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Sunday, September 25, 2016

No Need To 'Register' With Social Security

Q: I will be 65 in February 2012. I’m still working and plan to keep working until I’m 70. A friend told me that I have to register with the Social Security Administration three months before my 65th birthday even though I don’t plan to take my Social Security yet. Is this true?

A: There really is no such thing as “registering” with Social Security — at any age. You simply file for your retirement benefits a couple of months before you want them to begin. And in your case, it sounds like that’ll be about five years down the road.

  • Greenman9

    I will turn 65 in May of 2012 and am wondering if my earnings check will either increase or decrease , if I retire . Can you help me . I get a small disability check now .