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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Lately I’ve traveled with Bill Clinton as he barnstorms the country to elect Democrats — especially including President Obama. On Sunday night, the former president and the man he is trying to re-elect together addressed the largest crowd ever recorded in New Hampshire’s political history when they drew 14,000 people to a rally in Concord.

On Monday, I watched Clinton speak before thousands of energized, cheering voters at rallies in Pennsylvania, where the presidential race seemed to grow tighter in the final hours before Election Day. He landed first in Pittsburgh, flew to Montgomery County, then drove down to Philadelphia and ended the day in Scranton – always with the same message:

“I want you to go out tomorrow and make Barack Obama president for four more years!”

Unlike some of the president’s more reluctant supporters — who affect a fashionable disenchantment with the bruised champion of “hope and change” — Clinton says he feels far more enthusiastic this year than in 2008. That difference might reflect the years elapsed since Obama defeated Hillary Rodham Clinton in a tough primary battle, although Clinton certainly worked hard to elect him in the general election last time.

Whatever he felt four years ago, Bill Clinton can readily articulate why Obama earned his fervent backing this year – and why he finds Mitt Romney utterly unacceptable. (See his detailed essay rebutting the Des Moines Register’s Romney endorsement.) In Pennsylvania, he repeatedly mocked Romney for refusing to say whether he would sign the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. “It’s a simple yes or no answer,” chortled Clinton. “But he says, ‘I had a binder full of women.’” Laughter, catcalls, and applause exploded from the audience.

Clinton scolded Romney for advertising lies about Jeep moving American jobs to China that were so blatant they evoked protests from the presidents of General Motors and Chrysler. “You don’t have to be from Ohio to want a president who tells you the truth when it comes to jobs for the future,” he roared.

For two months, Clinton has jetted across the swing states from Florida, Virginia, and Ohio to Nevada and Colorado, talking himself hoarse. During the campaign’s closing hours, however, he recorded dozens of robocall messages to voters in the non-swing states, specifically in New York and New Jersey — promoting Democratic Senate and Congressional candidates, and simply encouraging voters in the storm-wracked Northeast to find a way to cast their ballots.

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  • @rupertmurdoch concedes a Romney loss “Rupert Murdoch [email protected]
    Everybody searching for any scrap of news about election tomorrow.plenty of straws to grasp for Romney, probably not enough.”

  • neece00

    I don’t hate money, I hate greed.

    I don’t hate freedom of religion, I hate the power you think you have to control me with your religion.

    I don’t hate capitalism, I hate unethical business practices.

    I don’t want free healthcare, I want affordable, available preventative healthcare there when I need it

    I don’t hate America, I hate those who tell me I hate America because it fits their agenda to make me look like the bad guy.

    Freedom is for everyone not just those who deem themselves worthy because they can best afford it.

    In a nation of, by, and for the people–we are our government. You can fight to reform it or you can leave.

    • nobsartist

      very well articulated.

    • old_blu

      Well said neece.

    • Couldn’t have said it better. Vote Obama/Biden today

    • foolsdance

      Perfect, neece. Sums up their ridiculous assumptions about democrats very nicely. Than you!

    • BDC_57

      Good morning friend, You are so right. Proud that you are on my side.

    • idamag

      What an excellent post!

    • neeceoooo

      Just to let you all know, I am sorry to say I did not write this but it was so worth sharing.

      Thank you all


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      do you like MARK OF THE BEAST

      Mark of the Beast The Obamacare law requires an RFID chip implanted in all of us.

  • nobsartist

    President Obama WILL be re-elected by a landslide. He will be re-elected by historic margins so there will be no doubt.

    With that “capital”, we can only hope that he grows a huge pair because whether you like it or not, we have some huge problems that must be solved.

    The half assed solutions of the first term will not be good enough. We need real progress and we need to make people in Washington accountable for their actions or lack of.

  • foolsdance

    ” The right has rarely hesitated to violate Constitutional and democratic principles for the sake of power. ” Wow, what a sad reality. I fully expect them to work feverishly to steal this election.

  • idamag

    Neeceoo has an excellent post and it reflects the feelings of most of us on this board. I decided the Republican Party is so full of hate, they think everyone is. I was at a family gathering in September. My son’s in-laws are very Repubican and that is okay. My grandson was asking me if the courts had ever charged a president. My son, and I, were sitting next to my grandson. We explained some of it to him. My son told him that the reason Bush was not charged with things, he could have been charged with, was that the new administration chose not to and to move forward. My son’s father-in-law said, “I suppose you hate Romney as bad as you hate Bush.” Automatic assumption that if you disapprove of something, you have to hate.

    • neece00

      I would say that hate and greed got us to where we are today. Greed with wall street and hate from the tea party groups.

      • northroader1775

        I agree w neeceoo…hate and greed are destroying us. That is why it is so important to measure our responsees. I don’t hate money or greed I just refuse to hate. I am putting all my energy into standing up for what I love and strengthening all that is good and right and kind. It’s easy to find something wrong, put your talents to work finding what’s right and talking about that…thinking about that…working to make that stronger.

        It’s a tiny adjustment but an important one.

        • neece00

          Thank you for the kind words, if we could all make a pledge to work with everyone, be kind to others (especially those on the other side), work on filling the hate for others with love for others and more tolerance for our differences we would all live in a better world.


        You GET what you work for!!!

        You GET what you earn!!

    Bush increased spending by 90%
    His last budget increased by 17.9%
    Obama Record
    2010—fell 1.8%
    2011—rose 4.3%
    2012—set to rise 0.7%
    2013—set to fall 1.3% to $3580 Billion
    So, if he hits that $3580 he will have increased spending from $3520 Billion
    to $3580 or 2%.