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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Reprinted with permission from MediaMatters.

National Rifle Association spokesperson Dana Loesch doubled down on her earlier video that characterized dissent against President Donald Trump as “the violence of lies” that needed to be countered with the “clenched fist of truth.” Loesch said she was “proud” of the video and “endorse[d]” it “personally.”

In the ad, which was originally posted on the YouTube page of NRA’s news outlet NRATV in April 2017, Loesch claimed that in their opposition to Trump, left-wing Americans “scream racism, and sexism, and xenophobia, and homophobia, [and] bully and terrorize the law-abiding until the only option left is for the police to do their jobs and stop the madness.” She went on to say the only way to save “our country and our freedom” is with “the clenched fist of truth.”

The video drew widespread criticism after NRATV reposted it on its Facebook page on June 28. In a June 29 article, Vox’s Zack Beauchamp called the video “chilling” and said it “comes this close to calling for a civil war against liberals.” The same day, ThinkProgress’ Aaron Rupar wrote a piece saying the video “stops just short of calling for violence against … progressives.”

During the noon edition of NRATV’s program Stinchfield, which provides live updates at the top of the hour from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. EST, Loesch, who is also an NRATV commentator, doubled down on the spot, calling it a “fantastic ad” that “holds up a mirror to the violent aspects of the left.” Loesch denied that she was inciting violence in the ad, saying that she meant “meeting that violence with simple truth and simple peaceful ideas”:

GRANT STINCHFIELD (HOST): Dana, this video is like two and a half months old. I’m glad it’s getting attention, it got some attention before. More people to watch it, the better in my book.

DANA LOESCH: Absolutely, and Grant, I want to make one thing perfectly clear, I am proud of this ad and I endorse personally the message of this ad. It’s a fantastic ad and it holds up a mirror to the violent aspects of the left. And, Grant, we have seen this time and time again. We saw this violence in Chicago during the campaign for the general election. We saw this violence in the streets of Washington, D.C., during the inauguration — where there were not just a few, mind you, but a number of a very far leftists who thought that breaking store windows, arson, property damage, physical assault, setting fires in the middle of the street, et cetera, et cetera — that these were all forms of protected speech and that they were generally acceptable forms of dissent to a fair election. And then of course, Grant, we have seen time and time again on college campuses, individuals react so physically, hostilely to a simple difference of opinion. And so they set fire on their college campuses and once again we see arson, and we see property destruction, and we see physical assault over and over again. I know, Grant, that I don’t have to remind you or anyone else of what happened sadly just two weeks ago when a leftist went to a ballfield with a list of Republican congressmen and decided to open fire on GOP congressional members because they were simply Republicans. Now with this ad, Grant, when I say the clenched fists of truth, I mean the clenched fists of truth. And this is where I get the inspiration for that line. Everybody knows what this is, right? Everybody can recognize this? It’s the symbol of the resistance movement. It’s the symbol of the movement that by and large has sanctioned the violence of which I speak. It has sanctioned the arson, and the property destruction, and it has sanctioned the physical assault. So, I didn’t say meet fist with fist. And I didn’t even mention anywhere in this ad to go and purchase a firearm. I specifically, Grant, said clenched fist, not of physical altercation like they promote, but of truth. Meeting in the battleground of ideas, meeting that violence with simple truth and simple, peaceful ideas. That is what we have always been about, and even in the face of continued aggression and violence and destruction from the left, that is what we will continue to be about.


121 Responses to NRA Doubles Down On Ad Promoting Violence Against Liberals

    • How so true. Truth to liberals is like light to cockroaches . Amazing that they now start complaining about the ad, seeing it’s been out for over 2 months. Guess thy had to find something else to latch onto, seeing the Russian collution and obstruction charges have blown up un their faces. I love how now Lynch, Rice, Comey, Clintons, and Obama are now going to be under investigation. It’s about damn time.

      • Are you serious? Really? With the daily lies, garbage, and disrespect Trump shows the USA, you are STILL on about Clinton and Obama? So, you’re STILL okay with Trump, even though he isn’t capable of doing anything he claimed he could do, even though he shows us how stupid and petty he is via twitter? And YOU don’t think LIBERALS are good with the truth? Lol.

        • So far PRESIDENT TRUMP has been fulfilling his campaign promises, something most politicians have never done. America is on her way back to being a strong nation. Something she lost under the last few decades of corrupt, ruling class politicians. Yeah, I’m all for making America great again, something liberals cringe at.

          • You DO know that Trump is also “ruling class”, don’t you? He inherited over a million dollars, his cronies are all the very rich, he has the same people who crashed the banking system several years ago as advisors… He is probably the MOST corrupt person to ever become president. The country is STILL waiting to see his tax returns, something all presidents show, and ZILCH. That’s one major thing he hasn’t done yet. Also, he absolutely refuses to divest from his companies. If you look a little more closely, you can see that he has very little interest in doing what the citizens want, and lots of interest in making the big money people who supported his campaign even more rich. We are a great country, but Trump’s extreme alt.right, fake “Christian”, and racist backers have been doing everything they can to take away our freedoms and our hopes for the future. We have become the absolute laughing stock of the world. Trump is more interested in being a “mean girl” and insulting TV stars than he has ever been in ACTUALLY RUNNING OUR COUNTRY.

          • I don’t believe anyone laughed when he took care of the chemical war users. The world laughed at us when Obama was drawing his fake red lines. Just what freedoms have been taken away or is he trying to take away? Did you conveniently forget about his tax return that was put on national TV by MSNBC? He is not a racist at all, just the left playing one of their favorite excuses. Anyone that doesn’t agree with them is either a racist, bigot, sexist, or hater. Doesn’t matter that none of what you called him is true, as long as you can lie about him. He didn’t inherit over a million dollars, he got a million from his father, and he paid his father back. If you had a rich father, would you not want help to get a business started? The President does not strike out at anyone until after they go after him. When he replies to the bullies you on the left call him a bully. You believe the actors who live in a fantasy world have the answers. They don’t believe we should have a wall to protect our citizens while they live behind gated and walled communities.

          • What are you talking about? Not sure if you are familiar with what is actually happening in our country. Do you follow actual news, or just believe Breitbart or Infowars? You do realize that those aren’t real news sources, but are intended to push an alt.right agenda. They don’t even pretend to be unbiased or tell the truth. They are laughing at all the low-information people who actually believe what they say. About the money thing, you suggested that Trump was somehow a man of the people. That’s why I reminded you that he started out a rich man. Having watched him rise as a con artist in my hometown as well as in nearby Atlantic City, I am familiar with his life history of ripping people off, refusing to pay honorable small businesses, going into a number of disreputable businesses, and plastering his name on everything in sight. This is not someone who has anyone else’s best interests at heart.

          • You mentioned to itsfun in one post that Donald had inherited a million dollars. Just so you’re aware, Donald cost his dad millions upon millions of dollars in bailouts in one business failure after another for quite a number of years.

            If you haven’t read it, you may want to check out this article from Newsweek about Donald’s many business failures which addresses just how dependent Donald was on daddy for years and years to keep him afloat financially.

            Donald Trump’s Many Business Failures, Explained


            See especially the section Dependent on Daddy

          • Not surprised. There are many respected small businesses who have NOT been paid by Trump for their legitimate and very skilled labor.

          • The President hired contractors to perform certain duties in the making of a casino. The contractors did not fulfill their contracts. He had every right to deny payment until the work was completed right. It is obvious you watch and completely the BS from MSNBC and CNN. Have you seen where CNN actually admitted to lying about the President and his campaign. Did you see his tax returns on MSNBC. That completely backfired on them when it was proven he paid more taxes than other politicians? He did start out with a big pile of money, but he turned that pile into a mountain of money. You have the same problem Obama has, in that you see the world as you want it to be and not as it is. This is a dangerous world now and we need someone leading us that does not just draw red lines.

          • The ONLY interest Trump has is Trump himself. If it’s not about him, he doesn’t care about it! I just don’t understand how some people just have not figured that out yet……

          • ” I don’t believe anyone laughed when he took care of the chemical war users. ” Yes, probably not since it was a meaningless attack based on lies and against the advice of his military leaders.

          • Some of his military people liked it and some didn’t. That is probably the way it is with every decision. He did show the world we won’t accept chemical warfare. He doesn’t fight terrorists or enemies by telling people to “knock it off” like Obama did.

          • Do some research. Reports indicate the possibility even the likelihood, that the gas (chlorine, not sarin) stored in the basement was released when a meeting of jihadists was bombed by Syria using conventional weapons. At any rate, since Russia was notified and therefore Syria also the missile attack was largely for show (as are many things with Trump). But hey it works, Trump popularity rose temporarily due to the sickness of American character that leads us to celebrate whenever we attack the “Other” because for some strange reason it makes us feel safer.



          • Actually, Trump didn’t make the decision to drop the bomb in Syria….his generals made the decision. He’s turned over ALL decisions on our military to the Pentagon and apparently thinks that if they screw up, he won’t get blamed. Unfortunately, the buck stops at his desk no matter how he divests himself of the job he’s supposed to be doing!


            NOTHING!!! Aside from working to destroy the nation!!

            He has not signed one piece of meaningful legislation!! (Idiot executive orders don’t count!!)

            Even Politico says so:

            President Trump Has Done Almost Nothing

            There is a wide gap, a chasm even, between what the administration has said and what it has done.There have been 45 executive orders or presidential memoranda signed, which may seem like a lot but lags President Barack Obama’s pace. More crucially, with the notable exception of the travel ban, almost none of these orders have mandated much action or clear change of current regulations. So far, Trump has behaved exactly like he has throughout his previous career: He has generated intense attention and sold himself as a man of action while doing little other than to promote an image of himself as someone who gets things done.


            Only low IQ morons like you and itsfun believe the outright lies coming out of the White House!!!

          • America is already great. The things Trump and pals are doing are designed to put more of our money into their pockets, not make anything better for you or me.

          • I’d be interested in knowing how allowing chemical companies, coal companies, and other mining operations to pollute our streams and rivers will make America great. Or, how his bullying with Germany, North Korea, Syria, etc. will make America great. Or, how his new healthcare plan that the Congress is looking at and which will take away health coverage for over 22M people will help make America great. Tell me ONE thing he’s done to make America great…..I’d be interested in knowing!

        • You are ignoring everything the President has done. Start with the VA for one thing. He has imposed a travel ban as he campaigned on. He uses twitter to show that he won’t be bullied. The media will never report what he says honestly. The wall will be started this fall. A new and better healthcare system will be passed. If you think crooked Hillary and Obama are truthful, then you are living in a fantasy world. You can go to u-tube and watch the videos of those two telling lies.

          • Twitter? Are you serious? His twitter comments make him look like a peevish moron. They ARE NOT what this country deserves from a leader. They are more like notes that sixth grade bullies used to pass in school.

          • “You are ignoring everything the President has done. Start with the VA for one thing.”

            Is that a joke?? Trump has done nothing for veterans NOTHING!!

            Donald Trump Is No Friend to Veterans

            His hiring freeze has had an impact on former servicemembers, who make up one third of the federal workforce.

            For similar reasons, any federal hiring freeze—even a temporary one, like Trump’s executive order—inevitably affects veterans. And though there are exemptions to the 90-day freeze, it’s not yet clear if these exemptions will be enough to mitigate the damage.

            “Thisis going to really impact veterans in a negative way,” Peter Kauffmann,a former U.S. Navy officer and current senior adviser to, told the New Republic. “By freezing hiring, you’re cutting off one path for veterans leaving military service to transition into civilian life.”


            As Numbers Sink In, Concerns Rise Over Trump’s Veterans Affairs Budget

            And the above doesn’t even include the damage enacting what the repeal of Obamacare would do to almost every veterans life.

    • The only agenda they have is to hate President Trump and be obstructionists. They have no ideas, just obstruct and call the President names. When he refuses to be bullied and fights back they are in so much shock, they can only try to think of new names to call him. Amazing now that the Russia fake news is going no where, they now have dreamed up a mental health issue. The liberals have no class as humans.

      • That’s a silly thing to say. We are all humans, and it’s okay to disagree about politics. There are liberals, democrats, republicans, leftists, libertarians, and others in all social classes. We all want the same things, freedom, equality, liberty, the right to our own beliefs, etc. It’s just that people are all different, and have different ways of going about doing our best for our families and our country.

        • Of course its okay to disagree. What the left is trying to do to President Trump is beyond any decency. Have you seen the names they are calling him. They refuse to believe crooked Hillary could lose and have become unhinged. The President is trying to do everything he was elected to do and campaigned on. The Democrats have become nothing more than the party of obstruction. First they have their made up Russia collusion story. Then when that falls apart and its starts to show how corrupt President Obama and his administration were, they don’t talk about Russia. Now they are making up a mental health issue. How many qualified doctors do they have? They even have their resist Trump move made up by loser Hillary. The left goes where conservatives are speaking and shout them down, thus denying free speech. They won’t allow universities to even let a conservative speak, another example of denying free speech. The media now has less credibility then weekly scandal sheets.

          • What names are leftists calling Trump?? Give us a list.

            What the left is calling Trump is in no way as unhinged as what right-wing radicals were calling Obama. There’s absolutely no comparison in the two.

            But what’s important is not what left-wingers are calling Trump, it’s what mental experts are saying about him THAT HE’S UNFIT TO BE PRESIDENT!!! BECAUSE HE HAS A DANGEROUS MENTAL ILLNESS!!

            Psychiatry experts claim that Trump is unfit for presidency due to ‘dangerous mental illness’

            Several of the nation’s leading psychiatrists declared during a
            conference at the Yale School of Medicine Thursday that President Donald Trump is not fit to be president because of “dangerous mental illness.” The event focused on how to address psychopathology in a national leader.

            Without having personally examined the president, the experts cited paranoia, delusional and grandiose thinking, and even compared Trump to murderers and rapists in prison.

            Dr. John Gartner, a psychotherapist and previous resident adviser at Johns Hopkins University Medical School, told his fellow psychiatrists in attendance that they had a duty to warn others about the dangers of Trump.

            “We have an ethical responsibility to warn the public about Donald Trump’s dangerous mental illness,” Gartner said, according to The Independent.


          • As a PhD in psychology with an interest in narcissism and sociopathy, I reluctantly have to agree. No one wants the unrest caused by having to ask a president step down due to poor mental health, but the consequences of not doing so are even more frightening.

          • No, you are misrepresenting what is going on. This has nothing to do with former presidents OR former candidates. That’s not the subject that we need to address. It’s possible that what you are thinking is the denial of “free speech” is more often a reluctance to have someone who profits off of misinformation trying to “use” an educational institution to promote some kind of scam, or a completely understandable set of rules about hate speech. There is so much hatred and suspicion, a lot of it stirred up by the recent election, and it feels like people are really angry. So the last thing an institution of learning needs is for someone to come to campus who incites racism and hostility toward people of different religions or ethnic backgrounds. That’s not a denial of free speech. People can say whatever they want, but there is no fundamental right to shout fire in a crowded theater. Look, from my understanding, it doesn’t matter whether people are traditionally republican, democratic, or independent. All we have to do is look at the odd things Trump has been saying and doing, with the bizarre tweets that have nothing to do with running a country, and his frightening attitude toward freedom of the press. It’s obvious that there is something wrong, and it doesn’t matter who you voted for, it’s in front of all of us. No one is making it up, we can see it for ourselves.

          • No so. A public institution of learning needs to hear every side of every issue. How can one decide what is right or wrong when only allowed to hear one side? When you accept denying people the opportunity to hear all parts of a issue, you are denying them free speech. I don’t care if its a left or right leaning person, I do care about shouting them down in a public environment. My tax money goes to the public institutions and I demand that all sides of a issue are presented. You are promoting Socialism and Communist government when you say you get to decide who get to speak in a public forum. The Presidents tweets have everything to do with leading our country. We all know exactly how he feels about issues, not the way the media wants to present what he says. This man doesn’t care about the PC bullsh__. He cares about people and keeping Americans safe. He has not done anything to deny freedom of the press. It was the Obama administration that spied on AP reporters and threatened some news people.

          • I really don’t know what “public institution” you are talking about. If you are paying taxes in your state, and your state is not allowing people to speak, then you need to get in touch with your elected officials and try to change the situation. It sounds like you are generalizing from some incident that’s been blown up by the alt.right to get people angry. Take a step back. People SHOULD have the right to speak out. But that doesn’t make someone an “expert” on something. That doesn’t mean we can force people to listen to them. That doesn’t mean they won’t be held accountable if, when they speak out, they are inciting violence or hatred. The right to express your opinion is just that. No one can arrest you for saying what you think. But I don’t have a “right” to go to my local university and force people to listen to what I feel like saying.

          • When a university hires someone to speak and the left shouts them down, or gets that appearance cancelled, that is denying free speech at a tax paid public university. State Universities are not private, but are public. No one is forcing anyone to listen to anyone, just saying everyone should be allowed to speak and not stopped. If you don’t like what someone stands for, just don’t go to their speech. Its that simple. No one is stopping black lives matter from saying all whites should be killed.

          • Um. Black Lives Matter is NOT saying all whites should be killed. Where are you getting this stuff? Next, you’ll be saying that women who want equal pay and health benefits think all men should be killed, lol.

          • I don’t watch TV news, too simplistic and designed to catch your attention with exaggerated sound bites. I read a variety of newspapers and news magazine articles. I also follow up on anything that seems questionable. Never a good idea to believe any one source.

          • That’s far saner than watching the Faux News or Brietbart terrorist news networks.

          • I found an article on this issue. I assume the case you are talking about was five months ago. Trump has made so many glaringly ridiculous appointments, and tweeted such inappropriate statements since then, so the vast majority of the country is concerned with a lot more important things than some minor protest at Berkley, a school known for protests. Anyway, read this, it explains some of this issues surrounding free speech on college campuses better than I can in this limited space.

          • It is becoming obvious you believe in such actions and terrorism to get your own way. People are getting injured and sent to hospitals in these situations and you don’t seem to care.

          • Can you please quote back to me, from my posts, where I said I believe in terrorism and don’t care that people are sent to hospitals? You jumped really far from me trying to discuss the limits of freedom of speech, with a reference to a fairly neutral article, to accusing me of being a blood thirsty terrorist, lol!

          • You have to be aware that you’re blogging with a radical diehard right-wing terrorist who will totally distort much of what you post.

          • Lol. Yeah. Sometimes it’s just interesting to see if they can actually hold their own in discussions, or how soon they resort to calling people names and saying the same boring, inflammatory garbage all the other Trump supporters are saying.

          • Yes, I do notice that when I make a strong argument and post links to support it, this dude jumps in with another shallow alt.right talking point.

          • And that’s why most of us have blocked him….it’s a waste of time to argue with him because he has NO idea what he’s talking about.

          • Yes. And there are a few million more stubborn Trump supporters just like him. They have opinions based on no facts or understanding, basically just lifted from their favorite info-tainment sources. Then they accuse people who actually read, research, and maybe have direct experience with the issues of being “elitist.” They don’t understand that the reason most of us want to hear people speak in public is because we want to learn something from someone who brings new information to us. They think that when we don’t want to give air time to grifters and self-promoting people who just try to stir up hatred to sell books or get ratings is because we “don’t want to hear anything we disagree with.” But, really, life is short, and no one has to listen to every extremist opinion that comes along. Yes, people have the right to their opinions, but if those opinions are based on nothing, they shouldn’t expect others to take them seriously.

          • Are you aware that Trump has denied access to very reputable news outlets to some of his press events? He spends more time obsessing about what some TV celebrity thinks than he does learning about the real work of running a country.

          • Just what network did the President deny access to. Just what “reporter” did he deny access to? He never calls anyone out or threatens them. He is a great counter puncher and when you call him terrible things and make up fake news about him, he will respond and not be bullied by the press or anyone. He will punch back 10 times harder than he was punched. The President is in charge and will fulfill his campaign agenda.

          • Bullied by the press? I thought you Trump supporters were all for “bullying” and call people who respond to it “snowflakes.” So now Trump is a “snowflake” who can’t handle it when people criticize him? Lol. He is a “great counter puncher”? The person who is supposed to be the leader of the free world can’t think of anything better to say than to play mean girl and make fun of the way someone looks? Sorry, that’s pathetic. We need leaders who understand what is important, not someone who “punches back” at any of the millions of intelligent people in the world who are questioning his poor decisions.

          • No one is for bullying. You have disagreeing confused with bullying. President Trump only responds in kind to those that try to bully him. He counters harder than he was punched. He only wants to press to be honest. That is asking the impossible. You are calling the President names with you “mean girl” crap. I was hoping you were above childish name calling. The President is not making poor decisions. The Supreme Court agrees with his EO on a temp travel ban. He is helping veterans. The stock market is at all times highs.

          • I didn’t call him a mean girl, I said that he insults people the way a stereotypical mean girl would. Funny that you say he wants the press to be honest, but when they are honest, he gets mad and sinks to stupid tweets. Meanwhile, he doesn’t hold the most obviously dishonest sources of alt.right propaganda (such as Breitbart and Infowars) to any kind of standard of truth. They just make things up as they go along, in order to scare their readers or make them angry.

          • And more lies: “No one is for bullying.” At virtually every single campaign rally Trump encouraged his supporters to beat up any protestors who may be in the audience!! You are a pathological liar!!!

          • “He only wants to press to be honest.” For Trump to complain about ANYONE else’s honesty is the height of hypocrisy. He is the most artless and shameless liar I have ever seen, worse than Nixon, Bush II, both Clintons and anyone else you care to name. Many of his lies are pointless except in a lame attempt to bolster his ego.

          • No one will ever touch Hillary and Obama for lies. The President is a counter puncher and he is probably the best at it. You don’t ever see him pick a fight with someone, he always answers bullies with 10 times the force they are use to. I kinda like that he won’t take crap from anyone.

          • In other words, when people point out his lies and ignorance, he uses bully tactics of harassment and intimidation to try to shut them up and scare off everyone else who has evidence of his blatant dishonesty and incompetence. You like that? What are you, 12?

          • I like a President that will and does stand up for his self. I said when people attack and try to bully him, he fights back. Fighting back against a bully is not being a bully, it is self defense. You must be a media person, using the blatant dishonesty and incompetence crap. Either that or you just love fake news.

          • “You don’t ever see him pick a fight with someone” WTF, where have you been? He is a bully. Only if you interpret any criticism or even the lack of fawning adoration as an attack then maybe you could be right. What had Carly Fiorina done, other than challenge him politically, when he made the tasteless statement about her looks. (Which leads me to believe Trump must have all the mirrors in his house covered or he wouldn’t be attacking others’ looks).

            When has ANYONE ever tried to bully Trump. BTW, leveling criticism is not bullying.

          • Soooo: If I call you a name or incompetent or some other terrible thing it is just being critical, but when you retaliate by calling me a name – that is being a bully. You answered the question about Carly Fiorina. That was just part of campaigning.

          • Calling someone a name, disparaging their looks or making a cutesy nickname for them like “Little Marco” is bullying and infantile. That is Trump’s style. Pointing out incompetent actions and reckless words is critique. If you think that adolescent comments about someone’s looks is “just part of campaigning” then I can see why you voted for Trump and there is really nothing more to say.

          • But its okay for Democrats to shout down speakers at town hall meetings, its okay for Democrats to encourage violence, its okay for a half assed actress to have a likeness to the Presidents head severed off. or its okay for the left to have a theater killing President Trump. I guess severing heads and murder is nothing compared to calling someone “little Marco”

          • Oh, then it must be that my indiscretions and lis are justified because I can claim wrongdoing by my opponent. In other words, how do improper actions by Dems justify improper actions by Repubs?

          • I don’t recall saying any improper actions or wrongdoings by anyone are okay. I remember you defending lies from Obama and Hillary. Now you want to forget all the crap they tried to or did do.

          • I don’t think you do remember me “defending lies from Obama and Hillary” because I don’t believe I have ever done so. Both have had their share but added together they don’t approach Trump for the number of lies or their audacity and oftentimes obvious falsity when they are spoken.

          • I may have been wrong saying you defended Obama and Hillary’s lies. If so, I apologize to you. I have seen so many defend their lies, I probably added you also. I did research the lies of President Trump, President Obama, and Hillary. The list of President Trump lies pales in comparison to President Obama and Hillary. Many of what the articles calls lies about President Trump are just his opinions about issues and are being called lies by the far left. I should clear up my standings on one thing. I am NOT against Democrats. I was one once. I am against the far left progressives and liberals. I was what one may call a Truman Democrat. I am against the Socialist wing of the Democratic Party (those that support Sanders).

          • Since HRC has been in government for many years and Obama just finished 8 years as prez it may be that you could find more lies told while in office by them as opposed to Trump’s lies given that he has no prior history of public service and has only been prez a few months. Since he has been mostly an entertainer his public statements are “just his opinions about issues” as you put it. But I’m not referring to any of the self-promoting garbage that he spouted as a low level celebrity. I talking about things like his baseless claims that he saw 1000s of Muslims celebrating in the streets of NJ after 911 or the absurdity that there were 3 million illegal votes cast in Cali. or that his inaugural ceremony crowds rivaled Obama’s.

            Note since Nit-twitter is his favored method of communication his opinions posted there, when they are contradicted by fact, should be considered lies.

          • “No one will ever touch Hillary and Obama for lies.” you’re probably right about that if by “touch” you mean hold accountable. The same as Bush/Cheney were never held accountable for lying us into the debacle of Iraq or for that matter the same as Trump is not held accountable for his near constant string of lies since he began his campaign.

          • What is his constant string of lies? Have you forgotten about Benghazi, fast and furious?

          • His lies are well documented. Even a cursory search will reveal many. Why would you think someone else’s lies or faults obviates Trump’s?

          • I’m not doing your research for you. it is easy enough Google Trump + lies. You will get plenty of hits.

          • How about these lowlfe:

            Trump bans BBC, Guardian, New York Times from press briefing

            And how about this:

            Spicer after media shut-out: ‘We are going to aggressively push back’

            The row between President Donald Trump’s administration and the mainstream news media escalated Friday, as a number of outlets were denied access to White House spokesman Sean Spicer’s daily briefing — a move some say is an unprecedented act.

            The New York Times, CNN, the Los Angeles Times and Politico were among those barred from attendance — while Breitbart, Fox News, The Wall Street Journal and the three major broadcast networks were part of the throng that was allowed in. Time magazine and The Associated Press were given access, but boycotted the unorthodox setup.


            And those are only the beginning – I could post a number more.

          • And the lies just keep rolling off your fingertips lowlife:
            ” He never calls anyone out or threatens them. He is a great counter puncher….”

            Trump appears to promote violence against CNN with tweet

            Trump, who is on vacation at his Bedminster golf resort, posted on Twitter an old video clip of him performing in a WWE professional wrestling match, but with a CNN logo superimposed on the head of his opponent. In the clip, Trump is shown slamming the CNN avatar to the ground and pounding him with simulated punches and elbows to the head.
            Trump added the hashtags #FraudNewsCNN and #FNN, for “fraud news network.”

            In a statement tweeted out by CNN media reporter Brian Stelter, CNN called it “a sad day when the President of the United States encourages violence against reporters.” The network cited Trump’s “juvenile behavior far below the dignity of his office. We will keep doing our jobs. He should start doing his.”



          • Careful bud, you seem to be letting Trump turn you into the same kind of classless a-hole as he has always been.

          • Lol. You are SO confused. You seem to have absolutely no clue about groups you are talking about. Democrats aren’t all liberal, liberals aren’t “socialist,” socialism doesn’t mean there should be no free speech, Black Lives Matter isn’t a terrorist group that advocates killing white people, etc.. Why bother posting about politics if you haven’t bothered to LEARN about these things? You’re just sputtering nonsense, and everyone who reads this can tell.

          • You agree with shouting down conservative speakers. That is denying free speech. You only want people that agree with you to be able to talk at public gatherings. You are just another of the tolerant left that is only tolerant of those that completely agree with you. You just like to run your mouth and say nothing. You are just another elitist that believes you are better than others. You are a waste of my time.

          • I never said I agree with shouting down “conservative” speakers. I never said I don’t support free speech. I never said I only want people that agree with me to talk at public gatherings. You are just projecting your paranoia about “liberals” on to me because I took the time to discuss your assertions, point by point. I don’t “believe I am better than others,” but I can definitely tell that you don’t know the differences between the various political groups you are so against. Go back, take the time to learn more about different points of view and the movements associated with them, and THEN get involved with discussions. You can say whatever you want, but you can’t expect people to respect you if you are spouting ignorant nonsense. It’s not “elitist” to point out that you have no idea what you are talking about, it’s telling the truth.

          • You did say that. But your are just being like Obama saying he didn’t draw any red lines. You are a typical elitist calling those that don’t agree with you ignorant and whatever you can think of. You can’t face the truth about your BS and like I said before you are a waste of time. I bet you wonder why the Democrats have lost something like 1043 government seats since 2010.

          • There’s a difference between having a discussion with an intelligent person who I can respect and learn something from, in spite of differing world views, and dealing with someone like you who just makes up things as they go along. And it’s funny when people like you always have to bring up Obama, no matter what subject is being discussed. It’s your default. Either say something bad about Obama or something bad about Clinton, even when it has nothing to do with anything being discussed… You are hurting my feelings by telling me that I am a waste of time. I think I’m going to go cry now. Lol.

      • It’s not hate for the president, it’s fear and distrust based on Trump’s history of being a con artist and being willing to destroy numerous companies and even the lives of people who have worked for him just so he can further enrich himself. This man has endured 3,500 lawsuits and still has hundreds of them pending. Lawsuits that claim some horrendous con artist types of dealings with what is clearly a charlatan.

        So millions of Americans have a right to distrust and fear someone who is clearly mentally unstable. It’s only Republican puppets like yourself who are willing to put the lives of millions of Americans at risk, including your own, by supporting someone that almost 50,000 mental health professionals have signed a letter attesting to the fact that Donald Trump is UNFIT TO BE PRESIDENT!!

        What is wrong with mentally unstable idiots like yourself who would go around and try and justify the statements and actions made by someone who is mentally dangerous as the psychiatrists in the article attest to that I posted for you?

        If you can’t see that this man named Donald Trump is insane then you clearly belong in Bellview Sanatorium yourself!!!

      • And it’s no wonder you’re becoming a puppet of Donald Trump; you’re clearly one of the Americans that Trump is making mentally ill.

        Trump is making America more hostile and mentally ill: New England Journal of Medicine study

        A new review paper published in the New England Journal of Medicine reports that a growing body of empirical evidence shows how presidential elections can have effects on physical and mental health, and can influence behavior. Specifically, they found evidence that suggests that the campaign and subsequent election of Donald Trump has had a negative effect on the mental well-being of Americans, and in particular those in marginalized groups who are vulnerable to discrimination. According to lead author David R. Williams of Harvard University, “Elections can matter for the health of children and adults in profound ways that are often unrecognized and unaddressed.” In the article, the authors summarize specific studies to support their claim and provide potential solutions to the Trump-induced negative health effects.

        And for much more on how Trump is making Americans mentally ill go here:

    • Oh, they know. They’ve known for years. But by riling up the unstable to commit the indefensible for them, they get away with murder by proxy. I recall a couple decades back anti-abortion fanatics managed to get people unhinged enough to assassinate clinic doctors.

  1. I’m sorry, but most of this NOT being violent, but IS speaking out against things Trump is REALLY doing that are unethical and not representative of what the majority wants. To rile up a bunch of gun lovers who are bored and itching to use their guns is immoral and frightening. We are all Americans together.

      • So now it’s up to all the right wingers with guns to shoot everyone who doesn’t agree with their political opinions? What are you implying?

        • I am not sure what you are asking. Alt-right is the white supremacists. If I were implying anything, it would be that we need to take a look at a culture that has been so scared that they need to be armed with the safety off their guns in public places. This is uncomfortable. Guns are only a symptom of a deeper problem. We are the most violent country in the industrialized world. We are a scared people. We are a selfish people. I am not talking about you, and me, but what is now acceptable. This is not the land of the free and the brave. There was a woman, 20 miles from where I live. She went to Hayden, Idaho to visit and was in a WalMart Store with her toddler in the grocery cart. He removed her gun from her purse and pulled the trigger. He shot and killed his mother. It could have been anyone else in the store. There are too many people like that. The CDC wanted to do a study on the escalating violence, in this country, It was squashed by Congress. People will become inured to it and it will become the norm.

          • My post was rhetorical, responding to the right wingers here who are suggesting that “liberals” are dangerous and need to be taken out.

  2. A clenched fist of truth. Is that as bad as a Sanders supporter shooting Republicans? It is as bad as black lives matter? It is as bad as wanting to abort all white babies? Is it as bad as rioting because crooked Hillary got her butt beat?

    • As usual, your mealy mouth spews outright nonsense. Trying to compare one violent persons outburst against Republicans which he had harbored for years as being a ‘Sanders Supporter’ or black people demonstrating to convince white people that their lives matter too, or Hillary having her ‘butt beat’ when she in fact won the popular vote and actually won the election WHICH WAS STOLEN by the GOP – is just more of your utter mindless nonsense!!

      And you’d better read this article LOWLIFE because it’s right-wingers who have been the violent ones in America ever since the 1980’s!! More than 70% of the violent actions committed in America HAVE BEEN COMMITTED BY RIGHT WINGERS!!!!!!

       Why Does the Far Right Hold a Near-Monopoly on Political Violence?

      Some excerpts LOWLIFE!!

      “right-wing domestic terrorism has been common throughout that period,
      going back to groups like to The Order, which assassinated [liberal
      talk-radio host] Alan Berg [in 1984] right through to today.” Mark Pitcavage, a senior research fellow at the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism, told NPR that “when you look at murders committed by domestic extremists in the United States of all types, right-wing extremists are responsible for about 74 percent of those murders.” The actual share is higher still, as violence committed by ultraconservative Islamic supremacists isn’t included in tallies of “right-wing extremism.”

      A 2015 survey of law-enforcement agencies conducted by the Police executive Research Forum and the Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security found that the police rate antigovernment extremists as a greater threat than reactionary Islamists. The authors wrote that “right-wing violence appears consistently greater than violence by Muslim extremists in the United States since 9/11, according to multiple definitions in multiple datasets.” According to the Department of Homeland Security, “Sovereign Citizens”—fringe antigovernmentalists—launched 24 violent attacks from 2010 through 2014, mostly against law enforcement personnel.

    • That was simply a voter taking arms against a tyrannical government. Isn’t that what the NRA proclaims A2 is all about?

  3. We need a data list of every gun owned by every American, including their home and work addresses and their car make, model and tag number. We are entitled to see them coming.

  4. Can we now call the NRA a terrorist organization? They are promoting violence against anyone who does not agree with them.

    • Aren’t you referring to liberal commies? Liberals have already not only promoted violence, but have COMMITTED violence. Black lives matters IS a terrorist group. They have openly called for the murder of police offocers and whites, yet Emperor Obama opened the White House to them. Riots and looting in various cities, not only PROMOTED by liberals, but SANCTIONED by liberals. Then there was the nutso liberal that decided he would start shooting Republican Congressmen, also with liberals cheering. Yeah it’s definitely the NRA and Conservatives promoting violence.

      • Wow, you are showing your ignorance in this comment. You have twisted and twisted reality until it fits your paranoid ideas about the “liberal menace.” Take a step back, realize that we are all just ordinary people with different opinions about POLITICS. You are taking the actions of a handful of people and making up bull about “all liberals.” In reality, we are moms, grandparents, doctors. nurses, teachers, playground volunteers, clerical workers, people who work at fast food restaurants, auto mechanics, etcetera. Just ordinary people who object to some of the policies of the far right.

      • The killings in Portland, Oregon, 2 men were killed trying to protect a Muslim girl, a third man injured. The pizza shop in Washington, DC, running a prostitute ring in the basement, Timothy McVeigh, June 10, 2014 a couple killed 2 police officers in an ambush in Las Vegas, injuring a third person, a man shot and killed a 14 and his grandfather at a Jewish community center in Kansas City, then he drove to another center and killed another yelling Heil Hitler, 6 people killed at a Sikh Center, the killer was a member of a white supremacists band and associated with the Hammerskins, in 2009 Scott Roeder killed an abortion doctor in Wichita, Kansas, 3 men raided a house in Arizona, killed father and daughter, 2 of the men were sentenced to death, 1 to life, they belonged to Minuteman American Defense. In Nevada anti- government militia walked up to two police officers, killed them and put a flag on them that said “Don’t Tread On Me”, in Georgia a man firing attacked a courthouse firing assault rifle at cops. I could go on, but there are just too many right wing killings.
        And how do you know Black Lives Matter is liberal? Because it goes against your close minded bias?

        • As much as I agree with your commentary, Mary, Imthink you’re on a hopeless errand. Keep has been outed a long time ago as a supporter of Vladimir Putin. He’s only getting more desperate lately because Putin’s “lapdog” (now in top office in the U.S.) is in danger of being outed himself.

          Poor kep is afraid of the handwriting on the wall; best to just ignore him.

      • Seriously, you lack any semblance of intelligence. Your lack of reliable facts is obvious to anyone above a high school education. Why the disdain for critical thinking; perhaps too harsh toilet training in your youth?

  5. Sounds very much like the Nazi propagandist statements from WW II.
    Deny facts, call lies truths, incite uprising against those “lying Liberals” when it has been all along the duped Conservatives.
    There are only about 30% of the country still having any kind of approval for this joke in office who sides with people like Bannon and Miller and promote Brietbart News and InfoWars as truth.
    The NRA, sadly, has degraded quite a bit since its roles in the 50s and 60s.

  6. The civil war is almost here. Trump and his deplorables will not go peacefully when he is removed from office. They are armed,angry and stupid. They believe they are on a mission from god. This is all the work of Satan. The meek shall inherit the earth.

  7. How about this for a conspiracy theory? This push to arm every human on this continent is really a push to arm the anti-government factions for a coup.

  8. One can only hope that the laws of karma operate here and bring the hate promoted by Loesch and Stinchfield full circle.

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