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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A new round of national polls suggests that Mitt Romney has pulled even with President Barack Obama in the 2012 race, and he may even hold a slight lead.

Romney now leads President Obama by a 49 to 47 percent margin in Gallup’s daily tracking poll. The Gallup poll measures “likely voters”; among all registered voters, Obama still leads Romney 49 to 46 percent. Neither result represents a statistically significant lead.

Notably, Obama has made up the losses that he suffered among registered voters in the wake of the first presidential debate on Wednesday. Since Saturday, Obama has held a 50 to 45 percent lead among registered voters, the same 5-point margin that he held in the three days before the debate. This leads Gallup to conclude that “Romney’s initial gains from his strong performance in last week’s debate may be short-lived.”

The latest DailyKos/SEIU/Public Policy Polling poll also shows Romney with a 49 to 47 percent lead over Obama. That narrow lead is within the poll’s +/- 2.7 percent margin of error.

Republican-leaning Rasmussen Reports’  latest daily tracking poll shows Obama and Romney tied with 48 percent each. Romney’s support runs slightly deeper than Obama’s in the Rasmussen survey; 45 percent of voters are “certain” that they will vote for Romney, compared to 41 percent who are certain they will vote for Obama.

Based on the strength of these results, plus yesterday’s Pew Research Center and Politico/George Washington University polls, Romney has taken a razor-thin lead over Obama in Real Clear Politics‘ poll average. His 48 to 47.3 percent advantage represents the first time that he has been ahead in the average in over a year.

Despite Romney’s rapid rise in national polls, Democrats should not yet push the panic button. As New York Times statistician Nate Silver points out, there is solid evidence that Romney’s debate bounce is already receding. Furthermore, Obama still holds leads in almost all of the critical swing states, and he still has more paths to 270 electoral votes than Romney does. According to Silver’s forecasting model, President Obama still holds a 74.8 percent chance of winning the election.

Still, the evidence is clear: the race has tightened significantly since Obama’s high-water mark after the Democratic convention. What’s less clear is whether Romney can translate his new-found momentum into serious gains in states like Ohio and Wisconsin, which he’ll need to have any chance of reaching the White House.

Photo credit: AP/Evan Vucci

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  • Take a Poll of the Average Americans. Not a Poll of PAID OFF VOTERS!

    • You got that right. The polls will be rigged this election no doubt.

      • darkagesbegin

        as will the election, if 2000 is any indication

  • I try not to get pulled into Polls – irregardless if it is Romney ahead or the President is ahead. We have appoximately 250 million eligible voters in this country, how many voters are used in these polls – how many are Republicans, Democrats and Independents? Democrats – no matter what these polls say get out and vote – do not rely on others to be your voice in our government.

    • “irregardless” is not a word.

      • I apologize for offending you Ms. Herrera – I will do my best never to do that again. Thank you for your correction.

        • 101strac

          I believe what you have just done is called” the perfect squelch”. Good for you.

      • AMADAL

        Really? Why is it in the dictionary? It’s defined as a nonstandard form of regardless. If it has a defination, it is considered to be a word, even if it is considered to be slang.

      • concernedgran

        Irregardless – Non-standard form of regardless; Blend of irrespective and regardless. I really do wish people would pick up a dictionary before they criticize another persons spelling. There are many more important issues to discuss!

      • It’s not a word, clueless people say it WAY to often. It’s a “double negative” It cancels itself, what you end up with is “regard”.

      • DurdyDawg

        Funny, I always thought it real AND a useful word. What planet do you hail from?

    • You Got That Right We Are The Change We Are Looking For Vote Cause Every Election Is Important And All Vote Counts!!! Obama/Biden 2012 November The 6th Let’s Make It Happen!!!!

    • Look up
      “National Voter Turnout in Federal Elections 1960 – 2010”
      The highest percentage of citizen of this country that could legally vote, that actually bothered to, was in 1960. That’s 52 years ago.
      Obama, was #4. in the list
      2010 Mid-term – 37.8%
      No matter how hard we try, we can’t blame them for that one. Nov. 6 2012, we need to set a new record, if we don’t. it’s our own fault.

      • You Got That Right!!! The Voting Booth Is The Polls That Counts!!!


  • notafoxfan

    the “debate” really was not a “debate” was a case of romney bullying the moderator, mr lehrer and talking over him,as well as obama..if people were swayed by romneys performance,god help us! he has flip flopped and lied on just about every issue..he is relying on aides and “tea party” whispers in his ear to say the right thing to whatever audience..if you want to actually see comparisons of the things he has said and to what audience,watch msnbc and rachel maddow, who have taken the time to present the “different” mitt romneys by comparison and fact checking,not by arbitrary polls..

    • WE The Smart People Of America Will Get off Our Asses And Make Sure Romney Will NOT Win!!! Matter Of Fact We Will Vote Against All These Low Life Knuckle Dragging Lying Ass Terrorists And Traitor That Are Destroying This Country For The Profits It Will Make Them!!! Obama/Biden Voting Against All The GOP/Tea Party American Taliban Members!!! Bruce You Can Go Screw Your Self Have You Not Read My Memo!!! Shut Your Dumb Ass Talking To Me!! Go Fuck Yourself In The Eye!!! I Talk This Way To Keep Trolls Like You From Talking To Me!! Get The Clue And Keep It Moving!! Or Do I Have To Rip You A New Asshole In Order For You To Understand???????

      • I do not think the smart people of America talk about fellow Americans like that. You, yes you should be ashamed of yourself, just because you can not express yourself properly you must resort to name calling of approx. 50% of America.

        • If 50% Of The American Are Tea Bagging Lying Trolls Like You , You Damn Right I’m Going To Cuss Them Out Also Cause I Have Made It Very Clear Don’t Talk To Me About That Low Life Lying Rat Bastard Romney And I Mean It!!! Just Keep It Moving, Move The Hell Around Me!!! Cause As You Can See I No Doubt Will Let You Have Every Nasty Word That They Ever Wrote So Stop Pushing My Reply Button Trying To Talk To Me!! Cause I Don’t Want To Hear From YOU!!!

        • Bruce, I am a disabled vet who served over 20 years. I served in both Iraqi wars as well as Afghanistan. When I got out in 2004 and returned to Tucson, the hatefulness I and my two teenage kids experienced for expressing progressive viewpoints and for disagreeing with Bush and the Iraqi war was extreme and intense. I was a victim of frequent verbal and non-verbal assaults while driving, to include 2 truly dangerous road rage assaults, to the point where I felt it necessary to remove my magnetic bumper stickers whenever driving with my kids. They too were subjected to the most vile verbal harassment for wearing an Obama or anti-war shirt, or for standing on the liberal side of a weekly Wednesday pro/anti Iraqi war rally on Speedway Blvd. one “sweet” seeming lady calmly told my 16 yo son he looked like a “faggot” in the then popular Ann Coulter vernacular, which many of the right wing “adult” men began to mimic. I basically had to carry my son away. Then there were the frequent accusations from people, fueled by constant diatribes from members of the right wing brain trust like Coulter, Savage, Levin, Hannity, and of course Rush Limp-Bough, that I was a traitor for daring to even criticize Bush during a time of war. Of corse when I would ask these people who would confront me at a gas station or parking lot over my bumper stickers just when did THEY serve in the military last, they would look at me like i had asked them if they were from Mars or the Moon. The same people who supported truly the worst, most clueless president in our history, who hated Obama even before he even won the Democratic nomination, and who now support Romney, have been so abusive towards, so intolerant of, and so dismissive towards people like me, that, yes, after these 10+ years of this UN-American crap, we’re tired of it and are in no mood to just lay down and accept the abuse anymore. We’re tired of having to constantly act like the adults in the room while the haters run around acting like juvenile delinquent punks.

          • OMG You Have Got To Be Kidding??? I Guess Not Did You See Ann Have The Nerve To Tell Whoopie Goldberg She Know How Black People Fell?? Whoopie Rip Ann A New Butthole On The View!!!

      • Such hatred and BS from you “Tolerant” Liberals when you are faced with Americans actually knowing the truth in an “unbiased” debate, where you can’t control the ads, media, and falsities, and 67 Million Americans that now know the real Romney, that will be a terrific, experienced, & knowledgeable leader for ALL of us, not like Obama that only campaigns to a variety of groups to create a divided country. Big Spending to keep getting elected by promising favors with borrowed money, creating the $16 TRILLION deficit we now have. You children & grandchildren will be really happy with the mess you left them.

        If you would take off your uninformed & biased blind following of Obama, I believe you and many others will be pleased with the results of a man that can help create prosperty for all.

        • You Low Life Lying Asswipe You Too Can Go Fuck Yourself!! Don’t Start With That Bullshit About The Kids You Country Destroying Greedy Ass GOP/Tea Party Is The Ones Screwing Up This Country Shut The Fuck Up Talking To Me You Tea Bagging Ass Wipe I Don’t Care To Hear You And The Rest Of You Lying Rat Bastards Opinions On NOTHING!!

          • Wow, not only do I like what you say, the way you say is hot! Who knew political dialogue could be an aphrodisiac?

          • You Can Play Games With The Rest Of These Tea Bagging Bitches Don’t Play Games With Me Cause I Don’t Play!!

        • Your Brain Dead Ass Need To Get A Life And Stop Sucking Out Of Romney Ass Cause He Never Going To Help Nobody But Himself !! Piss Off Go Caught Up With Your Tea Bagging Ass Kissing Crowd!! Bet The Koch Brothers Are Here On The Internet Go Kiss Their Asses But You Might Have To Wait For Romney To Get Finnish His Lips Are Always On Those Brothers ASSES!!

        • You Got Your Nerve Praising A Lying Rat Bastard Like Romney Who’s Been Selling Out The American People And Gutting Out American Companies For A Living Go Screw Yourself!!

        • Bruce Melin

          I hope you realize the in 1835 the budget and deficit were balanced by a Democrat . When Reagan took office we were less than one Trillion in debt during the next 20 years of Republican budgets ( Reagan, Bush and Bush) our deficit increased to 13 Trillion if you include the interest on the Republican debt. The reason for the continued increase in our debt is due to the unbelievable economic mess left by those three Presidents. Don’t blame the Democrats for the debt. Clinton balanced the budget more times during his terms than the Republicans have since Hoover.

          • “They” just don’t want a black man as president. Black people are supposed to be controlled by “a national public policy on black people. European culture set the stage for the exploitative use of black Africans, and the social and physical conditions of life in the New World drove the English to construct an aggressive strategy to enslave them. No single factor compelled Europeans to seek out blacks to serve as the labor class of the New World. Many factors converged simultaneously. The English people, like most Europeans, harbored racist attitudes towards black people long before the first settlers arrived on the north American Continent. “They” just blame the black’s!!!

          • patuxant

            I have always said this was the case. Most recently, it appeared when Romney talked about having had his boys lie to him and attempted to demean Obama by drawing a similar comparison. The one of the five boys stated yesterday that his dad always knew when they were lying and about how his dad knows about obsinate kids. There is the rub my friends. But lets face it. Mormons were strongly anti-black until maybe a generation ago. Romney grew up under that theory. I don’t think it went away. I believe he is a bigot and a liar and hates the fact that Obama has more appeal and class than he, Mr Aristocracy does.

        • jendevizio

          Romney lied in the debate about cutting taxes for the wealthiest and he lied about health coverage for pre-existing conditions. He has said the opposite repeatedly–so did he lie then or now.

        • Parisgirl

          This is exactly the sort of uniformed political rhetoric I heard when G W Bush was running…the same unsupported BS from the same “Intolerant” running scared, brain washed conservatives. Like Romney George tried to bankrupt the state he governed before he decided to ruin the country. $11 trillion of the debt belongs to George before he left office and another $3.5 trillion belongs to the hemorrhage he left behind. That leaves President Obama responsible for about only $2.5 trillion of the debt. At least he saved the auto industry and kept those millions jobs here in the United States. Like Romney, in his rude and arrogant presentation at the debate, you people talk and talk and never have a fact or reference in your conversation. There are no specifics, just rhetoric. There are statistics and REAL figures on the government and public web sites, but your kind refuses to recognize actual facts. Bush was the highest spending president in the last 50 years with his huge tax cuts for the rich and the 2 costly wars he took us in to. The only ones close to George’s spending was Reagan and the first Bush. They were all spending over the 8.5 percentile George climbed to 8.9. Clinton was in the 3.5 percentile while Obama has remained the lowest at 1.85. He has brought the unemployment rate down despite the 2/3rds reduction in the public job sector. Yes Bush had 3 times as many government jobs up and running under his administration, that is until the GOP house axed them under Obama. Yes the unemployment rate would be even lower if not for the stupidity of the “intolerant conservatives” cutting jobs when we needed them. These are the facts…on the books…not opinion and and not rhetoric Although thrifty on his spending Obama has created more jobs than either Bush or Reagan. The stock market has returned to very high levels and the GDP is going strong. Romney has not offered any specifics about job creation and he cannot even rest on his laurels. His job creation levels are zilch both as the President of Bain Industries and as Gov. of MA. where he was 47th out of 50 states in job creation. He talked only about the jobs he plans to cut. First responders, firemen, police, teachers and prison employees along with airport control tower operators are on the chopping block. He also left MA. in millions of dollars of deficit. Obama leads him by 28 points in that state. Romney was a 1 term governor and they certainly do not want him back as president. If you do not hear him talking out of both sides of his mouth, if you are unaware of how often he changes his views…YOU ARE NOT LISTENING! If you think (unless you are very rich like the top 5%) he is about helping you, you are ignorant of his policies. His ‘prosperity for all’ is for all those Billionaires that are supporting his campaign. I feel compelled to suggest that you at least educate yourself before displaying your opinion. Opinions after all, are like …….. well you know every body has one. I am consoled by the fact that only 67 million of you (which I think that is a Fox news statistic) is a drop in the bucket compared to the 314million 548thousand that is the population of the US.

          • Hey Looney Lana You Ready For Another Round Of Getting Your Ass Cussed Out BITCH Just Keep Running You Fucking Mouth Bitch Cause I’m About To Rip Your Dumb Ass Another Asshole You Stupid Pestering Bitch!! Go Take Your Ignorant Ass Back To Where The Hell You Came From Before It Will Be Round Two Tea Bagging Whore!!

        • one_veteran

          Plznnn, One suggestion, go get a tripple inima, you really are FULL OF IT!

        • If the Romney group wins, he will no longer be a double standard political hack. He will go with the Tea Party crowd and OUR Social Security, OUR Medicare – and I say OUR because we have all paid into these programs for years – will be replaced with voucher programs and we will lose our hard earned investments. He will also cut taxes and social programs and get us into military situations just like Bush. Women will have no rights and the ones making less than $ 200,000 per year will bear the burden. So go ahead and tout Romney and his win it regardless campaign. We will hit the worst financial calamity this country has ever seen and you will wake up and realize what you were fooled into believing when it is too late. And don’t forget, the national debt was already over $ 10 TRILLION because of Bush’s tax cuts and war declarations. AND good ol’ Romney would have let GM and Chrysler fall apart and we would have unemployment out the kazoo. I can’t believe anyone with a brain would fall for his political mess just so he can get elected to an office he has coveted for years. Our best allies will wonder what has happened to America if we can elect someone like Romney that has insulted the British, The Israelis, and several other countries. We are not full of hatred, just wary of a political hack like him. Study the past and see what happened to Germany when they fell for Hitler. He had them fooled just like Romney has you blinded into believing he is a real sincere guy.

          • That’s The Playbook They Are Working Out Of The Hitler Playbook!!


        • lana ward

          She talks to me this way too. She is one nasty skank!!———President Mitt Romney sounds GREAT to me!!!

          • Your Mother Is A Nasty Skank You Low Life Ass Sucking Bitch Take You Stinking Ass Some Where Else Fuck You Bitch!!

          • lana ward

            Angry? Be careful you might have a heart attack–you skank. Your Obama’s not doing so well right now, ya think?

          • You Mother Is The Biggest SKANK I Know Both You Bitches Go Suck Out Of A Moose Ass!! Obama Will Do Fine Cause Most People Know Romney A Greedy Lying Ass Con Man!!

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          • Take Your Stinking Ass Back And Kiss Pat And Romney Ass Plus You Can Give Them A Blow Job While You At It!! Stupid Pestering Whore!!

          • I Will Talk To You, Tommy Tucker And Any Other Tea Bagging Mother Fucker This Way Who Try And Brain Wash Me Trying To Get Me To Like Romney Lying Two Faced Ass!! Your Broke Stupid Ass Is On The Screwed List Also!! Romney Going Screw All You Ass Kisser None Of You Are Millionaires That’s The Only People That He’s Going To Look Out For BITCH GET A CLUE!! NOW GO FUCK YOURSELF!!

          • lana ward

            I could never vote for Obama because nasty people like you vote for him. You may lose votes for him–have a good night

          • And I Will Never Vote For Romney Cause Of Lying Bitches Like You You Vote For That Liar Cause You Are A Liar!! Now Go Suck Out Of Romney Ass Like You Been Doing!! GOOD BYE AND GOOD RIDDEN!!

          • You Are The Dumbest Bitch I Have Ever Seen I’m Surprise You Make It Thru The Day Without Somebody Beat Your Dumb Ass For Bugging The Hell Out Of Them!! You Like A Fly In The Summer Time Buzzing Around People Head And Their Food Stop Bugging People With You Romney Ass Kissing We Really Do Not Want To Hear From You Get The Clue And Catch Up With Your Tea Bagging Troll Crowd!!

        • Idiot



        • Robmoney will set you up China with a nce job at $1.00 an hour together qith a bowl 0f cold grull to pull you thru the day. LOL

        • jendevizio

          Duane Roberts is right. Romney and the Republicans’ M.O. has
          always been to scare people into voting for them by telling them that anything that benefits the middle class is socialistic. Reagan fought very hard to stop Medicare from being enacted and gave a rousing speech about how “voting for Medicare would cause the US to become just like the Soviet Union” (his words). Romney advocated the Ryan budget which will turn Medicare into a voucher program. Bush actually tried to privatize Social Security and Romney/Ryan may succeed if elected. There are ways to strengthen Social Security. We could raise the limit at which people get to stop contributing. Currently it is a little over $100,000. Those of us who don’t make over that amount pay SS on our entire income; but people who make billions still contribute only until approximately $106,000.

          The debt was driven up by Bush and his two unfunded, and mostly unnecessary wars and by giving government welfare to insurance companies through his “Medicare Advantage” program. Why is it that when our tax money is given as a handout to the wealthy it is “just business” but when it is given to poor and middle class people it is sinister? We redistribute the wealth from the middle class to the upper upper class all the time but it isn’t called that by the Republicans and the Fox news puppets.

          So, if you want to go to war with Iran or Syria, and want Social Security and Medicare to disappear, vote for Romney.

      • Parisgirl

        I honestly wish I could write with your colorful language. Thank you for expressing so eloquently, what I am actually thinking most of the time.

        • When You Get Sick From All The Lies And Hate They Are Trying To Push On The American People It Will Come Easy!! LOL I Hate To Do It But It Seem The Only Way To Get Rid Of The LIARS!!!! And I Know Damn Well They See Just How Romney Been Lying And Flip Flopping Also How This No Good Congress Has Stopped And Try To Block All Efforts Of A Recovery!!! Obama Almost Turn This Mess Around Damn Near By Himself!!

          • Parisgirl

            Believe me, I agree with everything you say and all that you are saying is true. I am so sick of the Romney, Ryan Akin, Republican lies, but I am even more sick of these people who buy the lies with their bigotry and their resistance to the truth because they are the reason for the lies. They lap the lies up like pigs at the trough. I just wanted you to know you have a fan. I like and respect those who stand up for the truth and who are not afraid to call a liar a liar.

          • Onegonewrong Go Join The Hitler Movement And You Can Suck Out Of Hitler And Romney Lying Ass!! I Keep Telling Your Racist Ass You Can Bully Me Little Bitch!! You Just A Little Sissy Still Living In Your Mother Basement Your Words Mean Nothing So Shut The Fuck Up Talking To Me And Take Your Fellow KKK Members With You ASSHOLE BITCH!!! While Your Mother Is The Tribe Leader Of The Hookers And Whores!!! You Hiding In The Closet Like A Good Little Sissy You Are Go Else Where You Little Tea Bagging BITCH!!

      • lana ward

        You are one nasty skank. I can’t believe your comments go through.—–Yea! President Mitt Romney

        • Your Mother Is The Nasty Skank That Help My Comments Go Through BITCH!!!

      • onedonewong

        The Dem’s based is the 47% who don’t pay taxes and live on welfare. You know that since your part of that tribe. So no you won’t get off your ass unless they bring the voting machine to your home

        • You’re a moron, almost ALL of the 47% pay taxes, just not federal income tax, and most of them work or collect pensions or social security they paid into after long careers of working and contributing. You’re just another lying right winger.

          • onedonewong

            No they don’t that’s the problem rather than pushing the wagon they are on it getting a free ride. people who draw pensions or draw SS pay income taxes its the Dem base that’s on the dole.
            Yea the data is alll wrong because you don’t like the picture it paints of Dem’s and your messiah

        • Now Here Your Lying Ass Go Haven’t You Got You Ass Cussed Out Enough By Now!! Your Bigot Ass Need To Get A Life And Stop Trying To Screw With Mine You Racist Asshole!! Lana Is A Dumb Lying Stupid Bitch And So Are You Two Little Tea Bagging Bitches!! Hey Onegonewrong You Are What We Call A Tea Bag Fag!!! LOL

          • onedonewong

            have you gone to treatment for your crack addiction

          • You Racist Low Life Bastard You And Your Mother Smoking The Meth Pipe While Shooting Up The Oxy!!!

          • onedonewong

            You know you have to go every day to break the habit. Its too bad that you have to engage in prostution because you and your family are on welfare. Don’t welfare pay for the treatments or do you just enjoy woking for the $$$

      • chisolm

        You sound a bit unhinged today, take a deep breath. You should frame your post and read it next time you read a poll show Romney surging.

        • You Can Mind Your Business Also Cause There ‘s Enough For You Too!! Romney Sugar Rush Has Nothing To Do With My Writing I Don’t Want None Of You Tea Bagging Bastards Talking To Me That’s My Point!!! So Fuck Off!!


        • Mind You Business, Move You Ass Around, Don’t Read It Nobody Making You Read It!!! There’s No Gun Being Held To Your Head That’s What They Gave You Eyelids !!! Just Keep It Moving!!!

      • patuxant

        Fern. I know how you feel about these jerks out there who are mindless fools. But don’t let them get to you. You will not change their minds as they are idiots; so just smile and walk away from letting them upset your equalibrium. I have an old friend who constantly sends me anti-Obama crap and it aways ticks him off when all I email back is “….and your point is?” He can’t answer and it frustrates him. Why? Because defending a moron makes no sense, particularly when one never know what position he is going to take next.

        • It’s Not Their Minds I’m Trying To Change!! I Well Aware They Are Brain Dead Puppets My Point Is To Get Them To Stop Talking To Me!! You Better Believe They Will Soon Take A Break Cause I Will Let Them Have It NON STOP!!!

      • peteserb

        I’ll break it to you gently Fern. You are not one of the smart people. You are an idiot.

        • Sorry My Little Tea Bagging Fag It’s Your Mother Who Is The Idiot Cause She Should Have Gave Your Father A Blow Job The Night You Was Hatched!! So Now That Your Got That Off Your Little Faggot Chest You Now Have My Permission To Go Back To Sucking Out Of Romney Ass Crack!!

      • Romney Just Got His Butt Served To Him By One Of The Navy Seal Mother Who Son Died Over There In The Middle East !!! She Told Him She Don’t Trust Romney And Stop Using Her Son In His Crap To Make Obama Look Bad!! This Woman Is Really Mad!!! That Go To Show You What Kind Of Low Life Romney Really Is!!! She Said Romney Is Not Showing Her Or Other Parent No Respect What So Ever And He Needs To STOP!!! Guess She Had Enough Of Romney Crap Also!!!

    • I was a Obama supporter, the only chance Obama has left is to admit to these terrible debate and prepare good for the next one, making up excuses will not help him

      • President Obama acknowledged he dropped the ball and joked about his performance during the first debate. I think we are going to see a different Obama during the next two debates. The GOP anticipates that, and they are well aware of the fact that Mitt Romney’s greatest weakness is foreign policy, and decided to criticize Obama’s foreign policy in the Islamic world, and embrace it at the same. The idea is to make it as difficult as possible for Obama to fight Romney since doing so would mean Obama shooting down his own policies. Fortunately for us, they made enough mistakes on their proposals to solve the Syria and Iran problems for Obama to go after Romney with a vengeance.
        In the end what will make a difference is the status of the economy and the unemployment rate on 11/6. Debates may be fun, but they don’t really mean much when compared to qualifications, demonstrable record, character and vision.

        • middleclasstaxpayer

          You’re right….Qualifications, demonstrable record, character & vision are VERY important. Obama’s stats:
          1-Qualifications: NONE, as critiqued by Bill Clinton: An AMATEUR!
          2-Demonstrable record: 44 Straight months with unemployment at 7.8% OR HIGHER, and at least 23 Million out of work!
          3-Character: Whispered to Russian Premier: “I can be MORE FLEXIBLE after the election.” Why was this a secret statement????
          4-Vision: With job creation & unemployment MOST needed, what did Obama devote his first 24 months to doing…NATIONALIZING HEALTHCARE?????
          Yep, he’s got it all…..but WHERE will it take us???

        • Hopefully foreign policy WILL be Romney’s downfall,and hopefully before the election. It is apparent with all of his bluster that he does not understand the complexityof the situation in the Middle East, nor does he have any idea with whom he would be dealing were we to get involved in Syria. At least in Libya, we developed good intelligence before we got involved, even though with the various religious and secular militias in Libya we still don’t know who will come out on top.

          • LOL You Think The Trip He Made Overseas This Pass Summer Where They Called Romney All Kinds Of Names And None Of Them Was Good Names Either!! LOL Only Country That Liked Romney Was Israel That’s Cause He Swore To Fight Iran Is He became President!! Now If That Wasn’t Some Low Down Crap I Don’t Know Want Is!!!

        • You are right Qualifications ..Obama Communtity Organizer , Senator who voted for everything he blames on Bush ..when he didnt just punt and vote present . Failed President . Romney a sterling success in Govt the Private Sector and his chritable work . Romney 1 Obama 0 ….Demonstratable record …we just covered that Romney 2 Obama p0 in fact lets give him a neg 4 for the last 4 yrs …so Romney 2 Obama -4 …character slame dunk Romney 3 Obama -4 vision ? one wants dependence on Govt and resistribution he wants to make us a model of European efficiency ( Socialism has never worked anywhere in history ) . he wants to reward bad and lazy behavior and punish achievers . The other guy wants to incentivise Productivity work and investment . He wants to make success the American ideal and not a dirty word like Obama …Thank you Dominick are right the choice is clear . Romney 4 Obama -4

          • President Obama does not want to reward bad and lazy behavior. The 47% of Americans he dismissed as dependent on the government, and the 47% of our population the GOP claims do not pay taxes do work, pay taxes, and contribute to the betterment of our society, probably more so than the billionaires who invest overseas, hide their assets and gains in foreign tax havens, and only remember the middle class when they need our vote or want our children to fight their wars.
            Yes, Romney and the GOP want to incentivize investment…overseas! When President Obama proposed legislation last month to punish companies that outsource jobs and reward those that invest and create jobs in the USA the GOP ignored it. Do you know why? Because it impairs the ability of their wealthy donors to invest and maximize profits overseas.
            When President Obama proposed investment in infrastructure to help stimulate the economy and create jobs the GOP blocked it.
            Most Democrats understand that sustainable growth and job creation depends on a robust and profitable private industry, but when private industry is on life support, and traditional means to stimulate the economy such as low interest rates and availability of credit don’t do the trick, the only recourse left is government spending until the economy recovers and it is no longer needed. The GOP shares similar opinions, but deliberately rejected President Obama’s to ensure the economy remained weak and unemployment high to ensure they had a credible argument to run on. The latter was eloquently acknowledged by Sen. Mitch McConnell when he admitted that their most important goal was to make sure President Obama was a one-term president. Think about it, Republicans deliberately caused pain and misery on the American people for 3.5 years to ensure they could get the White House and the Senate back. That is nothing short of high treason!

          • where are you guys getting those etch-a-scetches from? toy r us are out. do you hsve a stash in case you shake on ouy of the box? wish i had one.

        • I’m Praying We Do Cause These Low Life Bastards Are Ruthless!!

      • Guido, you are right. I support Obama and despise Romney as much as ever. But using Romney’s lies and slimminess or Jim Leher’s weakness or Obamas heavy workload as an excuse for Obamas weak debate, or trying to say it was really part of Obamas strategy, just won’t cut it. He needs to step up and be the fighter and leader we elected and need now more than ever. Enough said.

    • The Debate was the forst time in the whole campaign that somebody called Bullshit on Obama . The Liberal Obama Media certainly hasn’t called him out on all the LIEs he speaks . Mitt did that . Now that Obama got a beat down he is still running around saying Mitt Lied during the debate ( he didnt) and his media isnt asking Obama why, if he thought that he didnt bring that up during the debate ? Instead he is running around like the spoiled kid he is . Like a kid who lost and is making excuses that the other guy cheated . Look he had the chance face to face mano y mano and didnt have the balls to say that to Romney’s face ..Why ? He knows Mitt would’ve made him look foolish . Lets hope fair minded Libs saw that and will switch sides . It’s clear who the more qualified person is here to run the Country . One has been a success at every station in life and has looked out for his fellow man . The other has been an abject failure and has gotten a pass . He has never looked out for his fellow man unless it’s a group he is pandering to for their votes . One will incentivise work productivity success and investment . The other will incentivise dependence on Govt and Redistribution .That one will also reward bad behavior and and punish achievement

      • Budjob

        If you are a woman,and if you work for a living,you can ill afford to vote for ANY republican running for office in ANY capacity.Personally,I wouldn’t vote for Jesus Christ if he was running for office as a republican,AND THAT’S THE TRUTH!!!

    • WOW, are you taken in by false information, There was absolutly no bullying, and BO had 4 more minutes than Romney. Besides, if BO had a debate like Romney, you would all be praising how great BO took down Romney. Just shows that you really have no true principles, they just change with the wind.

      p.s. MSNBC only has their viewpoint, never the other side like FOX & CNN. If you really want to understand the truth, try listening to other points of view. And when the polls were in BO’s favor, you swore by them. Geeeze.

      • notafoxfan

        to plznnn..for your information,i watched all of the debate,and i am entitled to my opinion,just as you are..i took debate in high school and college, ,majored in communications ,and i have watched most if not all presidential debates since jfk and nixon because of my interest in politics and the media..the format was not followed and yes,obama did have a few more minutes,but he was not impolite…to say that i really have no true principles is arrogant and downright nasty on your part and a personal attack on me,which is not the purpose of comments on a specific article,nor does it promote intelligent discussion..i do happen to watch cnn,abc,nbc,cbs,msnbc and yes even occasionaly the fox news channel to discern different viewpoints,including hannity,oreilley and greta van sustern. you sir (or madam as the case may be)should be a bit more respectful of others viewpoints, and although i fully respect you right to disagree with me, i would not stoop to internet name calling,and i research things i hear or read to find if what is said is truth or opinion only…..

    • onedonewong

      It was a debate and it was a bout Obama’s record what could he say other than ahhh errr ahhh hmmm


  • Romney as a chameleon will go nowhere. He changes colors everyday and every time. He cannot be trusted with the White House.

  • tsue_Yang

    Mt. Romney is only the Liar

  • darkagesbegin

    I think the Romney campaign is in my neighborhood. I just passed a limo with a big yellow bird strapped to the roof.

    • LOL Romney The Bully, The Punk Would Go After Big Bird But Not Big Oil!!

    • I am so happy..that everybody in my family is ready and register to vote… even my niece that just turn 18, my nephews, nieces, uncle, aunts, my kids. Today my son in law….we all have to vote…this is serious.. we can not let Mitt the Robmey win…… we have to fight work all my associates or 47% like me are voting OBAMA….F@@@@@@@ck Robmey……… my mom 81, is voting too!!!! yeahhhhhh OBAMA!!!!must WIN!! or we won’t see the end of the tunnel… no more American Dream….. the only thing will see with this JACKASS will be a new WAR…… !!! BUT THE COWARD WILL SHIP HE’S BABY’s BOYS TO CAYMAN ISLAND’S……….WAKE UP! WAKE UP…..SORRY I WAS HAVING A NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!……..DO WE HAVE TIME TO CHANGE THE DESTINY OF OUR NATION??????? YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS……VOTE D.E.M.O.C.R.A.T…….VOTE OBAMA!…or WE ARE F@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@CK!

      • You Got That Right!! Well Said My Friend!!! :-)!! Romney Is Beating The War Drums As We Type!!!

  • ChristoD

    Folks, if you haven’t figured this out yet, it is about the ‘person’ not the issues with the remaining undecideds. Issues people and hard core Reps/Dems are locked in. The fact is the President ‘crapped the bed’ against smooth ‘used car salesman’ Mitt in debate and is paying the price. Perception is reality, people. Enough of the ‘he outlied the President’ crap, including stuff I wrote. All of Mitt’s gaffs are forgotten. All of his positions are whatever he says they are in a debate simply because he is NOT being held accountable by the President or anyone else.If the President doesn’t call him and call him in a direct and preofessional way in debate two, it is in all likelihood over and Mitt will win simply because the remaining undecideds are buying his deceiptful, say anything to get elected gig. End story. The ball is in the Presidents court…..iof it is not too late.

  • mrbluesays

    Romney will say ANYthing true or not to get voters so he can kill your son’s in his war with the middle east (where the USA don’t belong) as well as destroy middle america so a few croonies can milk and make money on the backs of middle america, Along with his side kick lyin Ryan. USA is not ready for a war monger or rebublicans at this time in US history.

    • goodcats2

      And he will NOT send his SONS to any war, who cares about ours? not him!!!

      • The sad truth is that the children of the super rich quite often find ways to avoid serving, and even when they were drafted they usually got safe assignments. Obviously, that is not always the case and Sen. McCain is living proof of that. Most combant troops are the children and grandchildren of the 47%.

        • goodcats2

          So true! Also of Sen. McCain.

        • He really screwed-up with the 47 comment, allot of his millionaire buddies don’t pay taxes, The members of our Armed Forces that protecting HIS stupid as## don’t pay taxes. Both parties, “elect us, we need to fix the screwed-up taxes for corporations” they own millions of dollars of stock in those companies, how many times have we heard that line, have they EVER changed them?

        • But McCain Voted Against A Bill That Help The Troops!!!

  • B4Real2012

    It’s really sad when a person running for the President of the United states has proven time and time again that he is an inveterate LIAR and will say and do anything to muddy the waters. Are there really people stupid enough to elect such a poor excuse as their president? I simply do not believe that and definately pray that this is not the case. I have asked Rachel M or anyone to do a side-by-side ad and analysis of ALL the NUMEROUS lies and flip-flopping statements that RomNutts has made over the years, not just in this election year. He doesn’t care about anything but money and and power. He is also fooling the “allege” conservatives, too. Thus, those of us, whether Dems or Repubs, who still have a modicum of common sense, need to make sure that this man doesn’t get his toes on the corner, up the street or in the back door, of the White House. He is simply annoying to watch and especially when he tries his hardest to look presidential when he only really looks like a mobile dummy/mannequin. How does a person who is so phony and who seems to simply think that he is entitled to be president, still even in the running? It makes no sense. I would (seriously) take McCain over him, any day. At least I know I would be getting the truth. The POTUS still told the truth during the debate, too, maybe not as passionately as we wanted him too, but the True, just the same. Get over the theatrical rhetoric and know that RomNutts wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him in the As_. Obama 2012 – YES 4 more years.

    • micahm14

      You just said a mouth full right there! I agree with every word! it’s really puzzles me to think, America has come to this, that they would take anyone, liar or not, flip-flopper or not, just to say they voted Obama out of office. It really comes down to the color of skins, to keep it true and real. Even the Bible says: in the last days, what’s right, people will make it wrong, and what’s wrong , they will try to make it right. That’s what’s happening with MittNutt (love it). I call him Mitt the Nitwit. It’s pretty scary to think that, he thinks he’s entitled to the job. Not to mention, he’s been bought by the Koch brothers, and all the other millionnaires, and billionaires in this country. They are using the power of money, to buy his way into the white house. This is only so Mitt the Nitwit can do exactly what they all want him to do. We cannot allow this to happen. Wake the F up America! this is serious business we’re dealing with here. If Mitt the Nitwit becomes president, I’m more than happy to relocate out of the US. I can’t stand a liar and a thief, and he’s both in my book! I don’t get why it’s so hard for people to get that. We have to keep doing the best thing we can do, which is to pray, pray, pray, and pray some more, that this man and his imps don’t make it through the gates of the White House.

  • #2 should be pretty interesting, Obama sat back and watched, Romney’s given Obama things to go after. basically, he set himself up as a target.

  • How ANYONE can believe this mittchurian outright flip flopping lies is beyond the mind’s comprehension!

  • Romney lies with such alacrity that yes, he does seem credible. The giveaway is his twitchy, jumpy demeanor. And since when is lying not a ‘sin’ in the Mormon, or any other,
    religion? Anyone who is fooled by his sales pitch deserves what they’ll get if he’s actually elected: A back to the future, 19th century Gilded Age. Don’t be fooled.

  • notomitt

    I agree with notafoxfan to a degree. Romney was bullying his way through the debate BUT, there is no excuse for Obama’s performance. My vote will be cast for Obama, but I want my vote to be because I feel he is the stronger candidate, not simply to cast against Romney who I feel is a terrible idea for president under any circumstances. Romney claims over and over he will bring jobs back. Not only does he make this claim, he adds it will be in large proportion. Here are two reasons why this is not likely #1: Romney was 48th in job creation as a Governor. How can he bring jobs to an entire nation when he is almost dead last as a Governor? #2: He boast how many jobs he created under Bain. What he fails to mention; Bain is not into developing companies and jobs. They make their money investing in companies to turn around for profit. When these companies are sold off, most times they are broken up or go into bankruptcy. When that happens, all of these jobs Mitt supposedly created dissapear. IN FACT, because of the profits Mitt makes with every sale, he is earning approximately $20,000 for each layoff. I know all of you Romney supporters will read this and say I’m full of #$%&. Do your homework. Unlike the Twitt, I don’t recite fiction, just facts that FOX will never tell you.

    • Obama’s been taking notes, watch what happens in round two. How many times has Romney flip-flopped, it should be interesting to see how he deals with it.

  • goodcats2

    How anyone with a clear mind can even consider voting for R&R is beyond me! Isn’t Mr Bain Capital aka Willard Mitt Romney the person who outsourced many jobs to China? Bankrotted companies here in the USA and pocked the monies? to hide them in Switzerland and Caymon Islands? isn’t he the one who said he does not care about the 47%, i am one of those, worked over 40years paid in to Medicare, Social Security and plenty of taxes, i guess this does not count, also said as long he get’s 51%votes, he will be President, taped at Boca Raton FL. oh, i forgot now he will be a President for the 100%, how on earth can people forget all this, i do not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • when Democrats are high in the polls, the Republicans accused of fixing the polls, they play so dirty, bunch of scum bags

  • Romney will say what he has to say to win the vote. In the end, once in office, he will flip again and fulfill the demands of the Neo Cons who paid for his service. It won’t look good for the middle class and we will realize there was a coup

  • mitt romney is a shame of a man with all is lieing and if anyone falls for that bull he was talking about is crazy just like him he spoke all over the moderator and our president
    no respest for no one our president is better than that he has respect he didnot over talk
    romey if anyone fall’s for that mess he was talking about i fell sorry for them we will show them come nov 6

  • For the past several presidential contests, fewer than sixty percent of the ELIGIBLE voters have participated in the vote, which makes it pretty easy to understand why the minority party(the Republicans) don’t have that much trouble winning. We Democrats must get off our smug self-satisfied butts and get people registered and out to vote. What if Obama showed up at the next debate and stated right off the bat that he had changed all of his positions 180 degrees, and ask Romney to deal with it? Would Romney call him a liar? It is pretty much what Romney has done with virtually every issue since the Republican primaries began, so it is obvious that Obama’s poor showing was due to his confusion as to where Romney stood on any given issue.

    • Look up the voting records from 1960-2010
      Since 1960, the highest percentage of citizens of this Nation that could legally vote, that actually bothered to, was in 1960. 63.1 % that’s 52 years ago. 1968 was 60.8% that was the LAST time it was over 60%
      Obama, is #4 in the list, 56.8%.
      2010 mid-term 37.8%
      Nov 6 2012, FIX IT.

    • That’s Just What I Said Obama Got Our Back Let’s Have His Back!! VOTE!!!

  • DurdyDawg

    So, Romney believes he won the first debate and as it implies he’s now inching ahead, he decides to believe the polls and begins his visions of grandeur.. Of course in the next debate when all his myths and lies will be put to the test and the polls shift, he’ll go back to the ‘set-up’ whine. What a disgraceful human being.

  • It is very sad that some people cannot see the lies that Mitt Romney continue to tell he is not going to help any one but himself , I sure hope you people will open your eyes to what type person he really is. Sorry he will help the very rich, and not the 47% he talked about .

  • President Obama’s community organizing experience allowed him to learn what Mitt Romney will never learn: the problems that afflict the poor and the middle class, our aspirations, fears and hopes. Elitists may dismiss that experience as irrelevant, I consider it one of President Obama’s greatest assets and one of Romney’s greatest weaknesses.
    Republicans would love if we are all struck with a case of severe amenesia, but those with a half functioning brain still remember who championed the tax breaks that wiped out a budget surplus during his first year in office, we remember who used deceit to justify the invasion of Iraq, borrowed money to pay for it, and did not put it in the general budget to give the illusion his deficits were not as large as they were, we remember who pushed for deregulation and contributed to the Enron, AIG and Wall Street debacle, we remember who admitted the U.S. economy was on the verge of collapse, and we remember who proposed, drafted and signed the TARP whose cost is now blamed on Obama because it was signed on 10/3/08 and the 2009 fiscal year started 10/1/08.
    Your rhetoric may sound convincing in a Tea Party meeting held by zombies, you are wasting your time posting in this forum. Most of the people that share their opinions in the National Memo can rationalize thought and can articulate their arguments without resorting to immature diatribes.

    • The post above is in response to Michael Stoll’s post.

  • nurselaidoff

    I am keeping watch on multiple news sources (I did watch the Rachel Maddow show with the different Romneys). Fox news has also shown multiple comparisons on Obama very similar to the one that Rachel put together on Romney. Fox has been showing “Obama in his own words” and believe me, it is one contradiction after the other all the way through his campaign in 2008 to present day.
    I can tell you right off the bat that both Romney and Obama take liberties with the truth or don’t tell the whole truth.
    Obama lied about his 4 trillion dollar deficit plan. His plan would actually create more deficit. Romney’s statement on the health care board having a rationing effect- not true, Obama’s statement that the health insurance premiums have been going up slower than anytime in the last 50 years- not true, Romney’s statement that 23 million people were out of work- not true although he got this figure by adding in all the underemployed and people that gave up and stopped looking for jobs….Obama’s claim that Romneys tax plan doesn’t add up- untrue. In fact the professor that the Obama campaign based their findings on has come out in denial, stating that his research doesn’t show any such thing. And the list goes on and on.
    The main difference that I see between the campaigns is that Romney is attacking Obama’s policies and the Obama campaign is directly attacking Romney as a person. The Obama campaign has been using fear and division to promote their candidate. They don’t have a record to stand on. And now they have resorted to calling Romney a liar. That could backfire big time. Obama is more of an ‘etch a sketch” candidate than Romney and basically says what he feels he needs to say to get elected. By the way, Obama had plenty of opportunity to contradict Romney in the debate the other night. I think that the over whelming reason that Romney won the debate the other night is that this was the first time that many people have seen him unfiltered from the main stream news media and from the huge number of attack adds that the Obama campaign put out. In a way, Obama’s campaign set this up as a win for Romney. When people saw Romney and Obama (minus his teleprompter) unfiltered, they saw something entirely different from the Romney image that the Obama campaign has been trying to craft.
    Class warfare is the main theme of Obama’s campaign. I have noticed that Romney gets called to the mat when he gets campaign donations from “rich” donors and yet Obama rakes in money from the rich and famous and it is considered “cool”. In fact, the Obama’s are both rich lawyers as are many of our representatives and senators.

    • Justin Napolitano

      Nurse, you think we don’t have class warfare? Please explain why 1% of Americans own 90% of all of the wealth in the country? Explain how that happened and what you would do to change it. Be specific or shut up.

  • I wonder what will happen when Romneey change positions in the next debate and the president calls him out on it? Romney said some serious stuff in the first debate, and if he says anything different, he will ve challenged. What do you think he’ll say? “Get out of my face!” or “Kiss my ass?” or will he walk off stage refusing to answer? How far will the president’s numbers go up? There are two more debates, with different moderates who will probably not be so pliant as Lehrer. . . Which Romney will show up? The moderate Republican, the far-right Republican, or the fringe Tea Bagger? We’ll see. VOTE AMERICA!!!!!!!!!

  • If that’s the case, shouldn’t President Obama strategy be to get him to openly confirmed that he agrees , then play it up to Mitt base and Superpac Supporters or make him define why he changed, then point out that this is his position today and who knows what it may be tomorrow….LOL

  • How sad that Mitt can lie his way thru the debate and folks still say HE WON !
    Even corp run for profit media and PBS News Hour.. who I had respected bought the lies hook line and sinker. All all people Charlie Rose had guests on fawning over Mitts ‘ WIN”
    Yes Obama was off his game but he did tell the truth Next time Obama must come out swinging Ready to call out the lies Etch a sketch Mitt Lied about Corp cuts Lied about helping the Middle class Lied about funding education Lied about hiring more teachers
    Mitt did a 180 on what he has said during the debate SO who is MITT anyway Moderate Gov – Far right extremist Mitt or Mitt ‘s other persona / Empty suit

  • Class welfare is the GOP talking point WE call it fairness The Top has lowest tax rate since 1950’s GE Exxon etc paid NO tax. Taking liberties is one thing Out right LYing is another. ON the important issues Obama has supported the middle class funded Education- passed first health bill ever that covers pre-existing illness , students and makes powerful insurance CO ‘s spent a minimum of 80 % on actual Health care. Obama ordered Bin laden & top AL quada killed which kept us safer while Bush just gave up . Obama saved US auto jobs and manufacturing is coming back..but more is needed. Mitt has flipped so many times NO one knows who he really is or if he stands for Anything
    Romney has grown up privileged and unlike the Kennedy clan looks down on 1/2 of America as victims ! Ironically Many of those folks are his base in Bible belt states They get many more tax dollars back from gov’t than blue states receive.

  • one_veteran

    Suggestion…… mitt the twit must have worn out at least 5 etch a sketch by now… perhaps we could all send him a new one! Hell he can’t even get his own state to vote for him, they know himm all too well.

  • I am 75 years old been a democrate most of my life.Can not vote for anyone that believes killing babys is ok that men laying with men is ok it makes me sick .The democrates voted god out.If you want to see were we are headed read the rise and fall of the roman empire.

    • Justin Napolitano

      Please Jess a fetus is not a child. When a male child is born he owns all parts of his body, but when a female child is born she owns everything but her womb. Politicians have decided that they own all female wombs and have the right to tell her who will occupy that womb no matter how a fetus is placed in there. She is to use her body for one purpose and one purpose only and that is to feed the fetus and it doesn’t matter if she was raped or was forced to have sex with a relative. How can we have a free society when one half of our population does not own the rights to their own body? If you want to stop abortions then allow women to have free and freely available birth control otherwise stop protesting. One last thought, it takes a man to get a women pregnant so why not blame men for causing a pregnancy?

  • Ho Luong

    We are as the voters and need not the result of pool , we must judge the situation of the Nation from economy , employments and how to deal with International events, is that worth to keep the curent administration and the head of it. We must smart to cash our balot

    • Justin Napolitano

      The Obama administration is the only sane answer.

  • onedonewong

    sorry if your a dem you’ve put next to nothing i the pot and having taking more out

    • Justin Napolitano

      BS, I am a democrat, retired and still pay taxes, perhaps more than you. Do not categorize Democrats as not paying taxes.
      Romney should pay more than he does but he prefers to put his money overseas. How do you not criticize that?

      • onedonewong

        Rigggght. The Dem base is the 47% who refuse to pay taxes. If you pay taxes then your 1 of the 5 Dems who do

  • onedonewong

    Bark and his fellow Dems took over congress in 2007 and are solely responsible for $10 trillion of the debt. More than all the US prsidents combined.
    And what do we have to show for all that debt?? Better roads healthier public…stronger country??? Sorry the $$ been squandered. He could have done a better job just flushing it down the toilet maybe some would have shown up in the ocean

    • Justin Napolitano

      Come on onedone, you are making all that crap up. You should be on the Romney team with your ability to make stuff up and lie. here are some Obama statistics ; 5.2 million jobs created, the stock market doubled and pension funds doing better because of it, auto industry strong and unemployment down to 7.8% are signs we are moving in the right direction. Vote for Romney and 716 billion is removed from Medicare because he restores cut to insurance companies and providers, 30 million people and counting still uninsured and many uninsurable. Senior citizens have to pay for dianostic testing and also pay more for drugs.
      There are many more thing but you get the idea. If Romney is elected I wouldn’t be surprised if he wants to send troops back to Iraq and start a new war with Iran.

      • onedonewong

        HUH??? Did yu ever finish 3rd grade math??? Let me help you understand math if you start with 100 and you finish with 95 you didn’t create anything…. there are fewer Americans today than at anytime during W’s 2nd term. So he created 5.2 million jobs but he also eliminated 6 million.
        the auto industry is not strong, GM is making 7 out of every 10 cars they produce some where other than the US ad is exporting their R&D to China. GM owes the US taxpayers $200B that they never can pay back.
        Its barak who has said he is removing $715 Billion from Medicare not Romney.

        There are many more issues and that’s why Romney is now leading in ALLL the battle ground states. Its so bad for Barak in florida that a number of polling firms have left saying that Romney is a shoe in. Even the University of colorado said that their economic models show that Romeny will win 45 states

  • onedonewong

    Sorry all that debt was passed by a democratic congress. When the deals were cut with Reagn and Tip it was for every dollar in tax increases there would be $3 in spending cuts. What happened spending went up. Under Bush 1 a similar deal was in place for every 41 dollar in new taxes there was supposed to be $2 in spending cuts. What happened spending went up

  • onedonewong

    fund out you have AIDS huh?? that’s what happens when you don’t have a job and solicit prostitution

  • God protect America and the world if a person like Romney wins the election. That will be an insult to thr intrlligrncr of honest people.

  • Bullies!!!

  • Larouche and Romney a tough team to beat but we’re working on it!!

  • There are three more debates. We will see the outcome.

  • Mister plutocrat, Romney, just don’t understand what he’s up against, even if he wins a few points…

  • Joe Narusiewicz

    Romney is a liar and a flip flopper and it will come out more and more to the average voter who doesn’t pay attention to this fake.

  • spiritual13

    look into the past were all your earning have gone not going. We should prosecute previous.
    We do not have possative assets! debt in Social services and Fed? Whats next is our IRS,roth, 401K. No one is accountable, If our existing government continues as it has for the last _ _ years god have mercy on our governments tax land. We now are bypassing the congress. Fire them all and lets take a real change. Show me the proff. CREATE companies in USA TAX imports cut all other Tax. Shut down all loosing agencies. How many government agencies do we have and what do FBI do? Monitor Porn? Who is watching our Government? When is the last time you heard one of them arrested/ impeached? We cant even afford to Impeach Them but it is nice paying thier retirement and Insuance for ever. Who wants a job like that? Why dont they tell us aprox how in debt we truely are for SS and FED. A Dollar is worth .03 cents. Out of what our existing president said he would DO, What has he done but put into place something we have noooooo way to afford with pesent lack of assets. What about his suggestion of looking for prevention of diseases no longer a cure that we will never find. DNA results on us all? He could have been one of the greatest but hving some one that has shot a corpse that has been frozen for years when his head just poored out like freezer burn and dethoughed rooten gooch. Im in for hopefully a GOOD CHANGE NOT THE O-No! I would like to see this job done like it was ment to be, no kick back and Free by individules that dont need the money not ones that can take advantage of us all!

    • Justin Napolitano

      Please go on line and look up the answers you want. Google Social Security and medicare and you will see that both are secure. SS for at least 25 years, with no changes, and Medicare for at least ten with the changes Obama made. The President hasn’t put anything in place that can’t be paid for including the Health care act and has proposed 4 trillion in cut over 12 years. Go online and get the answers you want and then become a knowledgeable voter.

  • ralphkr

    I like seeing polls showing Obama a bit behind because they should galvanize Democrats and anti-Fascists to get out of their recliners and vote either for Obama or against Romney. I consider the real threat would be polls showing Obama showing a big lead which would soothe the anti-Fascists into staying home resulting in a win by Romney. Shades of the Truman/Dewey campaign. Although, if Dewey had won it would not have been the disaster that a Ryan/Romney win would be (shades of President Cheney and his puppet, Bush).

  • David Godson

    We have our own Romney here in the UK, he’s called Cameron (our PM). He currently claims to be in support of “one nation” while giving tax breaks to the rich and reducing welfare for the most vulnerable.

    Please do not fall for the same claims.

  • ellen_h

    So I guess these polls indicate the American people like liars and people who will say anything just to get elected

  • tobewan

    Romney may have appear to have a “strong” debate, but really, he ran a a DIRTY debate, while Obama was trying to run a CLEAN debate; needless to say, many FELL for Romney’s trickery; and half the nation is being fooled by him and his billioaire cohorts.
    Kind of like Christmas becoming “commercialized”, Elections have become so financialized, spending, spending, spending, money that would be better used to help our economy – would that there was a way to STOP that election spending. The wealthy complain about paying TAXES, but are quite willing to part with many times more for the party of their choice, which seems to weigh-in more on the Republican side, in whatever way they do.
    PS: Financial “come-ons” to pay “ZERO Taxes” is treason in the making! An effort to subvert the nation. Would like to think MOST Americans are smarter and more loyal than that.

  • tobewan

    My 1968 New World Dictionary says: Irregardless, adj. & adv., a substandard or humorous redundancy.

  • tobewan

    Those of us who have reached the respected age to retire and receive Social Security are a blessing and an asset to any to any community! We take no one’s job, yet we continually contribute to the economy, both local, county, state, and nationally, and both commercially and governmentally. We need a president that understands we are GOOD for the country. Mitt doesn’t understand that.

    Furthermore, why don’t we hear more about the fact that over 9 out of 10 ARE WORKING. Instead of hearing about how HIGH the unemployment is, lets hear about how HIGH the Employment is! These are those who are keeping our nation going – 3 cheers for our HIGH employment!

  • tobewan

    You can leave this one at the beginning here.
    Thanks, National Memo for allowing us to post our thoughts, facts, opinions, and replies. You do Americans a great service, and we herewith acknowledge your kindness to us. It allows to to see, read, and understand how different views can be presented and held to, whether true or not. What judgment is used (good or bad, up or down) at election time will be indicated by the results, but there is a higher judgment taking note of our judgments here. Regardless of prior nationality religion, or color of our skin, in America it must still be: “OF the people, FOR the people, and BY the people, and our voting should follow the one who holds closest to that, our SET VALUE.

    Again, Thanks, and MANY Thanks to “The National Memo”!!!

  • feff1950

    I still find it amusing how Romney was running around in a panic before the debate telling anyone who would listen, “this is not about winning or loosing, but just a forum to give voters a perspective of their two choices,” but after the debate he’s running around like a giddy preschooler yelling “I WON, I WON!” when in truth, the fact that he didn’t loose was like a victory for republicans. The dread that he would shoot himself in the foot , and didn’t, was such a relief to them, that it felt like a major victory..

  • dotutz

    Ask anyone from Massachusetts who they are voting for and it won’t be Romney! Are they smarter than the other states?????

    • 101strac

      Maybe you’re too young to remember nixon. I’m old but if my memory serves me correctly, massachusetts was the only state he did not win. When his presidency was going down the toilet, there were bumper stickers which proclaimed, “Don’t blame me, I’m from massachusetts. Turns out he was doing what all republican officeholders, and officeholder wannabes do, lie, cheat, and decieve the American voting public. Does that make us smarter than the other States? Probably not, But apparently less gullible.

  • I do not believe the polls.
    I can’t believe that more voting Americans are going to ultimately vote for this high perched vulture…but, if they do, then God help us!

  • This Romney is the biggest liar I have ever seen run for a political office, he’s a disgrace to any religion which leads me to believe all Mormons are lying, tax dodging, draft dodging, crooks.



  • Sand_Cat

    I still can’t believe, that in a nation of supposedly reasonably intelligent, at least half-educated people, someone like Mitt Romney is within 50 points of Obama – or ANY sane person. I have been very, very unhappy with the lukewarm manner in which Obama has pursued doing the right thing, the way he has allowed the Republicans to use him as a floor mop, and the fact that he has not repudiated much of anything so far as Bush illegal executive actions and extensions of executive power are concerned. Even his “outlawing” torture is pretty meaningless so long as he maintains prisoners on US bases that he claims are beyond the reach of the Constitution. But multiply his negatives by two, and you’re still nowhere close to any prominent Republican.
    The title of a recent book comes to mind: Just How Stupid Are We?

  • peteserb

    For all of the liberals. Mr Lehrer said he thought the debate went as he planned it. Obama was not bullied , he can’t reveal his plans or he would definately lose the election. Notice that in the liberals mind, Romney lied but everything Obama said was truthfull. More of the liberal mindset. If you don’t have a better plan, call the opposition liars and disparage them.( call them names for refutation of the facts.) Notice the excuses. James Carvil the air was to thin. The whitehouse, He was bullied. Hilary he was tired from all his work.(Fund raising is work) Shame on all the gullible Americans who follow this lying Muslim.

  • patuxant

    I worked in private enterprise for a large insurance company for over 20 years, and if you don’t already know, contractors who do repair work (like on homeowners losses) give kickbacks to adjusters to get the bid. And so it is the same for Romney. He is taking multimillions from big big players and believe me, they will want him to pay the piper when the time comes. Romney has been bought and paid for! So our worst nightmares will come to pass if Mitt is chosen. This is what is so so disturbing about this election. We have a real danger staring us in the face right now and its name is Romney.

  • I thought I herd Mitt say that each state should have more control over how there state is ran, and Gov, should have less to do. Well I would like to know then just who was in charge of the over sight of the drug Co. that put out the bad med’s that is killing all those that had the shot’s, and making others sick?????? Was Mitt, the Gov. of the state at that time or where was the FDA?????? I m just asking so don’t beat up on me because I want to know.

  • bud2011

    The more people learn about Obama – they will vote for Romney.

  • Mel Miller

    Sure, Romney’s debate bounce is receding. Wishful thinking? It *does* come form the NY Times, so I’d say that the statement is subject to being jaundiced and suspect. Whatever. The real test comes tomorrow. Biden is smart, no argument there. But he is also inflammatory and prone to less than judicious statements. He has also been known to make racial slurs and off color remarks. Should he be like Obama was, quoting nothing but hollow rhetoric with no substance to the *plan* they supposedly have, (an accusation that Obama made, but which feels like it fell flat in light of his dearth of substance in his side of the debate) that will be bad. Expect Ryan to have facts and figures and be well versed in his position. Both are good debaters, but if Ryan keeps his composure and Biden does not, it could be the Waterloo for Obama and Biden. IF Biden does not come with substance, but only empty rhetoric, that will not be as bad, because the damage has already been done there. But even that will not bode well for his chance of being re-elected. It depends upon who electrifies and motivates their supporters. I have a feeling that the next debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Husein Obama will not be as dull. Obama cannot afford to let it be, but without a teleprompter and knowing exactly what “talking points” will be relevant and on subject, he may have a hard time. But don’t expect that he will always be allowed more time to speak than Mitt. He may want to always have more time, but if time is always skewed to him while he fumbles looking for words, his stumbling responses, unlike his polished and eloquent pre-rehearsed oratory, that extra time will only make him look duller and less presidential.

  • Nothing in this country surprises me but for a country supposidly built on Christian values its considering a Morman for president,go figure!

  • What is best for America is best for the world and that is Team Obama/Biden! Americans must never make the mistake of electing retrogressive right-wing war-mongers to either the White House or Congress!

  • What is best for America is best for the world and that is Team Obama/Biden! Americans must never make the mistake of electing retrogressive right-wing war-mongers to either the White House or Congress! Putting America on the right trajectory and giving the greatest nation competitive edge requires progressive ideas that are guaranteed to be inclusive and to move the nation forward. Divisive ideas that belittle and discriminate against a whole 47% of a nation’s population are sure recipe for disaster! FORWARD EVER WITH TEAM OBAMA/BIDEN!!

  • Romney is the a stone throw from being a snake. He is actually saying things at debates that Obama said months ago. If he gets in this country will find out how bad things can get.