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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Not To Brag, But It's All About Ohio Again

Earlier this week, I was in Jamestown, N.Y., to give a talk to a library room full of the kindest and feistiest people you ever would want to meet.

For a half-hour or so, I told stories that had virtually nothing to do with Ohio. Then we opened the floor, and the very first question had everything to do with my home state:

  • American Society Today

    For more information on Ohio Senate Bill 5/Issue 2 here is a link to share with Ohioans:

  • rumpunch

    Shame, shame on Mike Huckabee. Until now I’ve thought him to be a reasonable man. Stay out of Ohio’s business Gov. Huckabee. They don’t need us out of staters telling them how to run their business. You were in charge of one of the most beautiful but deprived states in the union so you don’t have a lot of wisdom to be passing around

  • Dik

    Ms. Schultz;

    When did collective bargaining become a right rather than a government requirement imposed upon employers and employees alike?

    Dik Thurston
    Colorado Springs

  • JAZ

    Collective bargaining is the right of a free democratic society, one that is not dominated by lobbying capitalists and the outstretched hands of greedy congressmen/women.

  • StephenBarlow

    5000 bullets and lets get the REDS out of office ALL @ once and once for aLL!!!