (Republican and Democrat)) began, years ago, acting like immature teenagers with Daddy’s Credit Card. For decades they avoided fiscal responsibility and constantly borrowed money for pet projects without ever matching income to outgo. Much of this present 16 Trillion is attributable to two wars financed completely by borrowed money and two bail outs financed entirely with borrowed money.

        What “burns” me is the hypocrisy of many of our elected Senators and Representatives (both sides) . They pompously parade around espousing their chagrin at our present debacle – always careful to place blame on their adversaries – when their names and stamps of approval are on about all of the deficit spending Bills that created this mess. I would like to see everyone of these characters “tarred and feathered and rode out of town on a splintery rail” and then sent to prison.

        We definitely need to practice fiscal responsibility but we need to have a realistic plan of how to effectively “turn this ship around” rather than enact a slash and burn policy as that I see from the Tea Party faction of the Republican Party.

      • NamVet_Ron

        Your not a libertarian, your a wannabe Republican. I would go along with your allowing big businesses to fail if it were just the CEOs who would be out of work during a difficult time with jobs being lost at a rate of over700,000 a month, but, million plus workers would have lost their jobs as well…The credit rating drop was do largely to a Republican controlled House trying to sink a president and Senate Republicans blocking every jobs bill that has come before them is another good example of what should be considered treason! Yet you spout about policies by an administration who has been blocked at every turn by a treasonist party who only desires power and has only their own greed at heart, not the country’s best interest!

    • The auto bailout and tax breaks for the middle class enacted by the invisible Obama sitting in Eastwood’s chair were a failure.

      That’s the #1 problem with the 21st century G.O.P.: They don’t believe in reality. They believe everything in Washington is a lie, that everything any Democrat has ever said ever is a lie, and that this makes them perfectly justified in bullshitting over everything even when they don’t have to (Paul Ryan’s marathon, for example).

      Which is why Mitt Romney now flip-flops on the auto bailout between condemning it and taking credit for it.

  • I can not vote for Mitt Robme and paul lying because they will make reagen, ( the begenning of the end of the middel class ) , look like a saint instead of the worst person to have ever have led the nation. He increased the tax on the middlel class by taking away allmost all of the itemised deductions on schdual A ,ie sales tax , interest, 3.5% medical , union dues , gas tax and so on and so on. He was the father of wellfare when he froze the minamum wage. It used to be half of the average wage , a living wage. I can’t say any more because I am to sad. Please vote for compasion.

    • Do you remember Reagan’s claim about the welfare Queen that drove a Cadillac to collect welfare checks under 27 different names. The only thing that was more pathetic than that was his decision to cut and run in Lebanon after 400 Marines were slaughtered, the warnings of an imminent Nicaraguan invasion via Texas, and the invasion of Grenada.

      • You do realize that you’re discussing a president who served 20 years ago right? How in the world do you believe that his decisions then are pertinent now? I assure you, both parties have had ample opportunity to overturn anything that he did that they disagree with.

        • Gammaanya

          Presidents that increased deficits the most and is affecting all of us now –
          Reagan 189%
          GH Bush 55%
          B.Clinoton 37%
          GW Bush – 115% –
          Obama 16%. taken from NY Times. It snowballed from Reagan to now.

          The only welfare people are Corporation. – after all -“Corporations are people my friend” – Romney said in 2012
          R/R have no clue about anything.

          • al wheel

            Be careful offering Randy hard numbers and facts. His libertarian brain can’t process them.