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Friday, October 21, 2016

Newt Gingrich: The Spawn Of Citizens United

Wow, January’s gone already — time really flies when you’re having Republican presidential primaries! And what better time than Groundhog Day to poke into that warren of feral Republican ideologues and see what the heck is going on.

Already, four of the GOP contenders have had to drop out — Michele Bachmann because she was just too wacky, Jon Huntsman because he was too sane, Herman Cain because he was too exposed and Rick Perry because he was too dimwitted.

  • jimmyags

    does anyone see the writing on the wall? As disgusting as this year’s primaries have been for unabashed money it is only the beginning.

  • JeffFournier not politically naive, the word(s) you’re looking for is bought-and-paid-for-corrupt. Anyone smart enough to be on the Supreme Court should have known what ‘Citizens United’ really was, I guess our officials are more connected than smart, because only an idiot would sell themselves out for whatever those cronies were paid to vote for that pile of anti-American garbage. I’m not a judge, but if I were in their position there is no way I could sell out my countrymen the way they did. The proof of their ineptitude/corruption is parading around the country right now selling himself as something he’s not, just like the Supreme Court sold ‘Citizens United’ as something it never was. Well it’s our own fault for allowing this political system to flourish.

  • Dave DiDo

    Rumor has it that the Taliban is pouring millions into Gingrich’s Winning Our Future super pac.And I also heard that Ahmadinejab has put a fortune of Iranian petrol dollars into Romney’s super pac.Does anyone know a way that we can check to see if these rumors are true? Can it be that Karl Rove would want so badly to beat Obama that he would take money from questionable sources? Was Grover Nordquist really in Tehran recently? And, finally, why do some conservative partisans continue to make up lies about our President?

  • Sleipnir

    Is there any way to impeach the Supreme Court justices or are they above the law.