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Saturday, January 20, 2018

If the violent eruptions in Milwaukee earlier this month were familiar, it’s because they seemed to follow a script that, by now, has become numbingly routine. A Milwaukee police officer shot and killed a young black man. Protests and condemnations followed. Police were accused, once again, of treating black citizens as target practice.

In the last two years, police violence against unarmed black Americans has rightly claimed public attention, launching a new civil rights movement by a loose-knit collection of young activists cooperating under the banner of “Black Lives Matter.” Aided by ubiquitous cellphone cameras, they have helped to bring much-needed scrutiny to police tactics that are dangerous, unfair and probably racist. Their calls for greater police accountability have echoed through this political season.

But that familiar script — the one in which citizens appropriately protest a needless police shooting — may not be the one that played out in Milwaukee earlier this month. (And rioting and arson are never justified, in any event.) According to city officials, 23-year-old Sylville Smith, who fled police after a traffic stop, had a gun in hand when he turned to confront a police officer. The officer, in turn, shot him dead.

There were no bystanders to record the episode, no eyewitnesses coming forward to claim Smith had his hands up. There is no independent video footage available. But Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett told reporters that a still image from the police officer’s body camera shows Smith holding a gun as he turns toward the officer. It’s hardly surprising, then, that the officer reacted by firing his weapon.

Not every police shooting of a black man is unjustified. Sometimes law enforcement authorities have no choice but to shoot a criminal suspect who behaves in a way that poses risks — both to police personnel and to civilians.

There are plenty of cases wherein police officers have escalated confrontations, threatened violence needlessly, and even killed black men and boys who posed no risk. Those victims deserve to be held apart from the street thugs whose confrontations with police necessarily end violently. They deserve the protests and demonstrations, the news conferences and demands for new tactics that have come from Black Lives Matter activists. Think Eric Garner and Alton Sterling. Think Tamir Rice and John Crawford III. Think Walter Scott and Samuel DuBose.

Don’t think Michael Brown. I still chafe at the mention of his name. Brown’s 2014 shooting death, paradoxically, became the cause celebre that fueled the birth of Black Lives Matter, but he was no innocent. A U.S. Justice Department investigation found that Brown, who had just stolen cigars from a convenience store, likely struggled with the police officer who tried to arrest him. Forensic evidence suggested that he didn’t have his hands up when he was shot, despite witness testimony that he did.

Yes, yes, civilians have every right to hold law enforcement officials to a higher standard, to insist that police officers learn to de-escalate conflicts, to demand that police who recklessly target unarmed civilians are not only prosecuted but also convicted.

Citizens in places such as Milwaukee, where systemic racism still thrives, also have every right to demand better schools, equal employment opportunities, and a criminal justice system that does not disproportionately incarcerate black men and women. Those unjust conditions — and crushing poverty — helped fuel the rage that lit fires in the wake of Smith’s death.

But those of us who insist on reforming a criminal justice system still plagued by racism must also acknowledge that even police officers who do everything right will sometimes end up firing their weapons. That’s the nature of their work. And much of that work takes place in dangerous neighborhoods, where the law-abiding citizens are most at risk.

Sylville Smith was no Philando Castile, the well-liked cafeteria worker shot dead in suburban St. Paul, Minnesota, during a traffic stop in July — killed, his girlfriend said, as he reached for his ID. It stretches credibility to act as if their deaths were equally unjust.

(Cynthia Tucker won the Pulitzer Prize for commentary in 2007. She can be reached at

Photo: A burned down gas station is seen after disturbances following the police shooting of a man in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S. August 15, 2016. REUTERS/Aaron P. Bernstein/File Photo

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  1. I would call for an investigation into the events that led up to the author getting a Pulitzer.
    Maybe there’s a children’s category.
    Shame on you, Cynthia Tucker.

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    • The article was too pat, like it was written by rote. Although the author gives some context, she doesn’t seem to have a keen understanding of the depth and breadth of the subject matter. Nobody gets to make the decision as to who has lived an exemplary enough life to not be killed by police. So I’ll wait for the police dash cams on this latest incident in Milwaukee to make my own judgement, TYVM.

      • dose it really matter waiting for the dash cam ? there has been all kind’s of video’s of cops shooting unarmed men and the courts and law first give them a paid vacation and at the end do nothing just let them go . tty that with a black guy of video shooting anyone armed or unarmed and you think the guy will get let go on it ? I THINK NOT

        • I don’t disagree with you, sadly. The police are inoculated by law to the point where they can literally get away with murder. I was just speaking in context about what the author wrote, like it was a true fact that this man had a gun just because the cops said so. We all know they lie all the time, so I would like to see the cop cam she’s referring to.

          • and every ones lie’s but in court a cop can lie and thy will be believed as for the other guy (black guy or what ever color creed or race ) can be telling the truth and if it don’t match the cop that is against him then its filed as a lie

          • as for cop cams thy seem to go off and on when needed to side with the cop’s that wear them

          • Yes, all you say is true. But the author explicitly stated there was video this time, supposedly corroborating what the police said. We’ll probably never see it. Nor will this case ever likely go to court. And as I said before, the cops can literally get away with murder because there are laws on the books that make it so that the police are literally inoculated from ever being found guilty. Daily Kos had a diary on the subject. The preponderance of evidence has to be astronomical for a police person to be held accountable.

            Maybe the guy in Walter Scott’s murder will get convicted because there was a videographer who came forward that showed the man running away and the police planting evidence. I guess we’ll see. I have a friend whose son belongs to a group in NYC that listens to police radio and goes to take videos of police interactions in order to hold them accountable. He’s been harassed and had his phone stolen by police and been under surveillance. Something needs to be done to make police accountable and I’m glad some people are willing and ready to take that risk. People may need to do that everywhere until we can fix the *injustice* system.

          • it really not as much the system but the few that do as thy please with the what ever hate thy have for any other weather it be color or race . its the few cops that do the evil deeds and its the law that dosent stand by itself with the facts that are there instead twist the facts for the cops . pretty much the same way it may twist the facts against a color or race the other way . knowing or not thy be the ones like the few cops with the same hate . I don’t feel no way all cops are bad its the few that make the others look bad same as all blacks are not the ones that do the crimes just some of then and its not all Muslims that are ISIS . so to look at all cops as bad isn’t right . but one can only hope when some one go’s out and kills a cop the same way a cop kills an unarmed man (what ever color or race ) that its the cops that killed is the reason most people want try and do kill cops. the people that kill the cops most don’t do so because thy want all cops dead ( just a few nut case’s do ) but thy kill cops because cops killed . if a cop kills an unarmed man and his fellow cop gets killed id want that cop that killed to think and maybe even feel he is part of why the fellow cop is dead . and even more id wish the other cops that are alive see’s the cops that killed some one is very well maybe to be at some fault of their follow cops death . and it can start with the cops them self that can help to change . its not turning in a fellow cop . its doing ones job and turning in a pretty much murder cop that very well could be the reason any cops gets killed next its not being a rat its doing your job to protect and serve

      • I too will wait until all evidence is in before making a judgment. However my reading of the author is that her main point is that some police shootings are justified while others are not. In my mind that is so obviously true that it seems redundant to say it but apparently some think all shootings by cops are “bad”. That really is no different than the equally biased view that all people shot by cops must have done something to deserve it.

        I’m not minimizing the racism inherent in some police work. How could it be otherwise in a society with as much racism as ours? I also get the implicit racism in comments that black people need to show more respect when confronted by police even if the confrontation is unwarranted but there’s no doubt that some who have been shot could have avoided it if they had acted differently, and sadly some have been shot despite doing all the right things.

        It doesn’t really matter whether someone “has lived an exemplary enough life” or not. A shooting should be judged on the specific situation in which it occurred. Someone with a criminal history can be murdered by police and the exemplary person can precipitate their own death with a rash action.

        • The AUTHOR is the one who made the point that the situations/ people weren’t equal and she was the one who made the comparisons in exemplary vs non exemplary lifestyles. It brought to mind the pound cake speech given by Bill Cosby.

          Police are supposed to be the professionals. It’s incumbent on THEM to not make situations worse or make people feel fearful so that they may make a “rash” action. White people can be rash all day long and it doesn’t get them killed. Mike Brown didn’t deserve to die because he stole cigarillos. Apprehending a person for petty theft and their dying as a result is not an outcome we should be inured to. I’m not sure why the author thinks she knows what went on in that situation when the evidence wasn’t even handled correctly. I’m sure there are times when police might have to use deadly force, but if they’d quit doing it so often, if they quit harassing citizens they’re supposed to protect instead of trying to make bank to fund their departments, and if the justice systems worked for everyone, then we wouldn’t be having these conversations.

          I haven’t read enough of the author’s other work to assess her in toto on this subject. But this one piece doesn’t do the subject matter at hand the justice it deserves. And if the piece can’t stand alone, then she shouldn’t have written it. So often these authors just write because they need to make an editor’s deadline. That’s MY problem with the article. Well, that and her obvious judgement, like she just knows things that aren’t necessarily knowable because police say so? That doesn’t cut it with me.

          • I don’t see any place where the author compared lifestyles of shooting victims to determine whether or not it was appropriate. She did point out that individual circumstances of the shooting are different and think that is obvious.
            I agree that it is incumbent upon police to not escalate a situation “Apprehending a person for petty theft and their dying as a result is not an outcome we should be inured to.” I agree 100% and no Mike Brown didn’t deserve to die for stealing but if he did grapple with the policeman he was the one who escalated the situation ending in his death.

            “I’m sure there are times when police might have to use deadly force, but if they’d quit doing it so often, if they quit harassing citizens they’re supposed to protect instead of trying to make bank to fund their departments, and if the justice systems worked for everyone, then we wouldn’t be having these conversations.” Again I agree 100% and if there was a fairer distribution of wealth and opportunity the problem would be much reduced also.

            I disagree however with your judgement of the author. Not every piece needs to be an in depth study of the issue in question. The piece does stand alone for the point she was making but yes further discussion is needed. I also don’t think that “her obvious judgement, like she just knows things that aren’t necessarily knowable because police say so?” is the case. She clearly states the source of her info and proceeds to her conclusion from that “evidence”. Of course you can question the veracity of the evidence in any particular case.

          • I think you need to reread the article with a bit more objectivity. No where does the author discuss lifestyles and claim that one is more or less deserving of safety than the other. She does note a difference between someone shot while reaching for ID and one shot while grappling with a policeman. I think you can see the difference in the situations.

            It seems her point is that it is unfair to those like Castile shot without provocation while innocently retrieving his ID to equate that tragedy with someone like Brown shot during a physical altercation after committing a crime. But no where does she imply that those without an “exemplary” lifestyle deserve unfair or unsafe interaction with police.

            This is a real problem as i think you and I both understand. The anger it evokes is good motivation to fight for change but a little less emotion in discussion will yield better results. But non-emotional honest attempts at resolving the many problems we face today seems to be a rapidly disappearing phenomenon.

          • You’ve used a lot of room on this thread taking up for the author. Are you she? I wonder. The fact is that she mentioned that Castillo was well-liked. Well, he did seem to have his life in order so far as I can see. Michael Brown, well, she cringes at the name. Sure, the circumstances are different in one way. But very similar in many other ways. She draws a distinct difference in comparing the shootings, making her OWN judgement as to who deserves to be shot and who doesn’t. I just think this is a non-substantive article that draws conclusions that are not the authors to draw. You obviously don’t concur. But it’s merely an opinion article. And I don’t agree with some of what she wrote, but not all of it. So we’re done here.

          • Since you’ve suggested I am someone I’m not I feel the need for a response. You apparently have a very low opinion of the author to suggest she would reply to your post under a pseudonym.

            Neither of us knows what truly happened in the Brown case though Castile’s is pretty well documented. The situations were very different. You say different in only one way, yes the one way that makes the crucial difference. Castile did not physically engage the policeman as Brown seems to have done. That makes all the difference in the world but even so the author DOES NOT say that Brown “deserves” to be shot though he bears some responsibility for the outcome

            It’s a very common practice on blogs such as these to put words into the mouths of authors or commenters then attack those words. In some cases it is a deliberate attempt to smear but most times it is the emotion that causes someone to ascribe meanings that are just not there.

            I think we agree that police violence against people of color is a serious problem so I’ll let it go at that.

          • I wasn’t literally saying you were the author. lol.

            I don’t know enough about the author to have that much of an opinion except as it pertains to this specific article which I judge to be a bit of dilettantism. She shouldn’t rest on her laurels. 😉 Bye now.

  2. Obviously we have a problem when we have to diiffertiate between a just and unjust police shooting as frequently as we do.

  3. Not every police shooting of a black man is unjustified. Sometimes law enforcement authorities have no choice but to shoot a criminal suspect who behaves in a way that poses risks — both to police personnel and to civilians/// and this be it that a black man unarmed way and gets ack by a cop is just ? or a black man unarmed with his hands in thew air shot and killed by a cop just . or how about a black guy in his back with 2 cops on top of him gets shot and killed is just ? I can go on

    • I might add, there is a difference also between shooting to disable and shooting to kill. You would think law enforcement officers are trained in the former instead of putting themselves in a position of Judge and jury as in the latter.

      • If someone is pointing a gun at you or shooting at you, its hard to take extra seconds to try and not hurt them. Seconds are a matter of life and death in these cases. Shooting someone to save your own life or the life of another is not being judge and jury.

        • ya but ir the one isn’t pointing nothing at you and thy are unarmed even with their hands in the air what do you call that on duty target shooting ?

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          • Yes every case does rest on it’s own merits. All shootings and killings by law enforcement are investigated by the departments internal affairs divisions. Any officer that unjustly shoots/or kills someone should face the same judicial process of any one that shoots someone. I am not defending shooting people, but am saying the rush to judgement by groups and the President are more harmful than helpful. Our President always blames the police before knowing anything about what happened, this can and does create riots.

          • I am not arguing that there are not too many unwarranted killings, to me 1 is too many. BUT seems it is being blown “way” out of proportion.

            The BLM Movement started partly because it was told (widely) that Mike Brown had his hands in the air ie (“Hands up – don’t shoot”) – this was later proved to be a Pure Lie. Fact is – it was proved(in court) that Mike Brown(after he strong armed robbed a store, and attacked the owner) attacked and tried to kill the Officer who shot him. And NEVER had his “Hands Up”.

      • I agree with that being that one is unarmed even if thy are coming after you instead of running away from you a shot in the leg will pretty much stop any one if one is coming after you and you shoot them in their package instead of their heart thy can still stay alive . too many times to the cops no matter armed or unarmed no difference to them its like as hunt to only kill . when thy shot 4 -5 -6 times when one shot would be enough why to thy have to (it seems ) keep shooting as thy are falling ? that’s why im surprised more people are not shooting cops when a cop gets shot thy lower the flag at half staff but when a black unarmed man gets shot and killed the cop gets a paid vacation and at the end nothing happens to them . and some have video’s of them pretty much murdering the unarmed person

        • Obviously you have never been in that situation. A cop should never fire his weapon unless his intent is to kill. Anything less than that does not justify the discharge. Do you know how hard it is just to hit something with a handgun? Maybe you watch too much TV but “winging” someone is not feasible in most situations and can even lead to increased danger for bystanders due to missed shots.

          • well I see it as its real easy to shoot at some one unarmed (not hard at all ) and able to take what up to 9 shots at that same unarmed person (not worried about having to move out of the way at all because the other person is unarmed ) so do I no how hard it is to hit something with a handgun I might have never been confronted like that but it im sure is easy if you are worrying about nothing . as for bystanders to miss shots never seems to bother the cops nor do I feel thy think about it at all while thy are emptying their clip . and this is fact to even little kids getting hit and killed by a cop not giving a rats ass about his missed shots

          • It’s unfortunate and unacceptable that police sometimes shoot when it is not necessary and that black people are at greater risk. That is undebatable. We can point to cases where the policeman committed what seems like intentional murder and others where incompetence and fear led to a deadly outcome. But there are also cases where the cop needed to act quickly in a life or death situation and may have shot someone innocent of any crime. And believe it or not there are instances where shooting a person to death was the entirely correct course of action.

            What would you do in a situation where it appears someone has committed a crime, is fleeing and when ordered to halt turns quickly while reaching into a pocket? Would you give them the benefit of the doubt and wait until their hand is out and pointing at you possibly holding a gun? Would you try to “wing them” most likely missing them completely? As the saying goes “Would you rather be judged by 12 or carried by 6?

          • well id think that a cop should at least see a gun before thy shoot to kill . if the case is how you formed it that can happen if a person walked up to a cop and asked where Main St. is who’s to say ? should the cop shoot that person because of your point seems to be anyone can pull a gun out of any place before you know it . if you yell halt and then shoot to kill seem you didn’t even give them the time to halt . so maybe (as cops seem to do too much of ) save their breath and just shoot first and maybe say thy said halt . all your points lean on is possibility . as for your saying go’s I guess it all depends on if your a cop or not for if you are a cop heck you could get your paid vacation and case be closed way before thy can even pick 12 . as for the being carried by 6 heck he could of just had a broken tail light or asking where Main St. was now dead and cop free to kill again on a possibility . these ones that kill on just possibility’s I wish it was just them getting killed by some one that is pissed off that that cop might of killed their love on . and not maybe a good cop. them being killed for being in the wrong place at the wrong time like the broken tail light or asking directions guy .I just feel if its a cop that kills and is wrong that if the payback time comes it that cop that gets the payback and not another one

          • The scenario you presented of asking for directions is entirely different than the one i used as an example. In my example a crime was committed, a suspect is fleeing, they respond to an order to halt by turning quickly and reaching into their pocket. In yours a person asks a simple question of a cop and is shot by them. I agree that if a cop yells halt and then shoots while the person is fleeing they have used excessive possibly deadly force and should be held accountable. But if a person physically resists or makes a quick unannounced movement into a hidden area they are making themselves a threat to the officer.

            Look, i know black people suffer more and are at greater risk of being harmed improperly by cops. Racism is ugly in all of its forms. The point is that not ALL killings by police are unjustified. each case merits full investigation.

            As for the “right” cop being shot in retaliation for an unjust killing, it just never seems to work out that way when hatred and anger rule actions.

          • as you post you assume that some gun turns around and assume he reaches for something as I stated ill assume a guy go up to a cop and ask him where Main St. is and then reaches in his pocket real fast the cops shoots him thinking he might had a gun and the cop thinks it was a trick to get close to him then after finds out the guy was reaching for a pen and paper to write down where Main St. was but too late the cop already shot him and that’s a scenario also . as for the cop and what you assume In my example a crime wasn’t committed and who to say the person was just running for he knows that cops shoot and kill black (or any people but most lately black people ) no crime just a guy running . how can one resist if thy are just running . maybe just scared to death who’s to say ? and stopping might get shot and killed anyways as for you assuming (( a quick unannounced movement into a hidden area they are making themselves a threat to the officer.)) or another scenario the person could very well be fearing for his life also from a cop that as of late been shooting and killing people and if thy are black all the more reason to fear for their life and (The point is that not ALL killings by police are unjustified.) the shoe dose go on the other foot also for all killing by the police are justified . and one might not to learn one last time the hard way by being killed . as for ((As for the “right” cop being shot in retaliation for an unjust killing, it just never seems to work out that way when hatred and anger rule actions.)) another two way street seems an the ones that are being shot and killed are being shot and killed for the hatred and anger rule actions of the cops them self . I believe there are too many cops that have this hatred and anger and take it out of a color or race and don’t care . think about it with all the cop shootings and killings that have happen ones with video’s of it what happens to the cops ? thy get a paid leave and no charges . so a cop dosent have to worry about nothing for how the laws been going . its the black man that dosent see tomorrow cops are not one that should have a job to protect ands serve and have this kind of hatred ,anger and evil killing in them

          • In the scenario you offer about a guy asking directions the cop is clearly in the wrong. I’ve never seen any report of that happening though. Given the ambushing of cops that has occurred recently something like that could happen. Like it or not cops are armed and wary. It’s best to proceed with caution when approaching any armed person.

            It’s not true that cops automatically get away with an unjust shooting. Some police officers have been prosecuted and convicted for shootings. You have a point but exaggerating what is a truly serious situation isn’t helpful. In many cases police need better training and better screening before being hired but the real problem is the level of hatred and racism in our society. The wealth disparity fans those flames and frankly I don’t see any real solution while that disparity exists although we certainly could do better.

            ” I believe there are too many cops that have this hatred and anger and take it out of a color or race and don’t care” I think you are right but why would we not expect that given that “hatred, anger and not caring” describes a significant portion of the general population.

            I sympathize more than you know. My wife is black as of course are my in laws and some of my best friends. I’m white but I always pay close attention and act with caution when around armed men whether they are cops or not. I try to put them at ease as much as I can. You know how you feel when approached by a cop, the nervousness it causes. How do you think they feel when in a confrontational situation. Fear often causes stupidity.

            Take care.

          • you say ((In the scenario you offer about a guy asking directions the cop is clearly in the wrong)) as I see it this might very well be a clever way for one to get close to a cop if be thy want to shoot and kill them for what ever reason this would be a possible scenario . and you state ( Given the ambushing of cops that has occurred recently something like that could happen) don’t you feel it can work both ways that cops (for what reason weather it be hatred, anger or just plan Racism) that the cops is seeking an ambush of their own ? seems to me seeing some video’s that would explain that case . and you state ( It’s best to proceed with caution when approaching any armed person.) first thing the ones murdered by the cops were not armed . so pretty much your saying no matter what a cop should always shot first and ask questions later . another statement by you >(It’s not true that cops automatically get away with an unjust shooting.) the one that happen (with video’s ) show your statement as being wrong >(Some police officers have been prosecuted and convicted for shootings)<>(In many cases police need better training and better screening before being hired but the real problem is the level of hatred and racism in our society.) the police have all the training thy need thy just choose not to use it . as for the level of hatred and racism in our society. its not in the society that is one side all its own its the level of hatred and racism in the police force it self .>>(The wealth disparity fans those flames and frankly I don’t see any real solution ) with out a solution it just go’s back to the anger of the ones hurt and to them the only thing left (because its not stopping the killings of the people ) payback . can it fix it no I don’t believe it can . but what it might very well do is make one think before thy shoot and kill any person worse so an unarmed person just because of their race . >>(why would we not expect that given that “hatred, anger and not caring” describes a significant portion of the general population.?) its not as much a portion . its on the law and police side . the rest of the population is what it is and its the police and the law that is to be better and job to rise above the hate and anger their job thy know it from the first day to protect and serve . > How do you think they feel when in a confrontational situation ? I don’t know but then again I didn’t sign up for that job thy did . and with that thy know all the rules or thy would not be cops . yes im while and some years ago I had problems with the police and I still suffer today from it (long story longer then ill put out here ) I was assaulted by a cops dressed in plain cloths and the start of it is I was sucker punch in a store by one that had given me problem for some time before that . he is a drug dealer and a police informant A RAT . so with out ID him self and me thinking that it was just another 2 on one by this drug dealer the plain cloth cop grabbed me never him self . then all hell broke lose and it was all bad for me and till this day I have PHSD yes and it is documented by 2 Doctors . and all this happen just because a cop wanted to protect his drug dealing RAT.

          • thanks it is what it is . and it dose open my eyes to more then maybe others might see or know . I live with it not in the form of any fear only in the form of defending my self . I tend to just not let it happen again . to a point it worry’s my DR.’s more then me as to how ill deal with if its to happen again . so I really know more then most of how cops do lie on court documents to cover their sorry AZZ’s and it go’s deeper court lawyers that know the DIRTY cops lean to them . again with the information the dirty lying cops tells them . is the system rigged ? yes very much so I know this first hand . that why cops can get away with murder and people can get put to death for murder and thy might even be innocent . who’s to say ? one thing I do know is cops can get away with murder and that’s a fact

      • Karan don’t waste your time with itsfun he is just a clown that finds itsfun debating anything he is just an idiot that’s a coward hiding behind his keyboard and threatens people

      • Another ignorant(not “dumb” but as in “not knowing”), uninformed – “Arm-Chair Quarterback” – The fact that you actually think “shooting to dis-able” is a option shows you don’t know much(if anything) about actual shooting or guns or threat accessments, especially in dynamic deadly encounters. Do you have any idea at all of how quickly a threat can draw a concealed gun and shoot you?? Much less if it is already in his hand?

        • I was waiting to hear from you and I know your talking points and expected you to belittle mine. You can discuss one shooting or look at an overview of all shootings which changes the dynamic.

          • I did not call you any derogatory names. I said you seem “ignorant ie uninformed”(Not dumb).
            I think you are a good person who cares. I just think you(like many others in here) are acting on emotion but not as informed as you need to be about the dynamics involved in most of these situations.
            1st I don’t deny there are some bad Cops out there who have shot someone when they should not have(but they are the great minority) and more that are not as well trained as they should be.
            But – especially when you consider there are thousands upon thousands of interactions with Cops and the public every day in the U.S., many of them with “bad guys”(who “May” have a hidden gun)( a Cop has to “always” be ready for this potential, and is trained to be) but there are very few unjustified shootings.
            It sounds like you have never actually fired a pistol(ie how hard it is to actually aim for an arm or leg in a real gun fight for your life, etc, nor been shot at, etc. )
            As for firing multiple shots, you have to know something about the real (not so obvious) dynamics and kinesthetics(mental/physical aspects) of a real gun fight to really have a full understanding of this issue.

          • Another ignorant(not “dumb” but as in “not knowing”), /// I beg to diffa calling anyone ignorant is calling them a name I can see how you missed that being ignorant your self you don’t see it

        • all you say is true but still dosent cover the point that these people murdered by cops where unarmed and or running away . so as it seem your stupid little mind one should just start shooting and ask questions later talking about others being dump you win that crown clown your stupid on top of being dumb . as you think and feel all cops should always draw their gun and shoot no matter what . well you have to be the brainless clown . one can only hope a cop comes calling on you and (as you feel and pretty much stated being brain dead ) the cop called on you should just pull his gun and shoot you (that is of course making sure you don’t have a gun and quick draw it on him ) and when your shot and laying on the ground by now dead it was the right move for the cop. I understand your simple mind it would be your fault that you are dead first because you didn’t have a gun to defend your self from the cop with a gun and 2nd its your fault that you had a broken tail light the reason why the cop is there in the first place . OMG what was I thinking as your brain dead mind seems to be is a cop is there to defend (against nothing ) and shoot to kill first and up most . and those stupid words (pretty much stupid like you ) protect and serve mean nothing has to be a misspell print on all police cars . I can only hope the police get called too you maybe just for the fact thy can protect people from your deranged mind heck and even protect you from your self

      • You are wrong on this. A cop should not fire his gun unless his or another’s life is at stake. If that is the case aiming for “center mass”, the widest part of the body, is the correct action.

      • Karen,you have been watching too many Lone Ranger shows. In real life if a person shoots to wound it shall normally result in a clean miss and I would consider it a suicide attempt by the shooter. Normal combat shooting training is shoot for center mass or head (If I was still a sniper today I would prefer head shots since so much body armor is available)

    • It doesn’t matter if a person is white, black, yellow, red, green, blue or anything else. All should and must be treated equally.

      • what are you saying the cops should spread out their targets more and shoot unarmed different race’s colors and people you saying equally unarmed men killings by cops weather thy are running away or standing there with their hands in the air ?

        • NO; what I am saying all must be treated equally under the law. No one should be above the law. I am saying no matter what race a person is, they should be given the same treatment by law enforcement. No one is saying its okay to shoot unarmed people or people that are giving up. It was proven that what you are trying to imply no hands were up in the air. If a thug with a weapon is running after shooting at someone or shooting someone gets shot running – tough sh_t.

          • seems you are just writing your own head line story’s here stating nothing that really happen the point is not what’ s in your empty head as it is what has really happen where did you see in the news at any of these unarmed men being killed ( murdered ) the it says thy pointed a gun at anyone ???????????? as for you stating no one is above the law seems your wrong once again (so many times you’re use to it ) seems that the cops shooting and killing unarmed (any kind of people ) are above the law for even with video’s thy still gat a paid vacation and nothing happens to them . just say a video is in a case in court ( just like the ones of the cop shooting of unarmed men ) of any color or race or what ever kind of person is on tape like the cops been do you really thing that (just say for the sake of a debate ) it was a black man what do you think the chances will be that that guy gets off with nothing happening like it happens to the cops ?

          • You are so full of BS, its not funny. Nowhere did I or anyone say unjustified killing of anyone is okay. I said the law has to be applied equally to all races. You are talking our of your as_ trying to bully people into believing your BS.

          • I try to bully no one not my style unlike you threaten to beat people up well at least me . its a dream of your that would never come true for you will never come out from behind your keyboard your safe there like the coward you are . beat me up lol you couldn’t fight your way out of a wet paper bag you know a lot about talking out your AZZ is that because you have to drop your pants every time you have something to say ? its always chit wipe the crap off your chin and the back of your legs blaaaaaaaaa blaaaaaaaa blaaaaaaaaaaaaa << some child talk you understand at the end

  4. The best part of this article is when it states people of Milwaukee deserve better schools and equal employment opportunities. Then maybe stop electing democratic local officials that have screwed things up for you over the last 100 years!

  5. Some police workers get the idea that wearing a badge gives them a license to kill. Using their firearm should be the last action they take not the first.

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