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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

WASHINGTON — Democratic voters are much more inclined than Republicans to relegate the Electoral College to the trash heap of history, according to a new national survey. That’s apparently what happens when you lose the electoral vote count despite winning the popular vote in two of the past five presidential elections, which leaves your party outside…

IMAGE: An Ohio voter receives the message that her vote has been counted on Super Tuesday in Parma, Ohio March 15, 2016. REUTERS/Aaron Josefczyk

38 Responses to A Majority Of Voters Support Scrapping The Electoral College

      • Ironic how that works. Believe me if the situation was reversed with Donnie getting the popular vote & Clinton winning the EC there would be a major whine from both Dump & his deplorable supporters. At one time the EC actually made better sense but with mass media coverage everywhere it no longer does & we should let we the people decide who we want to lead this country. Twice now in the last 16 years the EC went to the weaker candidate but I have no faith on the incoming President & will consider this nation without true leadership.

          • Check the bottom of your shoes, I think you stepped in it. we are not the ones publicly praising Russia’s dictator.

          • My Democrat party has become the new Amerikan Communist Party. Liberal commies have hijacked my party, and you blind, brainwashed drones are embracing the fundamental transformation of America into a soviet style communist regime. . FACT.!!!!

          • Sorry but you wouldn’t know a fact if it bit you in the butt.
            Time for you, to turn off FOX, get back on your meds and get some rest.

          • Leonardo kep’s main reply to comments on this site is “Liberal lies or Liberal commies”. Kep is so ignorant that he can’t comprehend that the term is an oxymoron. Liberals are the polar opposite of communists. In his deluded world his comments make sense.

      • But he’s got us with the polls. You ever hear why the State polls turned out wrong? I’d hate to think that up to 5% were planning to vote for Trump but were ashamed to admit it.

  1. “On the other hand, 67 percent of Republicans like the system as it is, along with just 19 percent of Democrats and 52 percent of independents who prefer to keep the Electoral College.”
    I’m just wondering whether the same percentage of Republicans would have favored maintaining slavery and giving slave-holding states the benefit of the doubt of having unenfranchised slaves so that those states could have their votes weighed to counterbalance the huge proportion of its occupants being denied the vote?

    Whatever, this notion of semi-autonomous entities called states influencing in some proportionate way, whether the nation progresses or stays mired in the past, only makes the United States the (dis)United States.

    The motto “Epluribus Unum” is just a slogan on paper; non-transferable for now to really make the country one whole in spirit and purposes. Instead, the nation is just a formal convenience composed of a collection of ninnyhammer states acting as separate entities united on a map in a geography book but not united in vision and purpose.

    • Aaron, don’t give them ideas. Though I did hear one idea years ago that the “best” reparations for slavery is counting Blacks as 5/3rds of a vote for 90 years. Don’t quite know if he was serious or not.

      United States. If you’re going to oppose the idea of voting for President by States; you might equally suggest eliminating the Senate. All the same arguments apply. With equal chances of success.

      I’d much rather spend my time opposing voter suppression efforts or promoting voting rules that encourage voting. My own idea is mandating X number of polling booths per area based on population.

      • Equal number of machines in each poll, Voter ID?? This should be a national standard, with the burden on the State to prove the person ineligible, you know “innocent until proven guilty”. Or the easiest, is just mail the ballots to the person’s address, like we do in Washington and Oregon. Then the voter fills them out puts a stamp on it and mails it back to the auditor’s office at the voters’ convenience, no need to pay poll works, or incur cost for space and operation of the precincts.

        • I’m not sure where you’re headed, but at a polling site there are a number of voting machines. In some cases the number of machines is quite small in relationship to the number of voters reasonably expected (viz. Black areas). Thus long lines. I support mandating the number of voting machines or booths based on the number of voters to be serviced.

        • Really!

          I thought the 3/5 rule was part of the creation of the Constitution which predates political parties.

          I’d always heard of Jim Crow, is Sam Crow his brother?

          Well, the Republicans have been anti-immigrant since the beginning. Some things don’t change, eh? Other things do change.

          • You are correct and he doesn’t understand that he is referring to the Democrats of 150 years ago. The Solid South ended in the late 1960’s and 1970’s. The Democratic Party of the Solid South is now the southern Republican Party. Sam Crow was Jim Crow’s half brother, you know a mulatto.

  2. While I am not pleased with the results of the current election, let me say this in favor of the Electoral College. Without it we would have been stuck with Vice-President Joe Lieberman back in 2001 instead of Lord Cheneymort. Frankly, I would rather have a vulgar, crude, self-serving SOB like Cheney than a self-righteous prig like Joe Lieberman any day. You always know where you stood with Cheney (at least when you weren’t on the wrong end of his gun sight), whereas with Lieberman, it all depended on which way the weathervane was blowing that day as to whether he would be the Liberal Defender, or the Great Conservative Compromiser.

  3. The electoral college is not going anywhere. It would take a constitutional amendment to get rid of it. The smaller states will never vote to change the system. Why would they give up the vote to allow California and New York decide who will be President.

    • Better them than the lunatics of the the right and smug, compassionless prigs like you.
      All your “principled” BS and “thought” boils down to you want your way; like most modern conservatives, you believe in government “by the people” only when the people want what you do, and hate the Constitution and Amendments (except the 2nd, of course) and America in general. You proved it by voting for a dangerously dictatorial and insecure sociopath.

      • You’re a joke right? Rhetorical question libtard……you have the balls to tell me I want things my way when you try to force your happy clappy left wing crap down everyone’s throat? You know what’s better for me than I do hogwash? You’re so out of touch with America you must live elsewhere.

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    • Once again you trolls make ludicrous comments like let’s take the largest state in the US out of the vote count so that Trump will have the largest # of popular votes. Why not take a million of Ca’s votes apply them to Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania so that the Democrats win these states and therefore the EC?
      Trump won the EC but Hillary won the popular vote by 2.83 million votes. Why would anyone want to exclude any state from the popular vote count. I thought that all votes should be counted is the American way. It seems you wish to differ on this.

      • Trolls huh? Why can’t it be a fellow American sharing his beliefs with others to create a counterpoint?

        Would you not agree that issues facing people in the rust belt differ from those on the west coast? Then why should a country be held hostage by a group that holds illegal immigration dear to their hearts?

        • And above in your reply to Sand_cat you call him a libtard, now “Why can’t it be a fellow American sharing his beliefs with others to create a counterpoint? ” Practice what you preach. You don’t want him forcing his happy clappy left wing crap down everyone’s throat? Well I don’t want the xenophobic views of many Trump supporters forced down mine.

          The rest of this comment doesn’t reply to your bogus one of eliminating the largest populated state in the union, that doesn’t sound very fair to me. Illegal immigration is liked by all people who own agricultural business where the crop is hand picked. These are as likely to be Republicans as Democrats. In other states these illegals perform jobs in most of the lawn care companies. So far I haven’t seen anyone claiming that those who lost their jobs in the rust belt states should become fruit pickers or mow lawns. You should check out a Sixty minutes segment in which an area called the golden triangle in Mississippi where a guy named Joe Max Higgins is bringing in new manufacturing jobs, they are advanced industry including this mill run by Steel Dynamics. These are not old style manufacturing jobs working on assembly lines they require skills that the can acquire at a nearby community college. Mostly the skills involve becoming computer literate. Old style manufacturing jobs are all being automated so they are not coming back no matter what Trump claims. Rust belt states need to be able to reproduce what Joe Max Higgins is doing in Mississippi.

          • He has shown me to be nothing other than a libtard Bill, never with a real argument only nonsensical insults. You may be different and will get my respect until you prove otherwise.

            They will not like illegal immigration when the hammer comes down and businesses closed for hiring them. Illegal is illegal! Now if the cost of my lettuce goes up because of it, so be it. These places will be fine and legal immigrants may be the ones who replace the illegals if not there’s a number that will motivate an American to take the job. I did find that segment of Sixty Minutes enlightening in that the guy knew that tax and education incentives worked. Those same tactics is what the new administration will promote regardless of the business mission.

          • So it’s okay for you to be name calling someone but you don’t want it done to you. That sounds a bit hypocritical, don’t you think?

            Your comment “They will not like illegal immigration when the hammer comes down and businesses closed for hiring them. Illegal is illegal! Now if the cost of my lettuce goes up because of it, so be it.” is great but large agricultural businesses will fight this and will have a good amount of sway with the incoming administration. It will not be just lettuce that goes up, almost very vegetable and fruit will rise and all people will complain because they can’t afford to but these products. This will also cause the price of beef, pork and chicken prices to rise a lot. You don’t seem to realize how many aliens are working in these industries. What the new administration will do remains to be seen.

          • At the risk of sounding juvenile, he started it, but be that as it may. Besides hypocrisy is something your side must be used to by now!

            Those agricultural lobbyists will have a voice but a decision will be made that’s good for the American people. Prices may not rise as much as you think due to good old Yankee “competition” for goods and services Bill. But one must take the good with the bad and I’ll leave the decision as to what takes precedence up to the Trump administration.

          • Of excuse me but from what I have seen written on this site by you and others like you is juvenile and even infantile. You are dreaming if you think that Trump is going to be for the American people. He will do what the lobbyists and wall street ants him to do. As for good old Yankee “competition” for goods and services” these agricultural businesses will need people to pick their crops. They will not find enough people to work for the wages and under the conditions that these so-called illegals work now. Even at $15 an hour (and we know that Republicans and Conservatives that’s below the poverty line for families so I guess they would have to sign on to the SNAP program and Medicaid. I guess these programs will not be going away or shrinking any time soon.

          • I’ll take the wait and see attitude on the subject what Trump will or will not do for the American people. If you believe he will be doing the bidding of lobbyists then it is you who must also believe in the tooth fairy.

            Yes, they need people and if $30 an hour is what it takes to get their crop to market then that’s what it is. I’ve personally thought a head of lettuce for under 2 bucks was absurd anyway and if I want a salad I’ll pay 10 if that’s what’s necessary. The market will take care of it’self Bill and THAT’S Yankee competition.

            Please, see how things play out before condemning. That too is an American trait.

          • All anyone can do is wait to see what actually happens. As for lobbyists Trump’s former campaign manager is starting a company that will provide access to the Trump administration. Sounds like lobbying.

            If lettuce goes to $10 or more so will other fruits and it will be more than 10 for tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. that’s if the farms can find enough people to pick the crop. Most people will not be able to buy the veggies

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