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Saturday, January 19, 2019

WASHINGTON — We should mourn, but we should be angry.

The horror in Newtown, Conn., should shake us out of the cowardice, the fear, the evasion and the opportunism that prevent our political system from acting to curb gun violence.

How often must we note that no other developed country has such massacres on a regular basis because no other comparable nation allows such easy access to guns? And on no subject other than ungodly episodes involving guns are those who respond logically by demanding solutions accused of “politicizing tragedy.”

It is time to insist that such craven propaganda will no longer be taken seriously. If Congress does not act this time, we can deem it as totally bought and paid for by the representatives of gun manufacturers, gun dealers and their very well-compensated apologists. A former senior Obama administration official once made this comment to me: “If progressives are so worked up about how Washington is controlled by the banks and Wall Street, why aren’t they just as worked up by the power of the gun lobby?” It is a good question.

There was a different quality to President Obama’s response to this mass shooting, both initially and during his Sunday pilgrimage to offer comfort to the families of victims. I think I know why. It is not just that 20 young children were killed, although that would be enough.

For some months now, there have been rumblings from the administration that Obama has been unhappy with his own policy passivity in responding to earlier mass shootings and was prepared in his second term to propose tough steps to deal with our national madness on firearms.

He spoke in Newtown in solidarity with the suffering, but pointed toward action. No, he said, we are not “doing enough to keep our children, all of them, safe from harm.” He added: “We will have to change.”

And his initial statement Friday pointed to his exasperation. “We have been through this too many times,” he said, reciting our national litany of unspeakable events, and insisting that we will “have to come together and take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this, regardless of the politics.”

“Regardless of the politics.” That is what it will take. This phrase comes easily to a president who just fought his last election, but he and the rest of us must change the politics of guns for those who will face the voters again. We cannot just be sad. We must be angry. We cannot just shake our heads. We must wield our votes and declare that curbing gun violence is not one issue among many but a paramount concern for our country.

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208 responses to “Now Is The Time”

  1. nobsartist says:

    Congress with their great approval rating will do nothing. They are too worried about how they will look falling off the “cliff”.

    • idamag says:

      nobsartist, congress approval rating dropped to 7 once. It should have been a wake up call. It is presently at 11. People know that it is congress that is going to allow us to go over a fiscal cliff.

  2. The massacres at Virginia Tech, Newtown, Columbine, Tucson the Sikh Temple and so many others did not happen because persons had the ability to slaughter dozens of people, they happened because they had access to semi-automatic weapons and high capacity magazines that allowed them to carry out their crimes expeditiously, without their presumptive victims having a chance to escape.

    Our current laws must be changed. What is happening in the streets of America, which is not limited to massacres and also include daily shootings in every city and town in our country, should be unacceptable to every person capable of thinking logically. We are turning our country into a sequel to Gunfight at the OK Corral, and many seem to be encouraging it.

    • 4BusinessOnly says:

      Guns protect your President and his family and I have the right to own one to protect me and my family. Put a sign up in your yard that you are proud that you are anti gun and then I will put one up in mine that says that I own a gun and see which one of us gets robbed first. Only the criminals that don’t obey laws will have guns if you try and ban them.

      • Bill says:

        You must reside in cliche land, that’s all you can write. Your logic is beyond bizarre, it’s these statements that you gun people make that are laughable. No one will break into my house because I will shoot them, nobody will mug because I will shoot them, etc. Listem Marshall Dillon you have been watching too many cowboy movies. I’m willing to bet you have never fired a gun in a real situation, hunting doesn’t count the animals are not armed

        • Charles says:

          I use to hunt. Know all about guns. Botton line ban hand guns.Hunting does count. BULL SHIT.People do not need to hunt period.

        • 4BusinessOnly says:

          Served in the military for years and I more than you will ever know about firing a gun. Not even going to keep wasting my time with you as I have always heard you can’t fix stupid.

          • Charles says:

            Not inopressed you where in the military.The war George Bush statred was base on a lie …Die for no reason ..Killing four thousand people in the military.Wonded twenty thousand others with arms,legs,eyes missing and brain damage to.Bottom line. you had to use a gun there. Now you are back in the USA. You do not need a gun here of anykind…….Ban all guns in america.

          • idamag says:

            4bus, I wonder if you can fix scared.

          • commserver says:

            Why don’t you slow and write in a way that is easily understandable.

            Of course I expect you will go off on me.

        • Charles says:

          YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE KIND OF PEOPLE Who think you should have a gun. Well watch OBAMA WORK HIS GREAT MAJIC> See Him make more gun control happen.So get over it.

        • idamag says:

          And Rambo movies.

      • Hopefully there will come a day when nobody will want to live next door to you.

      • Charles says:

        Get OVER IT 4 BUSINESS ONLY. When OBAMA get threw . You will be give gun you own to the goverment…..Watch in happened within the 4 yeras in office. OBAMA as president.

      • idamag says:

        4bus, the guns that protect the President are in the hands of competent trained people who are not parnoids with guns. A scared person with a gun is dangerous.

      • Charles says:

        Your where militay. In your mind you think you need a gun . You do not. The law inforcement for that go over it. Because the next 4 years. Law will cahnge. you will give those guns up to the goverment.

      • commserver says:

        You might have the right to protect your family but that doesn’t give you the right to have assault weapons. These are weapons of mass destruction.

    • Charles says:

      Always talk about the mental of a shooter. Justisfy to keep guns. The hell with the mental state of the mind. Ban all hand guns in america.

  3. Kathy says:

    A defeatist attitude is not the answer. This is it. It is time to act. I agree with this article. The lobbyist and pundits paid by the gun industry need to be called out for their lies.. and false comparisons and statistics. Call it what is is and it is all about the money.. funding politicans and helping them keep their jobs, at the expense of innocent lives. If I hear ‘guns don’t kill people, people kill people one more time’, or comparing guns to cars… I will scream! We ARE better than this… Do not let another year pass without getting out and making your voice heard. It could be your child next. Support Senator Feinstein’s legislation to be presented in January.

    • Years ago I picked up a NRA Newsletter that featured an article on the front page that reported that when the handguns were bought back in Australia (1996) that murder rates had increased by 400% (maybe it was even 4,000%). I showed it to my Member of Parliament in Australin, thinking he would be concerned and he merely laughed and said to consider the source. Later the Newsletter made the rounds of a few talk-back radio stations and was the object of much discussion. One American called in to say that he could buy magazines with lead stories like ‘Woman eaten by fur coat’ at supermarket check-outs and the NRA Newsletter had no more credibility. Please don’t tell me that Americans believe anything they read is such a publication.

    • idamag says:

      Kathy, “guns don’t kill people, people do.” is one of the gun manufacturers lobby slogan, along with “When guns are outlawed, outlaws will have guns.” Never, ever has anyone tried to outlaw guns, but scared people can be led around by their fears. Hitler used it well.

  4. chisolm says:

    How do you explain the fact that cities with the toughest gun control laws are also among the cities with the highest murder rates?

    • Being able to buy a Bushmaster assault rifle with an extended magazine is not what I call tough gun control.

      • 4BusinessOnly says:

        That is like saying that if I buy a 10 inch Case knife with a compass on the end isn’t tough knife laws. Really? Guns don’t kill people , people kill people. So we need to ban all cars because drunk drivers kill people what about that issue?

        • old_blu says:

          I hate that argument, because cars are not built with the sole purpose of killing in mind, they are trying to make them safer all the time. And another thing do you know on the same day all these babies were killed someone attacked 22 babies in China with a knife?

          Do you know how many died? None!!

          Your argument don’t hold water.

          • idamag says:

            Old-blu that is a sick rationalization that those incidents are even being used. It is like the shoplifter who rationalizes stealing because they have lots of things to steal.

            I don’t think a lot of people run out and buy a car to run down a lot of people and kill them.

          • old_blu says:

            I know what you mean, these people are thinking we want to ban all guns, that’s not the case I just want.

            1. A background check on all gun sells.

            2. A ban on high capacity magazines.

            3. A way to follow a gun from a crime back to where it came from.

          • James says:

            When this corrupt government starts to enforce our immigration laws of which it refuses to do for political reasons, then we can sit down and discuss some form of gun safety through education and trainning. As long as you have 12 to 20 million illegal aliens running around,I plan on being safer than sorry by being armed and ready.

          • CYNICALZ says:

            You are correct! Annually, we experience 400 thousand illegally imported guns. If we are not armed to the teeth, other than the NRA, who is pleading our case for safety?

        • Charles says:

          Ban all hands guns and control the people and put marshall law out there .What ever it takes to stop all this killing.

          • 4BusinessOnly says:

            Interesting as to why I can’t reply back to old_blu but maybe he will see my comment on Charles crazy post. It seems to me people forget a lot of murders that were committed with a knife, I will name one that should stick out, OJ Simpson. So I guess you don’t focus on the crazy people doing the crazy crimes instead you try and take away my rights.

          • old_blu says:

            You know I absolutely understand what you are saying. Do you think that this guy could have gone into that school with a knife and killed 26 people? And the children would have had some sort of chance if he would have used a knife, they could at least run from someone with a knife.

            I’m not saying other weapons won’t work of course they will , but not with the efficiency as a gun.

            BTW I am the owner of many guns and a CWP I have also had extensive training, so I’m not against having them, I just don’t see the need for being able to shoot 60 rounds a minute. Or why do I even need 60 rounds?

          • Charles says:

            You are so right..4business only . Is total wrong. Guns very bad.

          • idamag says:

            Someone would have overpowered the knife wielder before he killed so many people.

          • old_blu says:

            Most of the time I try not to judge someone by their looks but in this case I think you are right, he looked like kind of a weiner. I think the 6 year olds could have taken him if he didn’t have a gun.

          • Charles says:

            A knife can only kill a few at a time. But a gun . Kill lots of people very quickley. So more ban on guns is comings. Watch it happen.

          • idamag says:

            Charles, and with a knife you have to get up close and personal to kill with it.

          • idamag says:

            4bus, how many mass murders have been committed by knives? Which would you rather face – an assault rifle that can sput out bullets faster than you can move, or a knife?

          • idamag says:

            4bus, do some studying. How many people can be killed at one time with a knife? What type of person uses a knife?

          • BAN all handguns. Then go door to door, offering to buy whatever guns they have for what they are worth. Explain that it is against the law to have a gun. ALSO tell them that there is a reward for reporting any gun that HASN’T been sold back and the value of the gun will go to the person who reported the gun, not to the owner (who had his chance to sell it) . Guns would soon disappear

          • Charles says:

            You are right guns need to go. Goverments needs to ban all guns.All Americans needs to give them up. And the ones who do not. When the goverment finds . That person needs to go to jail for life. With taht kind of law. I bet everyone in america would give up there guns then. Knowing that they would to to jail for life,.

          • idamag says:

            Charles, isn’t it strange that these gun nuts aren’t concerned about the killings?

          • Charles says:

            I notice that. idamag

        • Bill says:

          Your statement that guns don’t kill people blah blah is the stupidest argument that you gun people use. A gun is the instrument that delivers death. A semi-automatic handgun or rifle can shoot numerous rounds a minute and therefore seems to be the weapon of choice for these mass murders. Cars kill is the 2nd dumb statement you made, you forgot about alcohol or cigarettes, they kill too

          • 4BusinessOnly says:

            The instrument as you call can deliver death, but it has to be used by a person for that to happen so it is no different than a knife or a car as they are just instruments as you say. You guys are so stupid, Bloomburg said that if the teacher would of had a gun “what would the gun have done to help”. Really? That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard because if she would of had a gun she could have shot him and stopped him from killing any other kids.

          • idamag says:

            4bus, I know critical thinking is not your strong suit. Every teacher would have had to spend the entire teaching day sitting at their desks with a loaded gun pointed at the door and would have had to know that the person coming through that door had an assault rifle. This is not the world children should be going to school in. The rifle shoots so many bullets so fast, that getting gun from a desk would have been futile.

            The only sensible thing would to have a well trained security guard on duty and that costs money. It will cost money to put glass-breaking alarms on all the windows.

            Let’s put the assault weapons out of the reach of nuts by banning them.

          • 4BusinessOnly says:

            So are you going to ban fertilizer, gasoline, knifes,pencils and dynamite, etc? The school had a very good camera system and if a guard inside on duty was doing his job this might not of happened. All the public school around my area have security guards.

          • idamag says:

            4bus, the law does say you have to be licensed to use dynamite.

          • James says:

            The number one killer of children in China is a long knife.

          • Charles says:

            You are righBill .Those comments made guns don!t kill people and cars kill. . Saying is very stupied and bumb. .Sounds like like a Mitt voter. Guess what Obama kick mitt ass Obama all about gun control. What happened the other day in that shooting. That is all Obama needs to put more gun contrl laws out there.

        • idamag says:

          4bus, and leave Iran alone because bombs don’t kill people, people do. How about shutting down the CDC, because germs aren’t responsible for killing people, people who carry them are responsible? Why be concerned about North Korea’s missle system? Missles don’t kill people, people do.

          • 4BusinessOnly says:

            Who fires the missle? Its people. Who fires the gun? People, what are you missing? Why do we the United States have a missle defense? To protect us from crazy dictators ?

      • That Bushmaster rifle was legal in Connecticut and it’s not an assault rifle. It is NOT an automatic gun either.

        • Bill says:

          No it’s a semi-automatic rifle which mean you have to keep pulling the trigger to shooy as opposed to just holding the trigger in. Big deal you can still shoot may rounds per minute with a semi-automatic weapon. What is the purpose of these types of weapons – not hunting or target shooting

    • Charles says:

      Besause the lawmakers are stupied.

    • Because guns are readily available throughout the United States and our freedoms allow gun owners to bring their weapons from cities where gun control is laxed to cities with stricter gun control laws.

      • Charles says:

        Do marshall law get rid of all guns.

        • Are you thinking clearly? Marshall law? Confiscate all guns? You do know we have a Constitution, don’t you?

          • frida says:

            Constitution is something written in black and white for many, many years ago and meant for those times. The world is moving. We can not let it move fast and leave us behind sticking on that paper written before our grandparents were born. God gave us brains. We have to use it and think accordingly.

          • jeffjeffb says:

            frida…. you have no idea… leave the constitution alone

          • Charles says:

            You are right. Constitution is out dated. Needs to be redone in some area.

          • James says:

            In the Revolutionary and the Civil war civilian rifles were far more effective than what the military had. Military smooth bore muskets had an effective range of 59 yards while the Kentucky long rifle had a range of 300 yards

          • zacapoch says:

            I agree with what you have written. The types of guns available 200 years ago and what is available today, much different. Self protection back then was the norm. I agree with the 2nd amendment. Do American citizens need semi and automatic firearms in their homes?

          • thin_bluine says:

            You are correct in that we do have to start using our brain, but I have to agree that we cannot just declare marshall law and confiscate everyone’s guns. The bottom line is if all the guns were taken the only ones to have guns then would be the bad guys. What we need is more control and restrictions making it harder to get a gun, maybe add some kind of psych eval along with a the process to get a gun permit. I believe that there really is no good reason for “John Q Public” to be toting around an M-4 Assault rifle or and AK-47 or an MP-5. They serve no legitimate purpose as far as hunting or target shooting, they are just an assault weapon used to put as many rounds down range as possible to cause the most damage in the shortest amount of time. They certainly have their place in the hands of trained professionals such as the police and the military, not in the hands of wackjobs that think because it says in the 2nd amendment of the constitution that everyone has the right keep and bear arms. Back when the contitution was written there were no MP-5’s or AK-47’s or M-4’s what was meant back then was the black powder rifles and the pistols of the time. I am sure our Forefathers never had any intentions in the future of every person having the right keep and carry an M16 or 50 cal machine gun. It was intended for keeping your personal safety and to protect your home and family.

          • idamag says:

            Thin, the guy who needs a man-killing gun is a frightened paranoid. We used to end our anthem with, “The land of the free and the home of the brave.” It should be now, “The land of the free for some and the home of the scared.”

          • We have homes burglarized while the home owners are home all the time. There have at least 6 times where the home owner has shot the “bad” guys before they could harm the families. I am not scared at all. It is you that is scared. You are what we call sheeple. Humans that are like the sheep in the fields hoping that the sheep dog will protect them. If you wait for the police to arrive, you will just be another statisitic.

          • idamag says:

            Thats, okay, Clyde, you can post the news articles about those six shootings. And, if they happened in a home, that is different than out in public. Did those supposed heroes use common weapons or semi-automatics? The law has always allowed you to protect your home.

            Now, you will have to wonder about everyone passing you in public. Are they a nut with a gun?

          • James says:

            He idamad, i hate to tell you that the laws says you have the right to protect yourself anywhere and everywhere,not just your home.

          • idamag says:

            James, and an unarmed teen can be shot down in the street because some paranoid felt threatened. I am sick and tired of the cowards who want to turn my country into a war zone where every nut is carrying a gun and the gun lobby tries to sell every person a gun. We can no longer end the National Anthem with “The land of the free and the home of the brave.”

          • C-Had B-Rad says:

            You’re right, we’re moving forward, look at how many new laws are added every year. Are you saying that guns should be illegal? How is that working out for drugs?

          • idamag says:

            C-had, no one has ever advocated making gun illegal. Only cowards think they need assault rifles.

          • C-Had B-Rad says:

            Do you even know what an “assault rifle” is? Because people are throwing around that term, esp the media and they don’t even know what the rifle is.

          • old_blu says:

            Does it really mater? I don’t think any of us needs anything that will shoot 60 rounds a minute, or even hold 60 rounds. (for what?)

            Once in awhile I wish I had another round in my over and under cuz I missed a skeet, but never more than that.

          • idamag says:

            C-had, I own guns and yes, I know what an assault rifle is. My brother owned one and maybe he shouldn’t have. He had PTSD from the war he fought in. Assault rifles are designed to kill people.

            As for your ridiculous question: I know what a volcano is and I have never seen one erupt.

            I know what the sun is and I have never been there.

          • C-Had B-Rad says:

            Obviously you don’t or you would quit saying what you’re saying. I can go down to wal-mart right now and by a .22LR CARBINE and it will do EXACTLY what a .22 AR will do. So “assault rifle” is a LOOK, nothing more. Get a clue. Tons people have 22LR’s and you can by extended mags for them, where is the outrage? Because of the NAME not what it’s capable of.

          • C-Had B-Rad says:

            People love throwing around the term “assault rifle” even though they have no idea what it truly is. It’s a rifle that LOOKS like a military rifle. It’s still semi-automatic just like rifles made in the 60’s. If you all would actually research rather then spew what the media feeds you, you would see how ignorant you sound. You obviously have no idea about guns, so stop talking about them.

          • idamag says:

            c-had, okay split straws. How many angels fit on the head of a pin?

          • James says:

            As many as God wants.

          • James says:

            These Idiot’s can’t even secure a border. How the hell are they going to get the bad guys to give up their guns.

          • ribbet124 says:

            So are saying that today our morals and our belief in the rights of individuals is far superior to those of our founding fathers. If so your entitled to your opinion, it’s a free country. However just think for a seccond about all the greed and what the wall street brains did to this country. All mis-use of power buy our elected politicians. The drugs, how government breaks promises to our people. Do’nt get me wrong . I love this country and have served my country, would die to defend it, but to to we are better people today than yesterday, I do’nt think so.

          • James says:

            Frida, if you feel that way why not move to a country that has a modern Constitution [CUBA] They have had martial law there since 1959 and no one is allowed to own a gun except the ruling class.

          • Bill says:

            James where were you when people were signing secession petitions because President Obama won re-election? We have freedom of speech, it’s the 1st amendment of our constitution. I may diagree with Frida or you but you both have a right toexpress them,

          • James says:

            I didn’t say she didn’t she did not have the right say whatever she wanted,I just suggested that she had other options and whould probably be happier in a more controlled enviorment such as Cuba, where the state takes care of all your needs.

          • God gave us brains. We have to use it and think accordingly. You dont think at all do you? No you don’t
            The constitution was written long ago and is still valid to this day. The constitution protects your rights. It is written in black and white and the words still ring true.
            When you turn your back on the constitution you turn your back on your freedoms. You are nothing but sheep to the slaughter.

          • James says:

            Freeka,good luck in finding yours.

          • James says:

            Freekca, looks like you were left out when God passed out brains.

          • KDJ54 says:

            The constitution does not guarantee personal gun ownership. The Second Amendment states that a “well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” An honest analysis of this amendment is only possible if a “well regulated militia is conjoined with the right to bear arms. A “well regulated militia” would be a state run military body that has its rules, regulation, and training procedures for those who bear arm. Madison, Hamilton and Jay in the “Federalist Papers” argued strenously against the evils of a standing army and envisioned state sanctioned militias an adequate defensive body to protect the nation, thus the second amendement was not conceived as an open ended right to have any type of weaponry we wish.

        • idamag says:

          Charles, the day of the horrific shooting, a friend came to visit. He said, “Now they will take our guns away.” He didn’t say, “Those poor little children and those poor families.” No president or administration has advocated taking guns away. You get that information from the gun manufacturers lobby, the NRA. They are not concerned with the loss of life, but selling guns. You, like the dupes that hitler used, fall right into it and run out and buy more guns before they come to get them.

        • S-3 says:

          If it means a better tomorrow, then this. Oh God, THIS!

        • You poor idiot sheep. You give up your gun and skip merrily along to your slaughter.

          • James says:

            Well said. Turkey had the first gun control laws in early 1900.5 yrs later the first Holocost took place with the extermination of the 2 million Christian Arminians in Turkey, early 1920 s, China passed gun control,20 to 30 million civilians slaughterd,1930 s USSR passed gun gun control,20 million slaughterd, 1930 s NAZI Germanys passed gun contol. In a speech Adolf Hitler, after passing gun control said that our streets will be safer and our police will be more efficient. YOU KNOW THE REST OF THE STORY.

      • chisolm says:

        That may be true. However, people that want guns for evil purposes will always have guns, only law-abiding citizens forego guns when laws prohibit them.

        • A recent study has shown that, in fact, states that have tougher gun laws DO NOT have lower crime or murder rates. Your parroting nonsense spewed by the NRA and gun sellers. It is not true, and hundreds of Mayors across the country from all states, including thosewith tougher gun laws say it’s not true.

      • C-Had B-Rad says:

        And where did you come up with this answer? Try backing that up with some fact, we will be waiting. So criminals are buying guns legally in other cities/states and running to cities/states that have tighter gun laws to commit crimes? Stretch much?

      • 13observer says:

        YES, ITS CALLED “FREEDOM” YOU DUMB ASS! And just like you say we can’t stop illegal immigration………….you can’t stop GUNS either bro! Too many, and this “WAR ON A WOMAN’S RIGHT TO DEFEND HERSELF” has got to stop!!!!!

    • idamag says:

      How about some statistics. People who want assault rifles are cowardly paranoids.

    • howa4x says:

      This happens because there is an underground trade between urban and rural. Rural people gets drugs and ubran people gets guns and ammo. Actually NYC’s rate of murder went down, and they have tough gun laws, and because they enforce them

    • latebloomingrandma says:

      The largest city in the country, New York city, has one of the lowest homicide rates now, since they passed strict gun laws, according to Mayor Bloomberg.

  5. joeykay says:

    comment on what??? What good will it do congress and the senate and even the president think there God there trying to play the part.The politicans have gottin way to much power. You all had the chance to change it and blew it now your all crying the blues it didn’t take a rocket scientist to see what was going to happen after the election and yet you people went to self destruct mode …sit back and think about how it was when we had Democracy and the men and women that gave there blood and lives for it .Its all gone now

  6. Charles says:

    All they do in congress and the seante do is talk shit.All they do is talk gun control do nothing about it. Everytime a mass shooting happen.All they lair. But when time for over goverment to steal our social security fund money. Use it to pay there goverment bills. Sure move on that quick.

  7. joeykay says:

    Its ashame things happen but its not the guns that kill its the people and the people are the ones that dropped the ball.The people gave up there responsibility to the politicans and that was the mistake.I know I will be hated for the remarks I am making but its each of us as people to take the responsibility as gun owners to make sure that no one can be able to use or steal our property.My heart goes out to the families of this senseless crime and I pray everyday that my grandchildren and great grandkids are safe.Once again it was the peoples RESPONISIBILTY for a lot of all this including me.We should all drop to our knees and pray to the Lord for forgiviness and the souls of the ones who have parished

  8. Verne_J_Hostan says:

    The facts associated with violent death are well understood – assaults involving guns have a much higher rate of lethality than any other type of assault. Countries the enforce strict handgun controls do not suffer anywhere near the murder rate the United States does. The function of a handgun is inflicting harm on humans – let’s ban them permanently with exception for law enforcement. The proposition that only criminals will have handguns if they are banned is supercilious – would we legalize hand grenades and bazookas because some criminal elements manage to get them?

  9. RSDrake says:

    I am a gun owner and a responsible one. I belong to the NRA and a local shooting range.

    I recommend National legislation that will:

    1) Require gun purchasers to attend a 1 day course in firearms safety followed by live fire experience on a range under supervision. (Courses for concealed permits would suffice and they are usually conducted where there is a range). Prospective gun purchasers pay for the training and the range time.

    2) Make it a felony to have unlocked guns in your workplace or residence that are taken by others and used in the commission of a crime. (This would allow gun owners to keep guns unlocked in their workplace or residence while the guns are under their control)

    3) Continue with background checks as currently performed (Gun buyer pays for the check)

    Note: This would be no different than licensing drivers and motor vehicles, which also kill people.

  10. Everyone wants to punish and blame. There is ample evidence that Lanza’s Mother knew her kid was mentally unfit and yet allowed him access to her guns. It’s more than apparent, – it’s obvious, that if anyone is to blame, it is this grossly negligent Mother but she cannot be punished because she is dead and it is unsatisfying to those far left Utopians because they are fixated on blaming the gun. They are however willing to settle for the next best thing and to extract their pound of flesh, by punishing law abiding citizens.

    The best way to for them to achieve this might be to repeal the Bill of Rights in its entirety. Why not? It simply burdens the police, the courts and citizens exercising their right to be free of violent crime? Who needs them in a modern world where we can always count on constant and speedy police protection, wire taps, profiling, and cops, who without these constraints, will overhear people saying inappropriate things and can arrest them before they even do anything bad.

    We should have greater freedom to employ foreign troops in time of unrest because nobody can expect citizens to fire on angry crowds as needed in order to protect the government. Foreign troops from countries with less gun violence will be more reliable than American citizens to protect us. Our country will be much safer and happier without those impediments if the Bill of Rights is just removed.

    The Bill of Rights was right for 1798 but not today!

    • The Constitution is a document written by the politicians of the time. Nothing more. In 200 years would we want to be governed by something the politicians of OUR time might write. Would people be quoting Palin and Pelosi like we quote Jefferson and Franklin?

      Pretend we have lost the constitution. Nobody knows what it said. We have to write a new one starting from scratch. Would women be allowed to vote? Would there be an unlimited amount of money that people and corporations could spend on an election ?(91% of all elections are won by the candidate who spends the most money). Would the Westbrook Church be able to disrupt the funerals of soldiers killed in war? Would we be able to shoot anyone that we are afraid of?

      Shouldn’t we wonder why America is such a violent society compared to other countries? What makes us different? COULD IT BE OUR CONSTITUTION?

      • roncv1 says:

        Just because u say “America is such a violent society compared to other countries” does not make that a true and factual statement.
        What countries are u referring to….Mexico?…numerous african countries? Iran? syria, grecce?
        NO, we shouldn`t wonder….

  11. leadvillexp says:

    The founding fathers did not know about assult weapons is correct but that would not have effected the way the Second Admendment was written. In 1774 King George passed the Coercive Act and in April of 1775 ordered the disarming of the Americans. The second Admendment was written to make sure no government could do this to us again. Not for hunting or self protection.
    Yes the law needs a overhual but not as it is being done. Removing types of firearms and large clips will not stop bad people from getting firearms. a suggestion would be to license all firearms owners, renewable every five years with background check. Uniform firearms laws for all states set by the Federal Government and overseen by the states, same as CDL Hazmat licenses. The permit could be added to the enhanced drivers license. This and the removal of firearms registration would calm the fears of confication.
    If that heroic Principal had had firearms training and a handgun the out come may have been alot different.

  12. RSDrake says:

    Not true. Our freedoms do not allow us to bring guns to gun controlled cities like Washington DC. It is illegal. What you might mean is that criminals get guns from neighboring States that are not tightly controlled and bring them in illegally to cities like DC. That’s why DC has the highest firearm murder rate and the toughest gun laws. There is a lot of crime there.

  13. RSDrake says:

    No. We control who owns and uses motor vehicles by driver training, drivers license, and vehicle license. If the vehicle is involved in a collision involving fatalities, the perpetrator can be tracked down, unless the car is stolen.

    If you train and license gun owners AND require them to keep guns under lock and key when the guns are not directly under their control, you have fixed a major part of the problem. Sandy Hook would not have occurred.

  14. amercycprod says:

    Apparently the author is quite ignorant on the points below.

    1. Background checks are required on all gun purchases.

    2. Gun safety courses are available (though not required) throughout the USA.

    3. We have gun tracking systems in place through the ATF.

    4. We have the data on preventing gun violence (issue here is criminals obtain guns no matter what the law is).

    5. As to our country being the only one suffering mass murders, are you ignoring the attacks on school children in China and Germany? Do these not count?

    The issue is not, nor has it ever been the amount or ammunition a magazine can hold. This same act could have been accomplised with just the two pistols the deranged shooter had, or possibly any weapon (knives, revolvers, etc.).

    The gun control necessary in this, and other sickening acts of violence is properly securing your firearms. If this disturbed individual had not had access to his mothers legal weapons, the story may not have been about guns, but where it should be. On a twisted individual who performed the most sickening, despicable acts imaginable. The taking of innocent life, especially children.

    How quickly would the madness have stopped if the Sandy Hook Elementary Principal (a selfless, brave hero in my mind) or trained security personnel had been armed? We have armed security at our schools in Cobb County GA. As a parent of two daughters in these schools, I whole-heartedly support and agree with this decision.

    All weapons are “assault” weapons. Knives, guns (single fire or semi-auto), etc… They were made for defending life and liberty. Gun free zones do not work. Ask the Jews in Nazi Germany, ask the victims at Sandy Hook.

    What we should be talking about is how our society has removed the sanctity of life and how this has negatively affected the views of the last several generations. All life is sacred and should be protected. I will defend mine and the lives of others through any means possible.

    The victims of this tragedy are in the prayers of myself and my family.

    • RSDrake says:

      “1. Background checks are required on all gun purchases.”

      Not true. In Virginia, handguns can be bought and sold between State residents without background checks.

      “The gun control necessary in this, and other sickening acts of violence is properly securing your firearms.”


      We should make it a felony to not lock up your guns when they are not under your control and then your gun was used to commit a felony, unless your safe was broken into or locks cut.

      • idamag says:

        RS, and it really would not hurt anyone to be required to register their guns. That way if a gun is stolen and used to commit a crime, the police will at least have a starting point proving that criminal was in that area at one time.

    • old_blu says:

      You are absolutely wrong on the background checks, not all buyers are checked, I read something the other day that said 40% of the guns sold were not checked, I have seen guns at private flea markets sold without so much as asking for a name let alone whether he was a felon or not. Just this year at a unnamed flea market in the NW I bought a 1966 model 94 30-30 and the guy didn’t even ask my name, (I made sure and ask for a receipt) and there were some pretty shady looking guys there buying guns too.

      • Charles says:

        Solve the problem! Ban all guns and hunting guns to. To all people in the USA .Only law inforcement should have them only.Put more control on people to. With OBAMA care comming. Everyone will have chip put in there arm for health care.So evenutally in the next 10 years. The people will be controlled a matter of time.

        • C-Had B-Rad says:

          Ban all guns….I’m sure the criminal will just go for that. It works with drugs, doesn’t it? The narrow minded thinking of some is astounding.

    • idamag says:

      amer, forty percent of guns are sold without background checks. If your life and liberty is in jeopardy in this country, maybe you should go where it is not. I like this country. I am not a paranoid coward who is afraid of everyone else. You don’t trust people. The black helicopters are circling your house. The power poles are rigged to monitor what you are thinking. There are hiddlen cameras every where. It is just not a good country for people like you.

    • amercycprod says:

      OK, I should have referenced my background check to “new” gun purchases. Yes, private sales do not require background checks, but private sellers in GA are required to either know the person or have information on the individual they are sellling to. Common sense should prevail, but then again, 50% of this country re-elected a facist.

      idamag, step back from the ledge, unless you’re a socialist or lib, then do everyone in God’s greatest Nation a favor, jump! The only way my life and/or liberty will be threatened in the USA is if people like you govern. Then, you are welcome to personally visit me and try to take my freedoms face to face, eye to eye. You’ll find it a life altering experience and to your detriment. This Republic is exactly perfect for freedom loving, God fearing people like me, it’s the “democracy” thing that is fouling it up.

  15. We need to make the accessibility of fire arms harder then it is now. I don’t mean hunting rifles, I mean anything more then 5 round clips, what hunter needs mor the 5 shots, and assault rifles or converter kets and hand guns. I haven’t hunted in a good many years, but when I did I didn’t find a neecd for any of these weapons. Maybe get rid of some of the violence in games an movies. You know Frank Capra directed some great movies (though they are in black and white.) as I am constantly being reminded of, by my grandchildren.

  16. What NEW gun control law would you suggest that would have prevented this Sandy Hook tragedy? Personally, I cannot think of one and I’m tired of feel good laws that do not have an effect on what we’re trying to prevent.

    • RSDrake says:

      You control the people who own the guns not the gun:

      I recommend National legislation that will:

      1) Require gun purchasers to attend a 1 day course in firearms safety followed by live fire experience on a range under supervision. (Courses for concealed permits would suffice and they are usually conducted where there is a range). Prospective gun purchasers pay for the training and the range time.

      2) Make it a felony to have unlocked guns in your workplace or residence that are taken by others and used in the commission of a crime. (This would allow gun owners to keep guns unlocked in their workplace or residence while the guns are under their control)

      3) Continue with background checks as currently performed (Gun buyer pays for the check)

      Note: This would be no different than licensing drivers and motor vehicles, which also kill people.

    • C-Had B-Rad says:

      It couldn’t have stopped it Richard, the guy STOLE the guns, that’s what everyone wants to ignore.

    • idamag says:

      No, Richard, a new gun control law will not prevent Sandy Hook. If the assault weapon ban had not been allowed to expire, that might have prevented Sandy Hook.

  17. Plznnn says:

    E.J. Dionne is another Liberal using a tragic event to push his agenda for gun control, which has proven time and again has no effect on violence. Indeed, where there are Citizens armed there is less violence. The problems are caused by Liberal policies that allow psycopaths & sociopaths to roam our streets, the allowing of constant violent movies and videos to be shown to impressionable and maybe unstable youth, the removing of parental responsibility and preayer in schools and thus the moral decline of what is acceptable behavior in our society.

    • Charles says:

      I see your comment. Remember Mitt lost. OBAMA kick his ass .. Get over it. Gun control will have new laws.Haven!t you notice . That OBAMA always get what he wants.. Just like congress . Already caving in to tax that top 2% . Not to go off the cliff.. So Plznnn OBAMA will get gun control on the ban of certain guns… Watch it happen. OBAMA MAJIC ….LIBERAL HAVE THE FLOOR . fOR THEM NEXT 4 YEARS AGAIN.After all Wasn!t it your president Bush lied of weapon of mass d…………..Bail out the banks . Started a war basae on a lie. That is all your party was good for.. Now it is our turn . We can do what ever we want to do. . So get over it. Watch OBAMA work his majic as his uses liberal powers. Just as we had to do with you BUSH> So suck it up . Get over it. More gun control is coming.

      • C-Had B-Rad says:

        Maybe Obama should do his job and get a budget for the first time in his tenure. That SHOULD be his priority.

        BTW Charles, not sure if you’re drunk or what your deal is but what you wrote reeks of a 12 year olds tantrum.

        • Sand_Cat says:

          Maybe Obam would if he had a Congress of sane people rather than people like you and your friends.

          • C-Had B-Rad says:

            Yeah, lets blame everyone but the shooter. Very intelligent, sounds like obama and his excuses. Where’s that budget again? Oh yeah, never mind that little nuisance. I know “Sand_Cat,” ” take every ones guns!” Because you are so narrow minded you don’t understand that criminals don’t give up the tools of their trade because the “law” says so.

        • old_blu says:

          Do you mean with the Congress of no helping him?

  18. disqus_yhucltVrnm says:

    Why have we allowed crazy people to take out large groups of people?

    • 4BusinessOnly says:

      Why did we let the unabomber kill people with bombs? Or Ted Bundy choke out his victims? Crazy people that want to kill will whether it is with a gun, knife, bomb or whatever. It is not the instrument that kills it is the man with it that does the killing. Taking guns away from people that have passed back ground checks and have done everything by the book to legally own a gun to protect his family or go hunting for sport should not have to give up his rights because some crazy person did something crazy. Take away the cars from people because of drunk drivers killing family members is no different or maybe just ban the alcohol.

      • Sand_Cat says:

        Yeah, I’m usre you like that gun and ammunition “business.”

        You know, all of this senseless violence could be avoided if we just banned LIFE.

    • idamag says:

      dis, because in the 70’s to cut spending, mental institutions were closed with a few services left. Dangerous people are no longer kept from hurting others and live among them.

    • Sand_Cat says:

      See Obozo above.

  19. ObozoMustGo says:

    EJ Dionne, useful idiot du jour yet again, takes advantage of a tragedy to shove his leftist freak agenda down our throats. Hey EJ…. you ever heard of this thing called the Second Amendment? Yeah, the one right after the very Amendment that allows you to spew this hyperbole crap you’ve posted herein. You say that other countries don’t have this stuff happen, and you know you are lying through your keyboard. What about that nutjob that killed all those kids at camp in Finland? What about the nutjobs in Chechnya that took over that school a few years back? What about the nutjob in China last Friday that went in to a school stabbing children? What about all those crazy jackwagons that attempt this type of masacre with whatever weapons they can get their hands on? By the same token, what about ALL of the times where an armed citizen has prevented harm by some nutjob intent on killing others? You leftist freaks NEVER talk about that, do you? Of course not, because it does not fit your agenda to disarm Americans. The world will never be free of crazy people, no matter how many laws you pass.

    One other comment on your drivel, EJ…. when you blame the so-called “gun lobby” for Congress not enacting gun control laws, you fail to mention that the “gun lobby” is the vast majority of Americans who believe in our God-given rights to keep and bear arms as codified in our Second Amendment. I know you leftist freaks hate the Second Amendment, but too friggin bad. If you want it changed, go through the Constitutionally prescribed method for changing it. Until then, STFU!!!!!!

    [click image to enlarge]

    Merry Christmas!

    “I’ll be happy to give up my gun rights when you can prove to me that the criminals will also obey the law and give up theirs. Good luck with that.” — ObozoMustGo

    • Sand_Cat says:

      God, I hope you don’t have any guns!
      I’m not sure it’s safe to let you out of your straitjacket and padded cell to handle a dangerous thing like a computer keyboard.

  20. This is how it will work . If you can get congress to act on
    gun control any one that voted to to control Guns will be voted out the next
    election. And the gun nuts win, and over turn the laws . This sends the massage
    to both sides the laws are allowed to expire and here we are again. It happened
    before in 1994 and it will happen again to the detriment of the public

  21. This is how it will work . If you can get congress to act on
    gun control any one that voted to to control Guns will be voted out the next
    election. And the gun nuts win, and over turn the laws . This sends the massage
    to both sides the laws are allowed to expire and here we are again. It happened
    before in 1994 and it will happen again to the detriment of the public

  22. Pat McNally says:

    I hunt. I kill animals with one or two rounds at most. I don’t want to give up my guns because of this. can’t there be some middle ground here. I’m willing to do a waiting period. I’m willing to answer some questions and have a criminal background check done.

    • idamag says:

      Pat no one has or ever has advocated taking guns away. We are talking about assault rifles here. They were banned at one time and they allowed the ban to expire.

      • C-Had B-Rad says:

        Again, you have no idea what an “assault rifle” is so quit using the term or educate yourself. It LOOKS different. I can go to a wal-mart right now and by a 22LR that looks like a “normal” rifle and it will do the SAME as a .22 “assault rifle.” Quit being a hard head and educate yourself. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

  23. CYNICALZ says:

    People kill, not guns. No more cars, no more killed? Eliminate water and no one drowns?

    • Sand_Cat says:

      Cars and water are not made to kill, and those who are victims are more often willing participants.

      Almost anything can kill someone. So why don’t we solve the whole problem, and ban LIFE?

      Get a brain, will you!

  24. Unfortunately there is MUCH more to it than ‘tough gun control’

  25. adriancrutch says:

    My mental institution is having a bus trip to the local gun show! Sign up now!

  26. norman says:

    Eventually, America will be forced to face the very REAL truth, that many of these crimes have been caused due to tax-cuts, which have left social services bankrupt.

    Simple fact is that it costs tax-payers as much as $30,000.00 per month, per patient, to keep the un-stable patients in the “controlled settings”, of nursing homes, and so on.

    Washington Republicans insist that the super-rich NOT be taxed, just to keep dangerous people under controlled care.

    Instead, Washington just continues to PUSH these people OUT of controlled care, and into $200.00, to $400.00 per month apartments, with PART-TIME Case Managers, who are paid about $800.00 per month, to bring the patients food, medicine, and so on.

    If confronted, all the Republicans will say, to this, is: “But we MUST continue this line of budget-cutting. We are SAVING considerable tax money. Saving as much as $28,000.00 per month, per patient!”

    But at what COST? How many more of these patients must be involved in such tragedies before we realize that cutting taxes, on the super-rich only endangers our communities?

    Sure, on PAPER, the cost savings looks fantastic. But what about the COST, in HUMAN lives?

    THIS is what we MUST address, and we MUST address it, NOW!

  27. I disagree. I know if in the Conneticut shooting and other school shotings, some of the teachers and administrators were armed and able to protect themselves, none of this senseless slaughter would have happened. We trust these teachers with our children, but somehow we leave them IMPOTENT. They’re smart enough to teach our children, they’re certainly smart enough to have hand-guns hidden in safe places, which they can pull out and use to protect our children.

    I’m 64 and the mother of 12, and grandmother to 18, and believe very strongly we all have the right and responsibility to protect our selves and our families.

    • Sand_Cat says:

      Hey, why weren’t the kids all required to be armed? We could really avoid senseless tragedies that way.

      Or maybe kids shouldn’t go to school at all. That would not only protect them from school massacres, it might help make your “reasoning” sound sane and logical to them.

  28. Into my sleep-state, came a-knocking, the word “Impotent”.

    And along with it all the feelings and emotions.

    I’m NOT talkin’ ’bout sexual impotence, but the impotence of feeling so backed into a corner, and the desperation and deep depression, because you can’t do a damned thing about what is happening.

    This is about those teachers at the school who’s hands were tied (figuratively), who were bound up and gagged, and who KNEW what was about to happen, and how they were helpless (IMPOTENT).

    In my heart of hearts, I KNOW THAT FEELING. That backed-into-a-corner feeling, and NO ESCAPE…being at another’s mercy…the helplessness, that SICK SINKING FEELING.

    No control over anything…no control over any aspect of all that’s happening…

    You can’t fight it. You can’t flee from it.

    That’s what I’m talkin’ about. PEOPLE NEED THEIR POWER BACK.

    Knowing you have power, brings peace.

  29. C-Had B-Rad says:

    Yeah because criminals abide by “bans,” don’t they? He didn’t even use the “assault rifle” it was found in his car. Jeezus, talk about agenda driven arguments.

    • ExPAVIC says:

      You are WRONG

      He shot those adults and kids with an AR-15 purchased by his dead mother. A SHOTGUN was found in the car.

      Please read the news before you post. You are projecting a moronic intelligence

      • leadvillexp says:

        Check further into the news. The picture I saw was what looked like an Alley Sweeper. A shotgun that holds 100 rounds. Those that were not grandfathered now have to have a special license.

      • C-Had B-Rad says:

        Is that right ex? You are so intelligent yet you cannot formulate a complete sentence. Well, maybe if the “news media” could get their story straight we wouldn’t be arguing over the info that’s coming out, eh? Do you even know what an “AR-15” is? Doubtful, like many others you bang your gums with no knowledge of firearms what-so-ever.

        • ExPAVIC says:


          Since I was 12 (now 70), I have hunted over all of North America and shot just about ever gun and caliber you can imagine. Also a retired, tenured university professor who has encountered just about all levels of intelligence and experiences where your demonstrated level ranks at the very bottom.

          Like many of my former students, you appear to go off uniformed and without basis of fact.

          The news finally got it right if you had pursued the matter, as intelligent people would, and you would have found that the damage was done with an AR-15 Assault Rifle. One of the guns that your NRA fanatical buddies find absolutely necessary for the pursuit of gun sport activities.

          • C-Had B-Rad says:

            You talk a lot. My Grandfather was a POW of WW2. He told me, when I was very young, because he was a POW of the Japanese for over a year, that an American has the right to bear arms because he had suffered for it. So, when you want to run your “university” mouth, know who in the hell you’re talking about. I cannot tell you how difficult it is to not tell you to shove your p.h.d up your a.s.s. If you are truly the age you say you are then you should stfu.

          • C-Had B-Rad says:

            By the way, my Grandfather didn’t hide behind an education, he fought for his country.

    • old_blu says:

      He did use the semi-auto rifle and shot each person 5 to 11 times, I know I don’t need that much fire power, and I don’t think anyone else does either.

      • C-Had B-Rad says:

        So it’s up to you to decide what a person can own? People want to jump on this bandwagon thinking it will change things, it won’t. You can be mad, that’s fine and it’s expected. Just don’t think that because a tragedy happened that it’s time to give up rights. That’s lunacy. 300million people in this country, there are bound to be evil people in that many people. Do you realize that most rifles ARE semi-auto rifles? It’s not just the “Assault rifles” that everyone loves saying. Read an article about a CNN reporter going off about how no one needs an “assault rifle” to quail or duck hunt. Well, obviously, since you don’t use a rifle to hunt either of those. People are listening to “reporters” and “actors” that have NO CLUE as to what they’re talking about.

        • old_blu says:

          I still don’t think we need high capacity magazines, and I know the difference between a rifle and a shotgun. I only have one semi auto rifle it happens to be a Ruger 10/22 that means 10 shots (just in case a can gets away) I don’t need 60 to 100 round clips, and I still can’t (with a pretty good imagination) figure why someone needs that many rounds (only for killing people) I also think we should be able to track every gun used in a crime back to whom ever owned it. (I want to know how that criminal got it) and background checks on everyone who buys a gun. (not just from legitimite gun dealers)

          But you are right there will always be someone who does something bad no matter what we do, we should try to minimize it.

          • C-Had B-Rad says:

            I agree with most of what you say, I have no problem with that you are saying. We agree and I respect your thoughts and post. But a magazine that holds more then 10 shots I never considered for “people killing.” That thought never entered my mind.

          • C-Had B-Rad says:

            why would you need 10 rounds? That’s a lot of shots!

            I agree but there is much more damage that can be done with household chemicals. People want to focus on guns.

  30. ExPAVIC says:


    Let’s confiscate all of the “military assault weapons and extended magazines” melt them down and create a statue for those killed in Newtown, CT. Because of their sacrifice we will now have reasonable gun control laws despite what La Pierre and the rest of the NRA morons have to say.

    Because of the AR-15 firepower, each child and adult was shot five to ten times EACH. What about that you NRA freakos?

  31. Don’t ask the NRA and the USCCA and other gun organizations to stand down, but by all means “do” ask them to assit Congress in revising new measures of “Gun Control”.
    Marshall Law and gun confication for all would is not be the answer for the law abiding citizen, it would be the “Solution” though, for the criminal element.
    Say “No” to disarm, but say “Yes” to new revised gun control measures….

  32. Andrew Rei says:

    I’m never accused of being an “optimist”…I’m constantly accused of being a “pessimist”…but, what I really am is a “realist” or “pragmatist”. The real and pragmatic me has one response to this article: “never gonna happen”. The people who can really do something about this won’t because they’re too afraid of the NRA. We can put all the pressure we want on the politicians but, they’ll just take the same tack that the NRA is: say little to nothing about it and wait until “it blows over”. The only way we’ll get these dumbass politicians to stand up to the NRA is to keep putting pressure on them. If we leave them to their own devices, NOTHING will get done 🙁 smh
    Oh, and for the morons who say that these situations happening in states with tighter gun restrictions proves those restrictions don’t work: since there are states with lax gun restrictions, guns can be bought there and exported elsewhere. And, with the assault weapons ban in place, the only reason Columbine occurred was because the perpetrators BROKE THE LAW by stealing guns. The assault weapons ban WORKED and it would work again if re-instituted. Other gun restrictions would work, as well, including the requirement for a background check and a “cooling off” period between getting a gun license and actually being able to LEGALLY purchase a weapon or weapons. Despite what gun nuts say, putting a limit on how many rounds of ammunition you can buy at one time would also work. I AM NOT, I REPEAT, AM NOT advocating the total ban of guns…if you want to talk about things that’ll never happen, that’s the best example.

    • roncv1 says:

      “the only reason Columbine occurred was because the perpetrators BROKE THE LAW by stealing guns”….
      Sooo… if we only pass more laws then Columbine would not have ocurred because the perps shurely would`nt violate those new laws…
      Is that how this logic works…did I get it right?
      I can`t believe so many people are so willing to give away there constitutional rights and liberties. The courageus principal who “lunged ” at the gunman surely would have had a better chance shooting at him. How shocking it is for people to call for the gorvernment [gestapo] to go house to house to confiscate private property without due cause, and to suggest that we could be rewarded for informing on our neighbors who were unwilling to cave to such fachism.
      I think this has allready played….in different times and countries….and we were the defenders againsnt such tryanny. SHAME

  33. Don Luck says:

    a suggestion: send the horrific pictures of slaughtered children that may exist–and from which the public is rightfully shielded–to the homes of NRA executives where members of the households will open them rather than office secretaries who will throw them away before the execs can see them. It probably will not undercut their rationalizations–MORE guns, not a ban on assault weapons–but it is worth having them face reality.

  34. We need to put a cease to all this senseless gun violence. I’ve lost a nephew 6 years ago due to gun violence. He just turned 21 when he was shot and killed. He had his whole life ahead of him. I’m just so damn sick and tired of turning on the news and/or going out and seeing/hearing about someone getting shot and killed!

    I don’t know about half the readers; back in my day when we fought; we fought with our fists and an hour or so we chilled as though nothing happening! Now these COWARDS(that’s what I call them) have to go and get guns to fight there battles! When it gets to that level; my opinion is anyone who has to take that road isn’t being big and bad; they’re being a COWARD!

  35. leadvillexp says:

    I wrote in an earlier comment about revamping some of the laws on wepons control. It’s amazing how much disinformation there is out there. I will reiterate, the Second Admendment may have been written in a time of muzzle loaders but these were state of the art weapons in their day. It was written to make sure that the people were armed to defend against a government that no longer obayed the peoples wishs. You could not defend against a modern government with antique firearms. Take a look at most dictators including Hitler. They disarmed the populace first thing and remember Hitler was elected by the people.

  36. Ed says:

    uh, that should be MARTIAL LAW. Meaning the military enforces the laws.

  37. howa4x says:

    We have amended the constitution before when times changed. Women and Afro Americans couldn’t vote, so we changed that. We in fact amended the constitution more than 14 times, and there were no lightning bolts from God. The 2nd Amendment was written at a time when we were a very young country, with limited government protection, and no large standing army. We relied on state militias to be called up during a war like in 1812, so we wanted citizens to be armed. We replaced that militia with the national guard made up of Pt time citizen soldiers. We left the gun owning provision in because most of the country was unsettled and hunting was how people got food, and was a popular sport. The founders never envisioned that the 2nd amendment would be used to protect military assualt weapons in the hands of the citizens. Up until the 1980s most people had shotguns for hunting and rifles for target. Then people out west and groups like the free masons decided that the government was out to get them, so they began getting military surplus weapons.These and other extremest groups began to get their hands on these weapons. The NRA which started as an outgrowth of hunting associations now began to get these other groups as members and started to lobby republicans, and some democrats to allow these weapons to stay legal. Government mistakes in the 1990s like Waco, and Ruby Ridge, fueled the fear that these groups had for the government and then the arms race accelerated. It didn’t matter now to the NRA which groups it was protecting. So when a Neo Nazi armed with an assualt rifle walked into a Jewish day care and killed 14 children and 1 postman, the NRA still defended the ownership of these weapons. It didn’t canel their national convention in Denver just after the Columbine massacre, where Charlton Heston said you would have to take his gun out of his cold dead hand(meaning the goverenment of course)
    So this is the fight, between the city people and country ones. The city people see the police as protectors and the country ones as potential ememies. The city people want the assualt guns out of there and the country people are stockpiling. This is why there won’t be any real gun control, just some minor regulations around the edges. As long as the tea party preaches it’s anti government rhetoric it will increase the need for their followers to arm up, and they won’t give an inch.

  38. Pamby50 says:

    I was appaulded that over 40% of all gun sales do not go through a background check. I thought how could that be. When I heard that the majority of those sales go through gun shows & the internet, I was leary. So for all of you that want to try this out, go ahead. I have no license. You can pick any website that sells a gun. Set up an account and away you go. If you have a credit card, you can do this in a matter of minutes. No background check involved. The gun will be delivered to your door. You don’t even have to leave your home. You could be just an every day citizen, a felon, or someone who is mentally disabled. Credit/debit cards don’t care just so long as you pay the bill or put money in the account.

    So could we agree that this is something we can change?

  39. Landsende says:

    Apparently after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary where 26 innocent children and teachers were slaughtered, the paranoid, government conspiracy theorists and belief that NATO black helicopters will be flying over their houses to take away their guns and freedoms are stockpiling as many AR-15’s, and other automatic weapons and ammunition as they can. The idea of these types of people such as Ted Nugent having access to these type of weapons should concern all sane people no matter how you feel about gun control.

  40. garyv33 says:

    This government is paralyzed and it is apalling that nothing
    changes, massacre after massacre. Talking is all that happens,
    no action takes place and we wait until the next time-and there will be a next

  41. James says:

    I think every liberal should be mandated to put a gun free zone in their front yard.I bet you not one of these hippicrites would do it.

    • old_blu says:

      I’ll do it, I don’t live in fear.

      You should try facing your fears take a walk tonight after it gets dark do it with out a gun, if you face your fears you will be a better person. (when you get scared whistle real loud)

  42. Mary says:


  43. This country should have enough ,I feel that it is already too many innocent children dying needlessly. We stopped prayer in schools why can”t we stop shootings in schools. Here is a thought maybe if we put prayer back the shooting might stop in Jesus name

  44. latebloomingrandma says:

    Well, the NRA just broke their silence. I just heard on the news that they will be objecting to any and all gun control laws. (What a shock.) They are quite sure that no gun laws will be changed. They said it will not happen. We’ll see. Public sentiment is not on their side.

  45. problemwpeople says:

    this story is partially correct. the usa does have more accesability to guns than most other countries. but then these tradgic deaths occurr not just in the usa but other countries as well. how many have died in mexico,sweden the u.k, if not by guns then with other means .
    to say that the mental health issue is just a dodge aginst stronger gun control is mis-direction in it self. the health system and menatl health resources have been abondoned long ago. many purchase guns legally with background checks because there is no paper trail left from mental institutions because we simply don’t have them anymore except for criminals. it would seem that in this country to receive treatment for pshychriatic problems you need to have already committed the crime .
    the issue of assault type weapons is mute. an individual bent on gun violence can kill people just as fast with an old west style lever action rifle as an assault rifle . the color or the grips make no difference.
    sure people need to be safer with gun storage , maybe that needs to be mandatory . we cannot legislate our way out of the problems created by 20 years of neglect of the people who should have recieved treatment early and truogh out there lives , leaving a trail of paper work for background checkers to investigate thruoghly, and treatment options that include confinment for those that are dangerous.
    what’s worse confinment of menatlly ill an ongoing treatment or horrific violence no matter haow it’s perpetrated. we as a peopl have become too narrow minded to think clearly of the consequences that one action causes another reaction . simple physics .

  46. robert says:

    I was wathching the news of the heinous shooting of those little babies and teachers at Sandyhook, and was really saddened. Then, this politician comes on, Rep. Louis Gohmert of Texas, Republican/Tea Bag, with a brilliant, illucidating solution to the problem. Gohmert said the solution to this school shootings of this kind is to arm the principals and teachers in the schools. If an assailant went into a school to murder, he would get his head torn off before he reached the children. I sat there dumbfounded by his brilliance— fighting extreme violence with extreme violence. . . pistol packing principals and teachers walking around like Secret Service agents surveying, looking behind their backs, to the sides, and talking at their collars through micro-speakers. That’s what you call genius! Traumatizing little babies by seeing their beloved principal viciously tearing off the head of a potential attacker. The Second Amendment of the Constitution was drafted in 1791, giving colonialists the right to bear arms against foreign or domestic invaders; creating a military of the people to protect their country, a militia, to battle invaders because the Cotinental Army was too small and spread too thin in the Revolutionary War. That was over two hundred years ago. No oe needs an AR15, M-4, Ak-47 or any military type weapon to hunt or to protect themselves from criminals. In it a fact that criminals get their weapons from robbing people who own these weapons. The sad part about this is, the sale of these guns have gone through the roof with 30 and 60 round clips going the fastest. Who is needing this stuff and for what? These are weapons of mass destruction, military weapons that were built to kill, not for sport. The ugliest thing in the world I saw was a ten year old little girl braced with an AR-15 in her grips taking aim at something. Brilliant! The worse thing that Mrs. Lanza did was to teach Adam Lanza to use and control her weapons. He ended up using them on her first. Is that civilized? Is that how we’re going to get a grip on gun control, by flooding the market with more guns? I’m not against owning guns. We all need a personal weapo for self defense, not aggression. To me, gun control should be Control Your Gun. But military styled weapons of mass destruction, steel armor piercing ammunition, hollow points, tracers, and 30 to 60 round clips? Bringing kids to gun ranges and teaching them the art of murder and assault? Really? The definition of civilization is first being civil. We could begin there with gun control.

    • old_blu says:

      You and I are on the same page very well said, I can’t for the life of me figure why anyone needs that many rounds unless they are planning on killing other people.

  47. robert says:

    James, what’s the annual murder rate in Cuba?

  48. robert says:

    We should watch C-Had B-Rad. He’s our next national news story.

    • C-Had B-Rad says:

      Yeah, because common sense is beyond your realm of thought.

    • C-Had B-Rad says:

      Oh and Robert, I’ve reported you for stalking. 🙂 what you did is a threat.

    • C-Had B-Rad says:

      you might want to learn the laws of the land. You just tried to make me a target. By US Law that means I can sue you. You like US law? You talk like you do.

    • C-Had B-Rad says:

      Oh you think that since you got offline you’re clean? WRONG. Gonna prosecute. I know better cyber boys then you. YOu threatened me and my life, “We should watch C-Had B-Rad.” He’s our next national news story.” You think that I would let that slide? you’re trying to ruin my life.

  49. robert says:

    Richard Stewart is another we should watch for our next national news story.

  50. onedonewong says:

    No question that actions have to be taken to curb gun violence.
    1st any one who is being treated or who has ever been treated for a mental problem should ever be allowed to own or purchase a weapon. Doctors and psychologists or the ministers would be required to enter the individuals name in the federal data base so they would automatically pop up if they tried to purchase. Only a complete battery of tests wold be required before removal. I’m sure we will hear from the liberal left that this will stigmatize mental illness and our response should be Soooo??
    2nd only US citizens should be allowed to purchase weapons
    3rd no mooslim should be allowed to buy a weapon

  51. Ayaya Worenwu says:

    To minimize unnecessary violence such that aweful school shooting in America and Western World, single parenthood and gun rights must be minimized. Kids ought be raised by one capable male and woman. How do you fit in well without growing up looking up to someone or some persons as your role model? Commercializing divorce or using children from different parents to make money from the system is one big problem that is under-emphasized on policy grounds. Lawmakers must now wake up on these social cholera.

  52. America preaches to the rest of the world about all sorts of things including the safety and security of citizens and all manner of things. But when it comes to doing the right things for the American people, the American congress and the senate are impotent. The second amendment of the constitution was passed in 1700 hundred. By then white Americans especially in the deep south owned Africans as slaves whom they mistreated intensely. This was among other things the main reason as to why the white Americans needed to bear and to own guns to protect themselves from enslaved Africans who were attempting to rebel against white subjugation and oppression. Those years have gone by and things have changed greatly since then. The world does not stand still, the man who was president when the second amendment was legislated and passed into law is not the president today. There have been many presidents who have come and gone. Why should a law that was passed two hundred years ago be applicable in the twenty first century? Two hundred years ago there were no telephones as we know them today, there were no mobile phones, the emergency response to any emergencies was none existent, the road network was not well developed as today, there was no organised police force as we know it today, the armed forces were not as organised as today. All these services are available now and readily accessible. Why should individual citizens bear and own guns to protect themselves, when the police can be so easily reached? These guns are causing so much havoc, they kill even the very same people who own and keep them as in the Lanza case in Newtown. There should be serious rethink about gun ownership and all the nonsense that is used to justify this barbaric practice. People should stay back from pointing fingers to President obama for not doing anything about gun ownership. Why should President Obama be expected to solve a problem that has been in society for the last two hundred years? Every leader, citizen and all law abiding nationals of America must speak to the NRA with one voice. Enough is enough! The gun manufacturers and dealers may be looking at guns as their business and profits and what have you, but they also need to consider the lose of lives their merchandice is causing. The NRA members should be very ashamed of themselves and their warped up arguments to justify this kind of evil in society. If individual citizens can try to justify gun ownership by invoking self defence as a reason; we need to ask ourselves what is the work of the Police? Self defence should not be used as reason enough to justify gun ownership at all. It has been shown that guns can be used to maim and to kill the very same people who own them as it happened in this tragic incidence of the Lanza mother and son. The Federal government should ask all those who own and keep high calibre assault weapons to surrender them to the police, they should be given amnesty to surrender their assenals once and for good so that this sad chapter in America can be closed once and for good. There are these despicable people such as John McCain, John Boehner, Kelly Ayotte, Graham Lindsey who find pleasure in making harrassing the President in all sorts of things, and in all sorts of ways on issues that do not matter to the country that much. Where are these morons at a time like now? Why haven’t they opened their foul mouths to condemn or castigate this tragedy in the same manner they go a round swearing on the President’s intended appointments of his staff? What is more important to these imbeciles, Susan Rice’s appointment as SoS or the slaughter of innocent babies? How sad that America has people such as John McCain and co as leaders in the senate of the greatest country in the world today!

  53. Charles2051 says:

    The was so so sad why anyone could have done this to kids, it does show we need guns at home. We never like to use one, but if something like this comes home, we have to stop them.

  54. obooboy should keep his lying mouth shut. Everyone is tired of listening to him talk about himself. he is so arrogant and self centered that when he looks in the mirror he thinks he looks better than the guy looking back at him.

  55. Norman says:

    There is ine very reasonable suggestion for those who do not like guns and do not wish to have any: do not buy one. I respect your right to make that decision for yourself. I expect the same respect from those who choose to not avail themselves of the right to own and bear arms. And for those individuals who question or not someone “needs” a particular type of gun, I have a question I would like you to answer also: does one “need” a 3200 sq ft., 3.5 bathroom house with separate bedrooms for each child and a great room and two car garage? Explain your “need”, and I will explain mine.

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